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“🌟 Embrace Your Brilliance 🌟

In a world constantly pulling us in a million directions, self-love isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Take a moment today to celebrate YOU. ❤️

Treat yourself with kindness,speak to yourself with compassion, and remember: your worth isn’t measured by likes or follows, but by the love you show yourself.

🧘🏻‍♀️ I struggled with self love for years, not thinking I was good enough. Beating myself up was the norm and I had relationships or friendships that were toxic for me. Every now and then I go back to those patterns but I recognize the red flags earlier and am able to walk away much sooner.

I believe the universe is always testing us. Unless we learn our lessons, we’ll continue repeating the same patterns until WE choose to change our path. 👊

💃🏻No matter where you are in your journey, YOU hold the power to change your narrative at anytime. The problem is that many of us stay stuck in our circumstances and stay comfortable being unhappy, unsatisfied and never at peace. 😔

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What’s your motivation?

📷 .ortiz

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is important, but let’s face it, we all have different motivations that keep us going on this challenging yet fulfilling fitness journey.

🌞 Are you driven by the thought of living a long and fulfilling life, filled with memorable experiences, surrounded by loved ones?

💡 Maybe it’s the mental and emotional benefits that come with staying fit, such as reduced stress levels, increased self-confidence, and a sense of accomplishment?

💪 I’d love to hear YOUR story and discover what motivates you to stay active and make healthier choices.

💃🏻My “why” is to continue my favorite activities for as long as I can without injuries or debilitating back pain. I don’t want to be crippled or ever have to depend on a walker. I want to be able to keep up with my nieces and nephew while I stay limber and energized. What about you?

💫 Drop your “WHY” in the comments below. Your unique story might inspire others on their own journey to lead a more vibrant and fulfilling life!

👉Tag a friend who needs a little extra push to find their “why” too. Let’s build a supportive community that celebrates each other’s triumphs and milestones!



Where’s your happy place? ☀️

I don’t know about you, but I thrive in sunshine and the heat. I can’t stay away from the sea for long either. Give me a surfboard and waves and I’ll be content in the ocean for hours.

Surfing all year in NY used to be appealing and props to those who do, but I dread putting on my 6mm wetsuit and 8mm gloves! My body doesn’t do well in the cold these days. 🥶

I’m so grateful I was able to spend a month in Mexico last fall. From Mexico City to Puerto Escondido to Guadalajara and an unexpected trip back to Sayulita & Punta Mita, I’ve met so many amazing friends along the way. Thank you for your friendship and hospitality 🙏
Gracias .coach for taking care of me 🏄🏻‍♀️🙏🏄🏻‍♀️

Do you enjoy nature? Do you prefer the beach, the woods or the mountains?

👇Let me know in the comments and where’s your next adventure?🏖️🌞🏄🏻‍♀️🌊🌴🏂🏔️⛷️🌲

❤️ 💪 ❤ ❤️


Happy new year from El Salvador 🇸🇻

Hope you’re having a great start of the year. I don’t do well in the cold and am always exploring places to live for the winter. So long as I can surf and work from my computer, I’m good. I didn’t realize how much I would fall in love with El Tunco beach.

Its surfer’s paradise. Everyone is super friendly and you meet people from all over the world. I absolutely love the vibe and grateful for the opportunity since this was a last minute trip. Every day has been an adventure. I get to improve my Spanish daily along with staying in shape by surfing. Tks for taking care of me. 🙏

Where would you live if you could make it happen?

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Happy Halloween from Mexico City 🇲🇽

What an incredible city rich in culture, life and amazing sites! This is my second time here and staying longer to enjoy more of CDMX.

If you haven’t seen the Teotihuacan pyramids, I highly recommend a day trip which includes the Basilica de Guadalupe tour. Both are incredible experiences.

Casa día es un adventura! I’m also here for the dia de los Mu***os festivities which is fun to experience even though I won’t be here for the parade. Check out my highlights if you want to experience more of Mexico City. Not to mention, the food is unbelievable, and not only taco heaven. If you’ve been, what was your favorite experience?

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How to step into your power 💪

⚡️Define your boundaries
⚡️Forgive yourself
⚡️Own your mistakes
⚡️Practice gratitude & self love
⚡️Listen to your intuition
⚡️Embrace your feelings
⚡️Let go of what doesn’t serve you
⚡️Practice mindfulness
⚡️Nurture your relationships

True personal power comes from within, not from any external sources. It takes strength to admit your mistakes, to allow yourself to be vulnerable and compassionate without losing yourself in the process.

Learning how to stand up and negotiate for yourself is not always easy. With tons of practice and self awareness, you’ll get there and help others along the way.

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Are you good with boundaries?

Do you feel like you’re constantly giving and not getting much in return? Are you putting other’s needs first over your own? If you’ve answered “yes,” it’s time to set some personal boundaries!

Boundaries are the rules and limits we create to define what behavior is acceptable for us and others. They can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.

Here are 5 examples:

1. I will not tolerate disrespect or let anyone make me feel inferior

2. I will not allow myself to be a doormat or be taken for granted

3. I will not let anyone determine my worth or happiness

4. I will prioritize my well being so I can be better to those around me

5. I will not spend time with those who don’t respect my boundaries

Boundaries is also a form of self love. I’ve experienced a lot of frustration, resentment and unhappiness when I didn’t stick to those boundaries above.
Which one resonates most with you?

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5 reasons why you should
practice daily gratitude 🙏

⚡️Improves mental health
⚡️Fewer aches and pains
⚡️Build stronger relationships
⚡️Decreases stress and anxiety
⚡️Better sleep

Have you taken things or people for granted? Complained about lack instead of coming from a place of abundance? It’s too easy to focus on what you don’t have, especially if you’re caught up in the material world.

I’ve been there many times. All the shiny objects can never give you true happiness. As I once learned from a meditation workshop, artificial happiness is not lasting nor fulfilling.

Being grateful can not only transform your life but can help you connect to something larger than yourself, whether it’s a higher power, people or mature.

The moment I wake up, I give thanks to the first thing that comes to mind. Being alive to experience another day is a big one for me. What are you grateful for?

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💫 ♥️


Be unapologetically you

Who cares what anyone thinks as long as you’re not hurting anyone? I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum. That’s the free spirit in me. I love adventure and creating my own experiences. I’m not looking to please everyone nor do I compare myself to others. Either you accept me or you don’t.

I know who I am. Do you? None of us are perfect nor are we supposed to be. I’m doing my best to spread love to those around me and to help others realize their potential. We all get lost sometimes and that’s ok. Surround yourself with those who will support, encourage and lift you up in good and bad times.

How would you like to contribute to the world? I’d love to hear more about you. Like, comment and share👇



It’s ok to not be ok

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? There are life lessons to be learned when you face challenging circumstances. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing clearly. Other times not only do I have clarity, but when I trust my gut, it has never been wrong.

Life will constantly throw you curveballs. We all have patterns we’re used to especially from childhood. It’s ok to embrace your flaws and your feelings. It takes work to change old patterns and to create new ones. When you don’t put the work in, you get stuck in a vicious cycle. That was me for many years until I started practicing self love, gratitude and meditation. I’m still a work in progress.

I believe in letting things flow because everything happens as it needs to. You have the power to choose how to move forward. There’s beauty in making mistakes, taking chances and allowing yourself to fall on your face so you can continue to grow and evolve. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Do you agree?

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Did you know that prolonged sitting can have damaging effects on your health and quality of life over time?

If you experience aches and pains, suffer from poor posture, fatigue, anxiety, lack of motivation and don’t know where to start, the Sitting Solutions masterclass was created just for busy professionals like you!

How’s what you’ll learn in my 60 minute zoom workshop

2/2 EST

⚡️How sitting all day affects your
body from head to toe

⚡️Posture and how to fix it

⚡️Mobility, stretch & corrective
exercises you can start with

⚡️How to create healthier habits
for a long term solution

⚡️Tips empowering you to take charge of your health & avoid temporary fixes

No fitness experience required!

👆Sign up on link in bio to reverse the effects of sitting today👆


Doors are officially open to my
“Sitting Solutions Masterclass”

February 2nd EST

60 minutes

Limited spots available

Prolonged sitting is one of the biggest problems my clients face today which contribute to a variety of aches and pains all across the body. If you suffer from neck, shoulder, hip or back pain, poor posture, fatigue or other health issues from your desk job, this is a great opportunity to turn things around and take charge of your health.

I’ve helped multiple clients improve their quality of life through mind, body and breathwork.

Click on the link in bio to sign up today 👆

Photos from Cindy Lai Fitness's post 01/23/2023

Happy lunar new year of the rabbit from my family to yours!

May 2023 bring you good health, prosperity and happiness 🧧

Gong hei fat choy!

I’m so grateful to be here another day and to have the opportunity to spend time with my family. Cherish every moment with your loved ones. We never know what tomorrow brings!



What’s your why?

Mine is to avoid back surgery for life

It took me a long time to heal from my back injuries which I was diagnosed with in 2014. On the outside, I looked like the picture of perfect health. I thought I was invincible. Inside I was falling apart.

I didn’t understand why I kept pulling my back out time after time. Then the back spasms started one day when I pulled my back about the tenth time that year. The pain was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It was excruciating. I couldn’t stand up straight. I couldn’t sit or sleep.

For the next several years, I saw different healthcare practitioners. I ended up putting a bandaid on my disc herniations every time until the back spasms flared up again. I could not figure out why. It was frustrating!

After years of research, experimenting and studying, I finally figured out which exercises and techniques worked. The brain also plays a crucial role in healing as well as our mental well being, which I neglected.

Today I’m no longer a victim of my injuries. I’ve learned to heal not only myself but was able to help those I’ve worked with. My mission is to continue helping people take back their life through natural healing and movement. I never took injections and avoid taking medicine if I don’t need to.

At 46, I continue to push my body to new limits safely. It’s amazing what your body is capable of once your mind understands how to retrain it.

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Doors are closing soon!

Learn to move without pain
in my 90 day program

Only a few spots left

Starts Jan. 8th

Program Includes:
⚡️2 x 60mn virtual classes per wk
⚡️3 x 90mn intensives once a month
⚡️30 minute fitness assessment
⚡️Community support
⚡️My guidance & support every step
of the way 💪

If you want to move without thinking about pain and live a strong, vibrant and healthy life, apply on the link in bio to schedule a call with me today👆


👆Click on link in bio to apply👆


Move Without Pain in 90 days

Starts Jan. 8th

Program Includes:
⚡️2 x 60mn virtual classes per wk
⚡️3 x 90mn intensives once a month
⚡️30 minute fitness assessment
⚡️Community support
⚡️My guidance & support every step
of the way 💪

If you want to move without thinking about pain and live a strong, vibrant and healthy life, click on the link in bio to schedule a call with me today👆


👆Click on link in bio to apply👆


Doors are officially open to my 90 day program “Move without Pain”

Starts Jan 8th, 2023

Are you tired of not being able to perform daily tasks without chronic aches and pains? Are you always putting a bandaid on your issues just for them to come back with a vengeance? Perhaps you’ve seen so many medical or health practitioners that none of them were able to provide long term relief.

That was me when I was diagnosed with my back injuries almost 9 years ago. There were days I couldn’t sit, sleep or walk without pain. It was debilitating, especially since I was so physically fit on the outside. Inside I was a broken mess.

My journey has been a long one. What I learned throughout the years did not only help in my personal healing process but also enabled to help my clients get out of pain. I’d love to share what I’ve learned to help you on your journey. Click the link on the bio to apply.

👉Click on the link in bio to apply 👈


“Peace begins with a smile."
— Mother Teresa

Did you know that smiling provides the following benefits?

- Decreases pain
- Reduces stress
- Lowers blood pressure
- Increases endorphins
- Boosts mood + immune system

What have you got to lose? Give it a go!
No matter how I’m feeling, whether i’m happy, sad, stressed or not feeling my best, I’ve always smiled through my circumstances. It’s contagious! Let’s spread the love together. Like, comment and share👇

💞💫💞 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❣️


Step into your power 💪

Do you let setbacks or circumstances rule your life? It’s easy to complain or place blame when things don’t go as planned. How often did you get upset because you didn’t express how you felt? Are you so busy taking care of others, you forget about yourself? For years, I ran away from myself. I swept past trauma under the rug and avoided conflict whenever possible. Instead of facing my issues, I took my feelings out through fitness and pushed myself toward injury.

Through meditation and therapy, I learned how to heal and nurture myself. As fit as I looked, I was a hot mess mentally. I learned hard lessons along the way. Through self love and self compassion, I was able to pull myself out of a vicious cycle of self sabotage. Changing my mindset helped improve my relationships and transformed me into who I am today.

Here are 5 ways you can step into your power:

1. Set boundaries
2. Stay true to yourself
3. Practice self love
4. Stay in the present
5. Meditate

If we didn’t make mistakes, we would never grow. Don’t be afraid to fail. Life is a journey and will continue to throw us curveballs. You hold the power to living your best life today. Comment and share if this resonates 👈

🧠 💪 💪

Photos from Cindy Lai Fitness's post 04/05/2022

Move for Ukraine

Zoom Cardio Workout 4/6 EST

Join me and to move for a good cause 💪

100% of the proceeds go to .are.alight

👉Sign up or go to



You’re never too busy to with Breathwrk] 🧘🏻‍♀️

No matter how chaotic my day is, I like to stay balanced with simple breathing exercises to keep my mental health in check. Why stress when you can manage it? Try out Breathwrk] and lmk what you think. A healthy mind is a happy one 🧘🏻‍♀️


How to live your best life now 💃🏻
⚡️Be present
⚡️Practice self love
⚡️Practice gratitude
⚡️Stay true to yourself
⚡️Prioritize health
⚡️Never compare yourself to others
⚡️Make time for things that matter

What do you practice and what resonates with you? We have a short time in this world so make the best of every moment while you can. I took a lot of things granted while I was younger. I was hard on myself and didn’t think I was good enough. Fast forward to today.

It took me 46 years to achieve a healthy balance mentally, spiritually and physically. It’s taken me a lot of work to get here and it’s still a work in progress. Letting go of perfection and expectations was challenging but I’m so much happier today. It’s never too late to shift your mindset. What would you like to change today? Like, comment and share👇

❤️ ❤ ♥️ ❤️ 🌊

Photos from Cindy Lai Fitness's post 02/25/2022

Living in the moment 🙏

Do you get distracted easily? Are you a slave to your phone or can you detach from it? I don’t know about you but I often need to take breaks from posting online for my mental health.

When I returned from Mexico, I made it a priority to work on my mental and emotional well being. This has always been more challenging for me than exercise. Meditation, spending time with myself and journaling without distractions has helped me find peace and balance in life. If I’m to be able to help others to the best of my abilities, I need to put myself first.

Too often, I see my clients and friends, mostly caregivers, fall apart when they put everyone else’s needs before theirs. Self care is not selfish, it’s necessary! Like, comment and share if you agree👇

💚 ❤️ ♥️ ❤️


Don’t let age stop you

How often do you feel stuck?
Soon I’ll be turning 46, and I’ve never felt stronger, mobile and more balanced in my life. Of course this wouldn’t have happened without putting the work into it. It’s an ongoing process which requires constant work on self love, self compassion and discipline.

I used to push myself so hard through fitness that I have permanent back injuries. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned how to be kinder to myself and to let go of perfection. I’ve learned to embrace my flaws and to find peace through meditation. It’s never too late to improve your mental and physical well being no matter where you are. Growing and evolving is a lifelong journey. Like, comment and share if you agree👇

💚 🌳💰💯 💪 💪


5 Things you should give up to be happy:
👉Living in the past
👉Trying to control everything
👉Limiting beliefs


Do you feel that the older we become, the more we can get stuck in our ways, especially when it comes to bad habits and negative self talk?

It takes work to rewire your brain for a successful mindset shift. It’s something I’m still working on and have gotten better at over the years. No matter where you are, it’s never too late to make positive changes. Like, comment and share if you agree👇

DM if you need help with your health and fitness goals 💪

#ʜᴀᴘᴘʏɴᴇᴡʏᴇᴀʀ2022 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 🇲🇽


When in Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan which means “City of the Gods,” was the most important and largest city of pre-Aztec central Mexico. It was amazing to see the pyramid of the sun and the moon and to learn about the rich history which took place thousands of years ago. I highly recommend this experience when you visit Mexico City.

For more, check out my highlights and lmk if you need any tips. Where would you like to travel to next? Like, comment and share👇

🇲🇽 ❤️ ❤️

Photos from Cindy Lai Fitness's post 12/26/2021

Happy Holidays!

I’m so grateful to spend time with my beautiful niece and nephew and with our families. Very sad we haven’t been able to see my other nieces from my brother’s side .gracelai since before thanksgiving since they got Covid. Glad you’re all getting better!

Cherish every moment with your loved ones! Stay safe and stay healthy! Wishing you a holiday filled with good health, love, peace and happiness! ❤️

❤️ ❤️


Change your thoughts, change your life


If you constantly give into your limiting beliefs and listen to the same stories you tell yourself over and over, you’ll block yourself from ever achieving true peace and happiness. I was there for many years until I decided to take control of my mind. Here are 3 tips on how you can rewrite your story.

1. Acknowledge your negative thoughts

How often do you put yourself down? Say it enough and you’ll never believe you’re good enough or capable! When that happens, take a step back and replace those thoughts with something positive you’ve accomplished.

2: Ditch the words “I can’t” to “how can I?” or “I choose not to” which is more empowering and gives you control and responsibility over your life.

3. Practice daily gratitude

Instead of focusing on what you lack, being grateful for the abundance you have will help you live a more fulfilling life. It’s easy to complain about everything, to beat yourself up & compare yourself to others. This serves absolutely no purpose and becomes a vicious cycle. Next time you catch yourself, take a moment, breathe and name one thing you’re grateful for.

Changing your narrative takes time and practice. It won’t happen overnight either. The more work you put into it, the sooner you can start living healthier and happier life. Like, comment and share if you agree👇

♥️ ❤️

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