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Mosquito Minus of Central PA will make your yard useable this summer! No more disease carrying mosquitos, ticks, fleas & gnats--Guaranteed!! We hope that you learn about your responsibility and options in keeping your family safe from mosquito and tick born illnesses from our fb page..

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[06/19/20]   Sorry, mosquito minus of central pa is no longer. Owner moving. Thanks for your business over the past 4 years! It was truly an honor and a privilege serving my clients. Mike 09/20/2019

Uptick seen in rare mosquito-borne virus in some US states US deaths and illnesses from rare mosquito-borne disease are up, officials say 07/02/2019

Cockroaches are evolving to a point where they’ll be nearly impossible to kill New study finds cockroaches being born with an immunity to pesticides 05/29/2019

Surge of Ticks Expected in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic States Due to Wet, Mild Winter Ticks spread a host of diseases while the Lone Star Tick is known to cause allergy to red meat.

[05/14/19]   2019 season looks buggier than ever! I hate all the rain but mosquitoes don't! Remove standing water on your properity, clean out those gutters and bird baths and apply the deet. Oh yeah, you can call us too! We'll help fight those annoying mosquitoes!


I'll Be Next Door For Christmas

Mosquito Season is over.

This Christmas is about to get as ugly as the sweaters... Check out our Official Trailer right now!!

[08/28/18]   Tired of living inside this summer? Get out to your patio and deck this fall WITHOUT being eaten alive. Contact Mosquito Minus for a no cost estimate NOW. Enjoy September and October OUTSIDE this fall. Call/ text 717-829-6418 today! Open slots this Thursday morning and next Tuesday-Friday am.


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Seen up close, the anatomy of a mosquito bite is terrifying. The most dangerous animal in the world uses six needle-like mouthparts to saw into our skin, tap a blood vessel and sometimes leave a dangerous parting gift. 06/20/2018

10 myths about mosquitoes debunked by experts Mosquitoes are pesky annoyances, but their dangers go beyond an itchy bump on your skin. Find out the truth behind the 10 biggest myths surrounding the potentially deadly insect.

[05/23/18]   It's done raining...cue the bugs.

11/21/2017 09/21/2017

Mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases could invade 75 per cent of America, warns US government Mosquitoes capable of spreading serious and potentially deadly diseases such as Zika, dengue and yellow fever could invade about three-quarters of mainland United States, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have warned. The CDC, a US federal agency, has previously warned that climate c...


Labor Day Picnic coming up? Call today for a ONE TIME treatment and go bugless this year.


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Celebrating our Independence! Happy 4th from Mosquito Minus of Central PA! 04/28/2017

The world’s deadliest animal lives in your backyard

YUCK! If they were zombies or vampires, you would fear them. But these killers, which are very real, don’t get the respect or caution they deserve. Consider this: Since 2014, these creatures have p…


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Nature is the best way to control mosquitoes. Remove areas of standing water and try planting the plants listed below. Have a big yard and love bats? Consider your very own bat house. You can find all sorts of them on Amazon. Trying these just still don't work, call us, Mosquito Minus of Central PA. We'll help make your yard Great Again.

Natural mosquito control that works!

[02/21/17]   MM is back for another season! Commercial contracts are now being accepted. Contact us for your outdoor venues and scheduled events. Residential on a case by
case basis. Thanks!!

[12/08/16]   We had a fantastic summer season. As 2016 draws to a close, we would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017! We will see you in the spring. 08/25/2016

Pennsylvania among top states for Zika virus with 82 confirmed cases

Call Mosquito Minus TODAY! When it comes to diagnosed cases of the Zika virus – Pennsylvania is among the top states. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports 82 confirmed cases in the state. There are also 120 te… 07/30/2016

Zika Cases Likely Transmitted Locally in U.S. for the First Time, Officials Say Florida health officials said Friday that four cases of Zika virus were likely transmitted locally in Miami by mosquitoes, the first such known incidences of the virus spreading that way in the continental U.S.


Texas Jokes 07/08/2016

Utah resident is 1st confirmed Zika-related death in US | An elderly Salt Lake County resident is the first person with Zika to die in the continental U.S., health officials announced Friday.

[06/22/16]   Big picnic plans for the 4th? Call us 1st!


Look for our new Valpac ad in
Hershey or say you saw this posting... you'll save on any treatment. 05/23/2016

Mosquitoes With Zika Virus Could Hit U.S. in Next Month Mosquitoes carrying the dangerous Zika virus are expected to begin infecting Americans within the U.S. in the next “month or so,” the government’s top infectious disease expert said Sunday, as officials race to prevent a widespread outbreak of the virus that is believed linked to birth defects. 05/13/2016

PA unveils new Zika Virus Response Plan | WHP580 Newsroom | WHP 580

Read more:  Risk of contracting the Zika virus in Pennsylvania is currently very low:

[05/10/16]   Bonjour...

As Haiti claimed independence, the French - ready for bloody combat - invaded the island. None of them expected their adversaries to be so small and so deadly. The mosquito Aedes aegypti is a vector for several tropic diseases, among them yellow fever that can cause a very unpretty death. Blood vessels rupture, the victims vomit black stuff that looks like coffee grounds - coagulated blood from internal hemorrhaging, and bleed from basically every or***ce. After delirium and coma, death comes quickly. Haiti had mosquitoes en masse and within a year, 40,000 soldiers died of yellow fever. Only 3,000 made it back home.

If it were not for this tiny killing machine...the US just might be speaking French. It is theorised that Napoleon would NOT have sold Louisiana to Jefferson and may have used his troops to over take the young country. au revoir ! 05/10/2016

World on brink of global emergency over yellow fever outbreak

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is the most common type of Mosquito found in Pennsylvania. The BEST way to keeping your back yard safe is getting rid of all standing water in your yard. This includes puddles, toys, gutters and spoutings, tires and tarps. This also helps with other types of bugs as well.

Use bug repellent when planning to be outdoors. The best by far according to Consumer Reports is Sawyer. It contains 20% Picaridin. This is better than DEET but is hard to find and expensive.

Consider using a treatment package from a company like Mosquito Minus of Central PA. We are now scheduling for the summer.

Random thought...Ever see Naked & Afraid on Discovery? Imagine getting as many bug bites as they get, and why would anyone eat a snake on purpose? Urgent action is needed to combat a yellow fever epidemic in Africa amid signs it is turning into a global health emergency and a severe shortage of the vaccine, academics have warned.

With nearly a billion people at risk from the deadly disease in Africa and Latin America and the danger… 04/30/2016

The Zika Virus and Sawyer Insect Repellents | Sawyer

This is the best...BY FAR...stuff that works. If you are planning on a lot of outdoor activities this summer, stock up. Most outlets are low or out of product. Amazon has it for almost $25 for a 4 oz spray. Target still has it for $5.99. WalMart is SOLD OUT! Sells like wild! Way more effective than DEET. Like and share Mosquito Minus for Zika and control updates. Our “Fisherman’s Formula” Picaridin is derived from Piperine in pepper plants. This synthetic replica of a natural solution has proved to be a very effective formula on mosquitoes, ticks, and flies while still being family friendly, gear safe, and very comfortable to wear on your skin. Our Odorless …


Take the bugs off your list this season...


Take the bugs off your guest list... 04/21/2016

Mosquito forecast: Wet spring could fuel bug boom and Zika cases

Now is the time to get on our list for spring/ summer/ fall ! U.S. health officials have warned mosquito eradication efforts may not be able to keep pace.


Zika threatens TWO BILLION people across the world, new maps reveal

Scientists at the University of Oxford have produced a new map charting the potential reach of the Zika virus, across the Americas, and in tropical and subtropical parts of Africa and Asia.


This new map from the CDC shows the mosquitoes that can spread the Zika virus in ALL of Pennsylvania.




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