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Tuesday is pink day at Moses Fitness - 6am class - we rock the pink

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Operating as usual


Way to go @wesoverby !! Show him some love in the comments 👇


@geton_myfreakquency looking lean and mean! Amazing job! She has a top tier work ethic and it shows in that great body recomposition. keep it up!
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We are starting up another 12 week challenge! Keep an ear out 👂. Either way check out Dan! 👀


@naftalimoses99 looking fantastic!
Another @timothywhite masterpiece


What a photo!
Over the past few months @timothywhite has been so generous, taking photos of our coaches and athletes.
Everyone of them is a masterpiece.
Keep an eye out 👀 for them at the gym.
The gallery is coming together…
Thank you so much Tim!


Let’s not forget @barbell__papi for doing a great job during the challenge!


We had our own 12 week coaches challenge and @strengthcoachjohn knocked it out of the park! Congratulations on taking first!
Everyone, please drop a comment to show Coach John some love!

Photos from Moses Fitness's post 11/08/2021

@isaacmizrahi84 turning into a beast!!!!!! Lost way over 100lbs! Way to go man keep inspiring others 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


@wesoverby absolutely smashing his goals!!!


As Gandhi once said


@kayoyegun doing an amazing job! Way to go!


@artandranikyan looking lean!!!! 👀 congratulations! Keep up the excellent work!


A table spoon of olive oil is a hundred calories. Having one table spoon of oil to “eat light” would effectively be starving yourself.
Two lbs of lettuce is also one hundred calories. Even though it’s 2lbs of food it’s the “lighter” option.


When people say they do great during the week and then mess up on the weekends and are wondering why they aren’t losing weight.

Consistency beats perfection.

Try not being in such a deep deficit of calories that you feel the need to cheat on the weekends.

However it might be a great way to eat whatever you want, if you are in a maintenance!

Photos from Moses Fitness's post 09/14/2021

Berries, one of the best calories to volume ratios out there. However they usually go bad quickly. Try this out to keep the fresh for longer.


Jew gainz.


@scoopspope killing the game! Keep it up man!


All the knowledge without the will to implement is worse than no information at all.

Photos from Moses Fitness's post 09/01/2021

Food density is the primary way we create food lists.


Awesome body recomposition! Way to go @tapuachappel !!!


Just passed 750 reviews! Thanks everyone for the kind words!


We’re so confident in our approach we guarantee them.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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Wanted to give a shout out to my brother @danmoses99.

He’s been a coach with me and the Moses Fitness team for a few years now.

He also entered the same competition I did, placing in the top 5.

He looked incredible!

As amazing as he looks and the hard work he puts in to look that way, the dedication he has with the people he coaches surpasses that.

Thank you Dan for being awesome!

Please show Dan some love!

Photos from Moses Fitness's post 08/14/2021



The magic formula.

Things that are simple are effective.

However implementation is difficult as it takes someone going from inaction to action and that’s the most difficult part.

Just starting.

What makes it difficult to start?


Just move on.
Get back on track.
Enjoy the ride.


There are different tools for different jobs. A drill makes good holes. A hammer bangs nails. Although a hammer can make a hole, it’s definitely not going to be pretty.

So when I’m asked what exercises to do to get abs, they are already using the wrong tool for the job.

Technically, you could exercise yourself into a caloric deficit, but it’s a messy job.

Let’s say you run a 10min mile, you’ll burn 600 calories the whole hour.
Then you go to Starbucks as a reward for your hard work, lol.
A venti mocha Frappuccino is 600 calories.

The tool that has the most leverage here is the food, not the training.


Changing behaviors and habits yield sustainable changes in your body composition. Developing unhealthy behaviors and habits for weight loss may yield weight loss, but will certainly leave you with an unhealthy body.


When it comes to eating, all diets function because of one underlying rule, a caloric deficit. If a caloric deficit is not attained the method/gimmick will not work.

For example, you can’t eat in a surplus and be on keto expecting to lose weight. Or eat vegan while intermittent fasting, but consume more than your caloric needs each day and not gain weight.

The best diet is the one that is sustained in a caloric deficit. If it feels easiest to do that with any of those methods then definitely go for it!

Just don’t expect them to work on their own. 🤙



Calories at 12pm are the same calories at 12am. Contrary to popular belief your BMR does not change when you sleep. (BMR is basal metabolic rate, what your body naturally burns in calories without any activity).

So eating at night doesn’t make you more fat than eating during the day. However if you where in a caloric deficit during the day and you are adding more food because you are eating late at night putting you in a surplus of calories then that’s the problem not the timing.

The best diet is the one you can follow, so if it’s easier for you to eat the majority of your food late at night go for it!

Only one thing you might consider is how you feel eating in the morning versus eating at night and that’s simply just a personal preference.

Photos from Moses Fitness's post 07/29/2021

About 12 weeks ago I entered a competition with the worlds top performing gyms and some of their staff. Totaling about 90 people. The purpose of the competition was to have the best before and after over the course of a 12 week period.
The grand prize for coming in first was $15,000. 💰

Although it’s less than fun for me to share my before photos, it was by design. As every year I do a massing phase and put myself in a caloric surplus trying to put on a bit of extra muscle each year. 🍕🍦

Happens to be,this year the end of that massing phase ended relatively close to the start date of the competition. And like most years I end up getting pretty sloppy around the last four weeks or so.

So I was definitely fluffier than I would’ve liked 🥴

So much so that I didn’t think I could get into competition shape in 12 weeks. And if my previous competitions were any indication, I would need to drop over 30 pounds in that period of time. Something I had never done before in such a short time frame.😬

I’ve competed before, but this one meant a lot to me considering the competition was comprised of top performing gym owners.

Only the top gyms were allowed to enter.

Once the 12 weeks came to an end I was feeling pretty confident in the results that I had gotten for myself. I did what I sought to do, lose 32 pounds.

BUT, as I started to see some of the other competitors photos and there were many impressive transformation, I resigned myself to a loss.

After all, all the work had been done at this point and there was nothing else I could do except be happy with how far I had come.

Continued in comments 👇👇👇


Happy birthday coach @danmoses99 !!!
Everyone show him some love in the comments!


Huge shout out to @isaacmizrahi84 for putting in the work!!! Lost 180lbs. He’s been working with @danmoses99 remotely, I’d love to give him credit too, but Isaac took it on himself to implement. All the knowledge in the world won’t help unless you execute. He’s getting closer to hitting his end goal each day, keep it up man!


The 6am killing it! @dorlygomez great photo!


I think a really good point to take into your training:
how close to failure are you training? Or are you rep chasing? (Simply hitting a arbitrary weight for an arbitrary amount of reps)

I’ll be honest I used to rep chase, sometimes making me go under or over what I’m capable of just to hit the reps in a program.

A much better and effective way to train is to always train a certain amount of reps away from failure and progress how close you get to failure over a given block of training.

For example your first week of training all sets are 4 away from failure, then the second week all sets are 3/failure, the third week 2/failure, fourth week 1/failure, fifth week take off or deload (50% volume of week 1)

This methodology allows you to be completely honest with how much gas you have in your tank without sacrificing form or range of motion. Sometimes you will surprise yourself other times you might need to dial it back since the recovery isn’t there.

(Also way less likely to injure yourself since training to failure is where the most deterioration in form and exertion occurs. Not a great combo, lol)

The best way to achieve this is to go into your very first set without any anticipation for further sets and go as close to failure as that week allows.

then each set afterwards, you know you can at least dial it back by at least one since the fatigue will begin to set in.

Example, set 1 x 12 set 2x 11 set 3x10

for reference the video above I’m about 2 away from failure.

Hope that makes sense! It’s totally cool if it doesn’t, it took me a while to understand and implement it.

@jared_feather was drilling me about it the first few blocks of training I had with him. Didn’t really click until 10 weeks later.

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