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Hi there, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm the owner of Go•To Sport, a sports nutrition brand located in Naples that currently specializes in Whey and Vegan Blend Protein Powders. Please check us out at

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Honored by Gulfshore LIfe magazine as being the best place to workout, the BEYOND MOTION™ Performance Studio is your place for Personal Training, Pilates, Barre classes, the Nia technique, athlete performance, Olympic lifting technical training, and so much more. In addition to all of our specialized classes, Beyond Motion is home to innovative workshops, including pre & post natal workshops, bridal fitness, and corporate fitness programs.

Operating as usual


Tight hips? Four simple stretches you can do. You’ll feel the difference quite quickly..


The monster of all movements..


We change lives..


When your program is specifically designed for you, it makes all the difference


We’re growing and adding to our Pilates team at BeyondMotion in Naples, FL. This year- round, W2 position is for a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor wanting to work at least 25 hours a week.

Must be:
*Passionate about Pilates
*Willing to learn the BeyondMotion training system
* Positive, Authentic, Organized & a Team Player
* Able to work mornings and Saturdays 9-1
* Familiar with Balanced Body equipment

You may also teach Barre, or other modalities

If you’re interested in more details email Amy @ [Email hidden]

Home - Beyond Motion 01/20/2022

Home - Beyond Motion

You get one body, learn how to train it correctly for the results you want..

Home - Beyond Motion We know life can be hectic and that sometimes we need to have the flexibility to workout when it works vs when a class is scheduled. Our Video On Demand library is for those of you looking to work out from anywhere at anytime.


A day in the life at Beyond Motion.

We all have to move and articulate like an athlete. That’s exactly why we train you like one. Movement is movement, being stable within the movement is what we want.. Pain will disappear and stability will be a new norm..


Training to be Bigger, Faster, Stronger is Science and art combined. Get the most out of your genetic disposition. Train for it! Let’s gooo!


You play in the rain, so you better believe we’re gonna train in it… 🏈

Timeline photos 06/14/2021

It’s all about 📐 and teaching the athlete how to best utilize them… A smart talented athlete like understands the process and the results show. Coach .cscs doing a great job communicating the expectations..


.r.23 Had what we call one of our vertical athlete pop days. The first movement is unilateral to increase stability and spatial awareness. The following exercises are specifically designed for the game she plays. Basketball requires extension very much like volleyball, so we need the athlete powerful and explosive when performing all of these lifts. She’s developed a great strength base through the years with us. which allows us the flexibility to program very specific to her needs as she approaches college ball.


Timeline photos 06/06/2021

The emphasis of this graph, shows that in order to create that force you need a very strong athlete. The stronger the athlete, the more force can be derived. Guess what, that takes time to develop. Strength has to be established before power can be attained. How the athlete is genetically predisposed will dictate how long the journey may be before power peak power is established. In other words jumping before stabilizing and strengthening is not beneficial. It’s actually putting an athlete in a vulnerable position.

Timeline photos 06/01/2021

Thanks to all our clients who voted. We appreciate all of you, and look forward to serving you in the future. 🙏

Timeline photos 05/30/2021

Tomorrow night at 7pm myself and are doing a live event. and I are going deep into the mindset of a successful athlete and entrepreneur. I train a stable full of incredible athletes, but the ones who make it have the mental side figured out. Learn how to adapt and succeed in the toughest circumstances, and learn what they all have in common..


.perazza Showing his pop today..
Watch how he absorbs the box in the jump and the ground in the landing. His strength and stability allow him to make this look pretty..

Timeline photos 05/26/2021

As you get older the art of coaching changes. You’ve seen thousands of movement patterns that athletes do which you can identify very quickly as useful or not beneficial. The coaching eye is a real thing, I can identify weaknesses in a very short time frame. For all you young coaches in the field, it gets better every year. Or shall I say you get better every year. It’s a love of the craft and true passion to see your athletes succeed. That passion will take you as far as you want to go.

Timeline photos 05/23/2021

They said I changed a lot, I responded with a lot changed me..

It’s all about progress that’s what we as coaches love to see. It’s what drives us, not only physically but personally. It’s ok to progress, in fact high achievers always do.. Seeing students/athletes grow and mature in all facets is what it’s really about.


Photos from Amylademannfit's post 05/21/2021

Photos from Amylademannfit's post


Doing speed work with this afternoon. As a baseball player his drive phase is great. That’s because while running the pads you rarely get out of that phase. Today we worked on that and his transitioning to absolute speed. ( Feeling the ground and using it to his favor) is key for every athlete to not only perform correctly, but feel correctly.

Timeline photos 05/18/2021

Speed Camp

Let's bring the SPEED!
The BEYOND MOTION® Speed Camp returns this summer.
Sign up while spaces are still available.

The groups will be separated as JV and Varsity groups.

The JV Speed and Agility program is designed for athletes ages 12-14 and focuses on body awareness, specialized speed development while also incorporating power, agility and plyometrics.


BEYOND MOTION' s High School Speed, Agility and Strength Training program is designed to help Varsity level athletes excel. This comprehensive approach will help them develop greater speed, strength, power, mobility, agility and athleticism.

BEYOND MOTION® Speed Camp consists of specialized speed development, as well as strength and power training for athletes ages 15-18, in all sports.

If you’re looking for that extra edge over the competition, there’s no one better to train with than the Coaches at BEYOND MOTION®. Whether it’s improving your strength, speed, power or athleticism, we will get you there.

June 14th, 16th and 18th
June 21st, 23rd and 25th
1pm - 2:30pm

Speed Camp = $300 per athlete
Two Weeks = Twice The Fun!

“This is not your run of the mill speed camp. Speed & Strength training is what we
are known for and what we love to teach…” – Rick Lademann


If you want to fly, you gotta be able to feel it first...


Creating speed in line is one thing, creating circular speed is another. Many field sports require this training. Learning how to lean correctly into the turns while still maintaining control is the key. The athlete needs to be strong and stable in order to hold the correct lean. does a great job using his arms to his advantage and knows what happens upstairs translates downstairs to the feet. I love the purity of movement, because if the athlete is strong they make angles and cuts look beautiful.

Timeline photos 05/03/2021

Speed is truly a skill and art all in one. We train it daily and we talk about the rhythm, drive, sequencing, but most of all the elasticity which this chart demonstrates. We find that once the athlete truly understands the mechanism of speed, the light bulb goes off and they can continuously give you sound reps. Athletes take a long look at this, and embody what we’ve went over and how this chart translates to you.

Timeline photos 05/02/2021

Support your local .. Thanks for a great night

Timeline photos 04/27/2021

Being CEO of your health is essential. Two weeks after getting a certain vaccine, I developed a DVT in my calf. The calf wasn’t even cramping it just felt off, I called my doctor and got a Doppler scan on it 3 hrs later. Sure enough they found a clot in my calf, one month later and it’s dissolved and no big deal. Here’s the thing it was no big deal because I don’t let things sit, if my body’s telling me something I listen. Be your biggest health advocate, because trust me when I say it’s a necessity. Quarterback your health and make sure you’re in charge. Life is full of positives, sometimes the dips remind you how good it is..

Timeline photos 04/25/2021

The thing about coaching is really quite simple, at the end of the day you don’t chase paychecks, you chase progress. That’s what truly satisfies me.


When your boy has a hose behind the plate. Lol u walk off after you release it!!


Our future knows that his posterior chain has to be firing for the in June.. He’s a lion in a sea of sheep and he’s gonna eat in just a few weeks. Top 2 out of 160, no problem!!

Timeline photos 04/17/2021

We get asked continuously “What should I eat?” That’s a loaded question, but I figured today I’d share what I call my Fountain of Youth Shake..

INVEST IN PREVENTION WHICH IS PARALLEL TO PERFORMANCE.. A quote stolen from This shake was inspired by him and his incredible journey.

You ready?
2 kiwis with skin on
Two handfuls of Spinach
1/2 cup of organic kefir
Flax Seed Powder
1 handful of Kale
Coconut Water Base 1 cup
2 scoops of protein Vanilla

Go against the grain, because going with it doesn’t seem to be helping the health of our society..


Neutral spine and everything will be fine..


It’s all about one word!!

How you approach everyday, every training session, and every opportunity defines us. The more consistent you are the more opportunities you will create..

Photos from Amylademannfit's post 04/12/2021

Photos from Amylademannfit's post

Timeline photos 04/05/2021

Met years ago while coaching at Cal. She was a class act, and of course an unbelievable coach. Congrats coach! Well deserved.. 👏


Smooth on and off the court .plug.24

Timeline photos 03/24/2021

is gonna open some eyes this Fall.. Football trained, genetically engineered..

Timeline photos 03/23/2021

Sometimes you just have to go to work.. .phelan


Everyone is unique with their own personality. Own it, it represents your soul!


Saturday AM with

Intensity with some volume..

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Our Story

Honored by Gulfshore Life magazine as being the best place to workout, the BEYOND MOTION® Performance facility is your place for Personal Training, Pilates, Barre classes, athlete performance, Olympic lifting technical training, and so much more.

In addition to all of our specialized classes,BEYOND MOTION® is home to innovative workshops, including pre & post natal workshops, bridal fitness, speed camps, and corporate fitness programs.

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The monster of all movements..
We change lives..
When your program is specifically designed for you, it makes all the difference
A day in the life at Beyond Motion.
Training to be Bigger, Faster, Stronger is Science and art combined. Get the most out of your genetic disposition. Train...




11985 Tamiami Trl N, Ste A
Naples, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 7pm
Tuesday 8am - 7pm
Wednesday 8am - 7pm
Thursday 8am - 7pm
Friday 8am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

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