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Happy Holidays from everyone at Redline!

We hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy time to relax and reflect on the great things that are going on in life!

We are open today (Christmas Eve) from 8am-12pm and will be closed tomorrow for Christmas Day. We will be back to normal hours starting Monday!

Come get a fun 12 Days Of Christmas workout in or just come get your fitness on before the hectic-ness of the holiday begins!

Thank you all for supporting us and being part of what makes this gym great!

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Season Is Here!!

Only change for Redline is that we are closed on Sunday for Christmas Day!

Don’t let the holidays or travel be the reason you miss training! All are welcome!

Come join us for a workout if you are in town! Drop in prices are $20/day or $50/week!


We are an official “Toys For Tots” drop off location

Every year we strive to spread holiday joy by donating to those who are less fortunate.

If you have any unwrapped toys and would like to donate please stop by and drop them in our donation box!


Redline handmade ornaments made by the incredibly talented for sale for your Christmas tree or stocking stuffer!

These are $10 each and are great gifts for anyone who loves fitness and the holidays!

There are a bunch of different designs, so come check them out and pick which ones you like best!

Stop in, get a workout in and grab your ornament before they sell out!


Thankful for all of our Redline family!

Enjoy your time with loved ones and enjoy all the indulgences!

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and gratitude!


Visiting family/friends from out of town and looking for a place to train?!

Our “normal hours” are:
Open Gym- 5:30AM-7PM
Class Times- 5:30AM/6:30AM/4:00PM

Saturday & Sunday:
Open Gym- 8AM-12PM

Drop in with us! Would love to have you!
Drop in fees:


You have resources yet to be unleashed.

Make bold, courageous choices.

Live as though you have the power to change the world…because you DO!


With the warm weather sticking around we might as well work to keep that core popping 😉


Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins you can take into your body.

The benefits of it range from strengthening your bones, increase muscle strength and health, boost your immune system, lower your chances of developing different diseases, increasing mood and brain health, improving your cognitive ability and much more!

It has been studied that 75% of people are deficient in Vitamin D.

Some great ways to get more exposure is simply going out in the sun more, eating foods high in vitamin D or even taking a vitmain D supplement.

I recommend trying to get out in the sunlight for 20-30 minutes daily and see how you feel after a few days.

You might be surprised that you are less stressed, feel energized and even sleep better!


We spend way too much time worrying about how bad or stressful something is going to be. Then when we get there and it isn’t as bad as we thought.

You just wasted all that time stressing and worrying when you could have put that energy towards something positive.

Prepping for things with dread in your mind makes the task seem insurmountable.

Flip that mindset to enjoying they journey and focusing on the silver lining and your stress and worry will wither down to nothing.
No more paranoia and pessimism. We are looking for positive outlooks 😉


Let’s get these full size candy bars 😏🍫

Happy Halloween Everyone! 🎃

Stay safe and have some fun!


In a time where stress might be at an all time high, it is crucial to have stress management strategies to alleviate some stress.

Stress affects emotional health, sleep, digestion and even affects how well you recover from workouts. Working out itself inflicts stress on the body through breaking down muscles and you recover by building them back up. If you have emotional or outside stress this causes the build up process to take a back seat because your body feels like it is constantly being broken down. Your body doesn't know the difference between physical and mental stress, it is all just stress!

Some ideas for stress management is meditating, breathing techniques, easy exercise, sunlight (Vitamin D), limiting social media and television. These small breaks to give your mind a rest are crucial to letting you get in touch with yourself and realizing that stress a lot of times is self imposed, and it is all about how you react to certain situations that cause the stress in the first place!

We would love to hear some of your stress management techniques!


It is so easy to speak about your goals and what you want to achieve. But the hard part is acting on those words and thoughts and physically making it happen!

Big goals and aspirations sound great but the action of working towards achieving these goals speak way more volumes than words ever could!

If you want something bad enough you need to show it and manifest it.

Talk is cheap…Show Me


A nice little Push/Pull combo coming at ya this week!

This is going to feel lightning fast in the first few rounds but those handstand push ups (or hand release push ups) are going to catch up quick and the density over the course of the workout is going to make this a big challenge!

For the sumo deadlift high pulls, this is your opportunity to give your pressing muscles a quick break but you are still using your arms to pull the kb so really focus on using a strong leg/hips rive to try and make that kb as weightless as possible and give those arms a break.

For the handstand push ups think about keeping everything steady paced in the first few rounds and have a game plan when you know the reps are going to be tough and grindy.

A good rule of thumb is to take a quick break once you feel like you have 3ish reps left in the tank (especially for hspu) because once they go…they go! For a good majority of people pressing takes a little more time to recharge and hit bigger sets so play the smart game and break them early and often and put the ego aside.

Or set it on fire and see where you crash and burn! The choice is yours, depending on what you are trying to focus on in your training!


Sauna or heat exposure (hot tub) can be incredible for recovery from training and can boost your overall health wellness when done correctly!

Getting in the sauna and “sweating it out” has a ton of benefits to your body. It is stress relieving and relaxing, pushing your body in the parasympathetic state where you are recovering and getting better in the process!

Sauna exposure is actually a form of cardio! It has several health benefits, which include reduction in the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and neurocognitive diseases. It also plays a role in improving your heart health!

Saunas increase circulation, which brings more oxygen-rich blood to your depleted muscles and can help improve your muscle recovery after tough workouts!

A good rule of thumb is to spend 20 minutes or less in a sauna. If you are new to the sauna, try spending five or 10 minutes inside during your first few visits to build up your heat tolerance.

All that sweating will dehydrate you, so make a point to drink plenty of water after your sauna session. You’ll also want to replenish your electrolytes.

We are teamed up with who have an awesome infrared sauna and knowledge on what the best protocol would be for you if you want to give it a try! Using code “redline” will give you 20% off on you visit!

Give heat exposure a try and see the benefits for yourself!


On the road to a goal there are going to be tons of ups and downs. But that is what makes the destination worth while!

Focusing on little victories and small steps of progress forward are going to give you more fulfillment than trying to makes leaps and bounds.

When you stack small victories, before you know it, that stack becomes enormous. And it will give you a feeling of accomplishment on how you handled every adversity and persevered toward the destination!

Step by step, little by little, the needle moves in the right direction!


Get ready for some midline madness!!

This is something I like to think of as non-complimentary movements with the toe to bar and burpee box jumps because essentially they are the same movement!

That constant core flexion is going to feel like you are doing non stop sit ups so be prepared to have a nice core pump after this and for the toe to bar to start to diminish a bit as you go.

Utilizing smaller consistent sets and keeping the tension off is a good move here to try with the ttb and then pushing the goblet squats, as those are going to feel like a speed bump, but be smart because jumping is going to be tougher with a fatigued core and heavy legs!


Recovery and rehab are some of the most important things you can do when you take your training and workouts seriously. You can’t make progress if you are in pain or not recovering properly. Luckily there are people who dedicate their careers to helping athletes and gym-goers explore new ways to feel their best and continue to make progress inside and outside of the gym!

We have partnered up with To bring recovery and rehab to a whole new level for Redline!

Resilient Athlete offers a ton of different services to help you feel your best and perform your best! From cold plunges to infrared saunas to physical therapy to compression therapy, they are professional and top of the line at what they do.

Redline members receive 20% off any service when using the code “Redline”.

I highly recommend giving one or all of these services a try to see what makes you feel the best and keeps you in the gym for life!

If you have any questions about any service please reach out! Would love to talk about how to level up your recovery game!


There is a lot of “fluff” and opinion in the world today. And we have more faster access to it all than ever before.

When looking for ways to improve and better yourself you always want to research and refine what has traditionally worked.
But in doing so you can fall into the trap of following instead of trail blazing.

What works for some may not work for others.

So when researching and learning, cast a wide net and then refine and adapt to ways that would work best for you and create your own path to success.


Great combination of some single leg and bilateral leg strength training coming to Redline this week!

This type of strength training has an added benefit of being metabolic as well, meaning it has a slight conditioning stimulus to it also! So while we want to load this up over the course of the 8 sets we want to make sure we are getting great QUALITY of movement and not rushing through, so staying sub-max in terms of weight is the move for the strength portion.

Then after some strength work we get into a good ol’ fashion Every Minute On The Minute style conditioning workout where we are going to accumulate some volume in each movement but recover just enough that we can maintain a strong intensity output towards each. So move with some intent each minute and find a way to recover just enough to match that intent each minute for this longer duration!

We keep building!


We cannot thank all the men and women who consistently work tirelessly day in and day out and then somehow manage to increase that tireless work during times of tragedy like we in SWFL experienced this last week.

As a thank you, all new members to Redline who are first responders or frontline workers (police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, linesman, etc..) will receive 50% off membership for the month of October and a special First Responder rate for the following months.

All current Redline first responder members will receive a free T-Shirt when restocked!

Please send us a message or contact me directly to receive this offer

The work you all do does not go unnoticed and is never taken for granted.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts


We are in a tough time in Southwest Florida

Some have lost everything and some feel like all hope is lost.

But there is something remarkable about something so tragic. Empathy and selflessness.

Seeing people come together and help each other and support each other has been awe inspiring. We all live different lives and with the hustle and stress of our own lives we tend to focus on ourselves.

But this past week I have seen and incredible amount of people putting others needs in front of their own. Complete selflessness and love for each other.

So in all this darkness and sadness there is a silver lining. We see our neighbors in a new light and understand that we all are truly in this together. We are not alone.

Appreciate what you have, learn to not take things for granted. Help where you can. Even just lending an ear to vent to, you don’t know how much it can help.

People are amazing


Intervals are a great way to build capacity and a great way to play around with different strategies to find the best one that will work for you to get the way outcome (if you are chasing performance)

The rest and repeat aspect of these intervals gives your body just enough rest to keep the intensity up but not enough to fully recover. You can attack each set in different ways. Full tilt sprint to see if you can hold on or thinking of it as being in the second or third round of a 5 round workout and trying to get a little faster each round.

If you are not in it for performance or strategy and are just trying to get fit, these type of intervals are great at driving up your fitness levels and teaching your body how to recover between bouts and then still repeat efforts. This transfers over to a ton of things in life where you perform a task, rest and then perform another task.

Fitness is not just chasing times and speed, it’s about function and doing what we, as humans, are here to do. And to do it well!


I hope everyone is doing well and keeping a positive mindset right now!
We all know it is going to take time to get back to some normalcy but when it does it will be amazing and we will all be better for getting through this together!

As of right now (9/30 ) the gym still does not have power. Once the power is restored we will open and welcome everyone back!

We appreciate your support and patience during this time and (fingers crossed) we can get open and back to training this weekend!


Be present today. Focus on one thing at a time. In this crazy world we live in its hard to not let our minds wander and complete 100 different tasks before we forget to do the one task that was the most important.

Today I challenge you to live in the moment, stay focused on that conversation, tackle one task at a time, put your phone down occasionally and just take a deep breathe.
You'll be surprised how much less stress you feel!


Wooo! A lot going on in this one!
With a hurricane headed for the East Coast this week I wanted to post a workout that can be done at home if anyone is stuck inside during the storm but itchy to get some moving in.
(If you are stuck indoors then change the Cal Machine to jumping jacks and the 400m run to 1:30 run in place)

All body weight movements here (minus the machine) so on paper it may look pretty simple but the increase in time domain and addition of new movement each window gives this one a lot of changes as it goes.

Certain movements are going to tax different muscles so the pace you had in the early workouts may change based on fatigue. Be smart in first window and don’t blow the doors off!

The rest is going to be just enough to keep the intensity but get a completely different stimulus as the movements add up and the time gets longer.

Have fun and stay safe if you are in the storm!!

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