Katherine Reutter-Adamek

Katherine Reutter-Adamek


What is the best slide board, preferably portable one and what length?
We got to see you today racing in Kearns, and even though you fell short of qualifying, you will always have the heart and courage of an Olympian.
Thanks for the thrills!! We have enjoyed watching you compete and are proud of all of your accomplishments. We will still be rooting for you in whatever you decide to do next. Love to you!
Katherine Reutter-Adamek- you just rocked the 1000m “A” Final. What a joy to watch.
Nice work!
Go get em Katherine!!
Good job on the recent 7th place in 1000m...per usspeedskating news letter.
Didn’t realize you were famous the other day when I met you! Lol!! So sweet, beautiful and down to earth!! It’s refreshing to meet naturally nice, humble people these days! The pleasure was all mine! Hugs & take care! I’ll be cheering for you! What you do is awesome! Jennifer from the nail shop! ☺️

Fix Your Mindset, Owner Performance Mindset Coach 2xOlympic Medalist, Vancouver 2010 2xOlympic Medalist (Vancouver 2010) Owner and Performance Mindset Coach, Fix Your Mindset Precision Nutrition Coach Power Skating and Off-Ice Coach

Operating as usual


Embrace the Suck: A US Olympian's Message to Athletes Going Through a Concussion - HeadCheck Health

headcheckhealth.com Two-time Olympic Medalist Katherine Adamek shares her journey, her concussion recovery, and the power of fixing your mindset Katherine Adamek …


‘I am not here to win Olympic medals, it’s something cool I got to do along the way. But I am here to pay my rent by serving others.’ Katherine Adamek – Olympic athletes interviewed Episode 51 - Christian Bosse

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.
- Muhammad Ali


christianbosse.com Katherine Adamek, double Olympic medalist outlines how her biggest successes as an athlete were followed by difficult times, where she battled

Barbie Be Anything

What an awesome weekend in Chicago with Walmartart and Barbie celebrating how young girls can grow up to #beanything on the #BarbieBeAnythingTour

Competence boosts confidence. Remember that, on your journey to #BeAnything #AD

Competence, the ability to do something successfully, is a skill to be developed slowly, over time, and with passion.

Confidence, a state of feeling certain, is attained by the hard fought ability to do something... anything.

Take action and join me in Chicago this weekend for the Barbie Be Anything Tour! #Barbie60 #BeAnything @Barbie @Walmart

After my first World Cup race (I got my butt beat) I called home and told my grandpa that I was discouraged. He chose that moment to remind me, “You can be anything.” #AD
I’m so honored to be on the team that tells the next generation of young women that YOU CAN BE ANYTHING! #barbiebeanythingtour #barbie60


The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, July 14, 2019

Check out the sports figure who inspired me most while growing up; it's not who you think...

news-gazette.com With women dominating the world sports stage lately — from the World Cup pitch to center court at Wimbledon — we asked female sports figures with inspiring stories of their


137- Developing Mental Toughness with Katherine Adamek - Heather Parady

Mental toughness is not an innate ability. It’s a skill developed at the school of hard knocks (life). Every mistake gives the chance to learn, every success encourages persistance. Keep going!


heatherparady.com If I’m going to make sacrifices then I am going to go all [email protected] Click To Tweet137- Developing Mental Toughness with Katherine AdamekDo you struggle with self-doubt? You know, that voice that tells you all the reasons why you should give up on your dreams? We all have self-limiting beliefs ...


Progress is not about perfection. Progress is making healthy trades and informed decisions. Enjoy the process! #bettereveryday

Better everyday: making healthy food choices

[04/22/19]   Happy isn't a destination, it's a process; and every process needs fine tuning every once in a while. Instead of asking, "Am I happy?" Try asking, "How can I be happier?"

TR Katherine Adamek 1

Mindset isn't unique to athletes. Mindset is a part of every single person's everyday life. More here...

Download my latest ebook https://jeffbajorek.com/the-book

I recently heard about this program called Strive Trips, and I love what they're doing for athletes! They provide the opportunity to travel, learn about community service and train at high altitude! I wish I could have done this when I was in high school. 3 week programs in the summer. Check out the link for more info and use FixYourMindset250 for a $250 discount on any high school or adult trip.


No Quit Living Podcast by Christopher J. Wirth on Apple Podcasts

How do you keep going when all you're thinking is, "Man, I want to quit!"? Check out this podcast by No Quit Living featuring yours truly:)


itunes.apple.com Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of No Quit Living Podcast by Christopher J. Wirth for free.

[01/30/19]   THE UNIVERSE TALKS!!! Sign up for daily inspiration and encouragement at TUT.com

"If one hangs out in time and space long enough they'll inevitably learn it's through the twin gateways of persistence and patience that masters become masters."

- Notes from the Universe


Winter sucks.... Embrace it! Go skating

Short track speed skating with two time Olympic medalist Katherine Reutter Adamek.


Did you fail at that 2019 resolution? There is still time to crank it up again!

It’s been two weeks... how’s that New Years resolution going? I’ve failed 4 times so far, but keep coming back to my why, adjusting the plan for how, and taking new action. 99.1 The Mix https://991themix.radio.com/media/audio-channel/did-you-fail-2019-resolution-there-still-time-crank-it-again

991themix.radio.com So, you made that New Year's Resolution...are you sticking to it? Don't worry if you couldn't follow through! Two-time Olympic speed skating silver medalist, and mindset coach, Katherine Adamek is here to get you back on track in 2019!


"Episode 21 - Matthew Caldaroni" from The Hockey Think Tank Podcast by thehockeythinktank on Apple Podcasts

More proof that there is no secret... the secret is hard work, resiliency, and baby steps daily. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-21-matthew-caldaroni/id1441154730?i=1000427309256&mt=2 The Hockey Think Tank Matthew Caldaroni

itunes.apple.com On this episode of the Hockey Think Tank podcast, we bring on Matthew Caldaroni, mental skills coach that has worked with players from the youth to professional levels. Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to athletes when it comes to winn


One Olympian's take on how to bringing purpose to your New Year's goal

You'll never believe it... I'm an author for OnMilwaukee! Going back to my post from yesterday... One of the things George Mumford speaks to in his book, The Mindful Athlete, is that following your bliss opens doors that you didn't even know to plan for!


onmilwaukee.com Every New Year's resolution starts strong with the resolve to build and create a better version of ourselves. We have good intentions, but struggle to maintain motivation toward long lasting change.


The First Chapter — The Mindful Athlete- George Mumford

Improving performance starts with being upbeat, supportive, encouraging, kind, and generous. From here you can hold others accountable without making them feel wrong. In this place there's no reason to complain and you feel happy to be alive.

Learn more here: http://mindfulathlete.org/the-first-chapter/

mindfulathlete.org Michael Jordan and countless other NBA stars credit George Mumford with transforming their game. A widely respected public speaker and coach, Mumford shares his story and strategies in The Mindful Athlete. 


Connect to Your Anger Without Losing Control - Mindful

Ever wonder how emotions impact your New Year's Resolution? It's pretty easy to stay committed to change when we feel good, but it's hard to make good choices when you're stressed, sad, or angry. Try this practice to get back to the present (which is where the best version of you lives) when you're feeling angry.


mindful.org Anger has a lot of energy, but what you use it for is up to you. Sharon Salzberg provides two practices to reflect on anger and transform it into self-compassion.

The On-Air Advocate

Simple strategies to @FixYourMindset in 2019. 1.) Start with expecting the expected, controlling the controllable, and living in the gray 2.) Practice the 5 whys to bring deeper meaning and purpose to your life 3.) Love your process by expanding A daily

Thanks for having me The On-Air Advocate! Happy New Year!!!

As we continue our 2019 Reset Series, I am excited to welcome, Katherine Adamek, OLY, 2xOlympic Medalist, Performance Mindset Coach & Owner of Fix Your Mindset.

Listen in as Katherine discusses how difficult change in our lives can be, but how it’s often not the physical challenge of change, but more the mental processes that force us to resist change. Plus, her amazing journey as a 2xOlympic Medalist & the powerful impact overall “mindset” has played in her career & everyday life.

Katherine Reutter-Adamek


Polly and the Pockets - A Short Film

A young woman I used to coach is all grown up and impacting the world in all new ways. She's directing a short film musical as a part of her college thesis to inspire the younger generation. Check her out!

indiegogo.com A short film musical coming to theatres near you! | Check out 'Polly and the Pockets - A Short Film' on Indiegogo.


How to Be Mindful With a Cup of Tea - Mindful

Give yourself a gift today... take 20 to sit down with a warm drink and read through this article from Mindful.org

mindful.org When it's difficult to meditate, you can build moments of mindfulness into the day through simple activities like brewing and enjoying a cup of tea.


The Promise of Self-Compassion for Stressed-Out Teens

"...research shows that self-compassion does not diminish integrity or standards of accountability. Instead, it lets you own up to a tough moment without paying for it with your self-worth."


nytimes.com Many in this driven generation believe they can’t move forward without beating themselves up.


How to make stress your friend

Mind over matter. Stress isn't bad, it's how you think about it.

More info here: https://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend?language=en

ted.com Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positiv...

I don't know about you, but I'm looking for some mindfulness this Monday! Try slowing down as you walk to your next place or make your cup of coffee. Notice your brain's immediate reaction to want to speed back up.

Your auto-thoughts will say, "Hurry up! You don't have time for this!" That's your chance to slow down and be aware. Be present. Enjoy the life around you:)

[11/02/18]   World Cup #1 starts today in Calgary, CAN. My first World Cup during my comeback was in Calgary. The pressure I was feeling to perform felt like a piano had crashed from the sky onto my chest. This audio clip reminded me to be grateful and to the best version of me that I can be. I walked away with 2 top 6 finishes and a new US record w/ my teammates in the relay:)

Throwback Thursday to my first heavy deadlift. Tough girls wear pink:)

Message me to learn more about the Strength and Conditioning Program that's right for you!

7 years ago I walked up to a stranger at a water fountain, told him he was cute, and asked him out for coffee. Today that stranger is my husband:)

To get what you want you have to be brave, put yourself out there, and know that you're meant for great things. How will you build and create today?


Part 2: Rewiring for Happiness and Freedom - Tara Brach

Are you living in a world of "if only"? Take a moment today to change your internal posture from a state of 'getting and receiving' to a state of 'building and creating'. Then learn more about "if only" mind from Tara Brach.


tarabrach.com Looking at how we can intentionally arouse states of well-being, and with practice, develop them into ongoing traits that bring presence & joy to our lives.

Katherine Reutter-Adamek's cover photo

Katherine Reutter-Adamek


Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

I'm looking for competitive athletes who want to take their game to the next level by performing under pressure, facing adversity with confidence, and fulfilling a leadership role on the team. If that's you, fill out the form below:


accounts.google.com Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Free from Google.

Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic

Halloween is just around the corner. It's the perfect time of year to talk about Overcoming Fear. Check out this video some quick tips and then visit my website, www.FixYourMindset.com, to schedule a Free Mindset Consultation!

Overcoming Fear - with Katherine Reutter

Have you ever wondered what the gloves we wear on the track are made of? 🤔 Well, the gloves we wear are a cut-resistant fabric to protect our hands from run-ins with sharp skate blades. The fingertips, however, typically are covered with a hard plastic so we can use that hand for balance, but it will glide on the ice to keep momentum. ✋

First Championship win for Katherine Reutter - from Universal Sports

🥇 How about this throwback to a world championship win! 🥇

http://www.UniversalSports.com 2011, Sheffield, England, ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championship, Reutter (USA) pulls an awesome pass, to beat the K...

Fix Your Mindset, Performance Mindset Coaching

Since retiring from Short Track Speedskating Katherine has started her own business, Fix Your Mindset. She coaches mental toughness skills to high performers to develop confidence, focus, and resilience in order to take their game to the next level. She empowers client to make these changes by combining her experience as an Olympic athletes with the latest research in neuroscience and sport psychology.

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Barbie Be Anything




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