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Develop and Train To Your Strengths 06/27/2023

Develop and Train To Your Strengths As a soccer player, harnessing and maximizing your strengths is critical to achieving success on the field. While working on improving weaknesses is essential, dedicating time and effort to developing your strengths can elevate your performance to new heights. Here's why focusing on your strengths m...

USMNT’s Walker Zimmerman is a very good soccer player. He might be a better teammate. 11/18/2022
USMNT’s Walker Zimmerman is a very good soccer player. He might be a better teammate.

USMNT’s Walker Zimmerman is a very good soccer player. He might be a better teammate. NASHVILLE — The summers here, Chris Ammons said, “can get hotter than hell’s attic.” When Ammons drove to his job as Nashville SC’s assistant equipment manager, he would leave the windows of his 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix rolled down in the parking lot. The air conditioning had busted, and Am...

The STAR Coaching Method 11/10/2022

The STAR Coaching Method When I talk to coaches, one of the challenges I hear them share is maintaining discipline and keeping the athlete engaged. When I ask them to describe their challenge, I hear their frustration with their lack of emotional balance during training sessions.

What You Tell Yourself After Lossing 09/29/2022

Today winning and losing has become the outcome rather than the process. Your potential is at risk. Join Next Level Soccer Academy today.

What You Tell Yourself After Lossing People use various terms when they are not winning to help them keep going, determination, grit, willpower, and fortitude. They use these terms to point toward self-control. When you can't control the circumstances around you, it is only natural to focus on what you can control. But if you're a play...

Play With Confidence 08/30/2022

The confidence-building circle: practice to build your spirit, that in turn feeds your dreams, that motivates you to practice.

Play With Confidence According to Walt Disney, the secret of making dreams come true “can be summarized in four Cs. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and consistency, and the greatest is confidence.” An example of confidence is a player feeling optimistic about a game they are about to play. It’s a belief i...

New Training Location 07/14/2022

Welcome to my new training facility in Auburn, GA. Schedule your training session today and get ready for the new season.

New Training Location Get Ready For The New Season

Finding Your Perfect Fit 05/20/2022

Tryout season is a stressful time for everyone. Your player is disappointed and hurt. Being seperated from your friend group if your player is cut. Perhaps you're considering a new club. You're looking for the right fit to develop your player.

Finding Your Perfect Fit Every player needs a pair of cleats that hug your feet and feel like an extension of your body. A nice snug fit is key for proper control and to allow every part of a player's foot to get in contact with the ball, without any room between the foot and the cleat. Finding the perfect club for your pla...

What Coaches Look For 04/16/2022

Do you ever wonder what coaches at the next level are looking for?

What Coaches Look For I recently had the opportunity to interview a college Division 1 coach who recruited a girl that I train. They player was offered a scholarship and accepted. I asked the coach what he looked for in a D1 player. Below is their answer. "Here are some basic foundational things that I think can help any...

Merry Christmas 12/23/2021

It has been our privilege to have served you in 2021 on your mission to take your game to the next level.

Merry Christmas And the child grew and became strong in spirit...

New Blog Post 12/09/2021

The secret to discipline is simple but no one talks about it.

New Blog Post The Secret To Discipline

New Blog Post 12/02/2021

Players who are next level players possess these 7 mindsets.

New Blog Post 7 Next Level Mindsets

Why Players Quit 11/18/2021

You arrive at success at the speed of trust.

Why Players Quit Some believe that players don’t quit soccer, they quit a coach. But it is much more complex than that. It’s easy to blame that one obnoxious coach as the reason a player quits. But when I talk to players who quit it’s really about their experience with the game as a whole. They are leaving bec...

3 Reasons You Need A Personal Training Plan 11/11/2021

Contact me if you want to train November 22, 23 and 24 during Thanksgiving break. I'm planning drop in training sessions those days. Each session will be unique and different. And each session will prepare you for your own personal training plan.

3 Reasons You Need A Personal Training Plan I’ve seen it over and over again as a coach. A player will come out on their own while I’m training my team and they will go over to an open goal and start pounding shots on goal or throw down a line of cones and dribble. Yes, I think it is great that they took the time to get out and train on t...

7 Next Level Habits 11/04/2021

When you become competent in these 7 Next Level Habits you will see a clear path to success.

7 Next Level Habits Research and the data suggests that coaches are terrible at talent identification. What has been shown is that most of the time when selections are being made they are biased. If you’re a coach, being aware of this is the first step toward considering selecting differently. If you’re a parent, k...

The Road To Success 10/28/2021

The Road To Success Are you a player who is looking for success? The stress that you are feeling in your quest for success is part of the process. But there is a step that you must take before you can achieve success, it is finding stability. Once you have achieved stability you have established a foundation for findin...


Practice doesn't make you perfect. Practice makes something permanent. You better make sure what you're practicing is right.

College Player Input On Training At Next Level Soccer Academy 08/08/2020

What make training at Next Level Soccer Academy so unique? Listen to what a college player has to say about why she looks forward to training at Next Level Soccer Academy.

College Player Input On Training At Next Level Soccer Academy What makes training so different at Next Level Soccer Academy? Hear from player on No. 7 Nationally Ranked Mill Creek High School team and incoming Freshman signee at North Georgia College.


‪It was my privilege to encourage summer soccer coaches with Chattanooga Sports Ministries today as they prepare to mentor children and youth this summer.

Stay Connected 03/27/2020

Fear limits our possibilities. Hope opens our eye's to new opportunities. Don't let today pass without taking a step to take your game to the next level.

Stay Connected This is a training plan designed to be done at home. Be sure to press SUBMIT at the end to receive a special offer from Next Level Soccer Academy.

Excellence Is A Choice 03/17/2020

Take your game to the Next Level today! While everyone else is watching TV get out and work on your soccer skills.

Excellence Is A Choice This is a training plan designed to be done on your own.

Photos from Next Level Soccer Academy's post 03/11/2020

Know the facts about the college recruiting process.

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Talent Is Not Developed Equally

I grew up outside the U.S. and played soccer from a young age. I was fortunate to play in college on scholarship through the word of mouth. Then after college I played semi-professionally on an outdoor team at a time in the U.S. when the only pro league was the Indoor Soccer League. Today I coach club soccer, and I’m the parent of a high school soccer player on the elite pathway.

I started coaching my child when they were 3 years old. However, it wasn’t until the age of 7 that I realized that soccer was their sport. Then the journey began. First, it was Rec soccer. After that it was Academy soccer and and now as part of an elite player program. Over these years, my wife and I have had multiple conversations in which we agonized over their future, and if we were making the right decisions on their behalf. We constantly felt powerless in the midst of the soccer experience in the U.S.

Because I was the “expert” I would reassure me wife by saying, “Just trust me.” However, internally, I wasn’t sure about the outcome of our decisions would have. For example: where to play, who to play for and how to handle rejections. Then I realized that I couldn’t leave things to chance, and I needed to step in and provide extra training. I came to this realization because I was afraid that the institutionalized feel of our child’s experience would not take into account what made them unique and therefore, leverage this to their advantage. And in the worst-case scenario, possibly leaves them behind.

Based on my own experience developing as a soccer player, I know that the individual needs to be challenged specific to the way they are made so that their skill grows at an accelerated rate. This can’t be accomplished in a team environment without special intervention. I was fortunate to have this type of intervention. So, I responded by providing this additional training for my player. This training began in the backyard. It moved to the garage and basement in the winter. And has eventually moved to the field.

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‪It was my privilege to encourage summer soccer coaches with Chattanooga Sports Ministries today as they prepare to ment...




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