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Closed Bringing Quality used and new guns and accs. to the western part of Lebanon county. Buy sell and trade any guns or hunting related equipment.

Also buying and selling Game mounts, and of course our NFA sales of SBR'S, SBS'S and suppressors. I am also looking for Machine guns for sale, so please call for a quote. Please use my page for updates. I attend auctions to find quality used fi****ms, so at times I may close on certain days. I also take various training throught the year, and will also need to adjust hrs of operation.

Operating as usual

[05/22/21]   Hello people

[11/08/16]   Get out and vote. Pick your candidate individually reports of errors when voting full republican ticket. Ya no fraud here in Pa


Anything About Guns

What do you think about the 6.5 Creedmoor? 08/29/2016

BUIS as a Primary Some readers are using a BUIS as the primary sighting system for their rifle. Be it cost or just saving up for a quality optic… or they may like the KISS principle.This post I hope will provi…

[06/17/16]   Now is the time to buy.


Sureshot Armament Group

Shorty 16.5" SVD with 18 rounds 762x54R magazine. AAC 51T hider and Magpul furniture looks fine. Or.. of course our freefloat chassis and AR buffer tube and pistol grip adapter are there. They make this baby ready for optics.
#SureshotArmament #SVD #dragunov #762x54r #keymod #freefloat #chassis #hicap #magpul #advancearmament #agr #muzzlebrake #sexy #sexyasf**k #gun #gunporn #gear #gearporn #shootstraight #heavymetal #3gun


The Survival Outpost

Thumbs up or down on three-dot sights? The most important reason, at least to me, is the lack of contrast.


American Resistance

Message me on FB or email me at [email protected] 07/19/2015

R***r Precision Rifle™

6.5 goodness. this is going in the safe. functions interchangeably with M110, SR25, DPMS and Magpul®-style magazines and AICS magazines (works with some M-14 magazines); two 10-round Magpul® PMAG® magazines included.


Military Arms Channel

Some have expressed concern over me using subsonic 300blk while hunting pigs. I now have some Lehigh 194gr Maximum Expansion ammo for the hunt.


A low tech way to beat high tech thermal vision-based systems

There is a simple solution to defeating even the most sophisticated thermal imaging devices. 05/23/2015

Kung-fu grip Grip integrity is one area that allows for increased performance, it pays high dividends with little costs. Most people fail to grasp this concept (ha-ha, couldn't resist) and as a result produce a...


NFA Review Channel

G***k 21SF with SWR HEMS2. Who else is excited to see what centerfire pistol can Rugged Suppressors will come out with?

History lesson: Before the Octane series came to fruition the SWR Trident 9 was king of the hill for 9mm cans and the Hems2 was the last of the wet only 45 cans. SWR was owned by Henry Graham and other partners and was purchased by Silencerco a couple years ago. When this happened SiCo bought the rights to the Warlock, Spectre, Octane and Specwar series.

A year or two before SWR was acquired, AAC and SiCo debuted the worlds first hearing safe dry suppressors. The TiRant45 and Osprey45. This was a huge achievement and before then was dubbed impossible by industry professionals and hobbyists alike. The elephant in the room was the large bore aperture and the inability, or so they thought, to trap and slow the gasses before they reached the atmosphere.

That day marked a paradigm shift in the silencer industry. Since then the competition between companies and the innovation from SiCo was advancing so quickly that buying a silencer meant it was outdated by the time your stamp cleared.

This remains true today yet you won't hear any complaints from me. As silencers these days are WAY more advanced and quiet than their ancestors ever were.

Which brings me back to my question. Since Henry and Pappas left SiCo who here has been excited as I have to see what the future will bring? With companies like Silencerco, Dead Air Silencers, Rugged Suppressors, Liberty Suppressors, Innovative Arms, LLC, Surefire, AAC etc it's us consumers that reap the benefits of industry competition.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, it's a good time to be in the market for a suppressor!


Up for sale 1 Browning fire rated safe 28 gun 600.00 you must move. 30 min 1200 degree fire rating

[01/02/15]   I found a source for Aimpoint products. If interested in any IM or email me. Pro's for LE, Comp 4, T1,T2,H1, mounts ect.


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About the Treadlock Gun Safe

The Treadlock gun safe is the perfect solution if you want to avoid becoming part of the horrendous statistics mentioned above. This safe, when used properly, will essentially eliminate the risk of an unfortunate and tragic accident and is made to withstand both theft and fire as well.

The Treadlock gun safe made by Granite was the very first safe to offer the sought after UL listing for gun safes and each safe meets or exceeds the construction requirements laid out by the California Department of Justice. If this isn’t enough to convince you, consider this: Since their introduction in 1991 there has never been a successful burglary on a Treadlock safe, and no child has been able to gain accidental access to a gun when it was it was locked away safely in a Treadlock safe since Granite introduced it.

Don’t subject you or your family to the risk of unwanted accidents or theft. Protect your guns today with a Treadlock gun safe and rest easy knowing your guns are safely stowed away.

FOR SALE Not fire rated but well made safe. 20+ yrs ago when I bought it I paid over 800.00 will sell for 400.00 No delivery must pick up. holds 15 long guns will hold 3 doz handguns if you have that many. 11/24/2014

5.56 Muzzle Brake / Comp / Flash Hider Shootout! Testing 35 muzzle devices for the AR-15. A recoil-measuring test rig was created, and a recoil reduction winner has been declared! TTAG muzzle brake comparo 11/10/2014

AR15 Zeroing At Distance There is a lot of debate regarding, what the right distance is to zero in your AR15 rifle/carbine. In this clip, Travis Haley shows us the real world (down r...



I promise this is the most awesome thing you're going to see today: IWI Negev


New Galil Ace Rifle from IWI

If you didn't take notice I'm a huge galil fan

IWI is importing the Galil Ace rifle and pistol in 7.62x39. The Galil Ace will be available in February of 2015 as a pistol with the rifle coming a month lat...


OH, Hell Yes.....

BREAKING: The IWI Galil Ace in 7.62x39 as pistol (SBR pictured) is officially here. It will have a side folding SB15 brace. More info to come on MAC. #galil #ace #galilace #iwi #israel #sb15 #igmilitia #militaryarms 08/31/2014

Take a Gander at America’s Most Heavily Armed Counties. The Ones That Aren’t on the Map Might...

PA with 3 Maybe Texans don't like guns as much as stereotypes have led us to believe. A map, posted Saturday by Reddit user Ramesses_Deux, purports to show the 30 U.S. counties with the highest rates of gun-owning residents. The state with the most gun-having counties appears to be a state...


Funker Tactical

Make sure to use Promo Code "Funker13" to receive the BIGGEST DISCOUNT available on your next purchase.

Get them here:
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Some guns for sale
Bodyguard 380 NIB- 335.00
S&W 38 SPL used looks new 99%-345.00
Beretta 92 NIB- 455.00
Tax and 5.00 pics charge not included


Hillbilly223 Cerakote



11 Bravos

What are your thought on this?


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Lot's of people ask where can I carry with my CCP.


How can someone so ignorant about American history, be elected to congress. I know why............


Photos from Force Gun Shop's post


For sale G***K G4 SS barrel and Nickle boron coated slide.
580.00 NIB Really nice..


2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment

[01/31/14]   DUE to personal and business obligations, The gun shop Hrs are by APPT. ONLY
NFA and any transfer of guns shipped will be taken care of.
I will be operating on Appointments only for now. You can call me at 717-644-3966 between 3PM and 7PM Mon-Fri. I will also be posting items for sale on here, and my new web site when it is up and running. Thanks....

[01/09/14]   CLOSED 1-9,1-10,1-11 FOR LEBANON GUN SHOW

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dom and the AK47
fun day at the  range
one dead terrorist





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