Small, attentive, accessible Hatha yoga classes open to all people and ages. She realized yoga did and so began the journey.

Nancy (Manorama) McMahon, RYT 500, E-RYT200, YACEP

Nearly 20 years ago, Nancy discovered yoga’s centering and stress reduction benefits. She realized her lunch-time yoga practice would return her to a high stress workplace energized and refreshed. Nancy also realized that yoga gave her the strength, focus, balance and flexibility that allowed her to continue all the activities she loved like gard

Photos from The Rosemary's post 06/29/2023

Are you newer to the Middleburg area and would like to get to know your neighbors and community? We are excited to welcome you as a new neighbor! The Middleburg Community Center invites you to join us for the 2nd New Neighbors Club Welcome Pool Party on Friday June 23rd from 6-8pm. Please join us for cocktails pool side and learn more about our property, upcoming events, programs and opportunities that we have available at the addition to meeting your new neighbors! Enjoy our pool, diving board & baby pool at this family friendly event!
RSVP required:


WEATHER UPDATE: Splish Splash Summer bash 6/9 POSTPONED to Friday June 16th, 5:00-8:00pm
Due to the current air quality and uncertainties for the air quality tomorrow + the threat of thunderstorms, the Splish Splash Summer Bash will be rescheduled to Friday June 16th. We do apologize for the inconvenience in rescheduling, the safety of our community is our top priority and with the event being open to veterans and families, we want to assure that any higher risk community members stay safe. We hope you are able to attend Friday June 16th, 5-8pm. We are also excited to announce all of our vendors are able to reschedule to 6/16 so you can expect an amazing event next Friday!

**Please update your RSVP in eventbrite so we can be assured there is enough delicious food to go around! We had to re-create this event in eventrbrite with the new date so if you have RSVP'd previously, we ask that you RSVP again with the new link:**


Join us for YOGA & Tai Chi Classes in Marshall ... ALL are Welcome!!☘️

PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL | Middleburg Community Center 06/01/2023

Our MCC pool is a wonderful place to learn to swim!

PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL | Middleburg Community Center The Middleburg Community Center Swimming Pool is original to the building, making it one of the oldest pools in Loudoun County. She may be old, but she is special gem in the heart of Middleburg and has been meticulously maintained over the last 75 years!


Did you know that for our Splish Splash Summer Bash 6/9, we are auctioning off a Patriotic Quilt with all proceeds supporting local veterans? The auction is currently live and will close 8pm on June 9th. Get your bid in to help support our local vets!
Enter the auction:

About the Quilt: The quilt made by Mary Nickelson-Hill is a beautiful tribute to the service and sacrifice of our nation's veterans. The quilt was created using the Quilt of Valor Patriotic Log Cabin template, measuring 60" x 80", which is a popular and patriotic design that incorporates red, white, and blue fabrics in a traditional log cabin pattern. The log cabin design symbolizes home and shelter, and it is fitting that this pattern has been chosen to create a quilt that honors our veterans.

Mary Nickelson-Hill, the maker of the quilt, has a deep personal connection to the military and to the sacrifices made by our service members and their families. As the daughter of a World War II veteran and the mother of a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, she has a profound understanding of the challenges and struggles faced by those who have served our country. By creating this quilt, she is expressing her gratitude and appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

Quilter: Mary Nickelson-Hill
Pattern: Patriotic Log Cabin
Value: $500
Year: 2023
Size: 60" x 80"


Prefer to end your day with Yoga? Then spend your summer night with Yoga For EveryBody, Monday 5:30-6:45 pm at the Rosemary, 8393 W. Main Street in Marshall. Drop in and be part of our accessible and welcoming practice. 🌞🧘‍♂️


Spend your summer with Yoga For EveryBody, Monday 9-10 am at the Middleburg Community-Center! Connect with me to register. 🌞🧘‍♂️


Everyone in tonight’s yoga class agreed the greenhouse looks amazing. Come check it out!

Yoga for Skeptics 04/24/2023

“Research suggests that yoga reduces anxiety, elevates mood and reduces stress, perhaps more than aerobic exercise. A 2023 clinical trial also found that yoga reduces symptoms of depression and improves sleep.”

Yoga for Skeptics It really is as healthy as people say. Here’s how to start a practice.

Timeline photos 04/15/2023

The All Faiths Yantra is an external image representing the central tenet of Integral Yoga; Truth is One, Paths are Many. Universal, the Yantra is the main meditation symbol on altars of Integral Yoga Institutes worldwide.

Often images are used in meditation or worship to symbolize or express certain aspects of the Divine. The Yantra is such an image. The Yantra represents the entire cosmos. The first expression of God begins as sound vibration. The dot in the center of the Yantra represents the first physical expression of the cosmos. The rays of manifestation (the rings, the petals and the colors) come out of it. The Yantra is surrounded by an open border, depicting Divine Expression as infinite and unlimited.
Because God is not limited to any one tradition or creed, the symbols of major world religions are present. It is a beautiful reminder that we can respect and learn from all the paths and follow any of them to reach the Divine.
Symbols represented in the petals, clockwise from top:
1-Hinduism “In the effulgent lotus of the heart dwells Brahma, the Light of Lights” — Mundaka Upanishad
2-Judaism “The Lord is my Light; whom shall I fear?” — Psalms
3-Shinto, “The Light of Divine Amaterasu, shines forever” — Kurozumi Munetada
4-Taoism “Following the Light, the sage takes care of all” — Lao-tzu
5-Buddhism “The radiance of Buddha shines ceaselessly” — Dhammapada
6-Christianity “I have come into the world as Light” — The Bible
7-Islam “Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth” — The Koran
8-Sikhism “God, being Truth, is the one Light of all”— Adi Granth
9-African Faiths “God is the sun beaming Light everywhere” — Tribal African
10-Native American Faiths “The Light of Wakan-Tanka is upon my people” — Song of Kablaya
11-Other Known Faiths “Truth is one, paths are many” — Song of Kablaya
12-Faiths Still Unknown

Learn more about the Yantra and Interfaith at:

Yoga to Alleviate Incontinence: New Study Proves the Effectiveness of Yoga 04/13/2023

Yoga to Alleviate Incontinence: New Study Proves the Effectiveness of Yoga Lateral Standing Pose (Triangle), Modeled by Margi Young by Leslie Howard Are you feeling a constant need to go to the bathroom, even though you’ve just been there and don’t really need to go? You may be dealing with an overactive bladder, a form of incontinence that is surprisingly


WEATHER UPDATE : The Concert scheduled for this evening will be moved into the ballroom due to weather! We look forward to seeing you there 🎵🥂


A Yogic Approach to Spring Cleaning
-Swami Ramananda

Spring is a time of transition, when the dark and barren days of winter give way to light, warmth and new growth. With the intention of making space for a fresh perspective and new ways of blooming, we chose to practice the tradition of spring cleaning for the month of April.

From a spiritual perspective, cleanliness applies to all levels of our being, from the environment that we inhabit and our physical bodies, to the inner recesses of our hearts and minds. Spring is an ideal time to de-clutter our homes and cleanse our bodies in preparation for the renewing energies of the season. Thus, Spring cleaning may mean ridding both our outer environment and bodies of the unwanted accumulations of the past that encumber our lives and hinder our health.

Fasting is an excellent way to eliminate toxins that inhibit vitality and our potential to thrive. There are many ways of doing this to make it physically and emotionally suitable, each supporting the body's natural ability to heal and grow. Even skipping an evening meal gives our systems a chance to cleanse themselves during the night.

Spring cleaning for our hearts and minds takes place on a much deeper level. Selfish thinking and behavior leave a psychic residue in the energy body that constricts the heart and diminishes our ability to experience love. Living with the anxiety of trying to make happiness happen, prove ourselves worthy or win affection makes for a stressful and dis-eased life.

In this deeper context, Spring cleaning means recommitting ourselves to practices that calm and quiet our overactive minds and attune us to a natural sense of internal peace that frees us from grasping for happiness. In this stillness, the lake of the heart stretches out in all directions, revealing our connection to all of life. Thus, a regular practice of meditation enables us to realign our actions, and more importantly, the motives behind them, with spiritual values.

For example, instead of trying to win someone's love or acquire happiness, we can experience great fulfillment from giving and serving others with compassion. We can practice forgiveness toward those that may have harmed us, releasing from our hearts the poisonous feelings of ill-will or bitterness that may otherwise dwell there. We can experience extraordinary moments of wonder by being fully present to the miracles of human life, and profound gratitude for the many blessings we normally take for granted.

All of these efforts contribute to shedding the physical, emotional and mental weight that can unnecessarily burden our being. With this intention, we can cultivate awareness of the habits and thought patterns that no longer serve us, and make a conscious choice to release them, opening the door to new ways of living that bring greater peace to the mind and joy to the heart.


This beautiful space hosts more than yoga!

Spring has officially commenced (!) which means there’s so many activities to look forward to in Fauquier County, like winery hopping, horse races and farmers markets galore🌻come stay at The Rosemary and let us be your home away from home as you enjoy the luxuries our sweet county has to offer.


Mṛdu madhyādhimātratvāt tato'pi viśeṣaḥ - The time necessary for success further depends on whether the practice is mild, medium or intense.

– Sri Swami Satchidananda

Middleburg Mother's Day Brunch 03/22/2023

Need plans for Mother’s Day?

Middleburg Mother's Day Brunch Mothers Day Brunch at the Middleburg Community Community Center. All proceeds to benefit MCC events and programs!

Photos from The Rosemary's post 03/20/2023

Yoga at the Rosemary



Happy ! Let's break down one of the most commonly recited mantras at : Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!
lokah: location, realm, all universes existing now
samastah: all beings sharing that same location
sukhino: centered in happiness and joy, free from suffering
bhav: the divine mood or state of unified existence
antu: may it be so, it must be so; used as an ending transforms this mantra into a powerful pledge



Come join me tonight!

Take an hour for yourself today and join us for some yoga! 9:30 with for Buti Yoga and Hatha Yoga with Nancy today at 5:30 🧘🏼‍♀️


The lovely setting where I teach yoga is also available for special events!


Melissa Sorenson-Washer is filling in for me Monday night! But I’ll be back next week!

YOGA @ The Rosemary!!☘️

We would love to have you join is for a class (or two!) this week at The Rosemary!!
ALL classes are open to All levels... even beginners!

**Monday **(New AM class)
Buti Yoga W/ Angela ($20) 930 to 1030 AM
"If you’ve tried yoga and thought it was boring or you weren’t flexible enough..." then give Buti Yoga a try!

Hatha Yoga (w/ *Melissa W. this week*) 5:30-6:30 PM ($10)

Yin Yoga w/ Melissa Saunders 6-7 PM ($10)
Awesome class!

**Wednesday **(new AM class)
Yoga Flow w/ Karen 9:15-10:15 AM ($10)
SO good!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Melissa Washer 6-7 PM ($10)
Love to have you!
Gentle Yoga w/ Karen 9-10 AM ($10)
Great way to start your day!

Sunday Tai Chi w/ Robb 4-5 PM (beginner class) ($10)
Awesome class!


Melissa Washer

**Please feel free to reach out with any questions**

The Rosemary- 8393 West Main St., Marshall, VA


More programs happening at our shared space!

The Rosemary Boutique Lodging and Event Venue. The ideal location for intimate gatherings, weddings and showers!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Middleburg?

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The cedar wax wings are feasting on our holly berries.





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