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Operating as usual


Spending some time enjoying a lovely youth talent show at .theatre 💜


Our respect and gratitude to all those who have sacrificed.


Milestone alert!

Huge congrats to Sunny Street faculty member Lilian Leone on completing her 300-hour advanced teacher training!

This achievement comes atop her existing repertoire of E-RYT 200 and YACEP certifications, as well as a whopping collection of 3,200 amassed teaching hours.

Way to go, Lilian!


Remember the “Momcation,” that getaway in which a tired mom books a room at a hotel so that she can just spend a quiet night watching TV, napping, and maybe ordering room service in a fluffy robe?

The Virtual Overnight Retreat uses that concept as inspiration, but turns it into a yoga and wellbeing model. Here’s the game plan:

*You book yourself a room night at a hotel that is minimum 3-stars, has an onsite restaurant, room service, and noon checkout. Use those rewards points if you have them!

*Stacy provides a 24-hour agenda that includes online group discussion, meditation, gentle yoga, copious down time, and wellbeing projects for you to do on your own.

*You go home refreshed and relaxed.

Enrollment $79. Click the link in our bio to register. Hope to see you there!


Good morning, Forest Lodge!


New certification alert!

We like to celebrate milestones around here, and here’s a new one!

Owner Stacy, who is a functional medicine-certified health coach, has just passed the test to become a nationally board certified health and wellness coach as well (NBC-HWC). This is a stringent accreditation for health and wellness coaches that demonstrates mastery of a variety of elements of the coaching process.

Looking to work with a health coach? In addition to Stacy, Sunny Street’s other coaches are Kim (nutrition) and Hamad (holistic health). If you’d like to learn more, just reach out to Stacy to scope it out.


Late day sun at Sunny Street. ❤️


Join us for this unique session led by personal trainer, coach and chiropractic student Hamad Shirazi, MS.Ed.and Sunny Street owner Stacy Joslin, in which we learn a little bit more about our physical bodies and gain some customized tips on how to strengthen them.

We’ll begin with a short session in which Hamad breaks down the typical assessments done in chiropractic care, digging into the context and the “why” of each reference point. He’ll then use a real-life example to demonstrate the benefit of specific, personalized adjustments on the body.

The second half of our session will be a mini-clinic, offering participants a chance to both understand areas of opportunity for themselves and come away with customized exercises intended to nurture those areas, including strength-focused options from Hamad and complementary yoga shapes from Stacy.

Link in bio to register. Enrollment $35; limited to 12 participants.


We love our Lilian!


Want to start your weekend with some nurturing and reflection? If so, we’ve got you covered!

Our weekly Restore and Reflect class with Olivia is moving to Fridays at 5:30 pm starting this week. This hour of practice is intended for grounding, restoring, and connecting so that you can create space for your number one priority: you.

The class format changes each week. It is a mix of meditation, guided breathing, restorative postures (usually held for 5 to 7 minutes each), and a chance to reflect by journaling at the end of class. If you don’t have a journal or journaling practice, extra journals are always available.

Link in bio to book. Hope to see you there!


In weather like this, there’s not much that’s sweeter than a yoga class in the beauty of nature. So let’s get to it!

Join us (weather permitting) for outdoor classes across a wealth of locations in and around PTC this season. We’re starting with the the lovely new North Green at the Forum this Friday at 9 am (near Aomi and DSW). This session will be comprised of gentle seated stretches and guided meditation under a beautiful morning sky.

We’ll keep booking events through the end of October; stay tuned via the “Book a Class” section of our link in bio—all sessions will be listed as events.

Want to host an event in your outdoor space? Just DM Stacy and we’ll set it up!

Yoga al Fresco is of free for Sunny Street class pack and monthly membership holders; $7.50 for others. Pre-registration required as we’re limited to a small group in some cases, and also so that we can communicate cancelations or location change to the studio in the event of rain or extreme heat or cold. BYOM (bring your own mat) and a water bottle.

Finally, make sure to check out ForumFit for other great ways to get your yoga and general fitness on outside this season. Town Center will be holding Yoga on the Green too. Lots to do!

Happy Spring!


She moved out of state last year, and we still miss her terribly, but we love her even more. Happy, Happy Birthday to Sunny Street Alumnus Super Faculty Kerry Quigg!

Have the best birthday, Ker Bear! xoxoxo


Join us for this unique combination of centering yin yoga and guided meditation to the sound of beautiful healing music.

Sunny Street owner Stacy Joslin will guide this gentle class while sound artist, intuitive reflexologist and health coach Amon Sherriff provides a soulful dose of sound medicine using acoustic instruments. Class will culminate in a soothing savasana sound bath that allows you to fully integrate your healing practice.

This experience supports you in connecting with your body’s intelligence by harmonizing your feelings and thoughts and aligning the heart and mind. We hope you leave this session with a wider gateway to a peace-filled mind-body connection.

Space is limited: reservations required. Use the link in bio to book. Hope to see you there!



Lilian Leone is up next in our SuperFaculty lineup! Here’s a little bit more about her, in her own words:

Embark on a transformative journey with Lilian Leone, an internationally certified yoga teacher dedicated to holistic well-being.

In 2006, I discovered the profound impact of yoga when seeking a meaningful change in my life. Overcoming personal challenges, I initially embraced Bikram Yoga, and within three years, the daily practice became an integral part of my lifestyle.

Yearning for a new challenge, I delved into Ashtanga Yoga in 2009, marking the beginning of a continuous journey of growth. In 2013, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training, earning the esteemed RYT-200 credential. Since then, my passion for Ashtanga, anatomy, movement, and the mental benefits of yoga has led me to study under renowned teachers such as David William, David Robinson, Taylor Hunt, Tymi Howard Bender, and Kino MacGregor.

For me, yoga is the art of harmonizing strength with flexibility, exertion with release. My classes blend Ashtanga Vinyasa with a focus on both strength and mobility, promising a session where you’ll move, sweat, and breathe. As a dynamic and compassionate teacher, I am deeply invested in your healing journey. My teaching philosophy centers around fostering self-empowerment and self-awareness in every student.

Join me on the mat, and let’s cultivate a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit together.


2,000+ teaching hours
10,000+ self practice hours


Lilian’s in the house five times every week, so come on over and practice with her! Chances are she’ll reward you with at least one vinyasa. 😉


If you’re thinking of joining us for all or part of our May 17-19 weekend retreat at the Lake Rabun Hotel, just a quick reminder that the booking window closes on Monday.

There are two ways to join us—for the full weekend, going from Friday at 5 pm through Sunday at noon, or Saturday only (events all day and evening). The full weekend cost, which includes all activities and meals, is $599; the Saturday-only option, which includes all activities and meals on that day, is $299.

Even if you choose the Saturday-only option, you’re still able to book two nights on the property—all rooms are still being held for retreat-goers.

Link in bio to learn more about the overall event and register. If you’re looking to book the Saturday day pass, scroll down to where you see the individual days listed (screen shot below) and click on Saturday—the tool will give you the option to book that day only.

Lodging note: you’ll need to book lodging through Lake Rabun directly—please call 706-782-4946 to reserve your room as inventory is not shown on the website.

Whichever path you decide to take, please be sure to book by close of play tomorrow, April 15; after that point we’ll be finalizing plans based on attendee count and the hotel will release all remaining rooms to the general public.

Hope to see you in the mountains!

Photos from Sunny Street Yoga's post 04/13/2024

Huge thanks to .me.lilian Lilian Leone for an excellent asana workshop today. Breaking down a shape into its component parts and working through how to engage safely and effectively is a lesson that bears repeating. And with such a knowledgeable and experienced teacher at the helm, the dividends are huge.

Thank you to all the yogis joining us on the mat this afternoon—let’s do it again soon!


Next in our Sunny Street SuperFaculty lineup is Shilpa Krishnan!

Shilpa grew up practicing yoga and principles of yoga in Mumbai, India. She is trained as a physical therapist and has a PhD in rehabilitation sciences. She believes that yoga benefits everybody regardless of sex,age,ethnicity/race, or abilities and intentionally curates her classes for all. Shilpa received her yoga teacher training certification from Peachtree Yoga Center.

Follow her at and come visit her at Sunny Street on Fridays at 1!


Want to join us for next month’s retreat, but perhaps a day works better for you than a full weekend? The Saturday, May 18 Day Pass may be the option for you.

This pass includes access to all retreat activities on Saturday at the Lake Rabun Hotel (they go from 8 am to 9 pm), as well as three phenomenal meals. Total cost to you (excluding your lodging) is $299. Event activities include morning stretch, reiki infused yoga, afternoon mindfulness and meditation workshops, and moonlight Yoga Nidra.

Our full weekend option is still a go as well—that’s $599 for all activities and meals starting on Friday at 5 pm and wrapping with lunch on Sunday.

Click below to learn more and register. To access the day pass, scroll down to the area of the registration page that lists each day separately, and click on Saturday. Any questions, DM us here!

Lodging note: you’ll need to book lodging through Lake Rabun directly—please call 706-782-4946 to reserve your room as inventory is not shown on the website.

Whichever path you decide to take, the booking window closes on April 15. Hope to see you in the mountains!

Sunny Street Yoga Neighborhood yoga studio in Peachtree Corners, GA fusing flow and wellness.


This unique session with Stacy provides participants with an opportunity to go deeply inward. A combination of gentle seated stretches and restorative shapes combines with the release of yin and weekly original guided meditations to provide a space for freeing energy, centering the mind, and nurturing yourself.

Join us.


New Class Alert!

Step into our Yoga Fusion sanctuary, where we smoothly weave together the flow of yoga, strength-building poses, mindful stretching, and enhanced mobility work, all while honing in on targeted areas like core, hips, back, and shoulders each week.

We’re all about that flow life, moving and breathing in harmony to unlock your inner yogi vibes. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just dipping your toes in, join us for a dynamic and chill session that’ll leave you feeling balanced, strong, mobile, and totally zen.

Get your zen on with Glenda every Thursday at 6 pm!


My turn in the alphabet!

I’m Stacy, owner of Sunny Street Yoga and also “The Lady Who Does the Instagram Posts.” 😊 Here’s a little more about me:

I’m a proud Pittsburgh native, and came to Atlanta in 2018 after having lived and worked in several states, most notably New Jersey and South Florida. I’ve spent the last 20+ years in strategic operations, marketing, and consulting with large-scale corporations (hence the moving), and a few years ago decided to make a long-overdue left turn into wellness.

I first earned certification as a functional medicine health coach, (FMCHC) and began my coaching business prior to becoming a yoga teacher. I’ve recently added certification as a Corporate Wellness Specialist to that list in order to help companies to better nurture their colleagues. I offer coaching and consulting under the entity SweetPea Wellbeing, as well as through Sunny Street.

From the yoga side of things, I completed my 500-hour certification from the marvelous Asheville Yoga Center, and am also certified as a mindfulness practitioner with Mindful Leader and a trauma-informed yoga teacher with the Veteran’s Yoga Project.

I love a bad joke and a good pun, and use both of those vehicles in my classes (as well as those IG posts). Even more, I love supporting my clients’ mind-body-spirit wellness as both a yoga teacher and wellbeing coach, and am happy to be able to combine all of these elements in Sunny Street.

Feel free to follow me at and See you on the Mat!


We’ve had a lot of folks interested in May’s weekend retreat at , but have also heard that money’s a little tight right now. We’d love to see you in the mountains, so have created a single day (Saturday) option at a reduced price, in addition to the full weekend option.

Here’s the scoop. The Saturday, May 18 Day Pass will include access to all retreat activities on that day (they go from 8 am to 9 pm), as well as three phenomenal meals. Total cost to you (excluding your lodging) is $299.

Our full weekend option is still a go as well—that’s $599 for all activities and meals starting on Friday at 5 pm and wrapping with lunch on Sunday.

Click on Retreat at our link in bio to learn more and register. To access the day pass, scroll down to the area of the registration page that lists each day separately, and click on Saturday. Any questions, just DM us here!

Lodging note: you’ll need to book lodging through Lake Rabun directly—please call 706-782-4946 to reserve your room as inventory is not shown on the website.

Whichever path you decide to take, the booking window closes on April 15. Hope to see you in the mountains!


Let’s continue the Sunny Street SuperFaculty series with Kim Hamilton! Here’s a bit more about Kim, in her own words:

I am a yoga instructor and holistic health coach based in the Atlanta area. Growing up as a severe asthmatic and being frequently hospitalized throughout childhood gave me a deep appreciation for pranayama and how yoga is centered around the breath.

At the age of 3 I began dancing where I learned early on the importance of cultivating a mind/body connection and remaining physically fit through exercise and proper nutrition. One central aspect of yoga and meditation that has always appealed to me is how the mind and body come together to create mindful action on and off the mat in daily life.

I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training certification at Peachtree Yoga where I learned the history of pranayama, practical & subtle anatomy, and yoga philosophy. I received my nutrition specialist certification through ACE Education. I use these tools, along with my BFA in Theatre and Performance Studies to create thoughtful yoga sequences and calming breath work practices to a variety of different students.

For years I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for corporations such as Kaiser Permanente, Excellence in Exercise, and a number of different studios in the Atlanta area. It elates me to help performance artists warm up before a show or unwind afterward. It brings me great joy when students express how much my teachings have enhanced their art, their work, and their daily lives.

I’ve devoted my energy to these credentials because of my lifelong passion for helping people live their healthiest lives. I want to evoke a positive, peaceful feeling that motivates people to take charge of their health and become the very best version of themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Kim would love to see you on the mat!


Maintaining balance and flexibility as we age is something that, in the project management parlance of my previous working life, we’d call “critical path.”

And when it comes to maintaining these key wellness tools, consistency and a measured approach are a great combination. Even a little bit goes a long way, and with dedication and time, the results speak for themselves.

This is Stewart (my husband)—aged 77. He was previously not a “yoga guy”—his fitness was more related to the type of PE he did in the Army for 24 years. But he’s been coming to restorative stretch class (and some others) at least once a week for the past several months, and told me today that not only does his balance get better every time he practices, but he feels steadier for the rest of the day after each class. And not for nothing, you should see his child’s pose. 😊

It’s never to soon (or too late) to start—laying a foundation now will yield great dividends over time.

See you on the mat.


Next on our SuperFaculty roll call is Alison Gurevich! Here’s a bit about her in her own words:

I am an E-500RYT yoga teacher based in Atlanta, Georgia. I have received additional specialized trained in teaching meditation, yoga for seniors, chair yoga, aerial yoga (level 2), and yoga for osteoporosis (the Fishman sequence). I love working with people at all ages and stages of life to explore what and where yoga can bring them. I am passionate about the balance of yang (power/vinyasa) with yin in both my teaching and my personal practice.

I began practicing yoga as a teenager in Florida and thirty years later I can regularly be found on my mat and at trainings, yoga festivals, and events, continuing to grow my practice and seeking the best to share with others. In addition to regularly teaching a variety of traditional yoga classes I also offers weekend yoga retreats, class series, and a wide variety of workshops on everything from head stands to mala making and meditation.

More about my yoga path can be found at on instagram and at while the one of a kind malas I offer can be found at and ERYT-500, YACEP

Join Alison for a double-header every Sunday evening!



Found this sheet all filled out on the bistro table. Humor runs snarky and deep in the Sunny Street community!


We invite you to take part in this unique experience in which you are immersed in the soothing, healing and revitalizing power of vibration and frequency.

Join Sunny Street faculty member Elissa Day for this relaxing and rejuvenating sound session involving crystal bowls and chimes. Open your ears, open your heart, and open your cells to the benefit of sound.

This session is donation-based. Registration limited to ten participants. Link in bio under Events and Programs to book.

Hope to see you there!


Neck kinks. Shoulder knots. Mid-back tweaks. Shallow breathing. Eye strain. Monkey mind. And let’s not mention the whole “I haven’t stretched out my legs in 3 hours” thing.

This gentle mindfulness and movement class is designed to counteract all that scrunched-shoulder, squinty-eyed desk work you do all week, encouraging blood flow, general unfurling, and restoration.

Plus, it’s 45 minutes long, so you can still get back to that desk in time for your next call…after you grab your lunch. Just sayin.’

Link in bio to book. This class is virtual only. App users on the IOS platform will need to book via browser at


Our next team member for the SuperFaculty spotlight is Jenni Gruher! Here’s a bit more about her, in her own words:

I completed my 200 hr. YTT training with Dorje Yoga. I also combined my love and passion for kids and yoga and became a certified kids yoga teacher through Kidding Around Yoga. My intention through each class adults and kids alike is to leave my students feeling inspired and empowered, and full of gratitude, peace, calm, love, joy, connection, balance, and fun! This practice has so much healing and love to offer if you are open to receiving it. I am reminded through yoga to live life in the present, mindfully, one breath at a time. RYT-200.

Join her every Monday at noon for Core Sculpt & Flow!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Peachtree Corners?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Thanks for all the memories in 2023! Here’s to a wonderful 2024!




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