Cactus Day Camp

Cactus Day Camp


One of the many things I love about Cactus Day Camp, they never forget a birthday!
Thank you for taking pictures of our children's lost and found. The extra steps you go to are noticed and very much appreciated.
Karyn, I need to acknowledge how amazing you, and all your staff are. Huzzah!!!
Danielle is joining us for her first summer as a Gecko Co-counselor. She is working towards a degree at the University of Arizona in Public Health. Danielle has been a nanny and babysitter and has taught cheer and dance to kids in grades K-8. Danielle has experience volunteering with an equine therapy program for children with autism. Danielle would like to join the Peace Corp after college and eventually hopes to become a nurse.
Justin comes to CDC for his first summer as a Junior Counselor to the Falcons. He is going into his senior year at Stevenson High School in the Chicagoland area. He plays ice hockey and participates in the Best Buddies program working with his peers with special needs. Justin has a bird named Blu and a "Rockin' Aunt Karyn" (his words).
I am trying to contact the director of your camp. If you could have them email me ([email protected]) I would greatly appreciate it!

We are a traditional summer day camp "desert" style! Full days of fun in the summer months in AZ!🌵

Operating as usual


Good times never seemed so good when CAROLINE is in the house !! Sweet Caroline is returning as a counselor for her 3rd summer ! 🌵3️⃣🌵


I don’t NOAH about you but we’re excited for summer ‘22 !! Noah is going to be a counselor for his 9th summer at camp ! 🌵9️⃣🌵


Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and VICTORIA is the powerhouse of Cactus Day Camp !! This will be Vicky’s 7th summer at camp !🌵7️⃣🌵


Making his way back to camp is the master of handstands, MICAH !! Micah is going to be apart of our EMT team and is joining us for his 7th summer ! 🌵7️⃣🌵


“Smile like your favorite emoji” . AURORA is coming back and we’re feeling 🥰🤪😆!! This will be Aurora’s 2nd summer as a Counselor with us ! 🌵2️⃣🌵


Whole squad smiling when SEAN is around !! This will be Sean’s 2nd summer as a Counselor ! 🌵2️⃣🌵


Hip Hip Fri-Yayy, MACKENZIE is coming back !! This will be Mackenzie’s 6th summer at camp ! 🌵6️⃣🌵


When it comes to camp it’s all fun and JAMES !! 😂 That’s right, James is returning for his 7th summer as a Counselor ! 🌵7️⃣🌵


Her name is RILEY, she’s so Smiley, at camp she can Shine, and this is her year Nine !! 🌵9️⃣🌵


We are out of this world excited to have JACOB returning !! This will be Jacob’s 8th summer at Cactus Day Camp and his 1st summer as a Junior Counselor ! 🌵8️⃣🌵


Another Happy face returning to camp is KAYLA !! This will be Kayla’s 9th summer at camp and her 1st as a Junior Counselor ! 🌵9️⃣🌵


Ready to slice up some tasty treats is NICHOLAS !! Nicholas is returning for his 7th summer and will be chopping it up as our Cooking Leader ! 🌵7️⃣🌵


It wouldn’t be camp without LIV flying around spreading summer cheer ! Liv is returning for her 13th summer at camp !! 🌵1️⃣3️⃣🌵


We are thrilled to have CHARLIE back !! This will be Charlie’s 2nd summer as a Junior Counselor and his 6th summer here at camp !! 🌵6️⃣🌵


Time to celebrate, we got SOPHIA in the house !! Sophia’s coming back for her 2nd summer with us at Camp and we couldn’t be happier ! 🌵2️⃣🌵


Bouncing his way back to camp is CHRIS ! Coming for his 2nd summer as a counselor, Chris is ready to play the day away ! 🌵2️⃣🌵


It doesn’t take much squeezing to get this one cheesing ! PAULA is coming back for her 2nd summer as a counselor and ready to put a smile on all our faces !! 🌵2️⃣🌵


Tuning in for his 2nd summer is GEO !! Geo is ready to Rock the House as a counselor this year !! 🌵2️⃣🌵


Setting her sights on another fun summer is MADELINE !! We are bubbling with excitement to have Madeline returning for her 2nd year as a counselor ! 🌵2️⃣🌵


From camper to counselor, DANIEL is back for his 10th summer !! 🌵10🌵


💃🏻 Dancing her way back into camp is our favorite cheerleader, TRINITY 📣 This will be Trinity’s 2nd summer as a counselor and honorary Dance Team Captain 🌵2️⃣🌵


🎉 Ice cream, You scream, We all scream for JOSH 🎉 coming back for his 6th summer, Josh is taking over Gym Games !! ⚽️6️⃣⚾️


🎊 There’s no treat as sweet as LIZZIE returning to camp this summer!! 🎊 This will be Lizzie’s 5th summer!! 🌵5️⃣🌵


Back like he never left is our favorite letter Q!! Returning for his 6th summer !! 🌵6️⃣🌵


Winner, Winner, Hot Dog Dinner ! Jenna the WINNA is back for her 8th Summer !! 🌵8️⃣🌵


2, 4, 6, (8).. who do we appreciate ?? BRYAN !! That’s right, Bryan is returning for his 8th summer at Cactus Day Camp!! 🎉🎉🎉


Enrollment is now open for ALL new and return campers!! Register your campers today at 🌵

Photos from Cactus Day Camp's post 01/26/2022

We are officially hiring for Summer 2022!🌟🤩 apply online at 🌵


TODAY is the day!🌵🥳 We are feeling so alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic!😁Don’t forget to fill out your SafeSite before arrival today! See you soon!😱☀️🤗

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How we’re feelin’ about summer ‘21 starting in only 1️⃣ day!😱😱😱 We can’t wait to see so many new and returning faces tomorrow! Don’t forget to fill out the morning checklist before you leave!🤗🌵

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2️⃣ days until the Cactus Day Camp Bullseye Club opens up for summer ‘21! What year will you be in the Bullseye Club this year?!?!🏹 🎯🌵

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Only 3️⃣ days until we get to chill by the waterslide! 😎🌵☀️

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4️⃣ days until camp! We are so excited!!!!🥳🤩😁

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5️⃣ days until the foam pit opens for summer 2021! 🧼🌵🤪

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Monday 9:30am - 5pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 5pm
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Friday 9:30am - 5pm

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