BVibrant-a powerful wellness studio

BVibrant-a powerful wellness studio


Training on the plate has helped me reshape my middle age body. I have strengthened and firmed areas I thought were beyond repair. I love the workout! 30 minutes in and out! Who wouldn't love that!
Our Sunset and Sangria Cruise has been rescheduled for November 6th! We also have a bigger boat! Tickets are $40 for the opportunity to cruise to a beautiful Naples Sunset while sipping Sangrias, networking with fabulous women, nibbling bites from Sage Events, raffles and awesome auction items will also be showcased! All while raising funds for our Single Mother scholarship fund! We are also looking for Business Cruise Sponsors! $100! Very reasonable sponsorship opportunity! Thank you to our sponsors who already committed! Yag-Howard Dermatology Center, Aesthetic Treatment Centers, BVibrant-a powerful wellness studio, Business Dynamics, Marco Office Supply, Sage Events Catering, Best Interest Mortgage, Melissa roccio, and Media Sponsor Neapolitan Family Magazine!
Wellness Wednesday at B-Vibrant! Join us at 6pm.
See you soon!!
Good Morning XLR8 members...Guinness, missing yellow lab from Estero, needs your help to return to his family. Please check out his page, " Help Lost Dog? " Grateful for your help if you would Like & Share his page & posts to friends/family in the fitness community. Thank you!
I celebrate my 2 year anniversary tomorrow of exercising with Power Plate under Lisa Murgalo at XLR8 and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thank you Lisa for being there and making this an awesome experience and helping me improve myself. You, your studio and your staff are awesome! I love it! Bev Brooks
I am looking forward to a power plate class!
I've only done individual classes and was really impressed with the kind of work out I got. I walked out dripping in sweat but very energized. Good Luck Lisa Murgalo!
Hey, just found your page on Facebook and took a look at your webpage. Your Fitness Business looks great! Are you accepting new clientele?
Let us show you how Power Plate can improve your game. First 3 sessions are FREE!!!
Having fun and getting a great workout at XLR8! Thanks!!!
LOVE this Gym, Chris is amazing, I can feel results after 10 training sessions. THANK You XLR8 Naples.
Getting fit, 20 minutes at a time ROCKS

bVibrant - a powerful wellness studio is home to Power Plate and BEMER - a powerful combination to t

BVibrant - a powerful wellness studio is home to Power Plate Technology, Bemer technology. Our clients are led through a 30 minute full body workout with 90 minute results that can be felt immediately. We take a holistic and personalized approach to bring you the most efficient and effective health & fitness solutions available. Regardless of age, health condition, or proficiency - BVibrant has th

Operating as usual

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Day 2 Pink Week and International Leggings Day!🎀💖

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Pink Day number 1💖
Thank you to everyone for wearing pink and supporting breast cancer!🎀 Let's go all out all week👏💪


Don't forget to wear pink all next week to support Breast Cancer🎀💖
Tuesday is International Pink Day so you can wear
-pink leggings
-pink shirt with your favorite leggings
-favorite leggings
We will be taking pictures all week with everyone who participates🥰

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2 Years! Can you believe September 1st was officially the "new" BVibrant's anniversary?!❤️
We have grown and come so far in 2 years and we can't give enough thanks to each and every person who has been a part of the journey! Everyone and everything you guys do has way more of an impact then you even know🙏

Here is some of what we've accomplished in the last 2 years:
•Remodeled the whole gym🎨
•Doubled the amount of Power Plates👏
•Crushed 2 different New Year's challenges🏋️‍♀️
•Added a smoothie/nutrition bar🥤
-A self therapy/workout room😌
-Private training💪
-Yoga classes🧘‍♀️
•Adding a cardio station this month🚲

We strive to continue to grow the gym and make improvements everyday to help make every experience feel refreshing and better then the last❤️


Massage...How do you massage on there?!😍
Massaging on the Power Plate is just about everyone's favorite things to do. "How do you massage?" is a common question for new customers. Here are some of our clients massaging just a few of the many different muscle groups: groin, glute/hips, lower back and quads/calves.
Call or text us to set up your first 3 Free Classes which include the massage at the end! 239.784.8644💪

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Yesterday was 🎀👚💖
Shoutout to everyone who wore pink or at least purple being as close to pink as they have🤷‍♀️👍


Who’s ready for some SUMMER SAVINGS?💪
Sign up now through August 31st to get 20 Power Plate classes for only $500!
All NEW clients get 3 free classes to try Power Plate! *All returning clients from prior to September 1st 2020 will receive 1 free class

*All summer specials classes must be used within 2 months of purchase date. The summer special offer is only available for new or returning clients

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May The Force (Fourth) Be With You🙏
Props to for creating her own costume today with her Princess Leia necklace and her galaxy far far away shirt😍
Scroll to see amazing bathroom chalk art!👌


National Two Different Colored Shoes Day👟❤️🤍🖤
Shoutout to for being the only participant, however to be fair most people don't wear shoes on the plate😬
More importantly next time I guess we should check more then making sure our eyes are open since your black shoe is blocked🙈 🙏


Ask and you shall receive🙈
Starting Monday May 16th we are going to offer Stretching/Yoga classes🧘‍♂️🙆‍♂️
◾️Class Times
▫️Mondays 9:30am & 5pm
▫️Wednesdays 5pm
▫️Fridays 9:30am
◾️Packages available
▫️Single sessions $25
▫️4 classes/month $80
▫️8 classes/month $120


Have a friend that has never experienced Power Plate before? Give the gift of 5 sessions for only $99! PLUS your 3 free introductory sessions 💪
*For new customers only*

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National Barbie Day🎀👛💖
Look at all these fit Barbie's crushing a workout!💪😍

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International Women's Day!💖
We would like to thank each and every woman that comes in and kills it at the gym! We are so grateful for all of you! Keep showing your girl power🎀💪
Here's a majority of the women who crushed a workout today!👍

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Do you know the benefits of a massage gun or why the Power Plate Pulse is the best?
Here's why!😄
•comes with 6 attachments for various body parts
• 4 different vibration intensities
•extremely quiet
•helps release fascia
•promotes blood flow to help muscle recovery
•comes with a sleek low profile carrying case
•available in red or black❤️🖤
❗️Now on sale for only $150❗️


❗️Our challenge has officially started as of today❗️
We have extended the signups until the end of the month!😄
All services listed are included, however some services can be removed so please let us know if you are interested💪


We are doing our 3 month challenge starting January 3 and you have until January 15th to sign up!
•TRAINING CLASSES - price dependent on # of times you train per week (2-5/week *$255 / $325 / $395 / $445)


•WEEKLY NUTRITION CHECK-INS - nutrition forms will be given out to record what you eat for the week (we will review weekly and asses any necessary changes) - $120

•BIWEEKLY FIT TEST *a series of endurance tests to track your fitness progress - $150


▪️2X/week classes - $430/month (TOTAL SAVINGS $105)

▪️3X/week classes - $485/month (TOTAL SAVINGS $150)

▪️4X/week classes - $535/month (TOTAL SAVINGS $210)

▪️5X/week classes - $565/month (TOTAL SAVINGS $270)

*Must commit to all 3 months of challenge
*All services are included in pricing
*No refunds or transfers of services


We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas💚🎅🏼🎄❤️


Monday - Thursday (20th-23rd) we will be open for our normal hours! Please let us know if you have any questions!😄👍


Looking for a Christmas gift for a special someone? Give the gift of home massages😍
Power Plate Pulse is on sale until Christmas for $225! (Regularly $250 through us and $299 through Power Plate!)
We have limited stock, so if you’re interested let us know ASAP to claim yours👍😄💪

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Strong is sexy💪
We got a little caught up in all the Halloween posts but we didn’t forget to wear our pink before spooky week👻🎃
October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we dedicated a whole week to wearing pink💖🎀
Shoutout to everyone who wore pink and supported the cause!


Happy Halloween from BVibrant🎃👻💀
We hope everyone has a spooky and safe weekend🧡🖤

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We had some Fit Frankenstein Friday Fun yesterday🧟‍♀️🧟


Throwback Thursday 80s workout💪 Shoutout to for goin all out yesterday🕺

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Yesterday was and everyone’s costumes were purrfect🐈‍⬛👌

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Yesterday’s was a big hit🎃

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Yesterday was and let’s just say I don’t think any of us would make good killers😂 We all couldn’t even manage to be serious just for one picture…we also had Wonder Woman show up😱
Thank you to all who have participated and we are looking forward to all the costumes for the rest of the week🎃👻💀


Let’s see those costumes next week!
You do not have to workout in YOUR costumes if you don’t want too! We had a few people last year wear them in for pictures and take them off to workout! It’s completely up to you😄💪


Don’t forget to wear pink this week💕🎀


Today marks 1 year of ownership of BVibrant! Where has the time gone?!
We are so beyond grateful for this opportunity, the amazing people who have entered our lives, the lives we’ve changed and so much more! We are truly blessed to have gained such an amazing group of people that we get to call family❤️
Thank YOU to each person who has played a part in our journey in this last year! It has been truly wonderful and such an unforgettable year, we wouldn’t have it any other way!
We can’t wait for many more years to come and to continue to create amazing memories together! We are thrilled to continue to grow and upgrade all things BVibrant💖

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Have you ever used a massage gun?
Do you know why has the best massage gun?
Did you know Power Plate reduced the price on the Pulse and we get an even better discount as distributors?
They are now only $230 including tax when you order from us!
Power Plate is the leader in Whole Body Vibration and much cheaper then some of its competitors!
Pulse features:
•6 attachments
•4 intensity/vibration levels
•2 different colors
•Carrying case (scroll to second picture to see)
•4-5 hour battery life (depends how high the intensity level)
•Safety shutoff (powers off after 10 minutes)
It is also TSA approved as a carry on!😄
If you would like to order one or have any questions, please let us know! We have one in shop if you’d like to try it out and see for yourself💪


I think we often forget that each persons journey is different…our goals, our schedules and our bodies are all much different! We too often compare ourself to others…when we are made to each be our own person. Did you make it to the gym today? Celebrate that! Did you eat a little healthier today then yesterday? Celebrate that! Did you skip the gym or indulge in some sweets today? That is OKAY!! Just remember to get back on track tomorrow💪 Celebrate everything good and don’t beat yourself up over little mistakes! Tomorrow is a new day and you can have a fresh start or continue your progress👍😄


Friends supporting friends❤️
This is the atmosphere we thrive to have at BVibrant and we are so grateful to have so much support for everyone and from everyone! Everyone is friends AND family here! Adding some cardio on the battle ropes to finish the circuit strong💪 is killing it with support from 😍


Happy National Pink Day and Hydration Day!💖💦


Tomorrow is National 🎀Pink Day💖
Make sure to wear alllll your pink tomorrow and try to beat out our PINK QUEEN👑


Workout smarter, not harder!
Power Plate has so many benefits. Enhance your workout & stretching and even use it to massage! EVERYONE can benefit from Power Plate…except if you’re pregnant😬🤰❌ Come and change your life!
Not sure if it’s for you? Come find out for FREE! All new members get 3 free classes to try it out💪
Text/call to schedule your first appointment! 238.784.8644


Who’s ready to jump into some SUMMER SAVINGS?💪
Less then one month to sign up for our 💥Summer Special💥 where you can save over $100!
Sign up now through July 1st to get 20 Power Plate classes for only $500!
All NEW clients get 3 free classes to try out Power Plate! All returning clients from prior to September 1st 2020 get 1 free class.

*All summer specials classes must be used within 2 months of purchase date. The summer special offer is only available for new or returning clients from prior to September of 2020.

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Happy Memorial Day from some of the BVibrant Family❤️🇺🇸💙


Have you heard of BEMER Therapy? For 8-20 minutes once or twice a day it could completely change the way you feel! BEMER requires no effort at all. Just kick your feet up & relax on a zero-G chair while you experience all the amazing benefits of BEMER!😄
▪️Increases over-all blood flow & improves micro-circulation to capillaries.
▪️Removes toxins through oxygenation bringing oxygen to the cells.
▪️Potentially effective for treating health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and low back pain.


International Red Sneaker Day❤️
Let’s help spread awareness of food allergies...we can all help make a difference even in the smallest of ways! Many of us either have food allergies or know someone who has them. We can all be more mindful and aware of those who surround us and the products we buy/provide for them!

Our Story

BVibrant - a powerful wellness studio is home to Power Plate Technology and Bemer. We pride ourselves on being the #1 service provider in the field of personal training, weight loss, health management, bone health and fitness coaching. At BVibrant, our clients experience a 30 minute full body workout with 90 minute results that can be seen and felt immediately. Our vision is a holistic and personalized approach to bring clients the most efficient and effective health and fitness solution available. From professional athletes and successful CEOs, to moms and average Joes, regardless of age, health condition, and fitness levels - BVibrant has the tools to lead everyone to success.

We work to help our clients achieve their health and fitness goals fast, in spite of a busy schedule! 30 minutes is 2% of your day...there are no more excuses. Call today to claim your first 3 sessions FREE! 239-331-7332

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