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Active Horse Owner, endurance rider, trainer and horse massage therapist. Over 28 years successfully selling Real Estate.

Specializing in your Real Estate Dreams...
Equestrian Properties and Waterfront Properties in North East Florida.

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Timeline Photos 08/26/2021

Timeline Photos


Morning Mantra: "Sometimes, you just need to be."

We are constantly seeking...
To be different than we are.

There is nothing wrong with going after what you want. But it's just as important to stop and just be.

To Reconnect. Re-evaluate. Re-discover.

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Timeline Photos 07/23/2021

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Don't Sell Your Saddle


Morning Mantra: "Words are just words. It's your reaction to them that give them power."
When someone says something that upsets you there are two choices; respond or react.
When you respond, you remain in control and have options and more choices.
When you react you are allowing others to take control of your boundaries and wreck havoc.
If you feel yourself reacting, step away until you can get control of yourself so that you won't say or do something that will make things worse.
You cannot change what people will do or say, you can only change how you respond to them.

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Morning Mantra: "Some talk to you in their free time, and some free their time to talk to you. Learn the difference."
People may not always tell you how they feel, but they will certainly show you.
When they tell you they are too busy, it's not a reflection of their schedule, it's a reflection of your spot on their schedule.
Be with those that make you a priority not an option in their lives.

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Just finished up these gates that will be going out to Kamloops area. We just set them infront of our gate to see how they looked! I could pick away forever at them but have to tell myself I’m DONE- finished!! They will fit a 16 ft driveway. All hand drawn, hand cut with our handheld plasma cutter!
We are located in NW Saskatchewan, Canada.

Fear No Fireworks! - COWGIRL Magazine 07/04/2021

Fear No Fireworks! - COWGIRL Magazine

Fear No Fireworks! - COWGIRL Magazine Five tips to set your horse up for the Fourth of July. Who doesn't love when bright colors and sparkle fill up the night sky? There's...


PADL is introducing a new way to rent paddleboards right from your smartphone and will be launching its first of five new stations at Clay County’s very own Camp Chowenwaw County Park on Friday, July 2, 2021.

PADL is similar to bike shares popular around the country, such as Citi Bike, where technology has enabled a new aspect of convenience and flexibility in the rental process. For more information, download the PADL app for iOS and Android or visit

#ExploreClay #LoveFL


A little inspiration between shows.

Timeline Photos 06/15/2021

Wow Beautiful

With it being summer hows this for the a most amazing Sand Sculpture Just WOWSA! 🙃

Mobile Uploads 05/10/2021

Luv this cant wait to repurpose!

Cool idea for using those old bits!!

Timeline Photos 05/06/2021

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos 04/16/2021

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Timeline Photos 04/09/2021

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😍 Love This!
New Motto For The Horse Trailer

Timeline Photos 04/05/2021

Timeline Photos

OMG that cat though! LOL!


Morning Mantra: "Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision."
To be brave or have courage doesn't mean you are fearless. It means having the fear, the doubt and insecurity, but deciding something else is more important. Something else is worth the risk.
It's the commitment to go for something without the guarantee of it working out.

What is holding you back from chasing your dreams? Starting that business? Opening up about your past? Committing to that relationship? Admitting you were wrong? Or being who you really are?
Once you know that, you get to decide if you have the courage, because whatever it is, it's worth the risk.

#BeBraveInYourLife #BeHappy #BeHorsey #BeHippie #HorseHippie #MorningMantra #InspirationalQuotes

Quote: Winston Churchill

Timeline Photos 03/09/2021

Timeline Photos

Illustration by Sandy Rabinowitz


😂 #ApplyTheMethod

Mobile Uploads 02/12/2021

Mobile Uploads

😁 Anyone relate? 😁

Lots more horsey designs available at

Muggling Along

Mugs cost £5 each plus p&p and can be personalised for FREE


Every Day!

Morning Mantra: "Getting lost is not a waste of time."
When you feel overwhelmed with life and the pressure, get lost.
Lose the need to be perfect.
Lose the frantic pace.
Lose the confusion.
Lose the need to be seen as a good mother, daughter, sister, friend, worker.
Lose yourself in nature.
Adopt its pace, smell the wild air, listen to its chorus, and let the silence in your mind take you to the core of will find yourself and the answers there.

#BeWillingtoGetLost #BeHappy #BeHorsey #BeHippie #HorseHippie #MorningMantra #InspirationalQuotes

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Mobile Uploads 01/21/2021

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Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Horse 01/19/2021

Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Horse

Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Horse Just like humans, horses can become nervous. Consider using these seven great techniques to help calm down a nervous horse.

Girl Trains Her Cow To Jump Like A Horse & It's Phenomenal! 01/19/2021

Girl Trains Her Cow To Jump Like A Horse & It's Phenomenal!

Girl Trains Her Cow To Jump Like A Horse & It's Phenomenal! What's a budding equestrian to do when she cannot afford a horse? Improvise! That's what 19-year-old Hannah Simpson from Invercargill, New Zealand did when her parents broke the news that she would not be getting

Mobile Uploads 01/15/2021

Mobile Uploads

From the book "The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

Artist & Author - Charlie Mackesy


Horse, pony and rider posters and memes


Horses And Love

Cowgirls Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Humble
get here:


Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship

Knowledge is Power

This is a great one to print out, laminate and hang in the barn or tack room, shrink it, laminate it and put in your first aid box.

Know what to do before you need to do it 💞🐴💞


Be patient that is the lesson.

Today’s Inspiration


Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship

Today’s Inspiration


Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship

Today’s Inspiration


Horse Hippie

Morning Mantra: "Don't promise when you are happy, don't reply when you are angry, and don't decide when you are sad."
Emotions are tricky.
The word emotion means energy in motion. This energy (emotion) can be fleeting, so when we make decisions based on them, we can end up wishing we hadn't.
Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of how your emotions drive your behavior.
Emotional intelligence allows us to respond instead of react.

#BeInTuneWithYourEmotions #BeHappy #BeHorsey #BeHippie #HorseHippie #MorningMantra #InspirationalQuotes

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Over 30 years successfully selling Real Estate and horse owner!
Specializing in your Real Estate Dreams...
Equestrian Properties and Waterfront Properties in North East and South East Florida.




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