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Fitness Performance Training In Naples! Take Your Workouts & Nutrition to the Next Level! 𝙲𝙰? Personalized workouts guided by trainers with 15+ years experience!

Avoid exercise injuries and wasting time by using our step by step programs to take your fitness to the next level.

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Functional Fitness Training in Naples!

Example of how important correct form is while exercising!🔥

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Here at Meant 2 Move we are all about Feeling the Difference 🤩

Whether that’s a little bit of manual work or some corrective exercises to get your body back into proper alignment, we take a custom approach to every one of our clients.

Wishing everyone a fit Saturday!

Shoot us a DM or comment below 👇🏽 to book your FREE assessment


Susan is our client of the month of March! Nicki has guided Susan to better movement/posture and they continue to make amazing progress!💪


In life, BALANCE is key!

Building balance and stability has been used to prevent injuries with professional athletes for years!

Train like the pros for injury prevention, maximum strength, and an unmatched workout!💪

Contact us by commenting, calling, or stopping by our private studio in Naples. We offer a free assessment to anyone who is interested in improving their health and fitness!


To move better, feel stronger be healthier have a long and pain-free life with the strength to do what you love, it is vital that you use functional exercise methods and different pieces of specialized equipment.

Here at Meant2Move we have a unique approach to every client who has ever walked through our doors❗️
Every program we create for clients are specifically tailored to help them be the best they can be‼️

Are you experiencing any pain in your daily life🤔 Problems with how your body moves as a result of your job or a stagnant lifestyle❓️
If so...leave a comment, send us a message, call us at the or stop by and get scheduled for a 💯🆓️ 🤯🤗


Core exercises train the muscles in your lower, hips, and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, wether on the playing field or in daily activities.


While working arms or legs, suspension training constantly challenges your core for a true total body work out.


The Theragun is amazing for releasing tension!💆🏻‍♂️ Too much tightness can cause pain/injury when you exercise, so we make sure everything’s feeling great before you start💪


Mobility Monday! Everyone at any age should be exercising for strength and mobility! 😎💪🦵


Resistance bands can be just as effective as conventional weights for strength and muscle building!💪

An added benefit of using bands is that the resistance increases as you push to the end range in the exercise. This is similar to how muscles work, so bands are considered more natural for the body🍀😊

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The work week ain’t over just yet!

We have goals that still need to be accomplished 🌟

Remember why you started this journey! Do this for YOU!

So you can move the way your body is Meant2Move 😉


If the muscles in the chest are tight here is a way you can release that⬇️

☑️Grab a ball (dog toy, kids toy, or a tennis ball 🎾
☑️ Place it on a tender spot in the chest
☑️ Hold this position for about a minute
☑️Floss your arm up and down for another minute

This should help release those tight muscles 😉

Follow us for more tips and tricks 💪🏽


Working a bit of everything this Monday❗️

Kick starting the week off right 💪🏽

Need help getting to your goals? DM us! We can help you get to where you need to be 🌟


Get moving the way your body is Meant2Move❗️

Don’t let pain or past injuries get in the way of your future ✨

We will help you find balance, relieve your pain and progress with your goals 💪🏽


It’s a New Year 🥂 so let’s start it right!

“Your fitness is 💯 mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.”

It’s all interconnected to each other. Feed yourself a positive mindset 🧠 for positive outcomes ✨


Tight hamstrings? Say no more❗️

Grab a chair and prop up a leg 🦵

Tight muscles prevent our bodies from performing at 💯

You don’t need that much space just a chair 🪑 you can do it at home, in your office, etc.


New Year is right around the corner! ✨

What are your fitness goals for the upcoming year? 🤔

Do you just want to be pain free? 💥 Move better? Perform better? 💪🏽

It’s easier with a partner! Bring your friend and work together towards your goals 🌟

Let’s make it happen for 2022❗️


Trainer tip Tuesday❗️

Our posture plays a huge role into our lives. It even effects how we exercise, play sports and overall how we move!

If we are slouched over a computer or our phones all day that will cause our body to morph 🤯

Don’t you worry Functional Trainer Spencer is here to help you release those tight muscles 💪🏽


Happy Monday❗️

We are starting the week right with hitting goals✨

It may be holiday season, but that doesn’t mean we stop our progress! 💪🏽

We have goals to hit and proper activation to achieve 🌟

What are some goals you have set for yourself this week? 🤔 Let us know in the comments below ⬇️


It’s more than just getting a good pump 💥

It’s about releasing, stretching, and activation in the RIGHT areas. ✨

If your body is tight you can’t activate the muscle group you want to work at 💯

This is why we release and stretch! Releasing those tight muscles will give us 💯 activation to build that strength!

Photos from Meant2Move Personal Training's post 12/14/2021

Testimonial Tuesday❗️

Beth gives us her results with Meant2Move on the next ➡️ slide.

Our bodies are designed to survive. As we go about our daily lifestyle we create habits.

❌We cross over the same leg over and over.

❌We are constantly looking down at our phones

❌We sit down for the majority of the day

All of these habits start to morph how our body is supposed to be.

At Meant2Move we help you strengthen weak muscles 💪🏽, correct imbalances ✨ , and help you activate the proper muscle groups. 🙌🏽

So what are you waiting for!?


Feel the difference❗️

Feel the difference in the way you move about your day. ✨

Stretching will help give you mobility and increase your range of motion.

When our muscles tighten we are not using it to its fullest potential! This is why we stretch so we can activate it 💯 percent!


Meant2Move will be at the Out of the Darkness Community Walk on the 12th of December❗️

Come join us at 9am ☀️ as we are providing the warmup for the walk.🚶‍♀️

If you don’t know about the Out of the Darkness walk it is about su***de prevention. 💕

This is to help fight su***de and raise money for educational prevention programs in schools, workplaces, and communities nationwide. 🌎

You can come alone or bring a friend/ family member and walk together. 💜

We hope to see you there! 💪🏽

***deprevention ***deprevention


“Failure: It can destroy you or it can make you mad that you work even harder to become the winner you know you are” 🏆

If you win with a buddy it’s a bonus 💪🏽

Work hard to become the best version of yourself physically and mentally 🧠


Over the weekend we were able to attend the Vineyards Pro League tournament! 🏆

We got the chance to meet new faces! 💪🏽

If you stopped by and put your name in the raffle we will be announcing the winner on Friday! 🥇 😊


Meet our Functional Trainer Nicki 🌟

She has been apart of Meant2Move since the very beginning❗️

“As a life fitness enthusiast, I enjoy weight training, bodybuilding, and pushing myself to be the best I can be. 💪🏽 That carries over the way I train my clients, enabling them to reach and exceed their fitness goals!” ✨

When Nicki isn’t training she enjoys biking, golfing, being outdoors, the beach 🏝, and being with her family.

We are lucky to have her on the team. Her willingness to deliver high-quality work is really admirable! 🏋🏽‍♀️

Follow The Link Below To Book A [FREE] Assesment Today!

There are many reasons why people find themselves at Meant2Move Fitness & Wellness Studio. Some clients are looking to get an edge on their sports performance, some are looking to decrease joint pain, and others simply want to get in shape! No matter what brings you into Meant2Move Private Training Studio – the benefits of personalized strength training and professional assisted stretching will help you maximize your health, fitness, and performance!

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Functional Fitness Training in Naples!
In life, BALANCE is key!Building balance and stability has been used to prevent injuries with professional athletes for ...
Trainer tip Tuesday❗️Our posture plays a huge role into our lives. It even effects how we exercise, play sports and over...
Meant2Move Testimonial Tuesday
Coming at you with another Mobility Monday❗️Today we are going to focus on opening up those hips ✨Functional Trainer Lev...
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