Cream City Cycle Club

Cream City Cycle Club


SLOW Ride advisory for Monday, Oct. 12. Rain is likely after 10 am. I plan to be at the start, but you might want to stay home today.
Join us this year for the 2020 Do It Yourself Ride to the Barns! Help TPC support its mission to preserve local farmland and improve the quality of our local waterways while enjoying a picturesque 30, 45 or 60 mile journey through Lake Country. Ride anytime between August 8th through August 16th. ***Set your own schedule, ride at your own pace and hunt for the answers in our Scavenger Hunt contest. ***Register individually and submit your answers for a chance to win a Napa Valley Bike Tour or i.d. gift certificate. ***OR, grab a group of six or more friends, sign up as a team and send in your responses for a chance to win a custom party with food and music for your team at one of three local farms! (Team members do not need to ride together.) ***All registrants will receive digital and paper route maps and a swag bag mailed to your home. ***On-site parking available at Camp/Quad. (Please note - rest stops will not be available this year.)
Sprinkles to a few light showers to outright deluge, then repeat on this morning's 19.2 mile Slow Ride. The group that stopped for coffee may have stayed drive than Suzanne Aiken and me. The others were Kathy Colon, Scott Ruhle, Mary Kay Linari, Harriet Pfersch, Mark Steckhahn, Judy, Sam, and Deb. Thanks, everyone!
Is there a source of CCCC weekend rides routes for download on my Garmin? I can't always make a ride on the specified date, but would still like to have the chance to do them at another time.
Is the CCCC Century ride still in the plan?
Since most cycling events are cancelled, try creating your own! I’m joining Laurens Ten Dam and his Dirty Kanzelled adventure the last weekend of May. What are you going to try? Share your adventure plans here!
Make a map of a 2 mile circle in each direction around your home. Ride EVERY possible road, side street, alley, cul de sac, parking lot etc. Draw on the roads you ride till all are done. If you live in a less densely populated area, just draw your circle larger on your map. This works for running too! :) Once your map is filled in, post on the Social Distancing Ride or Run Challenge presented by Emerys Bike Shop page with your finished map with a story of what you learned about your neighborhood. You'll be putting less pressure on the sometimes overcrowded bike paths and some main bike ways, and discover the area around your home.
Cyclists face the same health and economic worries as everyone else. But we also worry about our training and races, and what exactly the future of endurance sport looks like. What are you worried about? What are you thinking about? Please take this short survey. I'll share the results and maybe we can all pool resources and ideas to deal with our common challenges. Thank you.
Got a call from the first person that is needing their bike repaired and can't afford it because of the lay-offs. My answer is to get it on the schedule to bring it in, I'll fix it and they can pay when or if they can. No matter what or how it needs to happen for you, we will find a way to take care of what you need! To be clear, if you are in a situation that you cannot pay for necessary bike repairs and need your bike as your transportation, we will get the repair done. Call me, Brent Emery at 414-659-2882 to make arrangements to schedule the service. We are doing extreme best practices in our stores if you need to stop by, including touch-less curbside drop off and pick up. We match Amazon, Ebay and any online, regional or local sellers. Free local touch-less curbside delivery on most items. Emerys Cycling, Triathlon & Fitness is working damn hard to keep this safe transportation choice open to you, helping keep you active, sane, and hoping the best for your health with bicycles and fitness equipment.
How are you scheduling your training right now? Build a consistent training schedule during coronavirus quarantine with unstructured long, easy workouts, short interval sessions, and fun strength work. #simpleendurancecoaching
So what do you do when your spring – or maybe summer – event has been cancelled or postponed? How to plan training with COVID-19? Here are three options: smash some segments; take a break; restart base training. The bottom line is to have some fun, explore, and use the time off - if you have it - to build your fitness to a level you’ve never seen before!
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Recreational Road riding Recreational Road Bicyclists

Mission: Recreation bike riding in the Mikwaukee, WI area.

Operating as usual

John Michael Chaplock Obituary - Milwaukee, WI | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Please take a moment to remember one of the major contributors to the Cream City Cycle Club - John Chaplock - who passed away on December 30, 2020 after a long battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Please keep his family and friends in your hears and prayers. May he rest in peace. John Michael Chaplock Born to Eternal Life December 30, 2020, age 77 years. Beloved partner of Jane Gellman. Loving father of Gwynne (Eric) Olsen and Sara (Patrick) Kirschbaum. Proud grandfather of Ca

October 24, 2020 - LION TOUR - 34 miles. Today six of us took a cold and beautiful ride from Hart Part to Pewaukee Lake. We are cyclist so we dressed for the occasion and it was a great ride. The sun broke through the clouds and warmed our faces. Usually, after this ride, we would head to Pizza Piccola and have pizza. We can't do that because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Maybe next year. I can't believe the season will be over in a week. Until then, continue to enjoy the ride. Thanks to Tim McAdams for leading this ride.

Today we have a great ride along the Bugline Trail from the Applewood Mall Shopping Center in Menomonee Falls to North Lake. It was a gorgeous Fall morning ride for 22 of our members, including: John Haupt (not pictured), Scott Grady, Gary Meagher, Steve Turner, William H Dames, Jeff Borchardt, John Brittain, Carol Hegland, Glenn Pastella, Mark Sandler, Steve Vitale, Roger Rezlaff (new member!), Sharon Labrys Kliegman, Lew Cadkin, Vicki Samolyk, Harriet Pfersch, Debbie Hagen, Lorraine Radtke, Mary Kay Linari, Mark Steckhahn, John Cable and Brian Bell (also not pictured).

Women on Wheels (WOW) Monday - October 5, 2020 - Led by Renee Couture, and traveling 26 miles from Delafield to Dousman, along Waterville Road. Lucky they got out before the strong winds in the afternoon. Thanks to Renee Couture for leading the way.

Mary Kay Linari and Deb Hagen and Renee Couture

SLOW Roll Monday September 28, 2020 - Thanks to Harriet Pfersch for leading the way to Mama D's in Waukesha on the New Berlin Trail. New to biking and want to get in some miles with other like-minded cyclists!! Join us for our next SLOW ROLL Monday.

Debbie Luetzow, Judy Liebl, Mary Kay Linari, Mark Steckhahn and Kathy Strachota. Photographer and Ride Leader: Harriet Pfersch

[10/05/20]   Saturday October 3, 2020 - Genesee Depot to Eagle (26 miles) or La Grange (45 miles) with a bit of rain thrown in for keeping us on our toes.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 - WEDNESDAY RIDE - KLETSCH PARK/SILVER SPRING HOUSE - 31 MILES. Ten riders embarked on a ride from Kletsch Park to Cedarburg today. It was cool, windy and we encountered a little rain. But we were riding and enjoying fresh air, cloudy skies and each other. It was a pleasure to lead this ride.

WEDNESDAY RIDE - MATTY'S/WIND LAKE - 36.2 MILES. What a great day for a ride. Started off cool but warmed up nicely. We rolled by Wind Lake, Tichigan Lake and Lake Denoon. As I always say, "Any day on two wheels is a good day".

Another beautiful September day and a great turn out for our Wednesday ride, led by Renee Couture.
Here is the group at the rest stop, including Tod Templin, Jeff Borchardt, Brian Bell, Gary Meagher, Dan Neesley, Lorraine Radtke, Steve Vitale, Debbie Luetzow, Lew Cadkin, Mark Sandler, Jeanne Braby and not pictured Deb Hagen, Mary Kay Linari and Renee Couture

WEDNESDAY RIDE -THIENSVILLE/SAUKVILLE - 36 miles. Today we rode the bike trails and roads from the Mequon/Thiensville to Saukville. The weather was great, although windy. As usual, we had a large group of members attending the ride. Only 2 pictures because I was enjoying riding the bike with my CCCC friends. Thanks to Tod Templin for leading this ride.

Paralyzed man designs mountain bike so people with disabilities can hit the trails

Received this link from our board member Ken Klauck. It will touch your heart and let you know there are people out there in spite of their circumstances, still make life worth living and more.

Thanks Ken! Christian Bagg has always been an outdoor enthusiast, and he created a special mountain bike so everyone can have the chance to go on an adventure.In 1996, Bagg broke his back during a snowboarding crash in Banff National Park, and the accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. He missed being

[09/08/20]   September 7, 2020 - ROME TOUR - Delafield to Dousman (33 miles) and to Rome (42 miles). No pictures this time. Five riders on this cool and windy Labor Day - Harry Panagiotopoulos (42 mile leader), Lorraine Schaffer, Kelly Kuhs, Jeanne Braby and I (Brian Bell). Jeanne and I rode the 33 mile loop. We changed it to a 40 mile loop when I called out a wrong turn and we went 3.5 miles off the route. Still had a ball because any day on two wheels is a good day!

September 2, 2020 - WEDNESDAY RIDE - Cedarburg Covered Bridge Park/Newburg (31 miles). A beautiful late summer day for for a ride. As usual, there was a large turnout for this ride from Covered Bridge Park to Newburg. A short stop at Casey's and we were headed back to Covered Bridge Park. A few of us stopped at Wayne's lunch. Thanks to Glenn Pastella for leading this ride. A grand time had by all!

Well, we wrapped up August with our SLOW Ride to Fiddleheads in Thiensville along the OLT and Interurban Trail. 22 Miles!!! Many thanks to Harriet Pfersch for leading the way. Here are a few photos that Harriet took before the ride.

August 26, 2020 - WEDNESDAY RIDE - Delafield/Pretty Lake - 30 miles. The weather forecast was 92 degrees and humid so we started this ride an hour earlier than usual. Great decision. What a nice ride. It was so nice, I forgot to take pictures along the way. Well, I did get one. Thanks to Debbie Luetzow for leading this ride.

Women on Wheels (WOW) Ride August 24, 2020. Every other Monday, we celebrate biking with other women and thanks to Sharon Kliegman for leading the way this week. A beautiful day, before the rain and the high heat and humidity, we traveled along the shore to a Deli in Port Washington, masked of course and back to Virmond Park for a scenic 33 mile ride. Join us for our next ride. Check out our calendar at

August 19, 2020 - Another beautiful day , with a lot of friends along for the ride. Thanks to Judy Nast for this great route and for leading the way. Here is a group photo from the event. 33 Miles, starting in Hartford, WI. Thanks Judy!

Deb Hagen, Dr. Debbie, Renee Couture, Mike and Mary Biskobing, Glenn Pastell, Scott Zyble, Jeanne Braby, John Brittain, Gary Meagher, Scott Grady

August 16, 2020 - Neosho Escape - 40 mile (Monches) and 72-mile (Neosho) loops. Another great Wisconsin morning for riding. These are simply beautiful areas to ride. I was hoping to see the longhorn cow in Monches. Check out the pictures.

August 12, 2020 - WEDNESDAY RIDE - St. Martins/Wind Lake - 30.3 miles. What a beautiful day for a ride! We road the rural roads of Muskego, the Fox River valley and the north side of Wind Lake. 19 riders showed up for this ride. Thanks to Renee Couture for leading this ride. It was also great to see Carol Hegland back on the road.

August 5, 2020 - Wednesday Ride - Kletzsch Park to Thiensville - 32.4 miles. What a spectacular day on a spectacular route with a spectacular group riders! I believe this ride will become a club favorite. Thanks to William H Dames for leading this ride.

July 29, 2020 - Virmond Park 33 Mile Loop to Port Washington. We had a great showing (19 riders) for today's ride. The weather was perfect and what's better than riding close to Lake Michigan. Today's crew included Steve Turner, Diane Nusky (she shortened her name today) , John Haupt, Sam Cichanowciz, Steve Weinstein, Scott Zybel, Carol Hegland, Willian H Dames, Deb, Luetzow, Tod Templin, Lou, Lorraine RadtkeDan Neesley, John Brittain, Jody Kitzinger and Glenn Pastella. John Cable and I (Brian Bell) are not in the picture.

Another great Women On Wheels (WOW) ride on July 27, 2020, led by Debbie Luetzow. Left to right, our smiling women include:
Carol Hegland, Kathy Strachota, Harriet Pfersch, Kathy Colon, Renee Couture, Jeanne Braby and Vicki Samolyk
Join us on an upcoming ride. Check out the details at

July 20, 2020 - Monday SLOW Ride. Today's ride originated at the Washington Park Senior Center paring lot. We rode 20 miles on city streets and trails exploring present and future Milwaukee Active Streets. Carol Hegland was the Ride Leader and will provide detailed comments on the attached photos. We stopped at the Valentine Coffee Company for drinks before heading back to the starting point. I look forward to more rides through Milwaukee neighborhoods.

So very sorry that we have to cancel our Century this year, due to the health and safety concerns for all. Hope to see you in 2021!

Wednesday Ride - June 17, 2020 - A 32-mile loop from Estabrook Park to 120th & Greenfield. It was a gorgeous day, especially along Lake Michigan. Special thanks to Dan Neesley for leading this ride.

Women on Wheels - June 15, 2020 - Another great turn out for the WOW Ride, which we hold every other Monday, starting at around 9:30 - 10 AM, at various Parks around town. This is a great chance to bike with other women, get to know other female cyclists and get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air with like-minded cyclists. Thanks to Nancy Notley for this photo, and thanks to our Ride Leader Carol Hegland for leading the way.

How to help a Snapping Turtle Cross the Road

Have you ever come across a turtle crossing the road while cycling? I have, especially at this time of the year. How do you safely move it, so it does not get hit by a car?
Well, here is a short video, full of great tips, to help you move the turtle to safety. If you don't have the time to watch, the most important message of all is, move it to the side of the road that is was pointing.

This video demonstrates multiple methods you could use to help a large Snapping Turtle across the road.

Cream City Cycle Club Saturday June 6, 2020

Another superbly beautiful June day for a bicycle ride with the Cream City Cycle Club. Rides led by Brian Musha and Debbie Luetzow. Here are a few photos taken along the way

Another superbly beautiful June day for a bicycle ride with the Cream City Cycle Club. Rides led by Brian Musha and Debbie Luetzow. Here are a few photos taken along the way

May 31, 2020 - 41 Miles Fox River Sanctuary Loop - Great turn out for this loop, mask-ready, for our 2nd annual Cream City Cycle Club ride for 2020. Thanks to everyone for your participation and special thanks to Harry P for leading another great ride. Here are a few photos that I took along the way

The first official Wednesday ride of the 2020 season kicked off today! We rode the 30.5-mile Pretty Lake Loop. Thanks to William H Dames for leading today's rides. There were 16 riders in all. The photos were taken from last group on the road with our fearless leader. A great day for a ride!

All I can say is WOW (Women on Wheels) had their inaugural ride for 2020 on Monday June 1. We had a great turnout for the event, in which we practiced our Social Distancing techniques, rode the trail, rode the roads, rode on roads closed to cars for COVID-19 and stopped for coffee, all while socially distancing from one another. AND, along the way we saw some ducks, some beautiful Phlox-like flowers in full bloom AND a bag-piper in the park - probably hoping to share his love of music with the rest of the world. Anyway, here are a few photos that I took along the way - MANY thanks to Harriet Pfersch and Carol Hegland our co-ride-leaders.

May 30, 2020 - First club ride of the new year!!! Views of Holy Hill, and there were some. Here are a few photos that I took along the way. Social distancing worked well. Great turn out, lots sporting the new club jersey. Thanks for the great turn out. See you on a future ride.

Ready to Ride Again? Join Us on May 30! Members Only, Join Now!

Ready to get back on your bike? So are we! First club ride of the year starts this weekend! Members only for safety. Social Distancing - OF COURSE!
Check out our website at for the schedule.


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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Now get out there and show them how much the Irish love to bike!

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