Paddlesports of Naples

Paddlesports of Naples


Phenomenal Sea Kayaks with killer construction all with the ability to customize your colorways. What's not to like?

Our container with more demo models is showing up over the next week. Check out their new website to take a look at the new and updated kayaks from Tiderace.
Do you have a store in Naples?
Do you rent surf skis?
Looking for the fastest kayak on the planet?
Paddlesports of Naples provides boats all over the country. Check out this hot off the press new Stellar Assassin surfski going to a good friend in New England.
YES, Jay is a friend. I had a 2000 WS Cape Horn given to me awhile ago. I finally got it wet- Took it to Jay & told him what this 18 year old kayak needed. He not only fixed it- he went above & beyond. This will now be added to my fleet for my instruction classes--THANKS MY FRIEND- it's like a new boat except for the 18 years :)
hey Jay wanted to ask you about pricing on the roto nelo ski's and ask if the black decale on my Epic can be removed...?.
Can you handle this?
check it out...

Southwest Florida’s specialist in Sea Kayak Instruction, Paddlesports Sales as well as Kayak and P Paddlesports of Naples is a full repair center for Kayaks, Paddleboards and more as well as a Kayak Instructional School.

Operating as usual

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 03/29/2022

Another S18S Exp out the door, the 2nd this week.

The Stellar Kayaks S18S Exp is an 18' Surfski design that allows you enough dry storage to take out as a touring kayak or expedition racer. You can set up with either the standard ski under the stern rudder or the optional SmartTrack kick-up Rudder.

We are taking orders for custom configurations for the late summer at this point so get your orders in now to secure your new boat for the next season.


You chariot awaits you Mark William Cecil !

Mark is taking this, already been around the state of Florida once, Tiderace Sea Kayaks Pace 18 down the coast for the 300+ mile long Everglades Challenge next month. We applied a fresh KeelEazy strip for the trip as well as fixing a few minor stress cracks from a few thousand miles of wear and tear. We also filled a few holes from sailing fittings that were moved after the first trip.

#EvergladesChallenge #WaterTribe


We will be closed today Thursday the 27th through Sunday the 30th, open again Monday the 31st.

Please feel free to email any inquires for sales, lessons or repair work to [email protected]


Phone: 0 Gulf of Mexico: 1

I lost my phone off the kayak today and apologize in advance for anyone who called or text messaged. Please message through Facebook or by e-mail at [email protected]

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 01/12/2022

Stellar Kayaks S14s G2 and S16S Surfskis in the Advantage Fiberglass construction. These are both surf ski designed kayaks that are stable enough to use as regular sit on tops, just much higher performance and much lower weights than you would find with recreational style sit on top. For the last couple years the s16s has been one of our best-selling kayaks overall.

The S14S comes in at just over 34lbs in Fiberglass and runs $3,295 at the standard retail pricing. There are different rudder options as well as either standard Smarttrack adjustable foot pegs or customized with the carbon Surfski footboard as pictured here.

The S16S comes in at just over 35lbs in Fiberglass and runs $3,495 at the standard retail pricing. There are different rudder options as well as the standard carbon fiber foot board.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 01/11/2022

Stellar Kayaks S14 G2 Advantage Touring Kayaks with or without optional rudders. Both offer a drop down skeg as well. The 14 has become one of our best-selling kayaks bringing the gap between a recreational kayak and a longer touring kayak. These are efficient enough to keep up with most groups yet easy enough to paddle for most beginners as well.

Standard pricing for the Advantage (Fiberglass) construction is $3195. SmartTrack Rudder option adds $175.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 01/11/2022

Stellar Kayaks S16 G2 and S18 Advantage sea kayaks. The Red/White S16 is a newly redesigned Generation 2 model and the Blue/Black is the classic S18. These are just a few ideas of possible color options and deck designs you can do with Stellar.

Both of these are the Advantage (Fiberglass) construction. Standard pricing for the S16 Advantage is $3395 and the S18 Advantage is $3495.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 01/11/2022

Stellar Kayaks S18S Expedition Advantage and S18Sx Excel just arrived.

I had a lot of questions regarding the difference between the two skis. The Expedition is the original Gen 2 S18S Surfski with hatches on the stern deck and bow bulkhead. The S18Sx is the exact same hull and cockpit but does not have the hatches and corresponding extra bulkheads dropping the weight of the ski by nearly 4-5 lbs. Both skis have the ability to have either an under the stern rudder or over the stern kickup rudder.

The orange S18Sx pictured has the Apex graphics scheme upgrade.

Standard pricing for the Expedition in the Advantage (Fiberglass) construction runs $3895 and for the SX in Excel (Kevlar) is $4495.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 01/01/2022

Recent OC1 repair that came in with a few cracks, punctures and crushed core spots. It's always a pain in the neck working on these because the material is so thin and the paint is about the thickness of a sheet of paper so there is very little leeway working with them. With enough time and effort though they can look nearly as good as new.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 12/24/2021

Stellar ST17 Excel Tandem Touring Kayak for Sale

This is our personal boat in flawless condition. It is a 2021 model in the super light Kevlar construction. A KeelEazy 3" Black keel strip has been installed and the kayak has the upgraded SmartTrack Compact Race rudder on it. Overall there is not a scratch on the kayak and it has only be taken out once. We are selling because we have added another tandem to our personal fleet and 1 has to go.

Length: 17' 5" / 5.3 m
Beam: 28'' / 71cm
Depth: 13.7" / 34.8 cm
Paddler: 5' - 6'6" / 1.5-2m
Capacity: 500 lbs / 230kg
Weight: approx 53 lbs (it feels like less)
Retail: $5385 as shown.
Asking $4685


Congratulations Peter on your new Tiderace Sea Kayaks Xceed in Carbon!

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 12/02/2021

Check out this pretty new Stellar S18SX Excel that just came in 😳🔥😳.

...and available...


Mike Aronoff owner of Canoe Kayak and Paddle Company (CKAPCO) in collaboration with Jay Rose, owner of Paddlesports of Naples, will be conducting an ACA Level 3 Coastal Kayaking Instructor Certification Workshop in Naples, Florida from January 17-21, 2022. This progressive workshop is aimed at providing instruction techniques for skills at the Level 1, “Introduction to Kayak”, Level 2, “Essentials of Kayak Touring” and Level 3, “Coastal Kayaking”. We will also provide the training for you to be able to teach the curriculum with strokes, maneuvers, and rescues. In addition to the paddling skills and instruction techniques, we will also cover trip leading, basic navigation, tides, tidal currents, and other topics specific to the respective certifications in this discipline.

Although we expect to improve your skills and coach you for better performance, our primary purpose is to help you learn to teach others while having fun and being safe on the water. Please contact Mike at (703)850-1257 [email protected] to register , or if you have any questions.

(Mike Aronoff is an ACA Instructor Trainer Education in several disciplines, including L3 Coastal and Whitewater Kayaking. Jay Rose is an experienced ACA L3 Coastal Kayak Instructor with endorsements in rolling and traditional skills.)

This course will be held at Lake Avalon in Sugden Park for the L1-L2 portion and culminating at the Isles of Capri for the L3 portion. Please feel free to message me or Mike with any questions.



We'd like to thank everyone for an incredible year. After delayed containers postponed our "summer" vacation we are finally heading of to the Smokies for a few weeks.

Paddlesports of Naples will be closed from 10/24 - 11/08. Tuesday the 9th we will be back open regular hours.

We will not be answering the phones but will respond to messages or (preferably) E-mail inquiries on kayak or Surfski sales. We are completely booked through the end of this year for service and repair work so anything people need done will start January 2nd 2022 or after. Thanks so much for your patience!

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 10/03/2021

Another Stellar Kayaks Falcon Excel has arrived. The last was gone in a few hours so if you've been interested in one of these, now is the time to schedule a demo or secure it for yourself. This one has the upgraded Apex Racing scheme.


Congratulations Trisha on you sleek new Stellar Kayaks S14s G2. 😎

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 09/25/2021

Wing paddle demo at Lake Avalon today for a few paddlers. One left with the Stellar Pro Wing SM and the other left with the Braca XI 705 with a 19k shaft.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 09/18/2021

Check out this pretty Tiderace Sea Kayaks Xtra HV in full carbon heading out next week to Indiana. This has a Kevlar Keel strip, the new Ritchie recessed compass and a Redfish Foam Seat.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 09/13/2021

Congratulations Chris on your new Nelo Kayaks 520L Surfski! Great paddling with you again today as well. 🤙

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 09/04/2021

Sterling's Kayaks Illusion in for repair to the deck and hull after getting forklifted in shipping. This is one of the infused fiberglass builds and weighed in at 46 lbs. We removed quite a bit of damaged material before filling in and reglassing and new factory gel coat on top. Pleased with the results of this summer job but we're fully ready for it to cool down a bit here!

#sterlingskayaks #sterlingkayaks #sterlingillusion #seakayaks #paddlenaples #paddlesportsofnaples #fiberglass #gelcoat #composites #kayakrepair

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 09/01/2021

Kayak Candy coming in again 🤩


Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 08/24/2021

Nice Thule Evo Rack installed with a Goodboy Paddlesports Black V-Rack on top this morning.


Congratulations Bill on your new Stellar Kayaks Falcon Surfski, the 1st in South Florida!

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 08/23/2021

Check out this beauty of a Stellar Kayaks Intrepid LV that just came in special order for a customer. The smart track rudder currently on the steering will help this paddler transition from 100% ruddered kayaks to this skeg style kayak.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 08/23/2021

The new Stellar Kayaks Falcon surf ski has finally landed and I'm sure won't last long. In with it is there new small full carbon pro wing paddle as well.

#paddlesportsofnaples #stellarkayaks #StellarFalcon #FalconSurfski

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 07/13/2021

Stellar SR G2 Excel (Kevlar) just came in and is unspoken for. The kayak I put up yesterday lasted 2 hours before it was gone. Make use of this chance to grab this 25.5lb ski today before it is also gone!

Length: 19'2"
Width: 18.9"
Weight: Approx 25 lbs

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 07/12/2021

UPDATE: Although I just posted a few hours ago this kayak is now SOLD.

What's this? A Stellar Kayaks S16 G2 that didn't come in presold?!? Scoop it up while it lasts, this has been a hot boat since it came out.

This is the Advantage Fiberglass layup coming in at approx 37.5lb

Length: 16'3"
Width: 22.1"

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 07/02/2021

Gearlab Outdoors paddles back on stock!

These have been mostly sold out before we get them the last few shipments. A larger shipment came in so we currently have in stock for Kalleqs available for sale:


We also have for Akiaks:

1 210 Carbon Black
1-220 Carbon Black
1-220 Crimson Red
2-220 Mystic Blue

We also have 4 new style Padded Paddle Bags and a few deck bags as well. Get in touch to lock yours in before they disappear again!

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 05/26/2021

Check out the beauty of an S16S. This Kevlar 16' ski weighs only 27.6 lbs and is a stable but very fast crushing platform. The 16 sit inside and ski style from Stellar Kayaks have been nearly impossible to keep in stock. Order yours today!

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 05/16/2021

Here's a Bote Rackham SUP that was dropped on its rail just a few days after purchase. A 2' long crack and a golf ball sized hole resulted. New foam, marine filler, fiberglass and some paint to the rescue. Now it's stronger than new and finally ready to get out on the water.
#supnaples #suprepairnaples #suprepair #boardrepair #boardrepairnaples #bote #botesup #boteboard #fiberglassrepair #fiberglass #paint #factory #factorymatch


Double V Racks on this BMW 3 series wagon after installing a Thule Evo rack on it. Get your setup today.
#thule #thuleroofrack #vracks #naplesflorida #naplesfl #bmw #paddlesportsofnaples

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 05/13/2021

Great looking Thule Evo roof rack installed on this BMW 3 series sedan. Powder-coated black bars to match the accents.
#bmw #bmw3series #powdercoat #roofrack #roofracks #bmwcars #thuleroofrack #thule #thuleevo #naplesflorida #naplesfl

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 05/13/2021

Slick Goodboy Paddlesports V-Rack Hatchback special installed on this Nissan Rogue. This allows the V Saddle end pieces to be removed when not in use leaving only a short crossbar section on the rack.
#goodboykayaks #goodboypaddlesports #vrack #kayakracks #roofrack #aluminum #customfabrication #paddlesportsofnaples #nissan #nissanrogue #naplesflorida #naplesfl

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 04/30/2021

Big rowing shell repair job finished up today. This Hudson had multiple delamination areas with crushed core and a few punctures. All areas were reinfused, filled, glassed then faired true before painting again. Bow bumper installed to cap it off.

Photos from Paddlesports of Naples's post 04/12/2021

Board Transformation

This Surftech Bark 14 had seen WAY too much UV sitting upside down on a rack in the Florida sun. The decision was made to redo the bottom and rails while hoping for the best on top.

Signal gray bottom with black rails and nose finished up this weekend and it is ready to head back out on the Gulf today 😎

#surftech #suprepair #custom

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Carbon QCC 700XL Prepped for Spraying




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