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Dr. Jim "Doc" Suttie, is one of golf's biomechanics pioneers, and one of the most respected teachers in the game today. Call today on 1-800-765-3838, or visit Jim's website at: http://www.jimsuttie.com

Dr. Jim Suttie (known by his students simply as "Doc") is one of the world's best-known and most-respected golf instructors. His students include many of golf's top professional and amateur stars, but he still works one-on-one with anyone who would like to come to his lesson tees at Cog Hill G.&C.C. in Lemont, IL in the summer and at The Club at TwinEagles in Naples, FL in the winter.

conta.cc 05/28/2016

Dr. Jim Suttie returning to Conway Farms this summer

Have you checked this out?

conta.cc Have you checked this out?

conta.cc 05/25/2016

Dr. Jim Suttie returning to Conway Farms this summer

In case you missed it!

conta.cc In case you missed it!

conta.cc 05/21/2016

Dr. Jim Suttie returning to Conway Farms this summer

Have you seen our latest news?

conta.cc Have you seen our latest news?


Great to have 3x PGA TOUR winner Dudley Hart coming by to work on his game. Great swing. Great attitude.


Former #masters champion and PGA TOUR Champions player, Mr. Larry Mize fine tuning his game. Swing is looking great!


Beautiful morning out here working with Nicole Jeray!

[12/22/13]   Call: 800-765-3838 to book a lesson today! It's a beautiful day to play!

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Merry Christmas from Suttie Golf Academy

Merry Christmas from Suttie Golf Academy http://conta.cc/19wllDs

Click here to create a sub-title for your post. Gift Certificates for instruction in Chicago and Florida may be purchased by calling 800-765-3838. We can email or send them by post. Gift certificates may be for any instruction program, i.e. golf lessons, club & putter fitting, club evaluation or swing and putting instruction.

naplesnews.com 03/27/2013

Jim Suttie: Learning how to time your swing

Ever wondered why you hit the ball great one day and terrible the next day? This is more than likely to do with your TIMING and it is also the reason the pros are able to effortlessly hit the ball so far. In my latest article I discuss how to create proper timing and how it can help your game!


naplesnews.com What is the difference between a good, solid shot and a poor shot? Generally speaking it is the “timing” of the movement.


Jim Suttie: How to hit the right bunker shot

For the many of you who struggle with bunker shots, here are some ideas on how to make your bunker game better, and lower your scores!


naplesnews.com Many amateurs struggle with the bunker shot. I am not sure why, because this is one shot where you don’t even have to hit the ball. The sand three to five inches behind the ball is the target.


Jim Suttie: How to hit off those tight fairway lies

Here's my latest article from the Naples Daily News! It has great advice for any of you struggling to get the ball in the air off tight fairways, particularly in Florida, or any tight lie you my have on the course. Good Luck!


naplesnews.com This time of year, most courses in the Naples rea have a minimum amount of grass on them. Some of the hot weather grasses just won’t grow if the temperature gets below a certain level.

naplesnews.com 02/20/2013

Jim Suttie: Lag your way to get 30 more yards

Everyone is looking for extra yards and in my article last week I explained how the pros at the ACE Group Classic use lag to create effortless power. Try out some of my ideas and I'm sure you will find yourself hitting it further!!


naplesnews.com In watching the pros at the ACE Group Classic at TwinEagles, there is one thing they all seem to have in their swing that the average golfer just does not have. This one thing is called clubhead lag.

naplesnews.com 01/30/2013

Jim Suttie: How to fix your slice

I know there are a lot of you out there who have problems with the dreaded slice. Read my article below for some ideas on how to straighten your ball flight and lower your scores!!


naplesnews.com If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are a slicer. More than 80 percent of all golfers slice the ball. The biggest reason for this is that the golf swing movement is a side of the line hitting game.

[01/30/13]   Sunshine, clear blue skies, and a full lesson schedule. It's going to be a great day at TwinEagles!!

[01/26/13]   Heading back from the PGA Show. Lessons to teach this afternoon!

[01/16/13]   I know you have all heard these before at some stage, and yet we still forget them. Here's a refresher for some easy ways to improve your scores and play better golf in 2013!


[01/16/13]   Another great day here at TwinEagles, Naples!

naplesnews.com 01/12/2013

Jim Suttie: Work on your signature swing in 2013

Here's my article from last week in the Naples Daily News. Be natural, and happy golfing in 2013!!


naplesnews.com 2012 is gone. You have to forget the bad scores and remember only the good ones. In golf, this type of selective memory is a good thing.

naplesnews.com 12/11/2012

Jim Suttie: Better distance through resistance

Here's my article from last week in the Naples Daily News. It's everyone's favorite topic, more distance!! http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2012/dec/04/jim-suttie-better-distance-through-resistance/

naplesnews.com What would you do for 10 extra yards? Would you find it in a new, $500 driver? Maybe it would be in a $300 exotic shaft or a low-spinning ball? Probably not because you can't buy a golf game.

[10/29/12]   Back at TwinEagles Golf and Country Club. The weather is great, all my equipment is up and running, call today on 1-800-765-3838 for more information on my Fall Specials!!

naplesnews.com 10/29/2012

Jim Suttie: Put your best swing on the course

Have you ever wondered why you hit it so much better on the range than on the course? Read my latest article and I think it will give you some good ideas on making better swings on the course! http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2012/oct/23/jim-suttie-put-your-best-swing-on-the-course/

naplesnews.com Every golfer wants to put their best swing on the course. Most golfers have trouble doing this because they don't trust what they have trained. This leads me to say that most amateurs "think" too much about their swing when they are playing the game.

[10/02/12]   Still amazed by that Ryder Cup result, nothing is certain in golf! Just a few more days left for me up in Chicago then back to Naples, Fl. for the winter!

naplesnews.com 07/31/2012

Jim Suttie: How to become more consistent in ball-striking

Here is this weeks article in @ndn How to create a consistent swing, like what the best ball strikers in the world do!! http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2012/jul/31/jim-suttie-how-to-become-more-consistent-in-ball/

naplesnews.com Most of us have hit a good shot during a round of golf. It is the ability to repeat those good shots that makes for a good player. There are certain fundamentals that should elevate your ball-striking to a higher level, and improve your ability to repeat your best swings.


Chicago District Golfer #2.04 Segment B

Here's a segment of Chicago District Golfer TV's July edition. It includes a tip by me on Tiger's flop shot from the Memorial Tournament! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npwfy43_T8w

Top 100 teacher Jim "Doc" Suttie teaches viewers the flop shot Tiger Woods used in the Memorial Tournament. Chicago District Golfer visits the refurbished Sw...

naplesnews.com 06/20/2012

Jim Suttie: Getting your game on the course

Check out my latest article which will help you play better on the course by eliminating tension and playing carefree golf! http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2012/jun/19/jim-suttie-getting-your-game-on-the-course/

naplesnews.com If you were watching last week's U.S. Open, you probably noticed that every player had a very consistent pre-shot routine. As you become a better and better player, you will realize just how important this routine really is.


Doc's Drills - Developing Shaft Lean

Do you want to hit it like the pro's this weekend? Take Doc's advice and you will definitely strike the ball better, lower your scores, and have more fun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWuAD0XuDL8

Dr. Jim Suttie Golf Academy Impact Drill

[06/06/12]   Starting up Ladies and Junior clinics on Sundays, North side of Chicago! Call us on 1-800-765-3838 for more info!

naplesnews.com 06/05/2012

Jim Suttie: Tiger Woods and the flop shot

Want to know how Tiger pulled off that incredible flop shot on the 16th? Check out my latest article in the Naples Daily News, and learn to play it just like Tiger did!! http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2012/jun/05/jim-suttie-tiger-woods-and-the-flop-shot/

naplesnews.com If any of you were watching the PGA Tour event last Sunday, you saw Tiger Woods win The Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio. This was a very special win for Tiger as he tied Jack Nicklaus for the number of PGA events won in his career. His total is now 73. Wow!


Dr. Jim Suttie Golf Academy's cover photo


Doc's Drills - Pitching; Tee Drill

Too many golfers try to help the ball in the air, especially around the greens. Try this simple drill to improve your short game! It will lead to better contact with your hands ahead of the ball at impact!

This simple drill will really help you with shots around the green, both chipping and pitching. It creates proper contact and will result in much better shot...

[06/01/12]   Set up for success: make sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are parallel to your target line. Good players all have a good set up!

golf.com 05/27/2012

Big Play: How to beat swing yips that plagued Kevin Na at Players Championship

Here are Doc's thoughts on Kevin Na's issues at the Players Championship, and what advice he would give...

golf.com Kevin Na says he can't pull the trigger because he feels uncomfortable over the ball with his posture and his setup. He is simply thinking way too much, intently focusing on his swing rather than his target.

naplesnews.com 05/27/2012

Jim Suttie: Becoming a better driver

Check out Doc's article from last week, where he talks about how to become a better driver of the golf ball. Hit it longer, straighter, and more consistently!!

naplesnews.com Driving the ball straight is a difficult task for the average player.

naplesnews.com 05/09/2012

Jim Suttie: Where should I put my ball in my stance?

Check out Doc's latest article teaching you where to position your ball in your stance. This will be a big help for improved ball striking and accuracy!!

naplesnews.com One of the main questions I get is, "Where do I place my golf ball in my stance?" The answer to this question is quite important when you consider the fact that the golf swing is a circle on a slant.


Doc's Drills - No Hands Pitching Drill

Following on from last weeks tip, this week we continue with pitching. Doc has another couple of great drills that will really improve your technique, by teaching you to use your body more.

Doc teaches you how to use your body properly during a pitch shot to avoid excessive digging. This drill creates a shallower angle of attack, which produces ...

Videos (show all)

Doc's Drills - Grip Drill
Doc's Drills - Leg Drill




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