JCat Yoga

Tuesday, Thursday- Chair Yoga at Tampa Bay Golf and Countey Club TBG&CC Wednesday Yoga at Dade City Jazzercise

[12/18/19]   🎄Holiday Fun🎄
Last JCat Yoga^..^ class of year..wait of decade! Come see your friends..10:30A today ~Yoga at Dade City Jazzercise

Vriksasana or Tree Pose (Christmas or other🎄)
*Improves balance - physically and metaphysically
*Strengthens core, bones(spine), ligaments, tendons, buttocks, groin,thighs especially inner thigh, calves, ankles, chest, and shoulders
*Calms, relieves stress, and balances
*Tones muscles
*Helps to improve concentration, sciatica,insomnia, headaches, and flat feet

Having a "Ball" Wednesday 10:30A
-JCatYoga at Dade City Jazzercise! Join us...Thanks Kathy and Richard Riley and Nancy Hazelwood💖

[12/03/19]   I so miss you! Hope to see ya tomorrow morning 10:30A
Yoga at Dade City Jazzercise^..^




[11/27/19]   NO YOGA TODAY!See ya next week. Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving🦃🥧

[11/16/19]   Benefits of pigeon pose
🕊Increases external range of motion- femur and hip socket
🕊Lengthens and opend hip flexors
🕊Improves flexibility
🕊Builds strength in muscles such as psoas, abdomen, groin, thigh, ankle, throat, and chest
🕊Crown chakra activated
Injuries to neck/shoulders, spine, or sore back, untreated hypertension, active migraine

All levels can enjoy Pigeon Pose!

POW/MIA- A special prayer and rememberence🇺🇸



Happy Veteran's Day! Thanks to those who serve and have services to keep us free


Congrats to Anne Green!!! Best dressed for the week!💖

Last year's🎃 Halloween fun👻Join us Tuesday and/ or Wednesday!

[10/26/19]   😻😸😹😇🎎🎭🤺🧛‍♂️🧛‍♀️🦹‍♂️🦸‍♀️👩‍🚀👸🤴😎👽👾👹💀👿🤡🥳🤠
Wear your favorite ..or not, just come this week and have fun!
JCat Yoga^..^

[10/15/19]   🐈Marjaryasana- Cat Pose is the follow up pose to Bitilasana🐮!!

🐈Warms the body
🐈Flexibility for the spine, neck, and torso
🐈Great stretch for torso and neck
🐈Strengthens abdominal organs
🐈Stimulates body breathing- slowing breath, opening chest, and opening whole body for healing and movement.
🐈Relieves Stress and Tension
🐈Soothes muscle including menstrual cramps, lower back pain, and sciatica

Find out more including modifications~

Tuesday 3P chair yoga TBG&CC
Wednesday 10:30A
Dade City Jazzercise

Here's a Tifton Georgia Bulldawg demonstrating a great Bitilasana!

[10/13/19]   🐮BITILASANA- cow pose
🐮Gentle way to warm up the spine:

* Stretches torso and neck
*massages organs and spine
*helps digestion

🐮Start in tabletop
INHALE making a big Buddha belly while~
lifting pelvis to sky, eyes toward area ceiling and wall meet,
shoulder blades toward each other, sinking and relaxing into pose

Keep head in line with torso if neck injury
Easily adapted to a chair. I like to clasp back of chair opening my chest as well


Getting ready for Halloween celebration!!!
🕉 ^..^
Tuesday 3p -TBG&CC
Wednesday 10:30A - Dade City Jazzercise

[10/07/19]   Preparing for🌝Full Moon, October 13th.

Wednesday 10:30, Dade City Jazzercise- JCatYoga^..^!TBG&CC- Tuesday and Thursday, too Join us and make memories!!^..^💖🕉☮✝️

[09/07/19]   This week? Schools celebration! Wear your colors!!!🕉^..^

[09/07/19]   Great celebration!! Thanks💖💖💖

[09/03/19]   Tomorrow 10:30!! We turn 3!! Free yoga , bring paper product🎉🕉💖


More memories through the years!

More Memories from the beginning!!💖🌈🕉

More from 1st year🌈🕉💖

Even more memories from the beginning🕉💖🌈!

More memories💖🕉

JCatYoga! Much gratitude as we begin year 3!!!

JCat Yoga

🎉Free Yoga?!Yep! Sept 4th..just bring a paper product...Help us turn 3!!!🎉🎈

[08/26/19]   🎉You are invited to a special Birthday Party [email protected]:30A
Dade City Jazzercise🎉
Paper product to enter

[08/22/19]   🎉Free Yoga?!Yep! Sept 4th..just bring a paper product...Help us turn 3!!!🎉🎈

[08/19/19]   Guess what is coming up September 4th???!!!

[08/19/19]   What lights your 🔥? Tap into your Manipura Gem!
Wednesday 10:30A✝️🕉☮^..^

[08/13/19]   😎Full Moon this week! Let's celebrate, heal 10:30A Wednesday..AFTER JAZZERCISE!!

[08/07/19]   🐕Anyone up for Shih Tzu yoga? Jenna wants to join us at 10:30A today..ok?🕉💖^..^

Thank you, Diana Giella Greif! She's even smiling in one!

Dhanurasana(Bow Pose)
Whether you grab your ankles or just lift chest and legs
BENEFITS have been known to:

*Strengthen muscles
*Reduce Anxiety and Stress
*Improve posture
*Cultivate Breathing
*Stimulate your "inner fire"
*Improve digestion and constipation
*Regulate Diabetes as it tones Pancreas
*Balance Blood Sugar
*Relieve menstrual discomfort

Exploring the colors of the rainbow...join us for the healing and fun!

🎆💥🇺🇸💥Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!
See ya next week!!💥🇺🇸💥🎉🎆

[07/04/19]   🎆💥🇺🇸💥Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!
See ya next week!!💥🇺🇸💥🎉🎆

[06/25/19]   Happy Summer! Time for Surya Namaskar!!🌞Benefits include strengthening cardiovascular system and much more!

[06/05/19]   Looking forward to seeing you at 7:00!💖
Join us Dade City Jazzercise!

[05/28/19]   😡Ever have Anger issues? Learn a tool to positively change energy respectfully, peacefully with an added respect for our Vets🇺🇸. Tomorrow 7P!

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