Miss Glynis School of Dance

Miss Glynis School of Dance


As hectic as they were I miss dance days!
Another great year of dance with the best teacher ever.
Families, there is a puppy missing in our neighborhood and the family is very worried, please keep your eyes peeled, he Is probably hiding for warmth. If you see him or have seen him in the last few days, please reach out to the family.
We are enjoying this 90s mashup dance! Who remembers these songs?
who remembers Mary Poppins!? we are very excited for her dancing and musical return this December! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
A couple days away Kristianna is excited to be in the older class this year. Miss Glynis is like a fine wine gets better by the year.
Want to save on 2018-2019 classes? Register and pay in full for the year before September 15th and you'll get 10% off!!

How do I sign my daughter's up for the upcoming dance season?

Miss Glynis School of Dance is great for people of all ages! We start classes at 3 years old up to a Each class has a student helper as well.

The studio offers 1 hour combination classes to ages 3 to adult Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Miss Glynis is a certified dance instructor through Dance Masters of America. She has 3 dance teachers on staff that are CPR and First Aid certified, criminal, state and child abuse background checks and all have 10 or more years of experience. There are opportunities for student

Operating as usual


Due to the inclement weather the studio is closed today 12-15-2022...make up classes are as follows all 5:30 pm Thursday students may attend on Tuesday 12-20-2022 at 5:30 pm and 6:30 students may attend Tuesday 12-20-2022 at 6:30 pm.

Travel safely and I will see you next week. If you have questions please call the studio.


We are in our second week and have room for more dancers to join us for the year, please call or message if interested!

Welcome letters for the 22-23 Dance year went out and we have preschool and elementary age spots still available. If you didn't get a letter and want your child to dance please call Miss Glynis this week

We are so excited to welcome our kids back with full class sizes this year!


The 2022-2023 season is in full swing! Have you gotten your welcome back letters and called Miss Glynis yet?

2022 Alumna of the Year: Jocelyn Bioh ’01 09/05/2022

2022 Alumna of the Year: Jocelyn Bioh ’01

Milton Hershey Alumni and one of Miss Glynis's dancers is doing amazing things. Check out this article and shout out to Miss Glynis



2022 Alumna of the Year: Jocelyn Bioh ’01 Jocelyn Bioh ’01 has always loved performing and new from her time at Milton Hershey School that she belonged in the arts. She was recently recognized as the MHS 2022 Alumna of the Year.


Ballet with Ms Izzy will be on Wednesday evenings at 530pm AND guess what!?

There are spots available for this coming dance year

Call Miss Glynis


Welcome letters for the 22-23 Dance year went out and we have preschool and elementary age spots still available. If you didn't get a letter and want your child to dance please call Miss Glynis this week

We are so excited to welcome our kids back with full class sizes this year!


Wishing a very happy birthday to our wonderful owner and director Miss Glynis!! 😊


Group 2 and 2+
Achy Breaky Heart
*we do not own the rights to this music*


Group 7
*we do not own the rights to this music*


Group 4
Braham's Lullaby
*we do not own the rights to this music*


Group 5
At the Hop
*we do not own the rights to this music*


Group 7
Chim Chim Cheree
*we do not own the rights to this music*

Victor Lee Smith Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information 05/10/2022

Victor Lee Smith Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information

For those who do not know Vic, this is Miss Glynis' husband. He loved the joy the studio and our dancers brought to Miss Glynis, and supported the show every year as much as he could! We wouldn't have music to dance to without him. We ask you keep Miss Glynis in your thoughts and prayers through this devastating time.


Victor Lee Smith Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information View Victor Lee Smith's obituary, contribute to their memorial, see their funeral service details, and more.

Photos from Miss Glynis School of Dance's post 03/21/2022

Thank you to the Lavelle Law Firm for having us at your Community Event this weekend.

Photos from Lavelle Law Firm's post 03/20/2022

Thank you to the Lavelle Law Firm for including us in their Harrisburg Community Day.

Photos from Miss Glynis School of Dance's post 03/19/2022

Community Day event in Harrisburg πŸ˜€


As the Omicron variant continues to spread, we will be doing a deep cleaning of the studio and waiting room. In order to do this, the studio will be closed through Tuesday January 18th; classes will resume Wednesday January 19th.

Stay safe, stay healthy and we will see you next week.


From our family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday season!! We will see everyone after the New Year πŸŽŠπŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our dance families!! We are Thankful to have you all in our dance family!


Classes for the 2021-2022 season start tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited to see everyone, new and old faces, back in the studio for a full season!!

Not registered yet? Call miss glynis to get signed up!


Dance classes start Monday October 4th, have you called Miss Glynis yet!?


93 years ago a woman was born that I had no idea would be so influential in my life.. She wasn't a movie star, but she made you feel like you were. She wasn't a doctor or a nurse but she could heal a broken heart in anyone with one of her hugs.
As a teacher, mentor and friend for over 50 years I had the privilege to learn about myself my students and the world around me all through her words of encouragement empowerment and never ending forgivness.

I celebrate this day, her birthday, by saying "Thank you" for all the gifts you gave that you didn't have to and that you may have never even known. You saved me from myself and gave me a safe place to learn an art I would not have ever been able to get anywhere else.

Thousands of us have lost an earthly angel and send our loving Birthday wishes your way. Today hangs an angel in the studio you taught so many how to be our best. Just know you are loved πŸ’” Miss Patsy, today and every day.

Photos from Miss Glynis School of Dance's post 09/01/2021

For many of us, dancers and families past and present, when we think of the dance studio and coming to dance class, Miss Patsy is one of the first people we think of.

Miss Patsy is dancing up in heaven now watching over all of us. Our dance family will forever be touched by Miss Patsy's lessons and everything she did for the children in the community.



Miss Glynis' plan is to open Oct 1st in the hopes that everyone gets back to school safely and the surge calms down.
Class schedules will be established with no more than 8 students per class, and will be filled with returning families first on a first come first serve basis.
Due to the Forum in Harrisburg being under construction, she is solidifying plans for the recital at an alternate location which will cause things to look a little different than our "normal".
Miss Glynis will begin calling families and sending out letters in the coming weeks, if you would like to call her directly her number is listed above!!
We are excited for the 2021-2022 dance year to begin


Miss Glynis School of Dance updates as of June 28th, 2021-

The PA Dept of Health has made updates effective June 28th and here is what this means for us:

- Staff, children and parents are no longer required to wear a mask outside or in; if you or your child are more comfortable wearing a mask, you are welcome to do so

- We will not be screening (to include taking temps) children upon entering the building, but will still encourage children to wash their hands upon entering the studio

- Pick up and drop off will resume in our waiting room, parents will still not be allowed inside due to the size space of the waiting room, we ask that you be mindful of others around you and use the porch, steps and side walk while the weather is nice (no standing on, jumping on or off of, or fooling around on the bench)

- We will continue to maintain our own β€œdance space” within the studio, but will begin to use the space more freely for movement

As always, if anyone in your home is not feeling well, please do not attend class. We are required to report COVID case exposures within our business so we ask that should you or your child test positive for COVID, please let Miss Glynis know ASAP.

Please feel free to call or text Miss Glynis at 717-856-1634 with questions or concerns


Classes will resume Monday April 26th


Welcome back dance families!! Night #1 was a total success and we are so excited to have music playing and dancers dancing with us again!! If you haven't heard from Miss Glynis yet, and want to join our 'mini season' or sign up for fall classes, give her a call!!


Miss Glynis is having phone issues and currently without her phone. If you have reached out, and have not received an answer this is why.
As soon as she is back up and operational we will post on here so you can reach back out!

Sorry for the inconvenience as we deal with some technical issues, please be patient

Thank you


As Dauphin County goes GREEN on June 19th, look for dance season and summer class updates to come!

We can't wait to see everyone soon!!


Dance families,

Today would have been the 10th Annual Review for the Miss Glynis School of Dance, the restrictions from COVID-19 have given us other plans. Please take a moment to celebrate your dancers today, young and old, and share a picture of them with the rest of the dance family!! We look forward to seeing all of our dancer's smiles

As restrictions lift, please know Miss Glynis is working on a Summer Dance program to get us back in the studio, more information to follow.


We have over 400 likes to the page now!!
We hope everyone is dancing at home but we are SO ready to see everyone back at the studio soon!


Great opportunity for our dancers to get techniques and basics from a principle dancer!


Dance family, we got 88 more likes in not even 2 full days because of your support!

Let's keep it going, keep sharing our page and make our dance family eben bigger for when we reopen in May! 🀞🀞


How many of my Facebook friends can I get to do me a big favor? 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼


Miss Glynis School of Dance

πŸ“œ Scroll across the top, and go to β€œCOMMUNITY”
βœ… Click β€œINVITE FRIENDS”
πŸ’» Click β€œALL”
⏰ Wait 10-15 seconds for the invitations to send

- it’s as simple as that -

Once done, post in the comments and leave your page link, and I’ll be sure to return the favor!

Supporting small businesses doesn’t require spending money. It’s as simple as sharing, liking and promoting us! It really means a lot! 😊

Thank you for your help!


How great is this dance families, enjoy some ballet bar work while you are cooped up at home!


MGSD Families,

After new information, further restrictions and guidelines from the Governor of PA and the President, we are taking the precautionary steps to close the studio for the recommended 2 week period.

We will plan to resume classes again Tuesday March 31st.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, and we will see you all soon.


MGSD Families,

We are monitoring the CDC, WHO and State of PA guidelines regarding COVID-19, and for the time being we will REMAIN OPEN. Please attend during your normally scheduled classes, and if you need to make up any classes, please touch base with Miss Glynis.

Our class sizes are small enough we do not fall into any of the business requirements to close, and until we are told we must close, we want to continue to provide services and an outlet to our families. We understand you and your children may need a break from being at home and will need to burn off some of the built up energy.

We are taking extra care of the studio and are equipped with plenty of hand sanitizer, lysol wipes, cleaning supplies and TP ;-). We sanitize the studio daily and will continue to do so through this virus.

With that being said, if you or anyone else in your home are not feeling well, we ask that you please stay home, as we would any other time of year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Miss Glynis directly 717-856-1634 via call or text

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

How Tap Dancing Made Kobe Bryant a Better Basketball Player 02/01/2020

How Tap Dancing Made Kobe Bryant a Better Basketball Player

We love this story and love that boys are encouraged to pursue dance to help for many reasons, and yes dancing helps young boys with balance for all sports, hockey, football, basketball and wrestling to name a few.

How Tap Dancing Made Kobe Bryant a Better Basketball Player Kobe Bryant, who tragically died in a helicopter crash last weekend along with his teenage daughter and seven others, was one of the greatest basketball players who ever lived.


If you have not recieved your 2018-2019 recital DVD yet, they are ready to be picked up


Have you picked up your 2018-2019 Annual Review DVD yet?

* If you are not currently dancing please call Miss Glynis to schedule your pickup!

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Group 2 and 2+Achy Breaky Heart*we do not own the rights to this music*
Group 7Locomotion*we do not own the rights to this music*
Group 4Braham's Lullaby*we do not own the rights to this music*
Group 5At the Hop*we do not own the rights to this music*
Group 7 Chim Chim Cheree*we do not own the rights to this music*




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