Cocodona 250

Cocodona 250


We are stoked to be a proud sponsor of the second edition of the Cocodona 250 presented by Aravaipa Running happening on May 2-7!

If you are looking for a 250 + mile, point to point footrace through the most scenic and diverse landscapes in Arizona, this event is a must do!!

How many of YOU are already planning to take on this epic adventure?

Be sure to visit to learn more.
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What does nearly every runner have in common? A GPS watch!

We’re stoked to have COROS as a sponsor for this year’s Desert Solstice Invitational Track Meet, the company leading the way in performance sports technology. Offering 25 to 140 hours of battery life during standard GPS mode, yes, on a single charge, it is no wonder these are the ultra runners' watches of choice.

Several of the athletes participating in this year’s Desert Solstice will be rocking the best performance sports technology on the market, GPS watches from COROS Global.

We’re thrilled to have COROS as a sponsor this year in addition to COROS team member Shelby Farrell (who you may remember from our Cocodona 250 and Javelina Jundred Endurance Run races) hopping on the livestream to commentate and tell you more about the watch that is shaking up the tech industry!

Be sure to tune into the Desert Solstice livestream on our Aravaipa Running YouTube channel beginning at 7:30am this Saturday morning!

📷 Howie Stern of Camille Herron
What? You haven’t watched the latest Steep Life Media film, “Inaugural Year” yet?

This is Cocodona 250 champion, Michael Versteeg’s look of disappointment in you.

😉 Kidding!

The direct link to the amazing film by Dylan Harris is below, as is the link to the incredible soundtrack to “Inaugural Year”, created by the ever-talented, Rob Riccardo.

We hope you put them BOTH on repeat!


INAUGURAL YEAR (Full Film) | A story about the first ever Cocodona 250
On Monday May 3, 2021 a group of 176 runners embarked on an epic adventure through central Arizona known as the Cocodona 250. The Cocodona 250, a premiere point to point ultra marathon located in the heart of Arizona, traverses some of the most iconic towns and landscapes of the Old West. This is the story of the Inaugural Year.

More Info Below: ⤵️
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Here’s another sneak peek of “Inaugural Year”, our next film chronicling the epic footrace, the Cocodona 250, from idea to ex*****on by Dylan Harris.

The full film goes live this Friday!

Stay tuned…
Our faces waiting anxiously for the film, “Inaugural Year” to drop on November 19th…😧

From concept to fruition…

Hands up if you’re as excited as we are to see this epic video documenting the one and only, Cocodona 250.

Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming Cocodona 250 film, “Inaugural Year”, yet?

Well, now is your chance!

Be ready for the full film to drop on November 19th and be ready…if you haven’t considered toeing the line at the Cocodona 250 yet, after seeing this feature you may begin to change your mind.

🎥 Dylan Harris

Check out this gorgeous custom award created by the team at Aravaipa Artworx recently for Run Steep founder, Jamil Coury.

His finish of the inaugural Cocodona 250, the Hardrock 100, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - UTMB and his Barkley Marathons attempt all within months of one another was pretty outstanding, so an epic commemoration was certainly in order.

Congrats, Jamil!
Pop the cork 🍾 it’s time to celebrate!

The 2022 Cocodona 250 has just been named a Western States Endurance Run qualifier for 2023!

Along with the Black Canyon Ultras 100k and the Javelina Jundred Endurance Run 100 mile, the Cocodona 250 becomes our 3rd Western States qualifying race, and we couldn’t be more excited.

It’s just ONE more reason to celebrate after crossing that finish line 🏁

📸 Howie Stern
An epic achievement deserves an epic award!

Congratulations to Jamil Coury on his completion of the “Slam of the Damned”. That includes his Barkley Marathons attempt, finishing Cocodona 250, Hardrock 100 and last weekend’s Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - UTMB

Great job, Jamil!
Pam Reed. If you haven't heard of this absolute legend, then you better buckle up.

Pam has been ultrarunning for a while. And by that, we mean she just ran her HUNDREDTH 100 mile race. And she just turned 60. 🤯 Not to mention some "long" stuff like Badwater, Arrowhead 135, and Cocodona 250. Plus, she's been on David Letterman, so she's pretty much a big deal.

Check out our interview with her here:

250 mile point-to-point ultra marathon across the heart of Arizona. Black Canyon Trail - Crown King

Operating as usual

Photos from Cocodona 250's post 12/08/2022

You ready to get GNARLY?
Good! Because Gnarly Nutrition is BACK to support the 2023 Cocodona 250 by providing Gnarly Fuel2O at our aid stations throughout the course!

Gnarly Fuel2O is the all-in-one, vegan friendly solution for long days on the trails.

Fuel2O is packed with electrolytes and calories to replace what is lost during a long endurance effort and also has the added bonus of HMB, a metabolite that helps prevent muscle degradation, so you can kickstart your recovery during your performance workout!

Fuel2O is ideal for trail runs and alpine adventures, especially for big pushes like the Cocodona 250! Order Gnarly with a 20% discount with the code PUSH250 at checkout.

Race week will be here before you know it…there’s no better time than now to start getting !

📸 Jeremiah Wyatt


It doesn’t matter WHEN you finish, as long as you finish before cutoff!

That being said, tell us how your training is going.

Comment below 👇



Cocolocos already know.

Newbies, here’s what you have to look forward to. 🤣

Thank you to for letting us repost!


That CoCo sunset is LoCo ThoTho…🥰 🌅

How many of these do you think you’ll see in May?


Photos from Cocodona 250's post 11/02/2022

Those Cocodonans just cannot stop doing crazy s**t, can they?

Here’s a few familiar faces from last weekend’s Javelina Jundred.
There were more than this because you know, that’s just how you all roll!

Great work, Cocolocos!

Photos from Cocodona 250's post 10/27/2022

We are happy to announce our official non-profit partner for the Cocodona250!

Wilderness Volunteers will receive a portion of the funds from the Cocodona charity bib program. Wilderness Volunteers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission of stewardship of our nation's public lands through organizing and promoting volunteer service in cooperation with public land management agencies. Their affordable week-long volunteer service projects are nationwide: from Maine to California, Hawaii, and Alaska. Volunteers assist land agencies with trail maintenance, invasive species removal, ecosystem restoration, erosion control, archeological surveys, and much more.

Learn more about their organization here ( and sign up for one of their amazing trips today.


On this week’s edition of *t we have 2022 Cocodona 250 runner up, Mike McKnight, who’s currently about 565 miles or so into the 800 mile long Arizona Trail.
Mike is going for the Supported Fastest Known Time, but more importantly is raising funds for RODS Heroes, a charity very dear to him.
Calculations have him nailing a new FKT but just barely, so let’s send him some speedy, feel good vibes to get him to the finish in time!
Fellow Cocodonans, UNITE!

Tag him and cheer him on in the comments below!

You’ve got this, you crazy COCOLOCO!


Our good friends at Squirrel’s Nut Butter are serious rockstars…they will once again be running the AS18 Fort Tuthill Aid Station at the 2023 edition of the Cocodona 250!

They will also be providing a discount code for their amazing all-natural salve to all 2023 entrants, so keep your eyes 👀 peeled for that email and be sure to stock up so you’ll stay during your 250 adventure!


Tune into Wes Plate’s YouTube channel this Friday at noon Pacific Time to sit down with Wes and a panel of athletes who finished FOUR 200 milers in one year! 4!!!
Now that’s some serious CocoLoconess right there…

Link below to turn your notifications on now so you don’t miss it!


2023 Runner Guide and 2023 Course Section Descriptions are NOW LIVE!

Info your hearts out, runners.

Photos from Cocodona 250's post 10/03/2022


The Arizona Trail is one of the most scenic and challenging routes in the U.S. At 800 miles-long and over 100,000 feet of elevation gain, it takes most thru-hikers 6-8 weeks to complete. Last Spring, Joe McConaughy, who finished first overall at the 2022 Cocodona 250, set out to hike it in just 12 days…

“Racing Arizona” by Pilot Field chronicles Joe’s journey and both the literal and metaphorical peaks and valleys that he faced and ultimately conquered during his supported FKT attempt of the mighty Arizona Trail.

Head to the link below to watch it now!


It premiered last Sunday at the Opheum Theater in Flagstaff to an audience of hundreds and now we are so excited to bring it to you, wherever you may be!

The 2022 Cocodona 250 film, “The Long Way Home” by Dylan Harris featuring Eric Senseman and his experience during his 250 mile journey from Prescott to Flagstaff will go live on YouTube next Friday, October 7th at 3:00pm.

Put those YouTube notifications on now so you don’t miss it!


On this week’s edition of *t we want to give a shout out to these two who won the Run Rabbit Run 100 Team Challenge this past weekend. 🤫 They also won some loot, too!

Great work, and
Oh, and Annie also finished top lady as well. 🏆 😉

Great work, Pete and Annie!


The landscape sure changes over the course of 250 miles, doesn’t it?
From cactus to red rocks to towering pines, and let’s not forget those cool towns, right?

Veteran Cocolocos, which section of the course was your favorite? And if you haven’t ran the race just yet, which part are you most excited about?



“The Long Way Home” by Dylan Harris featuring Eric Senseman and his Cocodona 250 journey premieres next Sunday September 25th at the Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff!

Have you gotten your tickets yet?
The doors will open at 3:30pm, the show starts at 4:00pm, and the link to grab your tickets is below.

See you there, Cocolocos ☺️

Course – Cocodona 250 09/15/2022

Course – Cocodona 250

2023 Cocodona course has officially been revealed. We have gone back to the original start through the Bradshaws and kept the second year changes from Sedona to the finish. Best Cocodona course yet? Maybe!

Course – Cocodona 250 Permitting Agencies: BLM (Hassayampa Field Office), Prescott National Forest (Bradshaw & Verde Ranger District), Coconino National Forest (Red Rock & Flagstaff Ranger Districts)

Photos from Cocodona 250's post 09/15/2022

We’ve got a new hashtag because Cocodonans don’t only do *t, they do *t too.

So on our very first edition of *t we have 2021 finisher, Cody Santelli who in need of a change, decided to cut off a considerable amount of his gorgeous locks to donate to Wigs For Kids.

The new do looks great on you, Cody, and your lovely mane is going to make a child in need very, very happy. ❤️


Get that popcorn 🍿 ready!
The premiere of the Cocodona film, “The Long Way Home” by Dylan Harris featuring Eric Senseman will be here before you know it!

Are you planning to join us for the show at the Aravaipa Film Festival in Flagstaff on September 25th?

The doors at the Orpheum in Flagstaff will open at 3:30pm and the show starts at 4:00pm!

Skip the line and grab your tickets below now!

Hope to see you there 🏜



THIS finish line awaits you this May…what is the “WHY” behind getting you there?



With the heatwave going on here in the west the river crossing at Cocodona is looking REALLY good right about now.

Anyone up for working remote? 💻 💦

📸 of taken by


We are so excited for the premiere of the 2022 Cocodona film, “The Long Way Home”, happening at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff on September 25th!

Are you planning to attend?

Then why wait?

Purchase your tickets now at the link below and remember that a portion of ticket sales proceeds will go directly to the Northern Arizona Chapter of Girls On The Run.

Hope to see you there for the Aravaipa Film Festival in Flagstaff featuring “The Long Way Home”!

📸 Howie Stern


On August’s final episode of *t we have Le Tigre himself, , who just set a new FKT in the John Muir Trail!

The new time to beat on this 220 mile long beast is now 72:47 thanks to Jeff. Wait, didn’t we JUST post about a new FKT on this trail?

Oh, you Cocos are straight LOCO!

Great work, Jeff!



Flagstaff Sky Peaks and the first ever “Peaks week” is coming QUICK!
Get ahead of the game and be one of the first to see the 2022 Cocodona 250 film featuring Eric Senseman by getting your tickets in advance for the inaugural Aravaipa Film Festival happening on Sunday, September 25th after the conclusion of the Golden Trail Series 27k race.
Doors will open at the Orpheum Theatre (Flagstaff) at 3:30pm for this exciting event featuring the premiere of the Cocodona film and many others!
A portion of the ticket proceeds will go to Girls on the Run Northern Arizona and there is also a direct donation area for Girls on the Run of Northern Arizona when tickets are purchased.

Link below to get yours now!

📸 Scott Rokis Photography


“What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze.
Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her catwoman suit.
Don't you worry your pretty stripped head we're gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed.
And then we're gonna find our bestfriend Doug and then we're gonna give him a bestfriend hug.
Doug, Doug, Oh, Doug Douggie Douggie Doug Doug.
But if he's been murdered by crystal m**h tweekers,
well then we're s**t out of luck.”

Just a little “The Hangover” humor for your Monday, Cocodonans, we hope it’s GREEEEAAAAT! 🐯 ☝️

📸 of the Le Tigre himself,


On this week’s edition of *t we want to shout out 2022 Cocodona champion Mr. .bean 🌱 on his new unsupported JMT/Nüümü Poyo Fastest Known Time!

That’s 221 miles and 46k feet of vertical gain in 3 days and 59 minutes.

Amazing! Way to go, Joe 🙌


Coconapping; coconapped

1 to sleep briefly and suddenly, usually in a horizontal position but sometimes upright and even in motion. During said Coconap anything feels like a feather bed, including and not limited to: asphalt, camp chairs, dirt, rocks and pine needles.



In today’s edition of *t, we feature 2022 F1 who recently took the ladies win and 🥈 place OA at AND set a new CR of 23:40.

Way to go, ANNIE!


You just know we have to ask…who has registered already?

Give us your favorite emoji below if you have!



Some get tattoos to commemorate their journey, some get bling!

Love this one made for


Registration for the 2023 Cocodona 250 coming soon…stay tuned!



Congratulations to all of our Cocolocos from both editions who toed the line at and finished the Western States 100.

So epic! Also, nice hat 🎩 😉

📸 of

Photos from Cocodona 250's post 06/27/2022

We’ve got another Coco inspired tattoo coming at you courtesy of finisher, Scott Jenkins!
Here’s what Scott had to say about his fresh ink…

“If you look closely the horn has the word ‘Calon’ on it.
Calon is the welsh word for ‘heart’ and I used it here because I loved Cocodona so much and because it took real heart to finish the race on a blown out ankle”. (Check out that ankle!)

Great work, , that tatt is beautiful and well deserved!

Photos from Cocodona 250's post 06/23/2022

Congratulations to photographer and his subject on making the cover of the latest !

Check the July issue to read the full story. So rad! ❤️


RIP toenails 👣

Okay. Who lost theirs after Cocoloco? How many did you lose? Are they growing back nicely?
Comment below so we can pour one out for those old friends who have found their way to toenail heaven. ❤️



We’ve got some more sweet ink to share! This one is on the shoulder of Cocodona 250 finisher, Peter Ward.

So rad!


Mantras…did you have one during Cocodona?

What was it?



This Santa 🎅 looks familiar 🤔

Best of luck to , one of many Cocodonans taking on the San Diego (or should we say, San DiegHo Ho Ho) 100 this weekend!

Crush it, Kris Kringle!


Photos from Cocodona 250's post 06/02/2022

She was the ladies champion at the inaugural, Cocodona 250, and not only excels in just about any distance she runs, but she generally has a giant smile on her face while doing it. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know Durango resident and total badass, Maggie Guterl a bit better!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself! How did you begin running? Did you play sports growing up? Where did you grow up and what is your favorite distance to run?

M: I did all kinds of sports growing up in west Chester, Pa. From neighborhood roller hockey to driveway basketball. In Middle school I played two sports a season. But in high school lost interest in organized sports.
After college in my late 20s I started to think maybe running would be a good thing to get into. I was living in the Philly at the time. I only ran roads. Eventually I stepped onto a trail and loved it. But I enjoyed plenty of road ultras before I happened to find myself exclusively on trail. Wouldn’t rule out another road ultra in the future. I love all distances but the longer the better. It’s a huge challenge.

Q: Everyone knows you are the queen of Cocodona, winning the inaugural event. What made you decide to toe the line at Cocodona, was that your longest distance, and would you do it again?

M: I’m definitely not the queen. Lol. More like one of the OG Guinea pigs though. Cocodona felt like a good idea for all the Barkley failures from March. Haha. I knew Jamil was excited about this race and had wanted to try a 200 miler for a while and had done 250 miles in the backyard format. But this seemed like a whole new ballgame. That extra 7 miles at cocodona made it a distance PR. 😂

Q: What is up next race wise for Maggie?

M: Next up is Broken Arrow Vertical k! But ultimately training for the opportunity of a lifetime in July. Hardrock 100! Then Run Rabbit Run 100 in September. Keeping it to short distances this year. 😂

Q: Tell is a random or little known fun fact about you!

M: Little known fact about me…. I like creepy dolls and clowns and things that are macabre I guess you could say. I dunno though. If you follow me on the gram I feel like you could have guessed that. 😂🤡 see some of Maggie’s collection below!)

Thank you so much for sharing, Maggie! We can’t wait to see you crush it at Broken Arrow and ultimately any race you toe the line at. You’re incredible!

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The "Minidona"
Mile 245 - Mt Elden. You are 96% finished, only 9 miles left to go. All of the beautiful views, the memories captured, f...
Mile 244 - The final climb. Mt Elden is a beast of a climb but you are rewarded with snow, aspen, WIND, and amazing view...




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