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The Palmyra Kung Fu Center is a full time, professional martial arts school offering day and evening Pai Lum Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Modern Arnis

Operating as usual

Photos from Sherrie Pavusek Gaugler's post 06/27/2021

Women’s self defense with Girl Scout Troop 71518

The Breath Is a Back Door to Your Vagus Nerve 06/24/2021

The Breath Is a Back Door to Your Vagus Nerve

We often speak of how we distress using the breath through the parasympathetic nervous system. Here is an article to support that practice. Enjoy!!

The Breath Is a Back Door to Your Vagus Nerve Your body reacts to stress in a number of well-mapped ways. Heart rate and blood pressure speed up, muscles tense, digestion slows, and breathing becomes clipped and rapid.All of this happens because …


Childrens Test. They were pushed hard and all came out to meet the challenge. Great Job everyone!!

Childrens Test. They were pushed hard and all came out to meet the challenge. Great Job everyone!!


Belt test graduates. Gold, White, Brown, Blue, Light Green and Yellow Sashes respectively. Great Job everyone. Keep up the hard work!!

Belt test graduates. Gold, White, Brown, Blue, Light Green and Yellow Sashes respectively. Great Job everyone. Keep up the hard work!!

[03/04/21]   There is an accident by the school on Route 422. Please look for an alternate street to arrive on for Childrens Class.

Photos from Palmyra Kung Fu Center's post 02/25/2021

We celebrate our 4th year of opening our doors today!! Here are just a few of the many memories that have been created in.
Happy Anniversary Palmyra Kung Fu Center!!

[11/07/20]   Congratulations to all the students being promoted to their next ranks. A lot of hard work and dedication to their art has been shown over the last few months!! (We were only within 6 feet long enough to snap the photo) 07/15/2020

MIT and Harvard experts says these 2 ancient practices could help treat COVID-19

A good article to read that explains how our Meditation, Breathing Exercises, and Yoga can assist and bolster our health in these pandemic times. As researchers around the world race to find a vaccine for COVID-19, the virus that has shut down economies and regular life for many, other researchers are still focusing on how to treat this lethal …

[07/07/20]   We are excited to announce that we will be resuming classes in our physical location starting the week of July 13th!! We hope to see you all in classes soon!! 06/09/2020

HIIT For The Mind: 15 Minutes To Supercharge Your Workday

A nice write up on some of the meditation practices we utilize in our classes Gym rats know the power of HIIT—high-intensity interval training. Those all-out, repeated blasts of activity seem daunting, but those who try it swear by it, often telling anyone within earshot that they’ve never felt so strong or alive.There’s a HIIT for the mind too, says Alister Gray, an ex... 06/04/2020

All This Chaos Might Be Giving You 'Crisis Fatigue'

A good article that explains the negative effects of stress on our bodies and a solid reminder of why our daily meditation is so vital to our overall health!! When you’re faced with a threat, the adrenal glands perched atop your kidneys flood your body with the stress hormone cortisol (which amps up your metabolism and fights inflammation) and adrenaline (which speeds up your blood circulation and breathing). This is the biochemistry of your … 05/01/2020

Reasons You Should Be Doing Tai Chi while Social Distancing Regularly practicing of tai chi can increase flexibility and strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, read below to see the many other benefits!

[03/30/20]   We are excited to take our classes live starting tomorrow. If you have not been receiving our emails concerning how to access the live content, please reach out to me so we can get everyone set up and ready to roll. We look forward to expanding how we give you the very best in martial arts instruction.

[03/17/20]   Effective Immediately, the Pai Lum Schools of Central PA (Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Elizabethtown, and Palmyra) will be suspending all Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Yoga classes temporarily in accordance with the governors state wide mitigation measure and epidemiological science that back those measures. We will be reviewing this shut down by a week to week basis in order to support the state mandate to suspend all non-essential activities and to slow the spread of the corona virus. During the closing, our hope is for your continued training. Your training is your key to your health, well being, and a strong immune system. Your art and teachers have been your guides. You have the tools. PLEASE, PLEASE USE THEM so we can all get through this together. We will provide itineraries on the schools resource pages to continue your training. Any communications will come through email, facebook and the student resource page. All of the school owners will be available for contact by phone, text and email should questions or concerns arise. As always, the safety of our students and their families are paramount to us. We look forward to reopening the schools as soon as possible to resume providing the best in martial art training for each and every one of you.

[03/16/20]   We are planning on running classes as usual tonight. We will keep you posted on future classes as things need to be adjusted. We are also looking into the possibility of some sort of online classes. If there are any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us.

[03/15/20]   We will be continuing classes as normal through the week. We are following health protocols and advisement from the CDC and our State agencies.

In addition to this recent concern, we would like to remind families to be vigilant about the prevalence of Influenza A and B as well.

Both the influenza virus and coronavirus spread through coughing and sneezing and have similar symptoms of fever, cough, and respiratory illness.

As with any respiratory virus, influenza A and B included, you can protect yourself by practicing these everyday actions:

* wash hands frequently with soap and water
* cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing
* disinfect surfaces
* avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms

We would like to insure you that we are continuing to diligently disinfect surfaces between every class.

We’d request that you:

1. Only attend class in clean and washed uniforms.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly before class (20 seconds with soap) or, use hand sanitizer.
3. Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow or a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
4. Do not attend class with a cold, fever, or flu-like symptoms. Let us know and, we’ll be sure and help with make-up classes when you’re feeling better to make sure you don’t fall behind.

Again your safety is our greatest concern and we will be continuing following all protocols to keep our environment clean during our current health concerns. Thank you


Yoga Journal

Just as exercise develops your muscles, practicing presence through meditation strengthens neural connections. Meditation, asana, and pranayama stimulate your brain, which helps prevent atrophy and functional decline. Positive effects have been seen in long-time meditators who practice for as little as 10 minutes a day.⁣ read the full article here: 03/04/2020

At A Cellular Level, Every Single Human Depends On Positivity To Survive There is an indisputable link between having a positive outlook and health benefits. Positivity is more than skin deep, it's in your very cells.

[03/02/20]   For those that had placed orders for winter weather attire, the shipment has arrived and is awaiting your pick ups.

[02/28/20]   Doing mini classes at the middle school MINI -THON for the kids raising money for cancer. Get event to be a part of!!


Today is the 3rd anniversary of the Palmyra Kung Fu Center. It has been my wife, Jennifers, and my honor to share traditional Martial arts and yoga with our community. Thanks needs to be said to many people who assisted us along the way to this milestone. Here are a few of the numerous memories over the last three years. We look forward to many more to come!! 02/21/2020

Tai Chi Benefits: Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, for Older Adults There are many health benefits to practicing tai chi, and few risks. We share 11 science-backed benefits. If you're a beginner, start by taking a class through a local studio, community center, or gym. Always talk to your doctor before starting a new workout routine.


Join us for an afternoon introduction to the Art of Tai Chi on March 21st. Spend 2 hours learning how to create a healthier, calmer, and more balance life. Contact us to register today!!


College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CCST)

The vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve and the longest. It is named Vagus because it “wanders” like a vagabond, sending out sensory fibers from your brainstem to your visceral organs. The Vagus nerve controls your inner nerve center, the parasympathetic and also oversees a wide range of essential functions and communicates motor and sensory impulses to every organ in your body. ⁣

The parasympathetic nervous system is directly impacted by cranio-sacral therapy which brings the fight or flight response into rest and digest. To find out more about the myriad benefits of CST, visit Image from


Leadership is a skill that is developed at any age. The first skill is a desire to help others. Caleb Wilhelm leading Tai Chi repetitions to help the newer students get more comfortable on their material. #taichi #lionsnotlambs #leadership


Moments from this weekends Pai Lum Core Concepts Workshop With Michael J Rothermel from the Harrisburg Kung Fu Center. Great event with a lot of hard working students. #pailum #seminar #kungfu 01/24/2020

Neuroscience Reveals How Gratitude Literally Rewires Your Brain to be Happier

Positive thoughts, Positive results. Unfortunately most of us are blinded by the negativity that is portrayed in our societies. Be thankful, Be at peace. Neuroscientists have found that if you really feel it when you say it, you'll be happier and healthier. The regular practice of expressing gratitude is not a New Age fad; it's a facet of the human condition that reaps true benefits to those who mean it.

[01/22/20]   Just a friendly reminder there is no Tai Chi class tonight, there will be Tai Chi tomorrow morning, and the school is closed this weekend due to last weekend of the month. Regular classes resume next week.

[01/18/20]   Classes are cancelled for the rest of the morning and also the Iron dummy seminar is cancelled at the Harrisburg school for this afternoon. Be safe if you happen to be out driving.

[01/18/20]   We are having tai chi class this morning. Please use personal discretion when driving in. We will make a determination on Iron Dummy seminar mid-morning as we see how the weather developed 01/17/2020

Science Confirms That the Vagus Nerve Is Key to Well-being The mysterious nerve network that quiets pain and stress — and may defeat disease


Blue Belt and Above Senior meeting. Great group of students and a great topic!!

Senior Workout 1.11.19

[01/07/20]   Due to declining road conditions the Palmyra Kung Fu Center will be cancelling classes for this evening. We will reopen tomorrow afternoon.


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[01/02/20]   The school will reopen for 2020 today!! Remember we have just 2 classes today. Children’s class from 5-5:45pm and an all ranks class from 6-7:15 pm. Please remember to bring pens and paper with you this evening.

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