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Train with the #1 Instructors in NYC. Learn Muay Thai, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Judo, BJJ, Kettlebell Tra Pro shop on the ground floor.

With a reputation for excellence earned over more than a decade, Five Points Academy is a martial arts school and fully equipped strength and conditioning training facility. Muay Thai kickboxing, Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Judo/Brazilian JiuJitsu.

Operating as usual

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Kongnapa “The Exocet Missile” Watcharawit
Trainer-in-Residence at Five Points Academy for the month of May
Kru Kongnapa will be helping in classes and available for private instruction (see the front desk to reserve your time slot!)

One of the All-Time Greats of the Golden Age of Muay Thai

A powerful southpaw Muay Mat fighter

125 wins-32 losses-6 draws

*Rajadamnern Stadium Titles (he is a four division champion)
1988 Rajadamnern Stadium Super Bantamweight (122 lbs) Champion
1989 Rajadamnern Stadium Featherweight (126 lbs) Champion (one defense)
1991 Rajadamnern Stadium Super Featherweight (130 lbs) Champion
1995 Rajadamnern Stadium Super Lightweight (140 lbs) Champion (one defense)
*International Kickboxing Federation Titles
1998 I.K.F. Pro Muaythai Junior-middleweight World Champion (five defenses)
*International Muay Thai Championship Titles
2001 I.M.T.C. Muay Thai Super Welterweight World −70 kg Champion
*International Karate & Kickboxing Council Titles
2007 IKKC Muay Thai Intercontinental Jr. Middleweight Champion



We are excited to host another level I certification this weekend. Please check the schedule of classes and mat hours for this weekend. Thank you for your cooperation 💙🖤


Let’s support Five Points student and artist Loy Luo and our Chinatown Community while enjoying some amazing art! with .repost
Congrats! A new Event in L Private Gallery at December 3. Chinese, Japanese and Korean jointly interpret the personality of oriental culture.
For more details, please see the bio link!

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One week out from “Five Points vs Everyone” 🔥💣🔥
next show is local ~ right over the bridge in Brooklyn! Jon, Anthony, Daniel and Andy have been training hard. Come out to support the team. Ticket link in bio🎟️🎟️


This week’s hours are modified for the Thanksgiving holiday 🧡🥧🤎


Ian and Sophia weighed in and ready to go! Watch them tomorrow at Sophia fights second, Ian is bout seven.

Photos from Five Points Academy: Muay Thai & Fitness's post 10/19/2022

It’s fight week for Sophia and Ian!!! 🔥 Send them off with words of encouragement and some love as they hit the road to Boston this week for 💣💥


This is why we train our fighters and students to be quiet professionals. To treat the sport as it is - a beautiful and Intelligent martial art that is to be respected. with .repost
Life of a racehorse. 🐎

Western countries often associate fighting with violence, honor, and a false sense of grandeur. The rhetoric for fighting is often "going to war" or "time for violence."

It's different in Thailand. Just another day at the stable. We're not going to war; we're going to work. Do you hop on the commute train every morning thinking of going to war with that PowerPoint presentation? Hmm, maybe. I don't know your life. 🤔😆

We train, eat, nap, wake up, train again, eat again, sleep, and repeat. We fight. We lose. We win. We rest a couple days off and we do it again. 🔂

It's actually very unglamorous. Only alluring because you get see the highly curated edited highlights we share designed to market ourselves & influence you. 💁🏻‍♀️💅

Our bodies are constant subjects of public ridicule. "You look fat" is my personal favorite. Simple, but it elegantly cuts through my soul every single time.👌🏼

It's not meant to hurt your feelings. You're a racehorse. So you grow thick skin & stay in tip top shape in order to win. 🥇

So why do this? Depends on who you ask, but I have the privilege of choice, and man oh man, I want to race! I wish I realized this sooner, but I had other priorities in life.

This is the most real and honest thing I have ever done. I know what is expected of me from the person across the ring. The goal is clear and there is immediate physical feedback if I make a mistake.

This, to me, is living an authentic life.

📸❤️ .co
[pre-fight massage at Lumpinee]

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Congratulations to both Anthony and Julia on their debut fights! Anthony wins his first fight with an unanimous decision and Julia losses by decision, yet fought with tremendous heart. Super proud of you both ❤️🔥✨

Photos from Five Points Academy: Muay Thai & Fitness's post 09/29/2022

Anthony and Julia weighed in and ready to go on AFL Muay Thai Promotion tomorrow. Anthony is bout 4, Julia bout 7; fights start at 7 pm.

Photos from Five Points Academy: Muay Thai & Fitness's post 09/22/2022

🚨Save the date!!!

Julia and Anthony fighting September 30! On This is a local show!! Link in bio for tickets!!! We hope to see you all there to cheer them on! 💥❤️


Can’t make it to fight? Link in bio to watch! with .repost
We are excited to announce that Freedom 7 PPV will be streamed live on .tv September 17! We are committed to making Freedom Fighter Promotions the number one fight promotion in the world, and we’re excited to improve the viewing experience for fans worldwide. Fight Club TV has an excellent track record and we’re truly excited for this partnership!


It’s fight week for Five Points Coach and fighter Serpico! This is a local show and there are still a few tickets at the desk! 🔥🔥
Serpico Adams will be taking on Jhalani Battle-Williams in a rematch on September 17th Freedom 7! There were mixed reviews on the results the first time so you know this second fight between the two will be fireworks!

“My highs would probably be actually being in there and fighting some of the best people in America and hearing the crowd cheering, the adrenaline, nothing beats it. Lows would probably be losing especially when you felt like you have done enough to win the fight, but the judges don’t seem to think so. Another low would probably be all the weight cutting.

I was never really athletic growing up and I think Muay Thai is the first sport that got me active. I’m a really big dragon ball z fan and I think Muay Thai is like the closest thing to being a saiyan warrior. I feel like the constant push to do better after every fight, the large community of people that support you win or lose. Recently I’ve been coaching out of five points academy and I’ts been amazing to see upcoming fighters grow and fall in love with the sport like I did”.

Honestly, I just fight for myself. This was the first thing I had set out to do that was my very own idea and dream. From 0 to 20 fights, It’s been a hell of a ride and I can’t wait to continue. Here’s to 100 more fights.”

⬇️Leave a comment to show your support for Serpico!⬇️

All eyes in the Muay Thai world will be on Freedom 7 on September 17! We have an incredible roster of Freedom Fighters, from our talented youth to our impressive adults, including all of the international professional fighters.

To purchase tickets, message these fighters to support them, or call/text 551-339-3339.

To purchase tickets, message these fighters to support them, or call/text 551-339-3339.

Live on PPV! Tune into .tv to watch!


to take your Kettlebell knowledge, Coaching Cues, and Group Programming to the next Level. Learn the StrongFirst methods for teaching, perfecting, and scaling lifts such as the Jerk- Windmill-Bent Press and many more.

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Do not miss out on the only StrongFirst Level 2 (SFG2) on the East Coast. Renew, Review, Realize SFG2 and Achieve Elite. Register Today! New York City head over to for more info on registration.


Arjan Jud promoted Coach Gio to silver/red prajiat. He is a senior instructor/Kru and it is a well deserved promotion. Congratulations Kru Gio. ❤️



Holiday Hours in effect for this weekend.


🚨It’s fight week as Julie gets back in the game next Saturday night in Charleston, SC


We will post the PPV link later in the week on our bio and in our stories for live viewing and commentary.

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Conflict #53 All Female Main Card
August 27th in Charleston, SC
Initial fight card with more bouts to be added!!

*125 GAMMA South Carolina Muay Thai Title

Julie Cohen vs Amy Peduto

Tickets on sale @
Or by calling 843-603-1115


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Do not miss out on the only StrongFirst Level 2 (SFG2) on the East Coast. Renew, Review, Realize SFG2 and Achieve Elite. Register Today! New York City


Consistency is 🔑✨

Wai, San Tee, and Julia have gained strength, flexibility, and resilience while showing up regularly to Arjan Steve’s classes M/W/F

Come join us to see what it’s all about 🦾🖤


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Congrats to our team Simon got Gold in gi and Bronze in no-gi. Phil got Bronze in gi and Gold in no gi. Way to go Boys 🖤✨


Congratulations 💙🤎🙏✨ Thank you

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Congratulations to all the new 🟦's and Sensei Marcus's Brown Belt promotions.💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


It’s fight week🔥❤️⚡️

is back in the ring this Saturday night on

Send him some love and show your support 🥇⚡️✨

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Heading into the final week of training for our fighters .marie1 and


Come on down, train with the fighters, and give them some love❤️⚡️

This one’s close enough for road trip! 🏎💨


ตระกูล translates to Family. Couldn’t think of a more fitting way to describe our team. When you join Five Points Academy you are not only joining a gym but a family and a community.


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Look what is happening in NYC 2022!

First up the StrongFirst Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Certification on September 24-25 2022.
Take your Kettlebell Knowledge, Coaching Cues, and Group Programming to the next level. Learn the StrongFirst methods for teaching, perfecting, and scaling lifts such as the Jerk- Windmill-Bent Press and many more.

Registration details here:

Followed by the StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor Cert on Oct 1-2 2022!

Get an intensive education in the StrongFirst Bodyweight Training System.
Learn 18 plateau smashing, tensions techniques that will turbocharge your strength.
Learn how to reverse engineer any physical feat your heart desires.
Discover methods for achieving your goals and those of your students.
Be able to get a powerful strength training session anywhere, any time, with no equipment- just your own body.
Graduates of this cert have said it was the most important part of their StrongFirst journey.
Registration details here:

Is flexibility or mobility is holding you back? Want to take your mobility –flexibility to the next level? Many people have doubled their flexibility during the cert weekend. Flexible Steel is for you. Join us for

Flexible Steel Level 1 November 5th 2022
Flexible Steel Level 2 November 6th2022
Flexible Steel Combo -Both Level 1 and 2

Finally on December 2-4, 2022 we will have the StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 Certification.

These events are time sensitive and the price increases the closer we get to the start dates. Check them out now and register to save BIG.


Congratulations Wilson! We’ll be here when you return. 🙏
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This a late post, but I am truly grateful for Five Points Academy] for giving me incessant support in preparation for my first fight. for cornering me, yelling at me mid fight in spite of the fact that I couldn’t hear anything👂😄. Future champ for coaching me during camp and put me on fire constantly. for teaching me a year of Muay Thai in 2 weeks. The only regret I had is that I didn’t get to showcase enough I had learnt from Five Points Academy]. I’m stepping out of NYC for a bit and truly looking forward to my next fight in China!!


with .repost
Title Fight Announcement Serpico Arriaga vs Jhalani Battle-Williams - Who will take home the strap home? JULY 23rd

Shout out to our sponsors


We have a few sponsorship opportunities available. Please be sure to hit us up for more info.


We will be closed Monday, July 4th 🎆

Enjoy the day with friends and family ❤️🤍💙


Arjan Jud currently available for private’s until August. He has trained some of the most renowned Muay Thai fighters including the likes of Namsaknoi and Buakaw. We are lucky enough to have him for the next month so take advantage of this opportunity while you can. Please contact Five Points Academy via telephone if interested.


Omnoi Suttamueang available for private’s until August. Omnoi is a veteran of over 200 fights, having competed in both Omnoi and Rajadamnern stadiums. He is a very knowledge and experienced trainer. If you are interested in training with him. Please contact Five Points Academy via phone call.

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