Cornerstone Farm South

Cornerstone Farm South offers everything from just learning the basics in safety and horsemanship to

Cornerstone Farm South offers everything from just learning the basics in safety and horsemanship to riders succesfully competeing on the National "AA" Circuit.

Operating as usual


Spent the day resting (thank you Hurricane Ian and Covid …finally negative but still tired) and preparing for something I have not even had TIME to get excited about! I am humbled and honored to be selected as one of ten trainers across the country to participate in the official soft launch of the USHJA Instructors Credentialing Program in Baltimore later this month. Our team will go through the entire process from registration to online courses with a live 2 day final exam process hands on in the ring with students from beginner to intermediate skill set. I CANNOT WAIT to spend a few days honing my skills and collaborating with our USHJA President Mary Knowlton, Terri Young Who is SO instrumental in the development and growth of the Horsemanship Challenge Program, Amy Center from Cavallo Farm who helps lead our Emerging Athlete’s Program and Mimi Wroten who has been a force at the famous Sweetbriar Riding Program! There are so many others I will get to meet and share ideas as we gather in the ring to teach, encourage and work as a Team with our volunteer students from the Oldfields Riding School in Hunt Valley. I also look forward to getting to know my fellow colleagues on the USHJA Recognized Riding Academy Committee as Kay Altheuser from Elvenstar in LA , Jill McGrady, Leighanne Brocki , Stephanie Cook and I have spent many hours on phone calls,emails and zooms to work with the tireless Whitney Barnard who makes every committee at USHJA look fantastic with all her prep and hard work - WOW - this is an honor and a dream to be a part of this important work as we challenge trainers to stretch themselves to WANT to learn more about safety, horsemanship and how to be a better educator. Our sport does NOT require any kind of credentialing or licensing to call yourself a PROFESSIONAL and the unknowing parent is often swayed by this word …. You have to have a license to paint fingernails (I love my techs!!!) but you DONT have to have one to teach a child how to jump a one thousand pound animal over an obstacle - really???

So yes …I have worked tirelessly to see level of education, accountability in business practices, and a constant love of learning horsemanship and sportsmanship be a vital part of who we are at cornerstone - and it feels good to be selected by these amazing icons in our sport to sit at the table, help shape this final testing and credentialing process and watch it spread across the USA. It’s time to bring home the GOLD and the qualities we need in this industry are being fully challenged and represented in this great new program ready to launch in 2023 for those who want to be the BEST they can be for their students and horses.….and yes …. I will be wearing a sweater …. As I am going to FREEZE! But it will all be worth it - I am ready for this mountain top experience and hope to pull others up there WITH me 🙂 Thank you USHJA for selecting me to be a part of this!


Seriously… I have Covid. Feeling pretty crummy but thankful for antiviral meds that hopefully speed up recovery

Ready for a normal crazy day ….these above normal crazy days are wearing me OUT!

Thank you all who have checked in on me …Roy actually tested negative today abd is on the mend - I should be shortly behind him 🙂


Thank you all for everyone who helped out - many have been asking when we are starting back up - well…..Roy tested positive for Covid the morning after we got home so we are resting this week and hoping all stay healthy - as you can see the horses are glad to be home and are resting too - they need a few days to get back to their normal selves - as do we all - Our office has to be set back up as well as all our infrastructure we took down to protect equipment and items from the storm - for our students we will be reaching out tomorrow for a bubble bath party on Saturday morning to give our horses some much needed TLC and we HOPE if all the rest of us stay healthy - lessons will resume next week 🦄


🏡 home


Amanda is the LAST one on the trailer …we are finally on the last leg HOME - so thankful we have a home to head to - we are fortunate - SWFL we are ready to start the clean up and heal our hearts ♥️ when all calms down we will be hosting a round table discussion at the farm to work on increasing awareness of how to prepare to shelter in place OR when to leave - the equine community in Naples needs to come together - BIG and SMALL - we need to support each other 🦄


Horses patiently waiting to get home - so tired - so many people to thank - I want to thank the speichert family for walking horses, watching little willow and getting both lunch and dinner for everyone who was working hard - so thankful for Danny and Sylvia Baptista who came out to shuttle water to stalls when power was out and hooked up the generator - Roy still on the road … so I have literally swept every aisle in Barn T at WEC - being here waiting is not an easy thing when so much to do at home and I am not one to sit still - whew - we have an amazing group of people at CSF and I am thankful for all who have helped from moving jumps to loading grain to cleaning stalls, walking horses packing unpacking packing unpacking shuttling horses loaning trucks getting water …the list is just too long - and the days have blended together - I cannot believe it has been 9 days since we packed up … where did September GO?


Haven’t posted because we have been swamped taking care of 23 horses - so thankful to Cathe Odom and MaryLu Gallagher for their help yesterday as we started the process of moving horses home - 3 trailers full went home - normal drive would have been four hours - took 7!! We had power at farm when Roy left in the morning but it was out when horses got home! Fortunately Roy found a crew down the street that came and got it back up by 10pm - thank you to all our staff, volunteers and students/families that came to help problem solve - horses have been in stalls for a week with NO turnout - especially thankful for The Wimsatt Family and Marion Cremer who came and helped clean stalls and handwalked horses in Ocala - we have 6 more to go home today if traffic permits - white truck is still in the shop - can’t get the part to fix it so may be AAA to haul it home as I can’t leave it in Ocala for two weeks - craziness- but we are all alive and have our basic needs - to those asking about lessons starting up we have to get horses home and settled - I am not sure who has power internet or text capability - I will start reaching out as best I can once I get home - if you are safe and able to communicate please let us know your status - all of Florida is in our thoughts and prayers - slow down - drive safely - be kind - give if you can - and ask for help if you need it (something I need to practice myself) - May peace be with you all :)


Glad we left…. No power at farm. My little hut so far is holding …. Fence line intact but we lost one oak tree in the back paddock. Some flooding but unfortunately the shedrow seven tent flipped over completely and the main tent topper has come loose and blowing so all stalls flooded. The back tack tents are currently still intact. All the kitties are happily curled up in our saddle pads we had on the porch. All the jumps are ok and still
Where my great little crew of girls helped me lash them together.

Horses are tucked in for tonight as we start getting it soon - some are a little stressed as the pressure is dropping (yes they feel it) and there are a lot of dogs howling and non traveling horses whinnying so a few of ours are nervous - But it sounds like many others have lost their homes and their businesses

Please let your light shine on others - share - roll up your sleeves and help each other - don’t be impatient when you can’t get your latte and be ready to put in some sweat equity.

I am thankful we left - I am thankful for all of you who helped us save what really matters …life

We are invincible if we work together

Get ready 😰


I have people contacting me looking for safe shelter for their horses - I do not have any stalls as we are still waiting for our barn to be built and living in tent stalls so we evacuated - I am so sorry I cannot help and wish I had the solution

If you are an equestrian in Naples and you have a safe spot please text me your info and I will pass along to others who are looking

If you are an equestrian and you cannot find safe shelter do the best you can

Put horse OUT in a secure area that has NO power lines overhead. Braid a water worthy luggage tag or seal your contact info in a waterproof tape and braid that into their mane or tail. Another option is spray paint on their body - not the best - but find some way to get your info on them

Do NOT turn out with halter on unless LEATHER or a breakaway halter - nylon halters can get caught in debris and will not break. If you have a fly mask put it on securely it helps protect their eyes

Take photos of your animal showing markings etc in case you need to prove it is yours

After the storm your horse will try to find you - dehydration is your biggest threat - do not overload with grain as they can stress colic or get impacted - work on clean water electrolytes and if you have it wet bran mash and mineral oil to get system calmly moving again - if they like Gatorade let them drink some - cut with water will
Often help but some horses like it straight

Equestrians of SWFL help each other - I feel helpless and wish I could do more but all I can do is hope all of you who did stay in the area work together to help others find safe spot

All of you are in my prayers

When this is over let’s get together and work on creating a safety network and help everyone learn how to evacuate to a safer area OR how to shelter in place

Check the USDA website if you have power - they have tips on how to help your large animal weather a storm

Be safe - be smart - and PLEASE help someone if you are able - next time it could be you looking for help


Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 09/28/2022

With an F350 and the Foo Fighters playlist and a wonderful team of staff and volunteers ….you can do anything! Team CSF came together and got the farm prepped while Roy and Emily drove two loads of horses ….TWICE to evacuate …Leslie got the farm ready with staff and volunteers and went to be early to get up 3am and drive the last load OUT! Roy is home holding down the fort with kitties and Ladybug while Leslie Emily and Jess - and the amazingly adaptive wonderful little WIllow - tuck all our wonderful horses into cozy stalls tonight - Naples and the SWFL coast are in our prayers tonight as we just got home to watch the weather channel before dropping into bed - be safe - we start getting the first bands tomorrow - be prepared, be smart - and remember if we all work together we can accomplish so much - be kind - help each other and we can weather ANY storm 🦄

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 09/18/2022

Time to head home - made an easy 12 hours from Saigerties NY to Dunn NC yesterday - Eagle is a pro and very vonfortsble in his big box stall with a full bale of hay in his nibble net - off to Florida to sleep in his own bed tonight … great trip ready to be home 🥕


War Eagle soared to 8th place out of 77 horses in the official warm up round - he is so happy to be BACK in the show ring - MCK has done a wonderful
Job getting him fit and ready for the next junior rider - as she will be moving toward her new goal of tackling the jumper ring - he will be available for a full lease ONLY at CSF to an approved rider - he is the equitation and hunter derby school master perfect for the student who wants to move up and prepare for the more technical classes - it’s been a great week in NY and we are proud of this pair - they were amazing all week long ❤️

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 09/15/2022

Beautiful day in NY - one of my favorite places to show - the high today is 68 - and of course they are making fun of us in our many layers of clothing!!! Eagle was fantastic in his warmup round with a score of 77 - ready to strut in the big ring tonight - stay tuned 🙂

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 09/15/2022

This is TEAM CSF - here are our pics from yesterdays prep to be the BEST that we can be….and we succeeded with a confident smooth round (every SINGLE landing lead because they worked together as ONE). We will continue to strive for excellence in horsemanship and show off our skills today in our Hunter Classic rounds - good luck today …more pics to come later - miss all of you at home! We hope to pack up this beautiful 60-70 degree weather and bring it home with us!! Tally HO🦄


I want to start by saying I am very proud of this pair - hard work, perseverance and the ability to come back from injury and the patience to honor an amazing horse like War Eagle … I am choosing my words carefully because I understand the political and subjective world of the hunter and equitation rings … but I have to call out what I saw today - because it cheapens our sport - and our pair were not the only ones affected by the blatant fact that the judges in the box today were not judging everyone on an equal platform. I am not disappointed in my rider or the horse - but it was evident that good solid rounds were not being scored and others with MAJOR errors (really? Two missed lead changes and forgot where you were going on course and the score is a 78??) - this is a National Finals and we all worked hard to get here - we expect that judges will be fair and unbiased and hold true to our sports standards - it is frustrating and while I KNOW this is part of this sport - I cannot stay silent today because this was above and beyond … I hope all of those horses and riders today that were not given a fair look by the judges understand that ribbons and a personal opinion DOES NOT define you - Keep up the good work - Those who truly understand and know this sport saw the quality of your rounds and that cannot be stolen from you - Tally Ho and chin up! I am sad tonight because this ride should be celebrated and not tarnished by the disappointment of an unfair playing field. I apologize if this comes off as unprofessional or “sour grapes” - watch the live feed and make your own call …thank you MCK and War Eagle for putting in a great effort today - It was a wonderful trip in a difficult ring/setting and you rode to the occasion - fantastic job:)

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 09/14/2022

First HIT today - schooling in the BEAUTIFUL Grand Prix Stadium in New York! We stayed dry because we were early birds in the ring …Eagle was Fresh as it was only 72 degrees and breezy - he is such the competitor ….and McKenzie is excited and felt at home in that big ring as we have spent time conditioning in our nice new ring at home … tomorrow we have the Hudson Equitation Challenge Class and our Medal Finals …. After a 6am hack to take away all our nervous edges!! Marshall and Sterling Finals 2022 has begun!


We made it! Left Naples Sunday drive to NC - left NC this am and we arrived in Saugerties NY today 5pm smooth sailing! Marshall and Sterling National Finals start with schooling day TOMORROW! Best of luck to McKenzie and War Eagle! More pics to come 🤠

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 09/12/2022

It’s been so busy ….here are a few pics from SEM Finals last week! We had 8 horses and 9 riders participate with EVERYONE getting a Finals ribbon! Classes were HUGE- 30+ in a class - a SPECIAL congrats to Sofia and Silver Stillettos for winning the Childrens Pony Medal Finals and to Angie for Long Stirrup Equitation Champion! What was the biggest prize? The fact that we fostered great horsemanship and sportsmanship ALL weekend … we were still all smiles while waiting out a thunderstorm until 8:30pm - only to have our classes moved to the next day - but we had fun just being together as TEAM CSF!

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 08/29/2022

Gotta love barn kitties … they decided to tuck themselves in for a rainy night - made themselves at home in the horsemanship craft baskets - silly girls


Today was a tough day ….but good people and an amazing family … we will make it through - so thankful for everyone that surrounds me when I feel like the mountain is getting a little steep - be kind - be a good neighbor - and help each other with understanding and we could all live like a rainbow at the end of a very long day:)


Exciting day!! Our new custom stall fronts arrived this morning! Can’t wait to see them up 🦄😎❤️


So peaceful…love night checks at the barn - we are blessed 🦄


It’s a standoff ….barn kitties love their new space to roam…but Lady bug is not so sure she is happy to have them at the new farm… she doesn’t want to share the gnome walk - it’s her private contemplative space and stache is just too rambunctious spoiling the morning zen!

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/24/2022

WEC WOW - we exceeded our expectations- CSF students and horses won just under 50 ribbons this week! EVERY single horse/rider combo won ribbons this week! Special congrats to Kai Cobza on Reserve Champion and Sofia Stepanovich 4th place in the Children’s Pony Hunter Classic - her first time participating in one! All our horses were so good … because they know we love them ❤️Thank you ladies for a wonderful Summer Adventure Trip 2022 - it was awesome 😎

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/24/2022

Here are our pics from yesterday’s classes - we showed in 4 different rings from the first class to the last class of the day - needless to say we are tired…but we all pitched in to get things done so we could go watch the Grand Prix and have some Ice cream with friends … great day:)

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/23/2022

Team CSF looks GOOD! What a striking pair as Violet and High Cotton take the ring at WEC! We had a crazy day with horses showing in three rings all first classes of the day - we made it because we all worked together to get everyone spiffy and to their rings on time-non stop showing all day from place to place! More pics tomorrow - the ponies took a nice trail ride yesterday to stretch and relax - they start competing tomorrow - can’t believe our second week is almost up! It’s gone by so fast!

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/22/2022

Whew - somehow we missed Wednesday! We ended our first day of showing with all our horses getting some great ribbons …but here is the best part …horsemanship, team work and friendship abounds - we spent a nice evening at the Yellow Pony for a yummy dinner and celebrated all our hard work - check out these wonderful horsewomen 😊our ribbon pictures coming soon - so busy we will do our photo shoot abd get them out - but these photos are what it is really about ….the love of our equestrian partners and taking good care of them :)

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/20/2022

Tuesday was a CRAZY busy day so not even time to take photos of all! We took lessons in the actual show rings in preparation for our “official” show week- then we learned about other disciplines by attending the world championship ranch horse competition! We ended the day with dinner conversation over a great meal at the Yellow Pony in the WEC Hotel - home to rest up as we start showing first class of the day Wed morning - exciting!

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/18/2022

Today was our day to rest and relax - the afternoon rains kept us from our trail ride so we got busy organizing and getting ready for SHOW WEEK! We all spent a little time shopping and did laundry - we learned the beauty of a cactus cloth and how to properly shine our boots - tomorrow … braiding clinic as we have our last practice day before showing begins - best of luck to all this week …and of course… Willow took her first ride on Ebony in her new saddle - she could not stop giggling and clapping - watch out riders….she’s ready for the RING!!

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/18/2022

Time for that first saddle…look at that form! Leadline …here we come 🦄!

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/17/2022

Great way to end our first week of summer adventure trip - we didn’t even expect to show this week - but every single horse that competed won ribbons and Kai and Adore Me were Reserve Champion! Go Team CSF - such great horsemanship and sportsmanship was displayed this week - I am very proud of our CSF Family - they make it fun to go to work every day 🙂

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/17/2022

Great day - a our riders ribboned in their first classes at WEC - including a blue ribbon round by Kai Kobza and Adore me…an adventurous rainy trail ride in the early afternoon and then off for an evening of ice cream at the Grand Prix in the stadium - what a perfect way to spend the summer with friends 🙂

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/16/2022

Smiles abound at WEC this week - we had a great day in the outdoor rings:) We earned our first ribbons in both the hunter and jumper rings thanks to Upgrade and I kloud being SO good! We were so busy we didn’t get pics yet…but we will put those up soon! Stay tuned to more WEC adventure

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/15/2022

When you are having so much fun you don’t even want your cell phone ….we made our own “couch” and “tv” - creativity and friendship over digital platforms and “influencers” / we had great rides and learned a lot today - horses and hard work are good for the soul 🙂

Photos from Cornerstone Farm South's post 07/14/2022

We have the BEST ponies and kiddos - check out our photos from our first exploration of the amazing climate controlled indoor rings at WEC! These girls ROCK! They have worked hard, laughed a lot and are learning how to take excellent care of their equestrian partners - the horses were SO GOOD! Tomorrow … more fun as we will clinic together and watch some upper level classes - great summer day with friends❤️

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War Eagle soared to 8th place out of 77 horses in the official warm up round - he is so happy to be BACK in the show rin...
I want to start by saying I am very proud of this pair - hard work, perseverance and the ability to come back from injur...




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