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Dress down day at school…and I’m like a walking billboard 😂🤙🏼
Listening to her speak, you might forget that Emma Cary is still in high school, but not for long. With an early graduation in December, Cary is moving to Florida to train with her coach (Matt Torres of Brute Strength, and owner of North Naples CrossFit) in person and become a full-time CrossFit athlete.

Speaking with Morning Chalk Up's Lauren Kalil, Cary breaks down the difference between being fit and being great in live competition, and expresses her excitement to continue improving now that her focus will shift entirely to CrossFit.

✍ Lauren Kalil

North Naples Crossfit
Thank you so much for your support.


Jordi Miranda: do you accept the challenge?

In Naples this week... hoping to drop in. Is this weeks workouts posted anywhere?
Hey North Naples CrossFit!! We have standards posted for our Fifth annual Bloodline Braw as well as WOD 1l!! Two person teams, same gender. The competition is on Saturday, January 23rd! "Early Bird" pricing is $90 per team, which ends this Saturday. Please come on down and support our fifth year of hosting this competition! You won’t regret it.
Hi I did not receive the emails for the reopening precdures?
Hey North Naples CrossFit!! We have standards posted for our Fourth annual Bloodline Brawl!! The competition is on Saturday, January 25th! "Early Bird" pricing is $75 per team, which is going on now. Thanks so much for supporting our fourth year of doing this competition! Cant wait to see you all here.
Cupids Clash Registration is OPEN!

Winner gets CASH 💲
Mixed Pairs
3 divisions - Beginner, Intermediate, RX

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Hey North Naples CrossFit!! We already have 2 WODs released for the Barbell Brawl!! The competition is on Saturday, September 28th! "Early Bird" pricing is $50 per individual, which is still going on. This is barbell only, no bodyweight movements!! Hope to see you there, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. Thanks so much for supporting our competition!
Best gym I have ever belonged to! I am officially hooked on CrossFit and love it thanks to NNCF!

Building a stronger community through functional movement, schedule your FREE 1-on-1 today by emaili

Operating as usual


Use this weekend to work on your Range Of Motion.

Did you know that Pliability (formerly ROMWOD $18/month) is included in your membership?

Got 25minutes to spare this weekend? Bust out your mat, Log on your Sugarwod app, and get a little Flexy 🧘🏼🧘🏽‍♂️


Some days you should do cardio. Some days you should do strength. Some days you should mix the two.

Some days you should move fast and others slow.

Some days you give it all you have and others should be to just move your body.

Here At NNCF, our expert coaches will figure out what you should do each and every day.

Interested? Visit our website to schedule your free intro


The attitude you bring to the day is what the day will bring you.
Great attitude = Great day.

Don't forget - It's Bring-A-Friend Week! Let's make it a great week with positive attitudes and fist bumps all around!


Good people coaching good people.

Our professional coaching staff is here to do just that , COACH.

Our classes are lead from beginning to end; so you’re never lost, never unsure if you’re doing something right or not, our coaches will be with you every step of the way.

Come see for yourself 🤙🏽


One of our main objectives here at NNCF is to inspire everyone to be better, to empower them to become better, both physically and mentally, so they can go home fulfilled at the end of every single day.

Click the link in our bio to book your Intro Consultation so we can learn more about your health and fitness goals


New to area? Looking for a place meet some amazing people? (And get stronger and healthier while doing it)

Come check us out 🤙🏽

Shoot us a text to schedule your Free intro 239-345-2971


You don’t have to start or continue your fitness journey alone.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Shoot us a message to see how we can help you reach your goals

Talk soon 🤙🏽


Don't have time to workout?

Yeah, we hear that a lot. Which is why we have created the perfect 60 minute coach led class that will give you everything that you need.

We believe that when done correctly, you can meet all your fitness needs in just one hour.

Say goodbye to wasted time & spending 2+ hours in the gym on your phone just trying to find something to do.

Shoot us a DM for more info about how to get started 🤙🏽

Timeline photos 02/26/2023

Timeline photos

Where is your favorite CrossFit gym?

CrossFit welcomes and unites people of all ages, abilities, and goals around a methodology that is accessible and effective for all. We train, persevere, and progress together. We build strong local communities that drive unparalleled progress and a deep sense of belonging.

People who do CrossFit come in all shapes and sizes, and you can start at any age. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you can do. If you keep showing up and putting in the work, you’re a CrossFit athlete.

And you’ll find countless others here who are ready to lift you up and celebrate your successes, great and small.

For the millions out there who have experienced the transformative power of our methodology and the unwavering support of our community, CrossFit is a match struck in the dark. And for the millions more who have yet to experience the magic of CrossFit, we invite you to join us.


How do we grow our amazing community? The answer is Simple…...YOU.

Everyone you know is invited for a week of classes that will change how they think about fitness.

Any friends, co-workers, neighbors you know want to try NNCF Here is their chance to try the entire week for FREE!

**No matter what level or experience, all are welcome at this event**

Email, text or DM us and say “IM IN”

[email protected]



Sauna Sesh Sunday.

Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit light that is absorbed by the skin, resulting in heat that can pe*****te deeper into the body compared to traditional saunas. Some potential benefits of using an infrared sauna include:

1. Improved circulation: The heat from an infrared sauna can help increase blood flow, which may help with cardiovascular health and provide a gentle workout for the cardiovascular system.

2. Pain relief: Infrared sauna therapy has been shown to reduce muscle soreness and joint pain, which could be helpful for those with chronic conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

3.Detoxification: The increased sweating from using an infrared sauna can help eliminate toxins from the body and promote healthy skin.

4.Relaxation and stress relief: The warmth of the infrared sauna can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and potentially improve sleep quality.

5. Potential weight loss: While not a direct cause of weight loss, the increased heart rate and sweating caused by using an infrared sauna could support weight loss efforts when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.



Don’t wait for “the perfect time” , “next week” , “tomorrow” to get started; start improving your health TODAY.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help.

Shoot us a text. 239.345.2971 or email us [email protected]


“Every reason you think the CrossFit Open isn't for you, is exactly why it is.”

“There are athletes every year within the CrossFit community that intentionally avoid signing up for the Open.

Reasons vary from perceived inconveniences of pressure, external stress, and investment of both time and money, to risk of embarrassment, risk of failure, and fear of being judged by others. For some it's the simple statement of, "I don't want to."

Ironically, but not surprisingly, every complicated or straightforward reason someone may not desire to sign up for a challenge like the CrossFit Open is exactly why they should.

Perhaps you're not in the best shape of your life. Maybe the Open scares you. Maybe you have never competed at anything in your life. So what.

My charge to you is to challenge your hesitations, push them to the side and join me in the 2023 CrossFit Open.

You will experience challenges, it will be hard, you will be nervous, you'll perhaps feel defeated, victorious and everything in between but you'll be better for it.

And just like CrossFit as a methodology, the Open is about much more than your fitness.”


If you want a dirty gym where people take their fitness a little too seriously, then, we are not the place for you. There are plenty of them around.

If you want a gym with a great atmosphere and professional Coaches who focus solely on you and your goals/needs; and you also want to have fun without the pressure of "killing every single workout at 1,000% effort," then, we are the place for you.

Our contact info is in our bio; Shoot us an email or text to get your free intro scheduled




Being healthy is a beautiful thing. It can be tough getting started and staying consistent, especially if you're doing it on your own. But having a support system like NNCF makes the journey easier. Get started and keep going.

Click link in our bio to book your free Intro Consultation so we can learn more about vour health and fitness goals


Busy men that want to be healthy and fit come to NNCF.

And by "healthy and fit," we mean do things other than what they were taught in high school "weightlifting" class 20+ years ago.

Let us know when you’re ready to take your health to the next level 🤙🏽


Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We do this by guiding you toward your goals in a positive atmosphere where you can be consistent, work hard, and learn to enjoy exercise again.

Group fitness classes 7 days per week. Classes from 5am to 615pm.

Click the link to get started 🤙🏽


We understand everyone’s work week looks a little different. So that’s why we offer classes 7 days per week.

Our Sundays have been PACKED! that’s a testament to the dedication and consistency of our members.

Rather you’re an early riser or want a little extra sleep we’ve got your back; we’ve added a second class on Sunday!

Stay rad and get after it this week 🤙🏽


“What class time is the best?”

Our 5am Group = Good People
Our 6am Group = Good People
Our 8am Group = Good People
Our 9am Group = Good People
Our 315pm Group = Good People
Our 415pm Group = Good People
Our 515pm Group = Good People
Our 615pm Group = Good People
Our 715pm ladies only group= Good people

If you want to surround yourself with good people ,shoot us a message today 🤙🏽


Parents... you set the example.

Parents…. what is your "why"?

Parents….. if you're looking to improve your health and be more fit for life, we would love to help.

Click the link in our bio to get started


TWO more CrossFit Level 2 Trainers!

Congratulations to both Coach Chanel () and Coach Braedyn ( ) for completing the Level 2 course and continuing to gain knowledge in the pursuit of excellence.

Want to actually get coached? Come check out what sets us apart 🤙🏽

Photos from North Naples Crossfit's post 01/28/2023

Always learn new skills! 🤙🏽

Thank you all who joined in on our Kipping Clinic w/ Coach Dario.

Learning something new with others is always a great time!

What should our next Clinic be?! 🤔


We "do CrossFit."

But CrossFit looks different for each person who does it here.

The 27 year old is doing CrossFit the way they need to do it to reach their goals. The 47 year old is doing CrossFit the way they need to do it to reach their goals. And the 67 year old is doing CrossFit the way they need to do it to reach their goals.

And we can get you to also do CrossFit your way to reach your goals.

Want to learn more? Shoot us a message


You can be a great spouse.

You can be a great parent.

You can be a great employee.

You can do all of that while still working on your health and fitness goals.

Our goal is to help you be healthy so you can be great in the other areas of your life.

The time is now.

Visit our website right now to get started


📣Calling all ladies who want to work on their fitness!!

Did you know we offer women’s-only classes twice a week on Monday and Wednesday nights at North Naples CrossFit?

Welcome to MissFits! Come get a great full body workout alongside like-minded women and receive guidance from our skilled coaches.

Send us a message to learn more and get started🤙🏼


What services does NNCF offer?

-group fitness coaching
-private 1:1 fitness coaching
-nutrition coaching
- Infared Sauna
- Full Body Normatec recovery compression system
-personal programming
-endurance training
-strength training
-body composition scans
-and much more

Click the link in our bio to book your free Intro Consultation so we can learn more about your health and fitness goals and how we can help you reach them 🤙🏽


Congratulations to Coach Alex ( ) on completing his CrossFit Level 2 Certification!

Alex is always eager to finds ways to sharpen his coaching skills so he can make it the best hour for participants in his classes.

He places an emphasis on continuing his education both here at NNCF and at the Fire Department where he is a

Great job Coach! 🤙🏽

Photos from North Naples Crossfit's post 01/15/2023

BIG Congratulations to all of our members that participated and completed the Naples Half Marathon today!

They have been training for the last 12 weeks with our very own doing a combination of running a couple times a week along with Group classes.

They put in the work and we are EXTREMELY proud of each and every one of them

Way to go everyone!

Photos from North Naples Crossfit's post 01/15/2023

BIG Congratulations to all of our members that participated and completed the Naples Half Marathon today!

They have been training for the last 12 weeks with our very own doing a combination of running a couple times a week along with Group classes.

They put in the work and we are EXTREMELY proud of each and every one of them

Way to go everyone!


Strength training is vitally important for adults. Some of the main benefits include:

1. Improving muscle strength and endurance: Strength training can help you increase the strength and endurance of your muscles, which can make it easier to perform everyday tasks like carrying groceries, climbing stairs, or playing with your kids.

2. Supporting bone health: Strength training can help increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, especially in older

3. Maintaining flexibility and mobility: Regular strength training can help maintain or improve flexibility and mobility, which can make it easier to move around and stay independent.

4. Controlling weight: Strength training can help boost your metabolism, which can make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

5. Reducing the risk of chronic diseases: Regular strength training can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It can also help improve symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain.

Strength training is an important part of a well-rounded exercise program and can provide numerous health benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels which is why it's a part of our program at NNCF.

Click link in bio to book your free Intro Consultation so we can learn more about your health and fitness goals today 🤙🏽

Photos from North Naples Crossfit's post 01/09/2023

'If you want to master a habit, the key is to start with repetition, not perfection.' - James Clear (Atomic Habits)

This past Saturday Coach Chanel put our members through a MasterClass on “How to be a goal achieved and not just a goal setter” reminding us that we are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Accountability and guidance are pillars to success, and that is what we provide to our members; through workshops, camps and in daily classes.

Come Check out the NNCF difference 🤙🏽




We had the pleasure of hosting the Eastern Michigan University Swim and Dive Team for private team workouts while they were in town training for a couple of weeks.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your training sessions.

Kick ass this season and we’ll see you all later this year! 🤙🏽


The Real Fountain of Youth...STRENGTH

Following a safe, functional, well-structured, and purposeful strength training program is life changing.

Want to hear more? Shoot us a DM 3


YOU and ONLY YOU are in control of your now and immediate future.

WINNING starts with one small action at a time repeated over and over again until it becomes habit.

What will be your first WIN of this new year?

Open your mind to accepting help on your personal development journey.

It's a challenge alone and A LOT more doable when you have professional accountability, a routine that's fun, proven and sustainable all with like-minded and supportive people surrounding you as you make the change into the person you envision yourself to be this year.

Enough waiting for the right time, shoot us a message 🤙🏽


Unsure where to start?
Too many options?

We’re here for you.

All of our classes are lead by one of our professional coaches. From beginning to end we’ll guide you; you won’t feel lost, unsure or out of place.

We got your back.

Take the next step and shoot us a DM or click the link in our bio to schedule a Free Consultation.


Who are we?

We are NNCF. Our gym is a CrossFit affiliate that upholds the best of the CrossFit methodology coupled with strength and conditioning training.

Our community spans all ages and demographics. Simply put, we are for everyone who is willing to show up.
We support each other as coaches and members, unified by a pursuit to be better humans.

What makes us unique?
We combine experience with care and we invest in each individual and their uniqueness.

Don't wonder, come give us a try…


Want to turn your New Year's resolutions into everyday habits?

Here's what you'll need:
- Action steps

When it comes to health, sustainable change requires guidance and accountability.

Book a Free Intro to talk with one of our coaches and learn more about how we're helping families become healthy for life.

Don't let another year go by without taking control of your health!

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It’s not too late to sign up for Kids Camp, only a few spots left!Camp is for all children in our community ages 5-12; i...
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