I broke my own rule! 🤪
While I danced my tail off Friday night, it wasn’t an “official” workout. So I probably took 4 days off. I don’t like to take a break for more than 3 because it just becomes easier and easier to keep pushing the start away. What’s the longest you’ve gone without working out?
I jumped back in with a BarreBlend workout. Later Chad and I get back to 645 💪🏻
We gotta knock this one out so we can begin the next program with our new Bike MYXfitness! CANNOT. WAIT.
Thoughtful Thursday
Daily Workout with Jully Black 🤸🏾‍♀️
Jully is sharing her Barre Blend workout with us! It's day 646 of for her, and she is showing us confidence!
Tried out a quick 20 minute workout for BarreBlend and omg it was so much fun, I can’t wait to have more balance so I can get better at some things!!

Luna is not having a good day along with Soleil I’ve been trying since 7am to workout it’s now 3pm but heyyyy we made it.

Now time to rest with these sick babes, since mama is really sick too.

Hopefully I can still get my other program in later 🤪

This change and healing process is so amazing, I really found the best therapy for me!!

Press play, EVERY DAY.
Soo I tried that workout some of you recommended and I made someone do it with me...

What’s stopping you from trying something new?

Perfectly, imperfect.
BarreBlend creator Elise Jones saves the day, before I nearly took down the entire backdrop.

The newest workout program has arrived and I had the honor of meeting the woman who’s gonna lift my butt-leg and get me competition ready this spring.

If you’ve never done a barre workout, message me to get your free sample workout to try.
All ready for Tap class!!
Best kind of burn this morning! If you haven't tried BarreBlend yet, you're missing out. 🔥
Good luck to you!! You can totally rock this!!! So happy for you!!!!!!

Barre Blend is a total body, low impact workout, utilizing a wall barre. Classes are fused with com

Operating as usual


Friday morning Barre Crawl 7:30 meeting outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


TIME CHANGE!! Ladies join me Friday morning for a barre crawl. Meeting at 730am outside Halfmoon. BarreBlend


Barre Crawl Thursday morning 8am 💪 starting outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


Friday morning Barre Crawl 8am, meeting outside Halfmoon Point. Yes You Can 💪 BarreBlend


Another week flying by. Friday morning Barre Crawl 8am. Start your weekend the BarreBlend way


Another week is flying by. Start your Friday with a barre crawl. 8am meet, outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


Friday Morning Barre Crawl 8am start. Meet outside Halfmoon Point. Bring water BarreBlend


Join me Friday morning Barre Crawl 8am. Meet outside halfmoon point


Another week, Another barre crawl. Join me Friday 8am, outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend

Photos from BarreBlend's post 05/28/2022

When your barre chick's are friends, cardio in beauty, happy Satuday BarreBlend


Memorial Day weekend is almost here. Start your Friday with 8am Barre Crawl BarreBlend


Ladies due to a doctor's appointment there will NOT be a barre crawl this Friday 😥


Ladies. Barre Crawl will be tomorrow, Thursday, May 5th at 8am instead of Friday. So start your Cinco De Mayo the BarreBlend way


If anyone would like to join me for an 8am walk tomorrow. I am thinking 2 laps fast walk, leaving Halfmoon at 8am. All are welcome 💪 BarreBlend


Some of our favorite ladies are gone for season but our little tribe marches on. The best part of my day 💪 BarreBlend


Another week. Another barre crawl. 8am take off from Halfmoon 💪 BarreBlend


Good morning NR ladies. Last minute invite meet at the kiddy Park parking lot today at 8am for a 45min BarreBlend class. If you have light weights bring them. If you need a set let me know :)


To All the Chicks that want to join me for a Good Friday barre crawl, 8am take off from the Halfmoon Point fitness station. Let's burn some calories in advance of holiday treats BarreBlend


TGIF, Meet Me at the Barre, 8am Barre Crawl outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


Friday morning Barre Crawl 8am outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


What a way to start the day. Girl power 💪 BarreBlend


Friday Morning Barre Crawl 8am meet outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


I hope everyone has full bellies and happy hearts. Burn some calories tomorrow with me 8am Barre Crawl BarreBlend


Life is precious. Enjoy every moment. Ladies, i appreciate you joining me in something that I absolutely love in the most beautiful place 🌴💪. Truly blessed ❤ BarreBlend


Ok ladies there are 6 chairs so the first 6 people to contact me that are interested in joining me in doing sunset chair barre tomorrow at 645pm.. 💪 BarreBlend


What a way to start the day 💪. Great job ladies !! BarreBlend


Since it's going to be a chilly morning. There will be BarreBlend at 830am. It will be a little cardio, a little weights and a little barre. Meeting at my house to grab weights and off to the parking lot by the kids park


Friday morning Barre Crawl 8:00 am at the fitness station outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


Look in the mirror and always remember this BarreBlend


Great Island Barre class this morning. Class sizes are limited so contact me if you are interested in hosting or attending BarreBlend


Ended barre with a great stretch. Ladies, your dedication to me and, more importantly, to yourselves is empowering. I enjoy every step, bend, lift, hold, squat and everything in between. TGIF to a well deserved bunch BarreBlend


Friday morning Barre Crawl 8:00 am.meeting outside Halfmoon Point


NEW CLASS OPPORTUNITY... ladies there is a new Island Barre class request. The class will take place indoors with limited spaces available. If you are interested in joining a 8am or 5pm weekday class please contact me for details BarreBlend


Island Barre. It's getting hot outside, but staying cool inside.

Hey Naples ladies are you ready for Island Barre by BarreBlend. Offering 30 min classes in your home or mine. Outdoor class is also available. Message me for more info.


Inquiring minds want to know.... leave a review about your experience with BarreBlend


Blink of an eye and it's Thursday night. Join me tomorrow morning 8am Barre Crawl. Meeting outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


Ok ladies, I am off tomorrow. let me know if you want to power walk in the morning at 830. What's power walk... we will walk the cicle with weights and do some arm cicuits along the way. Let me know if you want to join in, we will be leaving from my house so you can get weights BarreBlend 💪


Ladies that barre together get healthy together TGIF BarreBlend


Friday morning barre crawl 8am. Meeting at the fitness station outside Halfmoon Point. It's President's Day weekend. Let's start it off right 💪


Friday morning Barre Crawl 8am. Meeting at fitness station outside Halfmoon Point. All are welcome BarreBlend


If you build it they will come. You ladies inspire me 💪 BarreBlend


Friday Morning Barre Crawl 8am outside Halfmoon Point BarreBlend


Our group continues to grow. Great crawl ladies. TGIF BarreBlend


Start your Friday with a BarreBlend Barre Crawl 8am at the Halfmoon Point fitness station


I had so much fun with this group of cheese heads. Contact me to schedule barre for you and your friends BarreBlend


Another day, another crawl. When the instructor is sore it was a job well done BarreBlend


Whoop Whoop, 2 in a row. My bo**ie be like what ?!?! 💪. Great job ladies TGIF


Friday morning Barre Crawl 8am meet at the fitness station outside Halfmoon Point


It's the last Barre Crawl of 2021. Tomorrow morning 8am. Meeting at the fitness station outside Halfmoon Point

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Be The Better You
A tiny taste of BarreBlend





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