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Happy Hour. Fridays. 5:30pm. The Yoga Shop: Old Saybrook.

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Timeline photos 04/13/2020

No I didn’t bake these but my friend Duby did. His breads and pies are beyond!!

Timeline photos 04/10/2020

Time at home is giving me time to practice poses. Slowly getting more curve in my back.

Photos from Maris Yoga's post 02/20/2020

Taking my awesome new swag out of the shop! Thank you for the cool pics!! @ Iron House Fitness

Photos from Maris Yoga's post 02/10/2020

Beautiful early evening lighting. @ Nizuc Luxury Hotel & Villas

Photos from Maris Yoga's post 02/08/2020

Can you find him? Making new friends in Mexico @ NIZUC Resort & Spa

Photos from Maris Yoga's post 02/05/2020

This boy fills my heart. Spending time with him makes each week better. @ High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.


Twinning with Lucy (aka...”I love Lucy”)!!!

Timeline photos 01/25/2020

Big energy in the house tonight! Have a great weekend yogis!

Timeline photos 01/24/2020

What a beauty! Thank you 👏👏👏 this makes me smile every time I see it! Ps: can you find a dog who is in the “no go” zone?

Timeline photos 01/24/2020

Start the wkd off right! Get some LivFree®️ hot yoga from 5:00-6:00pm! It’s going to be fun!!

Timeline photos 01/20/2020

Think about your answer. ❤️

Photos from Maris Yoga's post 01/19/2020

7 years ago today... best decision I ever made. I’m beyond lucky to be married to the love of my life. My one and only ❤️ @ Lenox, Massachusetts

Timeline photos 01/16/2020

Don’t try so hard to fit in, just be yourself! Come play on your mat for Happy Hour at The Yoga Shop in OS Friday at 5:00pm. First class is always free!

Timeline photos 01/13/2020

Hey Old Saybrook two times to get it all done in one hour!! Come play!


It’s on!!! I’ve got you:
Friday: 9:30 LivFree®️ for all (subbing for )
And 5:00pm Happy Hour. Saturday: 8:30am LivFree®️for all (subbing for )
Sunday: 8:30am LivFree®️ for all (subbing for ).

Timeline photos 01/01/2020

Sub alert: 9:30am Thursday Come turn it back upside down!

Timeline photos 12/31/2019

I just scrolled through all my photos from 2019. This design I made sums up my take away of the year. Oh yes, and way too many pics of our dogs! When you reflect on your year remember to breathe through all that was... good and bad. Look forward and breathe into the new year with intention. Happy new year! Namaste ❤️

Timeline photos 12/28/2019

When sisters practice in your class!!! Happy birthday !!!

Timeline photos 12/27/2019

Hey Old Saybrook it’s the last Happy Hour of 2019 tonight... you don’t want to miss this one! Throw your mat in your car and meet me at the shop for 5:00pm class!

Photos from Maris Yoga's post 12/24/2019

Sending peace, love & joy (there’s an “Allen” and an out take)! Happy holidays!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @ Old Lyme, Connecticut

Timeline photos 09/11/2019

A very difficult topic for me. However, for the first time I wanted to be public in my memory of the horror of what happened.

Timeline photos 09/06/2019

We strive to be perfect but we should accept ourselves just as we are... then nature does something so extraordinary that it seems perfect... find the balance for yourself, nature did an amazing job tonight.


I’ve been taking yoga to a few places...

Timeline photos 09/03/2019

Come turn your world upside down tonight! 6:00pm LivFree®️ for all subbing for . See you guys later!

Timeline photos 08/31/2019

Thank you for sending me these beautiful flowers for my 100th class! How cool that my gym is so awesome!!!! Days later they are still gorgeous!!

Timeline photos 08/29/2019

The first day of school for me has always been about making calendars. My kids are long out of school but I still enjoy this ritual. Here is an opportunity for you to add yoga to your schedule. Are you a seasoned or new yogi? It still helps to add classes to your weekly schedule. Make time for you. I will be at the OS studio every Wednesday night at 6:00pm for LivFree®️ for all and 5:00pm for Happy Hour. But, The Yoga Shop has lots of options for you. Check us out


Timeline photos 08/27/2019

I almost missed national dog day!! Bohdi & Lucy!!

Timeline photos 08/25/2019

The room was full of amazing energy and love. I was lucky to be there hands on!!!

Photos from Maris Yoga's post 08/24/2019

Rock #2 done! @ High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

Timeline photos 08/23/2019

Bring your friends to Happy Hour in OS tonight! 5:00pm. Remember, first class is always free!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Timeline photos 08/20/2019

Our lawn may look bad but my husband grew these for me and put them in a vase for me!

Timeline photos 08/19/2019

Came home from teaching yoga .ct and found this rainbow out my window.

Timeline photos 08/18/2019

Twinning!!!! See you on your mats this week!!! Away Wednesday, thank you for subbing!! See you Friday Happy Hour at 5:00pm

Timeline photos 08/16/2019

Come play on your mat. Happy Hour at the Old Saybrook studio!!

Timeline photos 08/09/2019

Cool new swag in the OS shop!!! Get some and represent!

Timeline photos 08/09/2019

Forgot her tail!

Photos from Maris Yoga's post 08/09/2019

Spent my morning turning a rock into a piggy on the sensory trail @ Old Lyme, Connecticut

Timeline photos 08/05/2019

Middle daughter & oldest dog! Love them both to pieces!!!

Timeline photos 08/01/2019

She completed an Ironman. I watched her as a dot on my phone moving thru a 2 mile swim, 100 mile bike ride, and a full marathon run! Talk about challenging yourself. She took the yoga off the mat!!! Come get on your mat at 5:00pm Friday and find your edge! Old Saybrook

Timeline photos 07/31/2019

She said yes! LOL, Jordan had already asked but they came upon this! Congratulations Jordan & Abbey!!!! I am beyond the happiest mother!!!!

Timeline photos 07/29/2019

Off to go donate some yoga to a group of people who work hard every day to make other people’s lives better.

Timeline photos 07/27/2019

Now we are in the hydrangea 😜

Timeline photos 07/27/2019

Straight chillin’ 🤣🤣

Timeline photos 07/23/2019

You don’t need to try to fit in, just be yourself! Come meet yourself on your mat for some fun and flow!
Wednesday: LivFree®️ for all 6:00pm. Friday: Happy Hour 5:00pm Saturday: 10:15 Foundations (subbing for ) Sunday: Powerdown 5:30pm (subbing for )

Timeline photos 07/12/2019



Come play OS!!

Timeline photos 07/10/2019

Old Saybrook!!!

Timeline photos 07/02/2019

Love working for, with, and traveling together! ❤️❤️❤️

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Twinning with Lucy (aka...”I love Lucy”)!!! #redheadpower #Ilovelucy #australianlabradoodle #crazydoodle
It’s on!!! I’ve got you:Friday: 9:30 LivFree®️  for all (subbing for @sarah_albanese )And 5:00pm Happy Hour.      Saturd...
I’ve been taking yoga to a few places... #timetocleanmycar #yogaeverydamnday #theyogashop @theyogashop @annieq_livfree @...
#proudmama @theyogashop @annieq_livfree @kimberly_charb @jordanfeinstein
Come play OS!! #yogaeverydamnday #theyogashop #theyogashopoldsaybrook #livfreeyoga @theyogashop @annieq_livfree @kimberl...
A little peek at tonight’s playlist. See you later! 5:00pm Happy Hour OS #yogaeverydamnday #theyogashop #livfreeyoga #th...
Hey OS, bring a friend! First class is always free! See you later! #yogaeverydamnday #theyogashop #livfreeyoga #theyogas...
Hey OS, mark your calendars for Fridays at 5:00! #yogaeverydamnday #theyogashop #livfreeyoga #theyogashopoldsaybrook @an...
The heats on in OS #juicy #theyogashop #livfreeyoga #theyogashopoldsaybrook @theyogashop @kimberly_charb @annieq_livfree
Yeah, no! I didn’t finish it even try to do the CT Ironman but my girl @chriskopcha killed it!! I just got to play with ...
Come play on your mat! Great music, great flow, great time!!! #yogaeverydamnday #theyogashop #theyogashopoldsaybrook #li...



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