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Quote of the Day - "Take time to be thankful for everything that you have. You can always have more... But you could also have less." ~ Artist ~ Bill Anton


First day of the Corning Buck Brannaman clinic is underway and streaming live! Unfortunately the rural internet got the best of us this morning so that session will be uploaded with the rest of todays footage tonight or early tomorrow. No worries we wouldn't let you miss any of the action.

You can purchase the clinic by day or as a whole and once purchased the videos are available to be watched anytime as many times as you would like . We hope you enjoy watching along with us!

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I’ve met David a few times as we were waiting to ride our horses in Telluride’s July Fourth Parades in the early 2000’s. I regret we didn’t have more time for conversation or I didn’t make the time. But here I am 20 years later and have the privilege to meet his daughter, granddaughter, son in law and his palomino horse. About two years ago Crystal and Matt brought David’s mustang gelding Kola Zi to me to pretty much restart him so they could rehome him. During that process I swear David spoke to me through Kola Zi. I felt that he wants this horse to stay in the family so that one day he will be his granddaughter’s first horse to fall in love with. That she will ride him through the country that David did trying to protect the rights of the indigenous horses that live there.
Crystal gifted me David’s book in which he designated as fiction but is obviously based on much of David’s true experiences. I finally had time to read it recently. I feel that the time David and I didn’t take to speak in detail about horses 20 years ago that he found a way to speak to us all through his writing. “If There Were Courage”
has given me a different perspective of what I was accomplishing being a TIP “trainer”
I had thought that I could give these horses that were captured by the BLM a solid foundation that they might not necessarily get from so many inexperienced Mustang Heritage approved TIP trainers. And they will pay me to gentle and find adopters to take them away!
My current perspective after spending time with many of these mustangs and listening to David speak to me is that my work in TIP is actually making me an accomplish with the horrible management and extermination of America’s wild horses. These horses don’t choose to be tamed. Horses being horses will adapt but something is lost. Not sure exactly but if I had to put it into words possibly a chunk of spirit or soul. Doesn’t matter how or what methods are used to gentle them, what is lost is lost when they were removed from their native land and family structures.
I will not be an accomplice or support in any way the removal of these horses from the land where they were born for any reason. I am taking a short sabbatical from teaching horses to regenerate and heal myself and when I return I will do my best to help some of these mustangs that were put into Mustang Heritage approved inexperienced hands. I will give them a proper foundation where they won’t be labeled as dangerous or outlaws. I will no longer do direct business with the BLM or Mustang Heritage Foundation. I will not support the BLM Wild Horse Program by picking up horses from their facilities to gentle and distribute them, because there will always be more until all horses are eradicated from “protected land”. The money that I was being paid to gentle mustangs is blood money. I am so sorry and will heal and will find another road, hopefully allowed on the good red road…
Thank you David for speaking to me and giving me the courage to stand my morals, my true love and appreciation of all equines.
If There Were Courage



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Building a relationship based on trust and connection takes time, patience, and perseverance, but this doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right steps to get you there, you can make all of your goals a reality.

We believe in simplicity to become a trustworthy leader and build an incredible bond with your horse. The Parelli Program has helped horse owners around the world create a powerful connection with their horses and live their dream horse lives.

Curious if the Parelli program is for you?

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🐴 Spiral In and Out on a Circle

Spiral in and out on a circle is a FABULOUS exercise for horse and rider. Spiral in tests the rider's ability to control the outside shoulder of the horse, and to keep forward impulsion in the horse while directing them into a smaller circle. If ridden correctly, it increases the engagement of the outside hind leg, and can help bring the horse into collection. Spiral out tests the rider's ability to engage the horse's inside hind leg while controlling the outside shoulder to keep the horse straight in the body. It also teaches horse and rider the concept of riding from the inside leg to the outside hand. Done correctly, it's a great suppling exercise.

Click on the link below to learn how to do it! 👇

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Horse•Man•Ship Simplified

In celebration of 40 years of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, we’ll be taking a journey into the true meaning of Horse•Man•Ship:

Friday: The first day will be centered around the HORSE. Watch Pat Parelli LIVE as he teaches you the art and science of Applied Horse Psychology to build the best partnership possible.
Saturday: Day two will focus on MAN. What does it take to be your horse’s leader? How do you stay in the leadership mindset even when learning is hard?
Sunday: Finally, on day three we’ll focus on the JOURNEY - how we, as two separate species, can come together and form a unique relationship built on trust and connection.

Horsemanship Simplified: Celebrating 40 Years of Natural Horsemanship will be held March 4 - 6 at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, FL and virtually. Find out more about the event at the link below:


Lol 😂

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Does your horse make you feel like a better person?

Tell us how below in the comments 🐎🐎🐎


"That's one Christmas present she won't break in a hurry" - Thelwell


The measure of a man
is not his muscles or money
The true strength of a man
is most evident when
his soul shines and
no one is looking 💓
~ Michael Traveler, author/poet
Photo by David R. Stoecklein

Virtual and LIVE Tickets On Sale Now 12/21/2021

Virtual and LIVE Tickets On Sale Now

Virtual and LIVE Tickets On Sale Now Simplifying horse behavior for 40 years.


In the late 19th century, it was fashionable to train zebras to pull carriages. Pictured is Mr. Hardy, who was a noted horserider and trainer. 1898.

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Sunka Wakan Oyate.
The horse is sacred. Upon it's back we are in the "center" of the universe! His legs represent the 4 directions, his head looking toward Wakan Tanka, and his tail acknowledging Unci Maka.


Bridleless Chat About Improving Your Dressage

This is what I teach the horses that are brought to me and what I’m trying to get y’all to understand and feel. Karen explains it in words much better than I. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Karen at Parelli campus years ago. So much admiration for her.


Easy for me with horses, humans...... 🤔


OK, folks, let's be real here----

At a restaurant, any restaurant, anywhere, there are two tables.

At one are six teen age boys.

At the other are six people in their 70s and 80s.

Generally speaking, which table is likely to be the loudest, most boisterous???

So, to take this into horses, and suitability. We have one pen with five young horses, ages 4 to 6.

We have another pen with 5 horses, ages 15 to 19.

Generally, which pen will be the rowdier pen?

So here come Mrs Smith to buy herself a horse. Mrs Smith is not a highly experienced horse person, or rider. She is eager, but green.

Which pen, generally speaking, should Mrs Smith look at? You know damn well, the pen of older, been there, done that teen age horses.

Which pen WILL Mrs Smith look at? You know damn well it will be the Field Of Dreams pen of younger, fancier horses.

And THAT, THAT RIGHT THERE, is a big reason that so many riders over-horse themselves. They won't look at the older horses, so they buy youthful exuberance that scares the holy hell out of them, and can't figure out why their dreams are not coming true.


Have you seen our new blog? Pat just posted a new entry, "Colt Starting and Colt Breaking - The differences". Click the link below to read more!

Colt Starting and Colt Breaking – The Differences

By: Pat Parelli

Walk a mile in your horse's horseshoes is what Troy Henry and Tom Dorrance tried to get me to understand!

Showing a horse who is the boss was an easy concept for me to grasp as a young man. I loved horses and I loved the notion of being a good enough cowboy to make horses do what I wanted whether it was halter breaking a young horse, riding them for the first time, getting them to stop or turn quickly, rope a cow, or any other ranch duties. I found out quickly that if I stayed focused and worked really hard I could out-fumble most any horse, this is what I now call ” Young Man’s Disease.” You may have heard me use that term a lot lately and my intention is to help other young men realize that they don’t have to go through that process as I did. .....

Click Below to read more!

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Pat Parelli introduces Magic's Mirror



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