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Learn more about Par 4 Fitness at Par 4 Fitness is a sports medicine, performance and nutrition facility for golf. We help create an ideal lifestyle based around your schedule, your health, and your goals.

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Happy 4th of July everyone!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

[02/08/21]   GOLFERS: what are your favorite on course snacks? ⛳️💪🏼

[01/31/21]   What’s your take on the Patrick Reed debate? Did he break the rules or are we reacting to past transgressions?


Masters Tournament

Congrats DJ! ⛳️💪🏼

It all sinks in.

Dustin Johnson chokes up after his Masters victory. 11/11/2020

Erik Barnes: From Publix To The PGA Tour?

Couldn’t be happier for Erik last week! ⛳️💪🏼Congrats man! The longtime Korn Ferry Tour golfer shined in his PGA Tour debut. He's ready for more.


Who’s your pick to win this week?

The sun rises on Masters week.


-BOSU training is a hot topic in the sports performance world. You will routinely see some of the top athletes in the world on them doing some sort of exercise. I recently saw a top @lpga_tour performing med ball slams on a BOSU so I decided to do some testing.

Method: Two rounds of 8-8lb. med ball slams on a stable surface (floor) and two rounds of 8-8lb. med ball slams while standing on an unstable surface (BOSU). I stood on my @boditrakgolf in an effort to collect vertical force production data. MAX intent effort was applied for each slam on the stable and unstable surfaces.

Results: posted to the last slide in this post. The BOSU med ball slams produced 34.2% less vertical force when compared to the med ball slams on the floor.

Conclusions: Vertical force production is a known high correlation to club head speed and thus golf performance. The more vertical force you can apply during the golf swing the faster the club head can potentially travel. Unstable surfaces seem to rob us of the ability to apply muscular force. Based on our results of this quick study, there would be no reason to program a power exercise on an unstable surface as you commonly see in social media. There have been studies that show unstable training has its place in a rehab setting for improving conditions such as ankle instability or proprioceptive dysfunctions, but the literature nor this test support it for power activities.

Train Smarter not Harder 💪🏼⛳️


Join me for the short video as I analyze my numbers and give you an idea of what we can accomplish in the studio with your swing. I will discuss a lower body circuit that I like to use with players while optimizing strength and speed of the lower body. I will also discuss what I look for on our Boditrak during the golf swing and during some of those exercises. ⛳️💪🏼 09/25/2020

First Tee gets $9.5 million from Arthur Blank, PGA Tour Superstore

Wonderful generosity to support kids getting into golf! ⛳️💪🏼 First Tee, an organization dedicated to helping youth stay active and build character through golf, has received a $9.5 million grant from PGA Tour Superstore and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundat…



30 of the best on the planet. What similarities do you see with each swing? ⛳️💪🏼

30 players. 30 variations.

Swing your swing. 🏌


When it comes to golf performance there’s a few things that really matter. 1)How fast can you swing the club? 2) Are you striking the ball in the center of the club face? 3) Is your equipment optimized to your swing?

1.) Our job here at Par 4 Fitness is to help you move better & feel better in order to play better golf. Improve club speed by improving the following categories: squat weight, vertical jump or iso mid thigh pull, med ball chest pass, med ball shot put, bench press or cable chest press, and increase lean mass.

2.) @par4fitness partners with club professionals who are experts in the swing. Their job is to optimize impact conditions such as club path and club face to provide a consistent and reliable ball flight. Our job is to relay information regarding the body that influences the swing coach’s work with each student.

3.) We partner with club fitters who are experts in selecting the correct clubs for each player. We usually advocate addressing this step last to ensure there are no major swing or body changes happening after a master fitting.

By optimizing all of these conditions you give yourself the potential to play the best golf of your life. Ask yourself which bucket have you filled up the most in the past and which buckets have been neglected. I gave you the cheat sheet now go take action. Visit to check out our training options. ⛳️💪🏼 08/28/2020

Sophia Popov Denied Full LPGA Exemption Despite Major Win

What’s your take on the controversial decision? Sophia Popov Denied Full LPGA Exemption Despite Major Win - The German is set to miss out on a five-year LPGA Tour exemption as she wasn't a member


Conor Moore

Happy Major Sunday everyone! Who’s your pick to win? #BabyGAP

Who've you got on Championship Sunday at the #PGAChamp, DJ or Brooks?



Golf Channel asked 3M Open champion Michael Thompson what he’d been doing to work on his swing and stay sharp during the PGA TOUR layoff. This was his answer.

Improve your body, improve your swing. 07/27/2020

Villegas’ 22-month-old daughter passes away

So awful to see this. The golfing world feels for you Camilo and family. Camilo Villegas’ daughter Mia passed away Sunday in Miami after battling tumors on her brain and spine. She was 22 months old.


Happy 2nd birthday Hendrix! @ Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa 07/12/2020

Sources: No fans, pro-ams for rest of PGA Tour season The PGA Tour plans to announce that this season’s remaining events will be played without fans or pro-ams, multiples sources have told Golf Channel.


Darin discusses how a ramped up pre-shot routine can influence your swing speed.


Trying out some slam ball abdominal circuits that morning. This one is sneaky tough and requires a lot of control through the sagittal plane. It’s a mixture of the dead bug and @jasonglasslab rocking chairs. Great for golfers who need to ruthlessly control flexion of the spine throughout the golf swing. So all of you! ⛳️💪🏼


It’s hot out! Make sure to hydrate properly ⛳️💪🏼



Brooks recognizes the work Bryson put in, and knows complaining about it won't change anything.


@oj_farrell brought home his first professional win this week! The first of many to come ⛳️💪🏼


The best swing I’ve made in a while. Give me more! ⛳️💪🏼I put a lot of importance in playing well myself so I can communicate with any level of player.


Speed is important. Especially at the highest levels ⛳️💪🏼

‪Average money won per season by average ball speed on the PGA Tour from 2007-2018.

What are typical golf ball speed numbers for recreational players? Trackman reported the following averages for male golfers with their driver:

Scratch or Better – 161 mph
5 HCP – 147 mph
10 HCP – 138 mph
Average Golfer (14.5) – 133 mph
Bogey Golfer – 131 mph


The 2038 Augusta National Women’s Amateur never saw what’s coming! ⛳️💪🏼

We are excited to add a little girl to the family in November 🎉


Proper Glove Removal

I thought this video was necessary based on what I’ve seen out in public lately with glove usage. If you do decide to use gloves in public, you should be doing this more than you think. Going to the market with gloves on, touching the cart, picking out groceries, diving into your wallet and typing in your pin, taking back your card from the cashier and loading your cache into the trunk with gloves on defeats the purpose of even wearing gloves.

Instead: put your gloves on once you arrive at the store. Disinfect the cart. REMOVE gloves and replace with clean pair. Go about your shopping. REMOVE the gloves before getting into your wallet. Replace with a fresh disinfected pair of gloves as not to contaminate your belongings. Pay and type in your pin. Congratulations you have now touched the MOST likely contaminated surface in public: the key pad. REMOVE your gloves once more and replace with a fresh pair because most are not coordinated enough to put the card back in safely to their wallet with one hand. Place the groceries in the car with that pair of gloves on and remove them once more before getting into your ideally disinfected car. You will need to put a fresh pair of gloves on while handling the groceries at home and will then have to REMOVE them one last time. PHEW! That’s hard work isn’t it?!

Your local cashiers and clerks should all be doing the same in between each customer contact. If you do not see this happening, please ask them to follow this protocol and kindly dawn a fresh pair of mitts.


Vertical jump capability has a direct influence on club head speed. Aquatic training is a variation you can throw into the mix if you’re not quite ready for the stress of vertical jumping on land. Use the wall as your platform to load and push. See how far you can coast underwater. The farther the better! ⛳️💪🏼



Evaluating pelvic function is one of the most important outcomes of a TPI screen as it represents a significant opportunity for improvement in many amateur golfers.

🗣: Lance Gill Performance


Par 4 Fitness's cover photo


Par 4 Fitness


Par 4 Fitness's cover photo


Ailsa Clark- An Introduction to Plyometrics

Ailsa Clark & Darin Hovis walk you through the basics of plyometrics and how to progress into them safely.


Darin Hovis describes what he looks for while analyzing force plate data during vertical jumps and the golf swing. High level amateur and professional data along with 10 handicap swing data included.


Training for Power - Golf Tips

Tips to Training for Power! ⛳️💪🏼

Darin Hovis and Andy Scott discuss how to properly train for more speed. Take the right steps and you can gain yards and years!


Happy Easter from our family to yours! 🐰

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A sports medicine, performance and nutrition facility for golfers. We help create an ideal lifestyle based around your schedule, your health, and your goals.

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Darin discusses how a ramped up pre-shot routine can influence your swing speed.
Trying out some slam ball abdominal circuits that morning. This one is sneaky tough and requires a lot of control throug...
The best swing I’ve made in a while. Give me more! ⛳️💪🏼I put a lot of importance in playing well myself so I can communi...
Vertical jump capability has a direct influence on club head speed. Aquatic training is a variation you can throw into t...
Darin Hovis describes what he looks for while analyzing force plate data during vertical jumps and the golf swing. High ...
FUNCTION: lead hip internal rotation is a limiting factor in getting through impact well. Try this drill to maintain pos...
Rapid force production is paramount in the golf swing. We measure vertical jump forces to analyze how our programs affec...
Overcoming physical obstacles is something we see on a daily basis. This gentleman has neuropathy with limited dorsiflex...
Simple exercises like an Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR) can be a good tool to measure active available hip flexion but...
Couples that lift and golf together, stay together! ⛳️💪🏼
This working out and golf thing isn’t that hard... #flushrockets🚀


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