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Here at Pipeline Sports Performance and Stronghold P&T, we have the tools and trainers to not only help athletes improve but also stay injury free! Our trainers are the best in the area that teach proper movement mechanics for throwing, hitting, fielding and so much more.

In the video, Coach Nic is showing one way we use the Flexbar with our athletes. This tool can help prevent elbow pain, which many athletes deal with during their athletic careers.

If you want your athlete in the best hands, reach out to us today by emailing [email protected] 💪🏼


At Stronghold and Pipeline Sports Performance we help all athletes with strength and conditioning. Here is one of coach Nic’s athletes from Pensacola High School Girls Volleyball team getting in some work during her off-season! We tailor our programs to help you through in-season and off-season phases. If you are an athlete in the Pensacola area and want to make improvements reach out today!


If you are an athlete, (especially high school athletes), you need to be incorporating some type of mobility training. Young athletes are at school for hours a day sitting at a desk, weakening their neuromuscular coordination.
What I mean by this is that because the chair is there to keep us from falling to the ground, we do not need to engage and activate muscles that will keep us from falling (like our core stabilizers).
The saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” is true. By sitting we aren’t using anything, so we are going to lose something.
Performing movements like in the video below helps to keep us moving in a more optimal way.


Make sure to keep that spine healthy! We sit at desk for work and school all day. This can cause us to have forward posture weakening the lumbar spine. Performing exercises like this will help to correct that posture and help keep us moving as we get older.


Make sure to always work on the basics! Corrective exercises like this one help us maintain our center of gravity and good posture.


Shoulder mobility is important for everyone! Give these a try with a broom stick or PVC pipe!


A spinal disc herniation at L5-S1 changed my life forever. It’s the reason my wife had to dress me and it’s the reason I couldn’t walk for 3 months. Before this injury I trained wrong… heavy weights, not enough core strengthening, tight/ stiff muscles, pushing myself to work through pain… Finally, my body gave out and I had to listen. Functional training helped me walk again and start moving through my life more… well… functionally…

Functional training not only increases overall strength and athletic development, it also helps us maintain strong movement mechanics as we get older.
Using fitness equipment like the aquatic bag helps introduce that functional aspect of training. It’s also fun, challenging and safe to use for young athletes!
Come check us out at Pipeline Sports Performance & Never Been Weak to learn more!


Looking to spice up your workout? Try a stability exercise! Working on improving stability helps prevent injury when performing daily living activities (house chores, picking up your child, etc.) and athletic performance.

Pipeline Sports Performance
Never Been Weak


Give this stretch a try for tight hips!

Pipeline Sports Performance


Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with family and friends! 🦃


Glad to be apart of Never Been Weak & Pipeline Sports Performance team. Can't wait to help get these athletes to the next level!






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