Ampd Fitness and Nutrition

Ampd Fitness and Nutrition


What are your hours for your nutrition bar?
What's your schedule this week and next?
See you tonight at 6:00pm.

Ampd Fitness and Nutrition
2640 E Broadway
Pearland, TX 77581
5am with me tomorrow hope to see you there!!!
Come join me tomorrow morning!!! I'll be covering gabys class!!! 5am!!! Hope to see you there bright and early!!!! 💪🏽💪🏽
AMPD WILL HAVE CLASS Tomorrow 5AM Pearland ISD and surrounding school districts have cancelled classes so come get your work out before going back home for the next few days to your sweet babies!! 5AM Sharp with Gaby Regino!! 🏋 💪
Afternoon everyone,

I just want to say thank you to my sister, Gaby Regino, for inspiring me to focus on my health. By "inspiring me" I mean no holds bar truth. After I got out of the Army, I went into a phase of complete "I will eat what I want" and "I will exercise when I want". But my little sister was always there to send me a "helpful" text and it took her a few years but I am finally back on track and I feel better than ever. I'm not at my overall goal but I've met my vacation goal. Thank you Lela, Karina, Glenda, Rosa and everyone at Ampd Fitness!!!!
Where you at AMPD today?? If not, don't worry! Come see us tmro! 5:00AM or 6:30PM- You won't regret it! *First Class is FREE!!
Need a place to not only work out but enjoy the beat of the music? Here is a small clip of what we do at AMPD! Come check us out !!! Your first class is FREE!
what is the weekly schedule?
Sylvia Martinez Clara Campos yal come try this with me!-Laura... its so much fun😉

Ampd Fitness and Nutrition offers 60 min of calorie torching fun workouts with music as well as nutritional advice.

Operating as usual


What’s up EVERYBODY!!!! Oowee last nights class was painful but that good “my muscle are growing” pain!!!! 🔥 I’m also slowly but surely starting to put that R.I.P.P.E.D certification to use and bring it back to y’all we did just one yesterday to introduce it 💪🏼! if you missed it and would like to get in the workout we did I have the full video up and available for you to access at your convenience!!! 😊

6:30pm live or in person!
Who’s in!?! Comment below please


Leg day was 💣 abs was 🔥!!!! Thanks Bri & Judith for joining in as well 💕

WHOS up for a killer kettlebell workout!!
Tonight 7pm comment below if you’re in!

🚨Please see story for Saturday class

🚨Shop @curve_activewear_ Use code Gaby10 to save


This is all why I started thinking “Damn Gaby, AMAZING”
Literally my first day back since surgery I was just going to test the waters but I felt AMAZING! and I killed it as best as I could. It felt so great to be back.
This is also a clip so that you guys can get a glimpse of some of our workouts. Please know that you can modify every move! You can choose to make it Low-impact or High. So if you’ve worked out everyday of your life or have never worked out a day in your life you can still do this.
Let me give you an example.

In the first section of the we are kneeling down then up into a squat and jump.
The modified version would be
A squat position lunge your left leg back bring it up switch to the right for a lunge bring it back into a squat and you’ll stand high on your toes then back into a squat.

I want to make everyone comfortable and secure in knowing they can do our HIIT, cardio and or mixed training workouts.

And if you can not make the scheduled times we have, thats not a problem either. The entire workout will also be recorded for you and uploaded to do at your convenience all while feeling like you’re doing it live with us.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to message me at any time!

He’s the schedule for the remainder of the week:

Wed -7pm
Thurs 9:15am &7pm
Saturday 9:15am

Timeline photos 05/14/2020

Timeline photos


Im glad y’all are loving the lives! I’m missing pictures but I’m loving them too!! Anyone from anywhere can join us in our workouts! Yes you can use your membership if you have one if not we have Venmo, Apple Pay and zelle. I’ve had nothing but great feedback on these and just so happy I can still help you guys get your workouts in! If you would like to join what you’ll need is dumbbells, a kettlebell and some bands! If you don’t have access to these it’s ok you can use what you have. Also any one can do these and at any fitness level weather you’re a beginner or daily training. Please msg me if you’re interested in joining us right now are times are with our classes but once we stop classes if we have to we will have a different schedule for those. ¡

Me alegra que les estén gustando los lives ! Me faltan algunas fotos pero también me han encantado a mi!! ¡Cualquier persona de cualquier parte puede unirse a nosotros en nuestros entrenamientos!
Sí, puede usar su membresía si tiene una, si no tenemos Venmo, Apple Pay y zelle. ¡No he recibido más que excelentes comentarios sobre las clases y estoy tan feliz de poder ayudarlos seguir entrenando! Si te gustaría unirte lo que necesitarás son mancuernas, pesas rusas y algunas bandas! Si no tiene acceso a estos, está bien, puede usar lo que tiene. Además, cualquiera puede hacer esto y en cualquier condición física, desde principiantes a un nivel mas avanzado. Por favor, envíenme un mensaje si está interesado en unirse a nosotros en este momento, por ahora el horario de estas clases es igual al de nuestro horario regular, pero una vez que reanudemos las clases, si es necesario, tendremos un horario diferente para ellos.

Tonight’s class!
6:30pm W David (live)
Msg me now to get you in!


Please read!!!
Por favor lee!


Happy Monday y’all! Join us tonight! Don’t miss David’s fires up energy 💪🏼🔥


Hey ampd family! This week’s schedule!
We ask that if you’re feeling sick or feel like you may be getting sick please stay home! Thank you


Thank you guys for joining us today!!!!
Workout Wednesday coming up!
5am Yesi Cyn Gaby
8:45am NO CLASS
6pm Zumba with Cristy
7:15pm Cyn & David dynamic duo!


So plan it out and make it happen. The number one excuse I get is “I don’t have time”
A lot don’t but when they really want it they make it happen by planning it out. Get it done and make it happen I promise you’ll see a change! Don’t wish for results, go get them! 💪🏼🔥
Let’s turn up!
5am Patty
6:30pm Gaby & Yesi


Tonight’s turn up was real!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 who agrees?!
Join us for workout Wednesday
5am Gaby & Cyn
8:45am Rosa
6pm Zumba w Cristy
7:15pm David


Great job morning crew! Who’s ready for tonight?!?
6pm Zumba with Cristy
7:15 David


Who misses the ORIGINAL OLD SCHOOL kettlebell class?!?!?
Let’s relive it tonight and have a fun calorie killer workout!
6:30pm Gaby 🔥💪🏼


New month same goals BETER commitment and motivation to get it done! 💪🏼
This week’s schedule

5am Gaby 8:45am Gaby
6pm Cristy 7:15pm David

5am Patty
6:30pm Gaby

5am Gaby & Cyn 8:45am Rosa
6pm Cristy 7:15pm David & Cyn

5am Patty
6:30pm Gaby

5am Gaby
8:45am Tba

Saturday 8:45am


Oh my gosh!! Y’all don’t know how much LIFE this picture is giving me!! I’m definitely motivated and pumped now!! Who’s with me on getting this for mom bod back? Y’all ain’t ready!!!! 🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼 lets get it!!
Join Patty and i on Valentine’s Day for a bomb ass workout to feel sexy and accomplished as hell the rest of the day!
5am if you’re not there you’re missing out!!!



The Great Jillian Michaels said it! Show up EVERY DAY even if you don’t want too!!!
Join us tomorrow
5am Yesi & Gaby
8:45am Yesi & Gaby
6pm zumba with Cristy
7:15pm David (Happy birthday!)


Y’all ended the week great! So let’s start this new week and new month with 🔥!

5am Yesi
8:45am Gaby (pray for me my first full class) 😅
6pm Zumba with Cristy
7:15pm Cyn & David


Happy Monday y’all!!! Who’s ready for the madness tonight?!
6pm Zumba with Cristy
7:15 David


Alrighty y’all! Weather is amazing today so no excuses! Join us tonight for some fired up fun!
6:30pm Gaby & Yesi


Okay so it’s been almost 3 weeks since I started working out. And I’m finally started to feel stronger again. It’s been and still is a struggle and I get frustrated that I get so tired but I push through it. and what I’m most grateful for is having y’all push me through it too! It’s different having y’all motivate me when y’all see me tired or slowing down still trying to push and motivate y’all but it’s an amazing feeling❤️. My Ampd family means so much to me. The love, push, encouragement and motivation that we get from each other is wonderful thing.
Thank you guys for joining my classes even though I’m not back 100% and dying with me 😅❤️.

Join us tonight for two amazing classes
6pm Zumba with Cristy
7:15pm Mixed with David


Measure ins TODAY! Join in on this 30 day challenge that I PERSONALLY will be doing with you the entire way! Msg me for more info 💪🏼

6pm Zumba with Cristy
7:15pm David & Cyn


Hey hey guys! Who’s getting this SNAP BACK WITH ME?! join us tonight for a killer workout!
6:30pm Gaby & Yesi

🎟Last couple days to enter the giveaway!
I’ll be going live Saturday after class
Take a picture on our fit wall post it, check in and tag 3 NEW friends!


Yalllllllll!!!! Fire!! 🔥🔥 so proud of you all for killing it! Thank y’all for joining!
Who’s ready for flex Friday? We got some goals to achieve 💪🏼
5am Gaby & Yesi
8:45am Brianna

Photos from Ampd Fitness and Nutrition's post 01/07/2020

Hey you guys!!! Here’s your schedule for ampd! As you can see I’m coming back y’all! Still not 100% on my own but I’m working on it so I’ll still have some help but always from the best! This year The Ampd team has started working on so many improvements for our fit fam. 2020 is our year for growth in all ways! We are inviting and welcoming new members to our fit family with positive and motivating vibes! Come give us a try and see for yourself what we offer ❤️ first class is always free, and in EVERY CLASS you will get an amazing workout! All of our instructors have their own style and are amazing at what they do! With that being said WHOS ready for the TURN UP cause I know I am!! It’s been a while💪🏼🔥
6:30pm Gaby & Yesi mixed training!


Hey fit fam! Who wants to win an UNLIMITED MONTH of classes?!?
To enter you must take a pic by our fit sign everytime you come to class
post it inviting 3 new friends and
share on your story tagging @gaby_ampdfitness and be sure to also
Check in at AMPD FITNESS!
Simple as that! You will get an entry ticket for EVERY POST!! Starts tomorrow!
See you all here 💪🏼🔥
5am Rosa
8:45am Bri and Yesi
6pm Zumba with Cristy
7:15pm David & Cyn


ThNk you guys for joining us this morning! I can’t wait for tomorrow! Saturday’s are always fired up fun I’ve missed them!
Join us tomorrow morning!
8:45am Mixed instructors
Special guest ☺️
🚨last weekend to get membership 🚨


You ladies killed the 1st workout of the year! Who’s ready to join in tonight?!

6:30pm Gaby & Yesi 💪🏼🔥

🚨🚨🚨🚨 Last week for membership special !!


Hello 2020!!!! Our last workouts of 2019 were 🔥. I’m going into this new year with new BIG goals! Having a baby changes your body physically so much BUT I know what it’s capable of with my hard work and my dedication. I’m challenging myself in so many ways starting now and invite y’all to join me! I’ll be your #1 motivator no doubt. So who’s up for a challenge?! 🙋🏼‍♀️
So join us for the TURN UP all year long!!!
5am Patty
6:30 Gaby & Yesi
5am Rosa & Gaby
8:45am mixed training



Who’s ready for Monday!!!! Join us for a fired up and fun workout guys. New year new you let’s kill this! 💪🏼🔥 MONDAY
5am Rosa
6:30pm Glow lights
5am Patty
5am Patty
6:30pm Gaby Yesi Cyn
5am Rosa Gaby
8:45am mixed training 🚨🚨MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL🚨🚨
Get it now before it’s gone!!!! $$50 16 classes only!

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2640 E Broadway
Pearland, TX

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