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We are a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired workout designed to produce results from The smartest workout for more results. MORE results.

We make it simple to help you live a longer, more vibrant life. Our workout is backed by science and designed to super-charge your metabolism. Tracked by technology so you can monitor your results in real-time. Each workout is inspired and led by certified coaches to make sure you don’t overtrain or undertrain. MORE confidence. MORE Life. Because we don’t live to exercise. We exercise to live.

Operating as usual

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Tomorrow is officially the LAST day of the Transformation Challenge! How far have you come? Check your mile time on our 1/22 kickoff to see your progress. 🤩

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Working to get stronger? Take on Orange Everest tomorrow. 💪 ⛰

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What time are you looking to match or beat tomorrow? Check your Challenge Tracker in the mobile app to find out. 😍

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Maintenance IS progress. Maintenance is not a bad thing. It’s ultimately the goal. Eventually, you'll reach your body’s limit. So, what happens then? Will you just give up? No way. Maintaining what you've worked so hard for is the goal, and it will ebb and flow as you continue your fitness journey.


CHEERS TO 14 YEARS, Orangetheory! 🎉


More daylight, . ☀️

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Success 👏 is 👏 showing up. 👏 Tag the coach hyping you up tomorrow. This is gonna be a good one!

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Uncover the trifecta of lifestyle factors that promote balance and well-being 😍


John from has a personal connection to Heart Month. His mother had heart disease and passed away from a stroke at the young age of 76, despite being in good health. In 2019, John underwent a successful atrial ablation for a heart flutter. His cardiologist cleared him to resume activities he loves, including ice hockey, running, weight training and, of course, his Orangetheory workouts. ​

John shares, "Now I train at Orangetheory and go as hard as I can with the knowledge the workout is safe for me and helps to keep me heart healthy. Having a good working knowledge as to my heart rate at all times during my workout is important to my confidence and my heart health" ​

He appreciates the studio's commitment to heart health awareness and is grateful for their support. ​

"See you at 5 a.m.!"

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This year’s Transformation Challenge brings a special touch — recommended prescriptions based on your goals! It’s time to tailor your routine to most benefit what YOU are looking to achieve in the studio.


In case no one's told you today, we're proud of you. Share this with someone you love ♥️

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celebrating you is our favorite hobby, and we're experts at it 🥰


Orangetheory isn't just a workout — for Lisa from it was a life-changer. Since joining Orangetheory, Lisa has dropped her blood pressure from a daunting 175/141 to a healthy 123/63. But her journey isn't merely about numbers; it's about reclaiming vitality, joy and a future filled with promise. With a heart full of gratitude, she shares, “I am thankful for Orangetheory for giving me more life and a happy heart!”


Chest Press and Sumo Goblet Squat: The dynamic duo you never knew you needed.

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When we practice managing stress in our daily lives, we can ensure stress caused by exercise has the intended effect (rather than compounding existing stress). Which of these strategies can you implement today?


Ready to press, squat, and repeat? Tomorrow's signature strength workout is calling your name.


refer a friend. Save $100! roses are red, violets are blue, refer a friend and we'll reward you! double referral rewards all month long 🥰

*U.S. Only. Terms apply.

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join your studio THIS weekend for 90 minutes of heart-happy fitness! $25 donation fee to participate. all funds will go to American Heart Association for ➡️ ​

🧡 developing new medicines to prevent and treat heart disease ​
🧡 advancing research into cardiovascular disease and stroke ​
🧡 advancing CPR training & providing more AED defibrillators to public locations ​
🧡 helping someone out there who just got a life-altering diagnosis. ​

be there? yes. sign up now at the front desk before the BIG day!

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these? Drop yours below!


Roses are red,​
Violets are blue,​
My Valentine's date is with a rower,​
How about you?​
Drop those capture the flag distances ⬇️


With February being Heart Health Month, we’ve got the heart on our mind more than ever. ​

Meet Nick from . Shortly after Nick was born, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition. He faced numerous surgeries and medical procedures. ​

Fast forward to today, and Nick stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Since becoming a part of the OTF community, he has not only defied the odds but has surpassed all expectations set by his condition. Since joining Orangetheory, Nick's progress has astonished his cardiologist, who marvels at the remarkable improvements in his heart health.​

Nick shares, "Currently, the only effect I have from this condition is a replaced pulmonary valve. Since starting OTF, I have had more energy and feel healthier overall. In addition to losing a few pounds, my cardiologist says that my heart has never been in such great condition. … I owe all this to OTF! After my most recent appointment, I was told that my valve gradient has decreased, meaning that I have pushed my next valve replacement much farther into my future. Also, for the first time in my life, my blood pressure is textbook normal. I truly believe in the theory of OTF and am living proof that it can completely turn your life around."​

Nick's journey reminds us: Every heartbeat is a precious gift. Let's take care of our hearts and inspire others to do the same ♥️


Forget Cupid's arrow, we're aiming for victory in Capture the Flag this Valentine's Day 🚩


What would be possible if you kept your goals, rather than your excuses, top of mind? 🤔 (Hint: anything)

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While exercise and nutrition are often in the spotlight for crushing health goals, good sleep is important for leveling up in class (and life!). Unlocking your potential starts with quality zzz's 😴


It's GAME DAY! 🏈 Who got through 6 rounds and made it to the "end zone" in class?


Tomorrow's workout playbook: GAME DAY 🏈 Flip the coin, tackle challenges at each station, and let the floor team be your quarterback. Six rounds, one mission — reach the "end zone." Are you ready?

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Milestones are for reminiscing about where it all began and celebrating the journey! 🏅🧡


Just remember — if you get caught, you’re still a catch

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Tag the coach who may (or may not!) catch you in this fan favorite ⏱️🤩 here to push you to chase goals + catch good feelings. 🏃🔥


stay committed, stay focused. motivation starts the race, but discipline wins it

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Don't let past challenges define you; make this time different. You have the power to finish what you started, one day at a time.

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Our usual orange vibes got a red makeover for a cause that's close to our hearts — literally! 😊❤️


“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” ​

Look buddy, I'm just trying to make it through the 500m Benchmark Row


Paint the town red, literally! Join us friday 2/2 by wearing red for the most powerful muscle in the human body❤️

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A little over a year ago, Melody committed herself to the Transformation Challenge, a decision that would reshape her life in ways she could never have imagined. ​

Melody's journey is more than just a physical transformation; it's a testament to her resilience and determination, and to the power of setting ambitious goals. Since then, she's lost 25 pounds and significantly reduced her body fat %. She shares, "It has been important to keep setting new and frequent goals for myself to continue growing and finding new ways to challenge myself mentally and physically."​

What kept Melody motivated? The constant support and guidance from her coaches, the dynamic workouts, and the ever-present challenges that pushed her beyond her limits. ✨​

This year, Melody finds herself in the incredible position of coaching others to reach their goals and unlock their full potential. At , she brings her goal-oriented and driven mindset to inspire individuals every single day. ​

Melody's story is a reminder that transformation goes beyond the physical; it's about embracing challenges, setting new goals, and pushing boundaries.


your self-talk sets the tone for your day. remind yourself: you're strong, you're fast, and of course, absolutely stunning

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Norcross's post 01/29/2024

It's all in your mind — whether you believe you can or can't. by embracing a growth mindset, you can focus on the controllable, stay positive and relentlessly push toward your goals

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 01/26/2024

What makes OTF so rewarding? Hitting goals and celebrating with your OTF Fam! Think back to when you first started … and think about how far you’ve come. All those PRs, NSVs and milestones reached since starting your fitness journey. Take a minute and tell yourself how proud you are 🧡


What would you include in your Orangetheory "starter pack?"


2024 won’t be the year of talking, wishing, wanting, waiting. This is the year to get it done. The is officially underway. Tag your accountability buddy for the next 8 weeks 💪

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We all want more. More energy, More strength, More results. Orangetheory is scientifically designed to give you exactly that. Every workout includes a unique combination of cardiovascular power and strength training to change your body at the cellular level, so you can live a longer, more vibrant life.

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