Well Armed Women

Well Armed Women


"Refuse to be a Victim"
Attended an excellent Beginner Handgun - Level II with Johnson Group Tac at Ben Avery on Sat, Jan 16th!
I did things I've never done -
* Shot outdoors!
* Changed magazines - a) even when the first was not yet empty (tactically) and b) when empty - and quickly! I let my magazine drop right there - in the dirt! (This was hard for me at first - I'm still a bit "girly" and am learning that my .380 is a tool and can TAKE IT!)
* Practiced clearing level 1 malfunctions using a dummy round that I knew was coming and then was hidden by Oz (the instructor) in my mag, also.

We are a place for women to come together to connect and share. To feel safe and empowered. My passion, as Annie Oakley says it best... "is for all women to handle a firearm as naturally as they know how to handle babies".

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Can you concealed carry weapons other than handguns in Arizona with a concealed carry permit?
Learn the answer to this and SO MUCH MORE!!

Well-Armed Women 04/28/2022

Well-Armed Women

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Well-Armed Women I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms as naturally as they know how to handle babies. "Annie Oakley" Welcome to the group please post a picture of yourself and what you like to get from being a part of this group. https://m.facebook.com/WellArmedWomen well-armedwomen.com FREE G...


Well-Armed Women


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How well do you know how to load?


Real Women shoot guns!
Meet our Well-Armed Women...Camille Ann Wright Colleen Sullivan Shana Goulet Julie Tucker

Firearm training helps women ‘refuse to be a victim’ 04/13/2022

Firearm training helps women ‘refuse to be a victim’

We welcome Girls & Women of all ages!
Refuse to be a Victim!

Firearm training helps women ‘refuse to be a victim’ Karin Johnson always longed to create a place for women to connect, interact and grow with each other.

Timeline photos 04/12/2022

Timeline photos

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Something to check when visiting Granny.


Well-Armed Women

Timeline photos 03/30/2022

Timeline photos

Having taught firearms and tactical training for the last ten or so years, I’ve seen a lot of different types of students come to my courses. Many come with quite a ... continue reading CLICK LINK

Survey: For Gun Owners 03/02/2022

Survey: For Gun Owners

Survey: For Gun Owners Privacy Policy. Terms of Use. USCCA |  44 Markfield Drive Suite E, Charleston, SC 29407Delta Defense, LLC  |  1000 Freedom Way, West Bend, WI 53095-4945


What would you do?
You MUST know exactly what to do next!
It's about making the right decisions & being prepared.
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One Hand Shooting!!

First time shooting and with one hand great job!


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Need a gift idea? How about a Gift Certificate?
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Limited to ONLY 15 students... Dr. Skip Watters will be teaching this 4.5 hour class!

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Timeline photos 11/11/2021

We always offer 15% OFF to all our Military & First Responders.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah6:8

Timeline photos 11/09/2021

Timeline photos

Handgun Classes for Everyone - https://mailchi.mp/42aea8a05bb7/year-end-promo

Timeline photos 10/25/2021

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How would you RESPOND???
We have two GREAT Classes this Sunday, OCT 31st.
LEVEL II Handgun & Defensive Pistol.
These classes will arm you with knowledge & skills for real-world defensive situations.

Timeline photos 10/23/2021

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What are the advantages to having a Concealed Carry Permit in Arizona?
Arizona currently has a population of around 7.4 million residents. Only 391,000 Arizona State concealed carry permits have been issued. Now I find that kind of puzzling because we are a “shall issue” ..... continue reading....https://johnsongrouptac.com/blog/f/ccw-or-not


Timeline photos 10/07/2021

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Be prepared to protect yourself & those you love!
We offer ALL levels of Handgun & Rifle Training.

Timeline photos 10/05/2021

ROOM for more in our classes this weekend.
We offer ALL levels, beginner to advanced!

We have some room this weekend in our classes!

Timeline photos 10/02/2021

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We are giving away this GREAT Resource!
Over 260 pages, covers crucial topics like understanding conflict avoidance and situational awareness, handgun and shotgun basics, shooting fundamentals, the physiology of violent confrontations and the legal characteristics of using deadly force.
We are doing a drawing on Saturday, OCT 9th - all you have to do to get in the drawing is write a review on Google.
Here is the link
If you have already written a review you are good to go!!
If you have taken a CCW class from us.... PLEASE mention "CCW" in the review.
Thank you !
Karin & Oz


Timeline photos 10/01/2021

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Get your FREE 24 page guide on "The Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Concealed Carry" when you sign up for our CCW class!
Multiple dates available EVERY MONTH!


Timeline photos 10/01/2021

Timeline photos

Fall Handgun Classes - https://mailchi.mp/50dfbf904c23/fall-handgun-classes

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Well-Armed Women
Winner of our Competition!!
Class One Malfunction




Beginner Fundamental & Intermediate Handgun Training.



Phoenix, AZ

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Unique "Man on Man" shooting match,open to all.

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Fully Licensed FFL Fi****ms Manufacturer of AK47 and AK74 Rifles

Armed Woman of America - Broward Florida Armed Woman of America - Broward Florida
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We are committed to providing a safe environment where all women feel comfortable. We encourage women from the advanced shooter right down to someone that would like to be better informed. We want to educate, equip, and empower you as a woman gun owner.

Spottercam Spottercam
20634 N 28th St
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We are a technology group comprised of Archery and Gun enthusiasts looking to improve efficiency and enhancing the enjoyment of the sport.

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We make your factory firearm yours.

Phoenix Rod&Gun Club Phoenix Rod&Gun Club
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Our NRA Certified instructor offers a variety of gun safety and shooting instruction courses for all ages. We are a West Valley company focused on safety.