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Operating as usual


This email came in as we were ramping up for hurricane Ian so I just now secured my spot. Super happy to qualify for the third year in a row for the Pro series finale. Hopefully I don’t suck!


Who is ready for this view next weekend? Are you registered for the regional match out at registration is live and studding is open!


Studding is live for the GCP 22 match this weekend out at are you signed up?


Are you going to the 22 match on the 28th out at you should be! Registration is live on practiscore.


Some days suck, you aren’t feeling it, you’re tired, you’re sore, you’re feeling lazy!

What do you tell yourself to keep moving?


Something motivational about balance seems fitting but, nope! Ride it til the wheels fall off!


Had a great weekend in at the match hanging with and meeting awesome people. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.


Can someone come help me up please, I might be stuck!


This never happens! Three cheers for an exit row! See you soon

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 07/25/2022

Had a great time shooting the match today out at put together a fun course of fire that I made a few bonehead mistakes on and pushed myself just out of the top 3. Fortunately I was able to snag the top tactical spot with a 4th place overall finish. I can definitely say all of the equipment ran flawlessly.


Who wants the guess the distance for these targets? might have been a little angry when he made this course of fire for tomorrows match out at


Staying out of your own head! Stay out of your head so you don’t get anxious and ruin your clean run. Everything came together on this run at our last match out at and I cleaned the skill stage. The bag was super stable and the HIT trigger allows for a nice easy pull.

What do you do to stay out of your own head?

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 07/10/2022

What an awesome qualifier match today out at the wind was up and down and the targets were unforgiving but the shooters hung tough and shot well! Trophies were hard earned today and the shooters should hold their head high!
1st place Mark Vogel
2nd place Rick Scrivens
3rd place Scot Parker
Top Production and Mil/LE Guy Demarco
Top Tactical Jake Guimond


Apparently the festivities are starting early in the long weekend so here is your holiday weekend
Don’t drink and drive.
Don’t add to the population.
Don’t subtract from the population.
Good booze isn’t cheap and cheap booze isn’t good.
Tip your bartender, server, and driver.
Don’t be a jerk.
If it isn’t yours doesn’t touch.
Celebrate hard and remember we are celebrating a bunch of treasonous people who fought against taxes and refused to give up their fi****ms!


Do you think will look this calm cool and collected next weekend for the regional qualifier match out at Registration is still up on our site and squadding is live on practiscore.

#308 #223


Having matching sticks from is fun and keeps things consistent when or it doesn’t hurt to have a great facility like to train at


If you know, then you know! Just remember you can’t take yourself to serious, you have to loosen up and enjoy the ride!


Happy nerds! Hope to see you out at for the July Qualifer match.


Gotta love when units do official unofficial patches to keep morale up. Good conversation on the plane with a good dude on the plane.


You can’t see me, you can’t see me, “others thinking” someone come get their monkey out of the truck!


What goes through your brain right before a stage starts?
Hold overs?
Please don’t suck!


A little tank trap Tuesday brought from a throwback to
Have you been training for our July Regional qualifier match out at registration is live on our site


When you are shooting a match and tricks into sitting in for a podcast.


Hanging with today before the match this weekend. The facility is awesome and the weather was amazing! Looking forward to a fun match!


Oh the boys from are in you and ready for some and a fun match at


This Memorial Day we should all take a moment and raise a glass to the fallen and celebrate the way they would want us to.


If these two guys are smiling when getting a stage brief, one of two things is about to happen. 1- it’s a meatball stage, 2- this stage is about to eat our lunch, dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. Either way you know we are in!


Who is ready for the match this weekend out at registration is still open on practiscore.

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 05/15/2022

Views of the ranges from the three days three different locations. Couldn’t believe the views of the locations. Definitely a destination match that was worth the travel!

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 05/15/2022

Selfies from because nothing says traveling like selfies with the landscape!

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 05/11/2022

The Florida boys are still in hanging out with and we got to visit with some amazing people at an amazing cabin overlooking the North Sea. They fed us not once but twice and took us around to show us the sights and history of their island. The guys with are so thankful for everyone’s hospitality here.

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 05/10/2022

The Florida boys from took on the and got to spend some extra time in to see the sites and explore. We still have a few more days of exploring but found this monument to the battle that decided the first King of Norway, Harold Fairbair circa 872

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 05/09/2022

While shooting the we found the dam of a large beaver. Didn’t get a picture of the beaver but did catch a picture of its aftermath.

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 05/07/2022

The amazing views in are endless. Great places to shoot at the

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 05/06/2022

Apparently the fog here in rolls in with some fury! We had to take a tactical pause at the for a little bit for it to rise. Still had a great day hanging with and


Thanks to some awesome locals guys we were hoked up with rifles and ammo to take on the this week. Special thanks to for making the connections and knowing awesome shooters everywhere! Of course I had to bring the Mark 5 to top it off with and put that HIT in it as a thank you to the owner!


Well hello we are now in you! We hope the locals are prepared for some


Made it to the shop to see where all the goodies are made!

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 05/04/2022

Not a bad view coming into almost to for the


Our ride for the trip across the pond. Good news is everyone can swim!


Tube ride to stay entertained in has to feed the heathens soon or we might revolt!


Multi pass! Major crisis averted at the check in and we are good to go! here we come!


We have been working on a bunch of things out at the range and the July match will be a lot of fun. Registration is open on our site! Don’t miss out on the qualifier.


Lots of good things going on at to take care of shooters. A new shade structure on the long range is great for us all!

Photos from BPO Tactical's post 04/19/2022

It’s always a good day when you get to shoot a good match and hang with better people! Thanks to for putting on a great match!
Thanks to the nerds on team for always being down for a laugh and a good time.
Thanks to the companies who make quality stuff that we run!


Are you planning a hunting trip this year?
Fortunately the has the facility for us to true your data and work on non-traditional shooting positions. Let us know how we can help make your next hunting trip successful.


Gotta love getting brass back ready to load! Thanks .ferrin.9 for the amazing work on the brass.


Someone snuffed at me about the sticker on my coffee cup today. Well if you know then you know! If you don’t know the. You’re a square.

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Taking a minute to appreciate the lower half this morning, I definitely ain’t mad at it! #firefighter #firemedic #parame...
Gotta love it when @i_am_scriv doesn’t even get mad when he gets peppered with hot brass from a @f1firearms machine gun....
Apparently the weather gods were punishing us today for shooting the @sfpra_prs match at @tradecraft_range instead of be...
Because who doesn’t finish out leg day with gas mask HIT cardio?!?! 6 days in to 31 in 31 put out there by @bg_booms how...
I’ll take “things that aren’t supposed to happen” for $1,000 Alex! Fortunately a little trigger swap out surgery and the...
Playing around with different support hand placement while shooting in positions. How do you use your support hand? @tra...
Status update….. we have been pulled out and are free, after some soggy shoes and fire ants the match is set up! See you...
What are friends for besides embracing the suck together! @gcprifleco @gcprifleclub @the_vision_products @timney_trigger...




848 103rd Avenue N
Naples, FL

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