Caswells Shooting Range

Caswells Shooting Range


I am very interested in working with you all. I am free all day Wednesday and Sunday...and afternoon all other days .
Did you know is now available for sale?

If you are interested in the details, please message me back, respond via email ([email protected]), or call me at this number (917) 530-5678. I look forward to hearing from you.
Visit: TODAY!
Great store!! Range was hot as hell in there!! They use swamp coolers, not AC in this building so it is what it is. Counter-top in the lane is really small. Probably not going back anytime soon.
Just became a member again can’t wait to start shooting again bon’t understand the scheduling and what it all means yet I will find out soon
Hi Are yall still doing Monday Night Challenges?
An absolute disgrace that at a time when Covid-19 is spreading and putting our citizens at risk Caswell's is taking no precautions consistent with mandatary guidelines whatsoever. We cam on Saturday and we were shoulder to shoulder with people in the main entry area standing in line and later inside the actual range. They are not closing off every other shooting station or limiting the number of people per stations I(still allowing multiple guests per lane) so inside the tiny shooting area things are packed. I am not against them being open and applaud businesses in general reopening; however, when businesses like Caswell's does this in a careless manner it puts everyone at risk. If businesses across the spectrum are irresponsible like Caswell's, we will potentially have a major outbreak in the Phoenix metro area which will lead to a repeat of March / April further impacting everyone. All businesses need to behave in a responsible manner to protect their employees, customers, and our community as a whole. If you see them or any business not acting responsibly, report them. A non-emergency call to local police is your best first measure.
I purchased a Ta**us Curve from you a few weeks ago. My FFL dealer shutdown without me knowing and I sent 2 emails with my new dealer info as well as had them reach out to you. Have not heard back. Thought I would give one last shot before blasting Gunbroker with poor rating.
What's wrong with this picture?
Attention AK shooters or anyone who shoots steel case ammo. I just found out Caswells is allowing the use of steel cased ammo (Tulammo, Wolf, etc). I think Caswells is the only indoor range that allows steel cased ammo!

Steel core obviously not permitted.
Ranae O'Briant Hetler This is the place we shoot at and where my granddaughter took her youth class. Looks like they have a class on the 26th. You can either book online or call the store.
Unless I missed it, your business hours aren't posted anywhere on your website. I was thinking about Sundays?

Mesa's Premiere Indoor Shooting Range. We feature 11 indoor shooting lanes, a full retail store and

Operating as usual

Photos from Caswells Shooting Range's post 05/20/2023

As I was going home last night, driving into the setting sun, with cars appearing from the glare of the sun at the US60/US101 interchange, you know what I thought to myself, "I SO wish I had a pair of AMAZING Oakley sunglasses. Not only would they make me look cool AND 20 years younger, it would mean I could see where I was going, and thus enhance road safety for all, but my meager wage means they are beyond my budget, if ONLY they were only $80....." :)

Oakleys available at Caswells Shooting Range, just $80 per pair, while supplies last!

Photos from Caswells Shooting Range's post 05/13/2023

We have some GREAT and very colorful G***k 43's and 43X's just come into the store, that you cannot fail to like, and even one for our British friends that I KNOW you won't be able to resist!

Only available in store until Monday when they will also appear in the online store, you really should come on down and have a look, and get yours while you can, VERY limited supplies.


We have MORE 9mm bulk ammo, this time Fiocchi in the store ready for you!

We have just taken another delivery of a 1000rd bulk Fiocchi 124gr 9mm brand new ammunition!! This is at a great price and we have a very limited quantity, so don't delay!
It's available in the store or from our online store by following the link below. We don't have much, so don't waste any time, get yours NOW online, just follow the link below, this is strictly while supplies last!


We know how much you liked the last delivery of 9mm bulk Magtech we got in..

So we got some more!

We have just taken another delivery of a 1000rd bulk S&B 115gr 9mm brand new ammunition!! This is at a great price and we have a very limited quantity, so don't delay!

It's available in the store or from our online store by following the link below. We don't have much, so don't waste any time, get yours NOW or 1st thing in the morning, this is strictly while supplies last!

Photos from Caswells Shooting Range's post 03/18/2023

Happy St Patricks day!

As it's St Patricks day today, and I know that the spirit of St Patrick will be with you (and me :) ) this evening, I thought I would get this out to you all a little early to give you something to look forward to tomorrow.

We are having a spring clean in store and over the coming weeks we have some great deals for you. This week we are having a huge St Patricks day G***k sale and Crimson Trace sale. We have G***ks of all shapes and sizes, from a G***k 44 to a G***k 40 long slide, we have them ALL.

And this weekend, we will be selling G***ks at AMAZING never before seen prices, and ONLY available in store. The prices are SO amazing that I cannot bring myself to type them into this newsletter!

If you want a G***k, THIS WEEKEND IS THE TIME TO COME DOWN TO CASWELLS AND GET ONE. We have some great 43x's brand new, at prices you'll never ever see again, we even have a couple of ex range 43's for you, this weekend is the time! Just come on down and speak to the team!



We have had a cancellation for tonight's half price Concealed Carry Class!!

I know it's short notice, and there is only 1 seat available, but if you would like to join us at 6pm for the class, click the link below to grab the place, and come on down!


50% of our famous 4 hour CCW class, can it be true?

Yes it can!

If you carry your gun defend yourself and your family should the need arise, wouldn't it be a great idea to understand some of the laws that you need to be aware of when carrying your gun? The Arizona CCW permit, although not mandatory, carries a great many advantages and privileges that those who don't have one enjoy. From simply knowing the law, and being valid in 35 states, it also makes purchasing a gun a lot easier and quicker. The question really is, why would you not apply for one?

To apply for your CCW permit, you need to have taken a class, and that's where we can help you. We hold classes here at Caswells on a regular basis, and to help you our loyal clients, we are going to hold another half price CCW class. It's going to be on Thursday 16th February from 6pm.

It will be a full class, not a cut down class, and it will help you to fill in your application with the help of our NRA instructors.

Don't wait till tomorrow to book this class, as the last time we offered this half price class, it sold out in hours! To book, simply follow this link, and book directly online.


It's here!! The food truck is HERE at Caswells Shooting Range!

Come down today and get some great deals on fi****ms and accessories in our Christmas sale, AND get a FREE LUNCH (yes there is such a thing as a free lunch here at Caswells!)

It's only here till 2pm, so DON'T DELAY!


What do we have for you in just 10 short days?

Yep, the most popular offer we have had for you in a long time, the half price 4 hour CCW for just $30! The class content doesn't change, and we have a great instructor for you.

Book TODAY, as the last time we made this special offer available it sold out in an hour!


Welcome to Caswells Thanksgiving and black Friday special

Tomorrow is turkey day, and from Bridger, the team and myself, I want to wish you all a a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving, I hope you all enjoy your day!

So what do we have for you for Black Friday....

How about a shotgun for $124.95, or even a FREE GUN! How about FREE G***k Night sights for any G***k you purchase?* Need some ammo, yes, we can help with that too. Yes it's ALL available here at Caswells this Friday the 25th for Caswells Black Friday sale!

We have some great deals for you, but only while stocks last, so don't delay get down to Caswells on Friday morning and get these great deals!

See you at 9am 🙂

Don't forget England play the USA in the football World Cup at 12pm on the 25th, please feel free to mail me with congratulations on England's win afterwards :)


ANOTHER special offer JUST for October!

If you purchase ANY 9mm handgun, we will give you free of charge a box of self defense ammo!

With this, and the CCW class, AND the 25% extra time on a new membership, can there ever be a better time to come on down to Caswells?


ANOTHER amazing offer for our loyal customers here at Caswells!!

If you take out ANY new membership through to the end of October, we will give you an extra 3 months, COMPLETELY free of charge! Surely now must be the time to take out that membership you always wanted?

Just follow the link below, and take out your membership TODAY! (extra months will be added when the membership is processed).


We have some very special offers for you in the month of October!!

We have a special half price CCW4 offer for you this month. The class is on the 27th October at 6pm here at Caswells Shooting Range. You will cover everything needed to apply for the AZCCW permit, including a filled in application form and fingerprints.

All you need to do is follow the link below and scroll down to the SPECIAL CCW4 class, click the "book now" button, and book the class, it's really as simple as that!!

Don't delay as seats are limited.



Be sure to stop by from 9am-7pm on Black Friday for some awesome deals! We can't wait to see you there!

🎯offers valid ONLY on 11/26🎯

Photos from Caswells Shooting Range's post 10/19/2021

A few of the many new fi****ms we put out today!
👀NEW👀 Canik Mete SFT
💥 Sig Sauer P320C
💥 Ta**us TX22
Plus much more! Come on in and check out what we've got!
Open 9am-7pm every Monday-Saturday and 9am-5pm on Sundays


Caswells urgently needs a maintenance person to look after the day to day maintenance of the range and store. Various flexible hours are available, feel free to PM me here. or email [email protected]

Many thanks,



Ladies and gentlemen,
have you always wanted to work at Caswells?

We have opportunities for sales staff and cashiers on various shifts throughout the week and weekend. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, send me an email to [email protected] or follow the link below, and lets see if Caswells could be the place for you.


Great news everyone, we have just acquired some bulk 9mm for you!! It arrived in store today in sealed water proof battle packs.

We only have a limited quantity of this brand new ammo, it's on sale in the store as well, so really don't delay, we suspect that at this price it won't be here very long!

You can get further details, and pricing by simply following the link below. Currently available in store, and online.

Home | Caswells Shooting Range 06/30/2021

Home | Caswells Shooting Range

Ladies Intro to Handgun class tomorrow evening from 6pm-10pm. Give us a call or visit to sign up!

Home | Caswells Shooting Range Here at Caswells Shooting Range, we train you on how to be competent while having fun at our facility. Get Ready today so you're prepared for tomorrow!


Make It Count

Session 05/29/2021


Very special offer

In light of the terrible accident in Tempe earlier this week I have got a Family Firearm Safety class setup for this Sunday at 2pm for just $15, 25% of the normal price. I have made 10 spaces available for the class with Ray, the top instructor we have here at Caswells.

We want to keep you and your families all safe at all times. If you need any further help or advice about the class, or issues surrounding it, please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] and I will help you all I can.

You can book into the class directly using the link below.



Looking for some bulk 5.56? We have manage to get a small supply of brand new S&B 5.56 1000rd cases into stock.

Sellier and Bellot has been producing cartridge ammunition since 1825. The year 2009 saw one of the milestones in the history of the company, the Brazilian company Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos S.A. (CBC), also known under the name of Magtech, became the owner of Sellier & Bellot.

Another group member is the German company MEN, a globally renowned producer of small-arms ammunition for the military, police, and commercial markets. Due to the merger into one group, the mentioned companies have become more competitive and rank among the largest producers in the world. We will have this ready for pickup on Monday afternoon and it is ONLY available online.

Follow the link below to get yours.


Police Dog Demonstrates Life-Saving CPR For School Kids

Caswells now has a specialist class for those with doggos that want to learn to become EMT's :)


Kriss Vector anyone?


Blue Label G***ks

We have some, and we have some of the ones you REALLY want!

Our strenuous efforts to find Blue Label G***ks has finally born fruit! We have managed to get into stock in the store, a supply of G***k 43's, 43x's 26's and........

wait for it......

G***k 19 Generation 5's!!

As I'm sure you realise, these will FLY off the shelves, so it's is strictly 1st come 1st served. You cannot buy them online neither can you call and reserve one, these are only available in store.

Please note these are available only to Law Enforcement, military and 1st responders.

PLEASE be sure to bring appropriate LE, Military or 1st responder ID with you, as well as your AZ ID when you come to store. We cannot sell you these guns with it.


Make Every Shot Count


Good evening all.

Hope you've all had a great week.

We have some happy news, we have just taken delivery of some 380 for the range!! We are restricting it as we don't have much, but come and enjoy while we have it!!


Bulk ammo this week

We currently have 9mm IMI and 5.56 Magtech available for bulk purchase having aquired a little more supply, but both are selling FAST.

IMI, established in 1933 produces a wide variety of world class combat proven systems and their small caliber division is the exclusive supplier for the Israel Defense Forces. Their small caliber ammunition is also used by the United States Army, armed forces of major NATO members, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. IMI ammunition undergoes rigorous testing, from raw material through completed cartridge. ISO 9001 certified, IMI ammunition is produced to exacting standards in compliance with NATO, MIL-SPEC, SAAMI and CIP.

The company specializes in munitions for land, air and naval combat weaponry. It is currently the sole source for the ammunition used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and IMI’s products have been qualified
with the U.S. military and various NATO nations.

Don't wait to act on this. You can buy yours TODAY buy simply going to or following the link below. All being well we will usually have it ready to pickup or shipped on the next business day. We only have a limited supply of bulk, don't wait and miss out.

Order yours TODAY

9mm Bulk remanufactured ammo 01/20/2021

9mm Bulk remanufactured ammo


As you all know sourcing ammunition is at the moment next to impossible. We are one of the very few ranges in the valley that has availability of pretty much all calibers to use on the range, and have been able to keep that up for the whole of the last 9 months of issues with guns and ammo.

We have managed to source a VERY small amount of 9mm bulk range ammo. It is reman, but GREAT quality that I have personally put through several of my own guns without any issue.

We have broken these down into 500rd cans this time so more of you can stock up a little at this very difficult time for supplies of ammo. But even doing that, we have a VERY limited 1st come 1st served supply. You can secure your ammo buy going to the link below, and purchasing online. PLEASE don't mail me and ask about availability or can I hold ammo, I am REALLY sorry but this really is strictly 1st come 1st served via the website, of the staff will be killed in the rush!!

9mm Bulk remanufactured ammo 9mm Bulk remanufactured ammo


Happy Thanks giving week! We are open as normal right through Thanksgiving except Thursday when we will be taking some time to spend with friends and family.

We will be open bright and early on Friday with some special offers and great deals, so expect a news letter tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving all

Calendar Events | Caswells Shooting Range 10/27/2020

Calendar Events | Caswells Shooting Range

Great news!!

We have managed to schedule 2 more P100 classes for this Saturday. They start at 9am and 1pm respectively and can be booked simply by following this link.


Calendar Events | Caswells Shooting Range We have just scheduled 2 more P100 classes for this Saturday 31st, the 1st is 9am - 1pm and the 2nd is 1pm to 5pm. Click on the button below to sign up today.


AR15 pistols are very popular at the moment, as are Mossberg 590 Shockwaves.

So how popular do you think an AR style platform with a Shockwave style grip would be?

Well lets find out!

This little beauty is in store here at Caswells TODAY.

And yes, that is a standard sized business card!


Who's looking for a G***k 17's and G***k 19's Gen5?

We have some in stock!! DON"T WAIT!

Come on down NOW as these are flying off the shelves!



Shockwaves SOLD OUT, Retro still available


We have not 1, but THREE Mossberg 590's in store!!

We have 2x Shockwaves,and a Retro!These will sell TODAY, nobody has these anywhere!

Secure your Shockwave NOW in the online store at the link below

Or your Retro at the link below

Don't wait!!



Yep, G***k 19, Gen 5's, IN STOCK (again)!!

They have just arrived in the shipping room, and are being put in the system and tagged as we speak!!

They will be available to buy in the morning, IN STORE ONLY at the moment in the morning, on a 1st come 1st served basis

These will not be here long, the last 5 sold in 90 mins!



Yep, G***k 19, Gen 5's, IN STOCK!!

They have just arrived in the shipping room, and are being put in the system and tagged as we speak!!

They will be available to buy IN STORE ONLY at the moment, on a 1st come 1st served basis

These will not be here long!


The R***r 16401 57 Pistol 5.7x28mm 4.94in 20rd Black. The all new R***r-57 is just plain cool. Brought to you by the company that revolutionized the innovation of rugged, reliable fi****ms that the average American can afford, the R***r-57 is their most cutting-edge platform yet. Chambered in the high performance and low-recoiling 5.7x28mm caliber, this ergonomic, smooth shooting and accurate pistol is as full-featured as they come. Impressive Ergonomics Include an Easy Trigger Reach, 1911-Style Ambidextrous Manual Safety, Robust Slide Release and Reversible Magazine Latch Through-Hardened, Billet Steel Slide with Lightening Cuts is Drilled and Tapped for Easy Mounting of Optics with Separately Available Optic Adapter Plate.

Chambered in the High Performance and Low-Recoiling 5.7x28mm Caliber. The Secure Action Fire Control Combines Our Reliable and Proven Internal Hammer with a Short, Crisp Trigger Pull and a Positive Reset Features.

We have managed to get a couple of these great guns into the store, and they are ready to go to their forever homes TODAY.

Only available in store until next week, 1st come 1st served, get yours in the today before the rush starts.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Mesa?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Come on down to Caswells, we even have FREE POPCORN!!
AZ Teachers get firearms training
April 14th 2A Rally
Glock Vendor Day





856 E Isabella Avenue
Mesa, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 7pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm
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