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The Karate World Heiwakan of Old Saybrook, Connecticut seeks to instill self-confidence, coordinatio No contracts, no obligation.

Study traditional Goju Ryu Karate (the same style portrayed in the original “Karate Kid” movies) at the Heiwakan (House of Peace) Dojo, now in a recently remodeled, larger location. Goju Ryu, which means “hard/soft style,” is suitable for students of any age, gender, or fitness level. Students progress at their own pace, working closely with trained instructors with a combined 80+ years of experie

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$40 for $90 Worth of Martial Arts at Karate World 05/01/2014

$40 for $90 Worth of Martial Arts at Karate World

We are happy to offer our first Groupon for the Dojo to new students. If you have ever wanted to try Karate, there is no better time!

$40 for $90 Worth of Martial Arts at Karate World Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you.


Welcome to the Heiwakan Dojo

I would like to present our new webpage with you all!
To kick off the new web-face of Heiwakan Dojo, we are offering new and returning students a special rate of $50 for their first month! Please share new site on your page to spread the word!
Tachiyotte kurete arigatō!

Welcome to the Heiwakan Dojo The Karate World Heiwakan of Westbrook, Connecticut seeks to instill self-confidence, coordination, physical fitness and discipline in all those interested in practicing a traditional martial-art.


Gekisai-dai-ichi Kumite


This is a parable that relates well to the season, and it is something that should be remembered by all of us.
Talking to “my” mailman, and the subject of Karate comes up. He tells me how his brother is a black belt. Being curious I asked what style he studied. Quickly I was told “Oh I don’t remember he hasn’t done it in nine or ten years...”
Thats not to say a relative should know the name of the ryu you study, but it does bring up another point.
The conversation continues.
I say: “You run marathons, and train a lot?”
“If you stop running marathons, for say ten years, would you still call yourself a marathoner?”
“Of course not.”
The question then becomes: “For how long are you a Karateka?”
The answer is...




Holiday Party '11


Taikyoku Gedan


Kata Gekisai-dai-ni Bunkai


Mr Kudlinski teaching


I recently heard two stories about martial arts training in action. One comes of an instructor, and the other is of a student.
The student’s story: After less than a year of training she was assaulted by an abusive husband. When he grabbed her, without thinking she preformed a set of moves from the Goju-Ryu Kata Seiunchin. With that reflex reaction she was able to break his hold on her and drop him to the floor. This scared him enough to end the abuse.
The instructors story: After many, many years of training and never once having to use the techniques he has practiced, he was grabbed on a dark street. Instead of trying any techniques that would injure his attacker, he twisted his head around and kissed the man who was grabbing him. The shock of this act was all it took to make the assailant let go and and allow the instructor to get away.
These two stories are both inspiring, but they can’t be compared. Both show the value of training the mind and the body. And the wisdom of both actions should be studied. Heres a hint, both worked, so neither is wrong.




There is a common question asked at almost every dojo: “How long does it take to get a black belt?”
And there is a simple answer: “2 weeks unless you opt for express shipping.”
The better question is: “How long will it take me to become a black belt? Here the answer is around four years.”
But that’s only half the answer.
If you are physically gifted we maybe able to teach you odd dance moves in an week, but there’s more to it than that. When you receive a rank of shodan (first degree black belt), you will know most of the movements that makeup Goju-ryu. Yes you will replicate the techniques and the katas, and understand why you are doing what you are doing. More important though, you will understand that at this point you are just starting to learn Karate.
Yes 4 years sounds like a long time, some schools may offer a black belt sooner, but what’s the rush? If you want to own a black belt to tie around your waist, well, you can get anything online. Anything but experience. The key thing is: understanding cannot be taught. We teach you the moves, but that’s just the beginning. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, it has no beginning, but more it has no end. Anyway the only reason for any karate rank is to let people know who to ask for help from.
The other half is: “Once you have received a black belt, you know enough to start learning.”


you, yes you know who you are...


we have a spot reserved for you


If you are interested in or plan on coming to morning classes at the dojo, please email us to let us know.



Tuesday, Thursday Teens 10/12/2011

Tuesday, Thursday Teens


no class in the MORNING monday 10/10

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Tuesday, Thursday Teens 10/05/2011

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Tuesday, Thursday Children 10/05/2011

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Morning Class

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monday, wednesday night

Morning Class 10/02/2011

Gekisai-dai-ichi Kumite

Morning Class 09/29/2011

Morning Class

Morning Class 09/29/2011

Morning Class


H. Tadao Imoto - Goju-Ryu - 1989

Student of Goju Ryu sensei Frank Van Lenten, Sensei Imoto brought his students out to the Long Island Sound for this picturesque story about his karate schoo...


like us were fun




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