Rupert's Karate Academy

Rupert's Karate Academy


Master Rupert is an excellent instructor who is very patient. He is knowledgeable in his art, and is committed to each student and their objective. My son has Down Syndrome and Master Rupert is patient and very willing to learn about him, and how to best serve him so he is successful. I highly recommend this academy!
Our son has been with Master Rupert from the beginning. He is an integral part of our family and is there for us for every type of situation from anxiety to being bullied. We have the utmost respect for him and his now beautiful wife! His kindness and patience is unsurpassed!
Master Rupert is an amazing instructor before Noah came here he was lacking confidence in himself and now he is a lot more focused and is proud of hisself with the advancement he has achieved would definitely recommend to others coming and joining the family
Glad to be able to share some training time with Presley. Always welcome! Region 4, come on up!

Offering classes for the whole family, ages 4+! Develop focus, confidence, discipline, and fitness!

Operating as usual


Thanks to Master Eric Hill for inviting us to the Central Florida Karate Challenge in Orlando this weekend. What a well-run event. It was great to see you and spend time with you as always. So glad to see Master Angie Beavers from Humble Texas as well, can’t wait to get together again real soon!


We are very excited to see everyone tonight! Open for all regularly scheduled classes.

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Happy birthday to Tang Soo Do icon, pioneer, and Grandmaster of the International Tang Soo Do Federation, Choongjaenim C. S. Kim.
축하합니다 김 충재님!


Thank you to my behind-the-scenes team, my awesome family, for helping out with our 10th Anniversary Celebration this past weekend. My Mom flew down to be here and my lovely wife and son are the best support system - I’m so thankful for you all! ❤️
Beautiful photos by Sun Services SW and Jon Kreider Jr.

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Thank you for making our 10th Anniversary event so special!


Thank you for making today so special! Over 40 students in the floor to train and celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Thank you Schermerhorn SBN, Cruz SBN, and Broyles BSBN for supporting and making the day special for me and for all of the students!


Missing you big time today Dad - none of this would have happened without you!


Great first night of training with Sa Bom Nim Frank Schermerhorn, 9th Dan / Hu Kyun In (guardian of the art) to kick off our 10th Anniversary training!

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Part 4 - Rupert’s Karate 2017-2019
So many great memories from a vital growth period in our history! So many in the photos here either went on to become Cho Dans, Ee Dans, and many are still training now! Summer camps, big testing groups, and our first big Dan test group!

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Looking back over the past 10 years, Part 3

In September of 2017, Hurricane Irma, which varied in intensity between a Category 3 and 5 hurricane, hit Southwest Florida hard. Although the YMCA took minimal damage, their modular buildings which housed their early education department were destroyed. Despite our standing agreement, the Y decided to push us out of our dedicated room to accommodate their Preschool program.

We had class wherever we could find space for a while, sometimes outside by the pool, sometimes inside in the lobby, anywhere that we could until I could arrange something better. Our first class back after the storm was held at a public park in Bonita Springs, and then classes continued at Body Crafters Inc - Naples (thank you Anthony!) until I found a space that would suit us for a future move.

Irma functioned to push us out of the comfort zone and into the growth zone. I don’t know that I ever would have said, “okay, I’m ready to move and spend five times what I’ve been paying in rent now,” but I was able to realize my dream of opening my own storefront commercial studio location all on my own. Our Airport Road dojang was 1000 square feet from front door to back door, and although it was small, I was - and still am - so proud of all the work that went into building it and the school it became.

I finally had my own space, and since I wasn’t subject to schedule constraints, I doubled the amount of classes I was teaching at the time and would often stay late after classes working on projects for the studio until midnight or later. I had help from my old Aikido classmates Brian Green and the late Rick Bossert (we miss you Rick!) getting the building ready and then we held the first night of classes at the new Rupert’s Karate Academy, 1450 Airport Pulling Road N, on November 16, 2017!

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More from our days at the YMCA, 2015-2017

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(Part 2)
Moving to the Naples YMCA full time was a big step for us. It was easy for it to feel like a step backward in the beginning, because I didn’t have a dedicated storefront anymore, but I worked really hard to make the YMCA feel like home. I taught introductory programs for their members for free in exchange for a reduced rental rate and the opportunity to enroll members as students so we could build up our student base. I learned so much during this period, and was a great opportunity to embrace what Kwan Jang Nim has been speaking about lately, “Deung Jan Michi A Dupda,” - “the lamp which shines bright save for the dark spot beneath;” Growing from the inside out. I felt like our school began to develop a more organic and personal culture and I had so many opportunities to work with people from all different walks of life. I always had my sights set on moving into our own location again, but while we were there, the Y definitely started to feel like home. We had our first Neapolitan Classic Tournament in 2016 in the Y’s gym and my first student to test for Dan took her test in our dojang room there. The first class I ever taught at the Y was January 6, 2014; then again to formally establish ourselves as Rupert’s Karate on January 30, 2015. The last class held at the Y was in early November of 2017. (To be continued!)

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August 6 marks the official 10th Anniversary of our school!! Originally named Gulf Coast Karate Academy, we held our first class ever in Naples at the Clubhouse of Saturnia Lakes in North Naples. Once construction finished on our main studio (really before it finished) we began holding classes at 10565 Tamiami Trail N in Naples Park. Classes took place at that location as well as in a satellite program at the Naples YMCA until January 30, 2015, when we officially went full time with classes at the YMCA which would be our home for the next three years. (Part 1)


What an awesome Hwa Rang Leadership Team training we had yesterday! These students are already assisting in classes and are the future leaders of our school and the Moo Duk Kwan!


A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sa Bom Nim Frank Schermerhorn, Master Rupert’s instructor - we hope you have a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing you in two weeks for our 10th anniversary event!

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What a wonderful experience at the 2023 US Soo Bahk Do National Championships. Lots of hard work went into preparing for this event, as evidenced by the high standard of demonstration present, but also from those setting up and officiating the event. What an honor to participate. What a joy to reconnect with friends from across the country. What a treat to train under our senior leadership. Congratulations to all who participated, and an extra special congratulations to our senior members who received their promotions from Kwan Jang Nim. Attending the Nationals always feels like a family reunion, but it felt like we all drew a bit closer this year and the spirit seemed especially high. Soo Bahk!

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The final day of the US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Martial Championships begins today. Full of fantastic learning opportunities and camaraderie. Master Rupert earned gold in O Dan men’s forms and Mr. Pruitt earned bronze in Cho Dan men’s forms!

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Our word of the week is CONCENTRATION and highlighting ways we can improve our skills and build habits using our concentration! Main graphic courtesy of !

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What a special night! Congratulations on your promotions from the 151st Dan Classing! To Cho Dan: Mr. James Seibold, jr. (Dan Bon 52902), and to Ee Dan, Mr. Lukas & Dr. Thomas Rechtin! You earned it!


Our AC is good to go today!
KickStart class - 5:00p // White Belt testing - 5:30p // Green Belt testing - 6:15p // Dan class - 7:00p


All tests previously scheduled for tonight will be rescheduled to WEDNESDAY 6/28 at same times. Thank you for your patience!


Save the date, August 12-13, 2023: 10th Anniversary seminars and celebration! 2013 marks a major milestone for us, our 10th Anniversary in business! Our first class was held on August 6, 2013 at the clubhouse, as our dojang was still under construction at that time. When the school began I was a Sam Dan (3rd Dan) and Jo Kyo (certified assistant instructor. Since that time, we’ve trained in 4 different locations, endured 2 hurricanes, a pandemic, and other challenges, but looking back, those memories aren’t first in line. The countless students I’ve been fortunate to work with, the skills I’ve been able to sharpen, and the dedicated friends and families that have supported me and the dojang along the way are the first memories that come up. I hope to see so many of you (in class every week as always 🤓, but also) at our special seminar and celebration event on August 13, even if you haven’t trained in a while, just to stop by and say hello! Thank you for the opportunity to have served our community for the last decade and I look forward hitting the next milestone with you all!

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Congratulations to our students that participated in the final group of Region 4’s Dan test, a part of the 151st Dan Classing of the Moo Duk Kwan. Testing for Ee Dan, Mr. Lukas Rechtin and Dr. Thomas Rechtin, and for Cho Dan, Mr. James Seibold jr!


Happiest of birthdays to Sa Bom Nim Daymon Kenyon! Thank you sir for your fantastic example, guidance, and inspiration!

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Thank you to all who came out to support SPAR WARS today!! Gup students did a fantastic job demonstrating and a huge thank you to all the Dan members who came to assist with judging!!

Photos from Rupert's Karate Academy's post 05/06/2023

Thanks to all the students who supported and participated in our SPAR WARS sparring tournament! Great job by all!! Thank you Dan members for your support!


Demonstrating Sam Soo Shik Dae Ryun (3 Step Sparring) Yuk Ro Set #3 with my instructor, Frank Schermerhorn SBN at Winding River Karate Studio in Binghamton NY, 2013.


Enjoy this awesome demonstration of Pyung Ahn O Dan by some of our newly promoted Senior 4th Gups and 3rd Gups from our Promotion ceremony today!


Great group from our Gup Promotion ceremony this morning! If you rested and passed and couldn’t make it - we missed you! Your promotion will be awarded in your next class.


Testing week started off strong with this awesome white belt group! The green belt test ran long so we didn’t have time for a photo. Orange, Red, and Teen/Adult groups tonight!

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What a wonderful opportunity to learn directly from Kwan Jang Nim in his class this past Saturday, April 8. “Cho Shim” in abundance.


Awesome 24 hours in New Jersey to train with Kwan Jang Nim and crash Orella SBN’s Friday night class!

Sa Bom Nim Ruppert joined us for class last night.


Many students were inspired to either start or further their training from Cobra Kai - this is where it all started for me as a 4 or 5 year old watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and the movie on VHS 👴 and planted the seed for training!! Can’t wait to see this!


No classes tonight as we are closed for Presidents‘ Day. We reopen on our regular schedule tomorrow!


Great to share time with a new training partner, Mr. José Tanco Kyo Sa Nim from Puerto Rico - looking forward to the next opportunity! 👊


Don’t blink!! Moo Do Sparring with Viera Soo Bahk Do Master instructor Rodrigo Cruz Sa Bom Nim


Congratulations to Mr. Teddy Michelman - excuse me, make that JO KYO Teddy Michelman - on his instructor certification promotion yesterday! Blazing the trail as a supporter, assistant and leader in the school, Mr. Michelman’s journey to Jo Kyo has motivated three more students to pursue instructor certification. Keep up the good work, I and all the students appreciate you sir! Soo Bahk!


Breaking stuff again at our Gup Promotion Ceremony! 3 Board Side Kick.
Saturday, January 28, 2023.

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