Fight Like a Knight

Fight Like a Knight


Game of Thrones would have ended very differently with us as knights! (not really, we would have died in season 1.)

Big thank yous to Fight Like a Knight for teaching us all our new mad skills. If you're in LA and wanna start your squire-hood you gotta check them out.
Medieval Knights Tournament ⚔️ in Ashby Castle. Fighting Knights. Great day out with children. Knights teaching kids medieval history, how to use sword, how to ride a horse fully armoured etc. Big battle kids vs. knights, with unexpected winner :)

Watch and enjoy with us! :)

Fight Like a Knight is a medieval workout. A fusion of viking & knight swordfighting techniques, modern kinesthetics, ergonomics & chivalry.

Operating as usual

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More Piratey fun!


Pirate Day at Ren Faire with some of the FLaK crew!


1991-ish... Founding members of House Tristatera.

Fight Like a Knight updated their phone number. 05/17/2020

Fight Like a Knight updated their phone number.

Fight Like a Knight updated their phone number.

Fight Like a Knight (Los Angeles) (Valley Village, CA) 05/17/2020

Fight Like a Knight (Los Angeles) (Valley Village, CA)

Online Shield-Making Workshop tomorrow @ 9am.

Hope to see you all there!

Free for anyone, with a suggested $5 donation to MythosRaconteur via Venmo.

Details on the FLaK MeetUp page -

Zoom Link:

Fight Like a Knight (Los Angeles) (Valley Village, CA) Are you ready to try something TOTALLY DIFFERENT? Ever dreamed of fighting monsters, slaying dragons, rescuing princesses, or just knowing that when the aliens come and take away the guns, you can sti

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The longest journey begins with a single step... and a sword!
-la @ North Hollywood Park

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Welcoming a beautiful Sunday morning with the Squire’s Progress and some Advanced Great-Weapon work! @ North Hollywood Park

Timeline photos 09/15/2019

Sunday morning, great-weapons focus.

Timeline photos 09/02/2019

Great Newcomer class today. It was hot, but everyone survived and did some excellent sword-work!

Rise Up! Performing Arts Conservatory | North Hollywood 08/22/2019

Rise Up! Performing Arts Conservatory | North Hollywood

This is our conservatory program for young artists. Just another avenue to pursue our goals in education, and, as an added benefit, FLaK will be providing choreography and specialty workshops for the program!

Rise Up! Performing Arts Conservatory | North Hollywood Rise Up! is a place for young performers to train for stage, film, television and life. Classes in acting, improve, dance, voice, technical theater, and performance for kids aged 11-18.

Photos from Fight Like a Knight's post 08/04/2019

Newcomer Intake, Sunday worship, and a new Krieger! Congrats Peter!!


Ok people... FB says I haven’t talked to you in a while, and since I just had a bunch of great conversations with my teammates at work over happy hour at LA’s iconic Rock-n-Roll hotel, I thought I’d post something.

FLaK, swordfighting in general, is about something far more than swinging a lethal sliver of steel around. It is about the soul, and introspection, and the quest for not only greatness, but goodness. It represents the beautiful melding of masculine and feminine, power and elegance, force and beauty.

Confucius said, “Never give a sword to (someone) who cannot dance.” And therein lies the core of FLaK. What does the word “dance” mean to you? Does it conjure images of almost-painful beauty, of poetry in motion, exquisite elegance, or even hard-hitting pop-and-lock moves that amaze because of the precision and skill with which they are performed?

THAT is FLaK at its core. A lesson in far more than swinging a sword, combat, and violence. FLaK is the essence of being human, bridging masculine and feminine, thought and action, strategy and tactics, mental and physical, body and soul. A means to identify and connect pieces of yourself that you may have never even been aware of, forging a new “whole” that is far more than the sum of its parts.

I invite you to come and experience our community, play our game, and find something new in yourself.

In Honor and Chivalry,

Syr Valdemar den Irvine
Christopher Burns


Great Weapons start today!!


And thus another day of worship begins... -la


FLaK on Natalie and Tara Try Stuff!! What a fun episode with a delightful pair of ladies!

Natalie and Tara Try Stuff? 06/26/2019

Natalie and Tara Try Stuff?

The FLaK episode on Natalie and Tara Try Stuff is set to air this Friday!

Natalie and Tara Try Stuff? What's that show all about? Ooooo a trailer. Perhaps I can learn more here...

Hollywood Fringe - the book of briarshire 06/04/2019

Hollywood Fringe - the book of briarshire

If you are in LA and are looking for something fun and entertaining, considering supporting our very own Kelly Moore's new show The Book of Briarshire!!

Hollywood Fringe - the book of briarshire An epic medieval fantasy comedy, where kickass women rule. With an almost entirely female ensemble cast, The Book of Briarshire finished in the semi-finals of the Sacred Fools

Natalie and Tara 06/03/2019

Natalie and Tara

Stay tuned for information about FLaK appearing on "Natalie and Tara Try Stuff!!!"

Really fun time training these lovely ladies, who seek out thrills and new experiences.

Please take a moment to checkout their channel, it is really fun and entertaining.

Natalie and Tara Comedy, adventure, crazy food and things we've always wanted to try. Subscribe to keep up with all the fun.

Timeline photos 06/03/2019

Newcomer Intake! Great class of 16 learning the ways of the sword. -la


Duty is duty. Good is good. We must do it every day, everywhere.


WARNING!! Gratuitous post of cool daggers and great ale!


Our Advanced Fighters will be bringing their Armor rigs to practice in, work on stamina & defense drills this Sunday, April 28th.
We could use a few new fighters to help them out!
Work on sword technique on a moving armored target, they won’t hit back, you just need to get them tired & “try” to hit them 😉.
We’ll introduce footwork and try for that killing blow!
See the Meetup App to rsvp and for location details.


And another installment of

Nothing makes a Sunday sing like putting a sword in your hand and doing the dance...


Got a double for you today, FB!
First off, an old photo of me, pre-knighting, in Hawaii, standing in the exact spot where I proposed to my wife of 25 years.

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Working the Laban Sphere today.

Timeline photos 02/10/2019

Gjest intro class ‘neath a steel-gray sky!


Thought of the moment... do you define yourself by your accomplishments? By your failures? For you are neither. Remember Marcus Aurelius - a rock gains nothing by being thrown up into the air and loses nothing upon its return.

Successes come and go, as do failures, but we are not defined by either. The knight's goal is to traverse his/her life, enriching those around him/her by virtuous actions and commitment to being a better version of oneself than the preceding day.

Some days you will succeed at this and some days you will fail, but the impetus to improve must always be present.

In Honor and Chivalry,


Timeline photos 01/27/2019

Beautiful day to swing a sword!

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Monthly Movement for Swordfighters class
Thanks to the inimitable Tina Cardinale for leading this intense, and deep (both spiritually and physically) workshop!

Photos from Fight Like a Knight's post 01/17/2019

Congratulations to our newest Folc-level members for successfully completing their greatsword exams!


Sometimes... you get clubbed.

A momentary lapse of defense is all it takes.


When darkness surrounds us, in the actions of others, it is the knight's responsibility to look inward, and focus on his/her response to those actions, rather than rail impotently at them. To not be distracted by the darkness of others, to head towards the light. To be good without hesitation, even when other people are not. That is our job.

Photos from Fight Like a Knight's post 01/06/2019

First brave newcomers of 2019! Congrats and welcome to everyone who braved the cold and damp to play with us!

More than Just Swinging a Sword

When I started FLaK, nearly 10 years ago, I had intended to make it a unique full-body workout program that would appeal to people looking for low-impact exercise (HA!) with a penchant for fantasy, swords, and the middle-ages. Since then, FLaK has evolved into something I never anticipated. It has become a community wrapped around an ideal wearing a mask of its former self. Not to say that we don’t go out and learn the innumerable intricacies of swordplay, but rather there is so much more to it now.

When we warm up, there is always discussion of either events or ideas upon which we are encouraged to meditate. Things like what is honor or chivalry and how do they manifest on the field of combat, as well as in the day-to-day routine of our lives. We dive deeply into the masculine-feminine dichotomy and explore how swordfighting is an outstanding model for straddling both worlds for men and women alike. Our attention is turned inward to the body and its kinesiological function, and to the soul to explore our humanity as contained within said body. There is always some form of mental exercise to accompany the physical, and that seems to cement the bonds of our community.

If you are looking for something new, something different, something unexpected... come join us. Learn to swing a sword, learn to take a blow, learn about yourself. Life hits hard. Are you ready?

In Honor and Chivalry,

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Sometimes... you get clubbed.
Ready, Fight!
Trevor's Test
Double Wrap!
Keep your guard up!




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