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WAC Downtown


Hey all you WAC Downtown member, and especially my regulars who attend Indoor Cycling class on Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM. If you missed my announcements or have missed a few weeks and I have not seen you for a while, you are in for a special treat this week. I have a special sub for you. I asked Tim from WAC Wauwatosa to help cover class again this week. I am SUPER excited for all of you and know you are in the best of hands while I am out. If you missed the last time Tim was here, please take this opportunity. You will not be disappointed. Remember to continue challenging yourselves and remember to hydrate.
JOIN us for a FREE ZUMBA® in the PARK tomorrow .. SAT AUG 4 from 10:15-11am at CATHEDRAL SQUARE in Downtown Milwaukee!!!! (Yoga is before our Zumba class.. come for that as well :) I'm teaching tomorrow's ZUMBA class! I HOPE to see you there to shake it with us! :) EVERYONE is WELCOME as this is a community event open to ALL, and organized by the Wisconsin Athletic Club! :) JOIN US and bring your family and friends!!! No need to signup .. just show up!!! :) LETS SHAKE IT MILWAUKEE!!! :) EVERYONE IS INVITED! :)
what's the Try it schedule for next week?

Making a difference in people's lives! The Wisconsin Athletic Club is the largest privately-owned athletic club in Wisconsin. Our goal is to make fitness both valuable $ fun for our members, with convenient hours and a wide variety of classes and programs for all levels.

The WAC’s state-of-the-art facilities, services, programs and amenities create the right environment to make regular exercise an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. From personal training and nutrition programs to 650+ complimentary group fitness classes every week, a WAC Membership gives you more…club locations, reasons to visit and, most importantly, results. We invite you to explore the WAC…it will make a difference in your life!

Operating as usual

Registration for our 7-week Advanced Classes started this week! Registration is available at the front desk. Classes start the first week of March so sign up before spots run out! #WACDowntown #findyourfit

Join Corey P for a Medicine Ball Training Workshop on February 13th! Learn how to target all muscle groups with this effective workout. #FindYourFit #WACDowntown

Wisconsin Athletic Club

Trainer Tip Tuesday! #findyourfit

Learn the importance of changing up your routine with Jenna Selestow, Group Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer at the WAC West Allis and Service Manager at WAC Greenfield. #WACTipTuesday #WACTrainerTuesday #WisconsinAthleticClub #FindYourFit

Begin PIVOT this month and get 20% off your February subscription! Contact the club and see what option will be best for your goals 💪 #WACDowntown

First month of 2021 is almost over! What a better way to MOVE into February than with a PIVOT promotion! If you start your programming between February 1–15th, you'll receive 20% off your subscription for the month! #WACPIVOT #PersonalizedInteractiveOnlineTraining #OnlineTraining #Fitness #PIVOT #WisconsinAthleticClub

This month's recipe will warm you up as the cold temperatures prevail ❄️ Check out our Pinterest for a link to this recipe and more nutrition, fitness and inspirational resources https://www.pinterest.com/pin/338755203230731181/ !

Have you tried any of our new classes yet? Check down below for the offerings at our Downtown location. #NewYearNewClasses #WisconsinAthleticClub #WACDowntown

Join Corey P for a Medicine Ball Training Workshop on February 13th! Learn how to target all muscle groups with this effective workout. #FindYourFit #WACDowntown

Mind|Body Day is coming up! Make sure to check out our schedule down below #FindYourCalm

Join us this Saturday, January 23rd for our annual Mind|Body Day! #FindYourCalm with special Mind|Body classes, workshops and special events. Take a look at the schedules below to see what's running at each locations! #WACMindBodyDay2021

Almost halfway through the month – have you set any goals for yourself this year? If you haven't, take a look at our Smart Goals guide to help! #FindYourFit #WACDowntown #WACSmartGoals

Join us on Saturday, January 23rd for Mind|Body Day Downtown! Check out the lineup down below. #FindYourFit #WisconsinAthleticClub #WACDowntown

Note the Holiday Hours today. Clubs close at 4pm tonight. Have and safe New Year's Eve #WACFam!

Get ready for some NEW classes (as well as a few new times) next session! This class schedule begins on January 4. Let us help you #FindYourFit with WAC Group Fitness!

This week and the next we will be observing holiday hours! Please plan your workouts accordingly. Happy Holidays #WACFam!

Wisconsin Athletic Club

We love this! What's your reason?

You can find your fit at any age or ability level. This short, and truly inspiring video is a must watch for the season. ⭐️ As we close in on the year, what's your reason for fitness? #FindYourFit #WisconsinAthleticClub

[12/09/20]   Enjoy Wisconsin Athletic Club-Group Fitness whenever, wherever & however you wish.
Click the link to download our group fitness app and start streaming classes today https://www.thewac.com/classes/on-demand-fitness-classes #FindYourFitFriday

Give the gift of fitness this year! (or treat yourself to one of our Merry Fitness deals!) ⭐️

Wisconsin Athletic Club

Check out this awesome article on our new online training programs! Featuring one of our trainers - Amanda! #FindYourFit #wisconsinathleticclub

Take a look at this article from Trainerize on our PIVOT and VLT programs! A behind the scene look at how it's impacting our trainers and members alike. Super exciting - way to go WAC Team! #WACPIVOT #WACVLT #FindYourFit

Massage therapy is now 15% off per session. You can purchase your massage therapy package at the front desk!

Patience is the key to success for most peoples goals. Keep going!

#mondaymotivation #wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukeefitness #milwaukeebusiness

[11/24/20]   Many runners experience persistent pain on the outside of their thigh and/or knee. In some cases, the iliotibial (IT) band can contribute to or be responsible for such irritation. Although all runners are different and cases of IT band-related pain differ, many of those experiencing such pain benefit from glute strengthening exercises. The following is a progression of the hip bridge, a foundational glute exercise.

1) Double Leg Hip Bridge
- Two feet on the ground
- While keeping your core tight, lift your hips up towards the ceiling, squeezing your glutes together as you do so
- Try not to arch your lower back as you lift your hips up

2) "Two Up, One Down" Hip Bridge
- Keep your core tight and lift your hips up with two feet on the ground
- At the top of the bridge, lift one leg up and slowly lower your hips with one leg in contact with the floor

3) Single Leg Hip Bridge March
- Keep your core tight and lift your hips up with two feet on the ground
- While holding up your hips at the top, slowly lift one leg up off of the ground, maintaining the bridge position with one leg

4) Single Leg Hip Bridge
- Keep your core tight and lift your hips up with one leg on the ground
- Try to maintain your pelvic position as you lift your hips up; try not to let one side of your pelvis drop as you lift up

#milwaukeefitness #milwaukee

We all have days when we don't feel like going to the gym. However, those are the days when you really need to go. Break through that mental barrier and make the decision that you won't regret later.

#wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukeefitness #milwaukeebusiness

Important Member Update: All WAC Members and Team Members ages 5 and older must wear face coverings over the nose and mouth throughout the Club.

We are fortunate to have been open amidst a pandemic since June of this year, but with cases in the state rising dramatically, we would like to remind you of everything we’re doing and what is expected of you, our members. Together, we can help slow the spread of Covid-19 and continue to stay open, providing a place for members to work out.

We continue to adhere to our enhanced cleaning and safety protocols that meet or exceed health authority guidelines. We’re committed to keeping your environment clean, down to the very air you breathe inside the Club. For more information on our procedures, please visit our Safer Than Ever page. https://www.thewac.com/public/safer-than-ever

We need your help. Due to the significant increase of Covid-19 cases in Wisconsin, it is necessary, for the time being, to revise our mask policy: All WAC Members and Team Members ages 5 and older must wear face coverings over the nose and mouth throughout the Club. Individuals who are unable to wear a face mask due to a medical condition must wear a face shield*. If you do not have a mask or face shield, the WAC can provide one for you to use.

Face coverings or shields must be worn in all fitness spaces, including the fitness floor, group exercise rooms, locker rooms and all other common areas. Beginning Monday, November 23, we will be enforcing this procedure to maximize member safety and to remain open.

Masks and shields are not required in the following conditions: when eating, drinking, swimming, showering and while in the steam room, sauna or outside. In these situations, members must remain at least 6 feet apart from those outside of their household.

Basketball court update: Games are not allowed unless supervised by a WAC Team Member (i.e. Basketball Leagues). A mask or face shield must be worn at all times, and a limited number of individuals will be allowed per hoop. Please see your club for details.

We are in the business of keeping our fellow Wisconsinites healthy. It is, quite literally, our life’s work. And, while this updated policy may seem inconvenient to some, we believe the added safety is worth any inconvenience. Our goal is to continue to provide a welcoming place for our members to stay active and healthy, and staying open depends on our ability to help slow the spread of the virus.

We believe fitness is vital in our community’s health and wellness. And, for many of us, the WAC is more than just a fitness club; it’s home. We love it here, so let’s work together to protect our fellow lifters, our cycle classmates, our yoga buddies, our Front Desk team members…our WAC Family.

When we look out for one another, everyone wins. If you have questions about our updated policy, please reach out to the General Manager at your club.
We and our dedicated teams at every WAC location thank you for stepping up and wearing a mask. This will allow us to keep our doors open and continue to provide the exceptional facilities, attentive service and engaging programming that you’ve come to expect from us.

See you in the club,
Keith, Ray, Chez and Keith

Check out our hours for Thanksgiving!

November Fitness Challenge

November Workout Challenge!

Complete all components of the challenge by 11/30/20 to be entered for a
chance to win both a complimentary 30-minute massage AND a 30-minute
personal training session.

EMOM – Each Minute on the Minute – 25 Minutes
• 15 Burpees / 7 Burpees
• 15 Calories on Assault Bike / 7 Calories
• 30 Air Squats / 15 Air Squats
• 20 Pushups / 10 Pushups
• 45 Second Plank / 30 Second Plank

When completed, email Personal Trainer, Brandon Lindemann, at
[email protected]. Feel free to send a selfie and your name to be
entered in a drawing for your chance to win the prize package!

#wisconsinathleticclub #findyourfit #milwaukeefitness


Maintain, DON'T Gain! Earn up to $30 in Fitness Rewards this holiday season!
The WAC dares you NOT to be average. This program challenges you to maintain or improve you health over the holidays.

Maintain your weight and get $20 in Fitness Rewards

Lose weight and get $30 in Fitness Rewards

Fitness Rewards can be applied towards massage, advanced training, swim lessons, or individual personal training sessions!

We know you all have goals. Patience, consistency and hard work will get you there.

Make a plan that will stick, start small, and change one behavior at a time.

#wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukeefitness #fitnessmotivation

[11/15/20]   Eight Locations with one amazing guest experience. The Wisconsin Athletic Club is launching a new referral program where members are now able to receive credit towards their monthly dues when they refer new members to the WAC!

Tells your friends, family and collegues about us and make sure they drop your name when they stop in!

#wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukeefitness #milwaukeebusiness

Earn a free 60 Minute Personal Training session when you sign up for our new online training platform!

PIVOT is an affordable and effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Through our new WAC Training App, you have the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a WAC Personal Trainer and see your progress in real time. You will receive weekly custom-tailored workouts with a focus on building habits and designing goals to achieve results. We offer text support and monthly video consultations with your Trainer all through our WAC Training app.

Click or Copy & Paste the link to learn more!


#wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukeefitness #milwaukeebusiness #personaltraining

[11/11/20]   Seven Wonderful Benefits Of Exercise!!! 👇💪
1.) Boost Mental Health
2.) Increase Strength and Mobility
3.) Increase Joint Health
4.) Reduce Fatigue
5.) Strengthen Immune System
6.) Lose Weight
7.) Improve Sleep

#wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukeefitness #milwaukeebusiness #mkedowntown #fitnessmotivation

Burn while you earn this holiday season! You can earn up to $30 in Fitness Rewards to use toward services like massage therapy or personal training.

Sign up at our front desk!

#wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukeefitness #milwaukeebusiness

Never compare your success or failure to the success or failure of another. Just try and be a better you every day.

#wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukeefitness #mkefitness

Take care of your body....that includes what you put into it.

Erin and Mike hard at work getting in all the corners!

[11/04/20]   Looking to upgrade or change up your strength routine? 💪🏼Starting incorporating some kettlebell movements. Alissa Kluever demonstrates and describes the benefit of each movement below!👇🏼

Windmills- Windmills are a great exercise to improve your shoulder stability. Make sure to keep your back knee locked and your front knee bent. Keep your gaze on your kettlebell.

Cleans- Cleans are a great exercise for total body. Focus on this exercise being powered by your glutes. The kettlebell should gently land on your arm. Start your catch as soon as the kettlebell leaves the ground to avoid a clunky/painful ending.

Screw Press- Screw press is another great exercise to improve shoulder strength along with your core strength. Keep your opposite hand wrapped around the knee that is up. As you press, twist in your spine toward your working arm. Be sure to keep your bicep next to your ear as you press.

Swings- Kettlebell swings are an explosive movement that works your posterior chain. This exercise is powered by your glutes and hamstrings, not your arms. Keep a soft bend to your arms and snap in your hips. You want the kettlebell stay above your knees while you swing. Make sure you are performing a hinge in your hips instead of squatting. A swing should only be performed if you feel confident in your deadlift form.

#wisconsinathleticclub #milwaukee #MilwaukeeFitness

WAC Downtown

Since 1999, the Wisconsin Athletic Club – Downtown has offered Milwaukee a state-of-the-art health club in the heart of downtown. It is the perfect location if you live or work on the East Side. This Club is conveniently located on the 6th floor in the 411 building, which is on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Jefferson Street. It is across the street from the historic Pfister Hotel and just a few blocks from the Bradley Center and Summerfest Grounds. This 30,000 square foot facility includes a variety of cardio and weight equipment, 1/9-mile indoor track, cycle studio, massage therapy and a Pilates studio overlooking the beautiful Milwaukee skyline. Take the stairs to the 5th floor group exercise, mind|body and personal training studios.

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November Fitness Challenge
Happy Halloween!





411 E Wisconsin Ave Ste 600
Milwaukee, WI

Opening Hours

Monday 05:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 05:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 05:00 - 20:00
Thursday 05:00 - 20:00
Friday 05:00 - 19:00
Saturday 07:00 - 15:00
Sunday 07:00 - 15:00
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St. Joseph Athletic Association - Wauwatosa St. Joseph Athletic Association - Wauwatosa
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Monkey Bar Gym Milwaukee 173 N Milwaukee Street Milwaukee, WI 53202

Bay View Fitness Bay View Fitness
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24 Hour Gym Staffed Hours: Monday 8:00am-12:00pm and 4:00pm-7:00pm Tuesday 8:00am-12:00pm and 4:00pm-7:00pm Wednesday 8:00am-12:00pm and 4:00pm-7:00pm Thursday 8:00am-12:00pm and 4:00pm-7:00pm Friday 8:00am-12:00pm Saturday 8:00am-11:00am

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Toning and Conditioning Toning and Conditioning
2612 S Greeley St, Ste 220
Milwaukee, 53207

Get toned. Get Conditioned. New. Exciting. Creative. Effective. Make every workout count.

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