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Tour Striker Golf Academy


Hey Tour Striker nation!

Martin Chuck is in Belmont, Massachusetts, hosting a 2-Day Tour Striker Golf Academy Golf School this Thursday and Friday.

There is 1 spot left!!

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Hurry before it's gone!

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Beverages optional.
Hey Tour Striker Nation,

Did you see Martin's most recent tip for chipping?

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If you have gone through the PlaneMate Protocols, you probably noticed that there are a lot of one arm short shot drills. One arm drills help golfers feel connected throughout their entire swing. Check out Friday's newsletter to gain better connection by using the essential 5 ball progression drill!

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Do you early extend in your swing???.....You should probably raise your hand because statistics show about 2/3 of us do!

Hopefully you checked out Martin Chuck’s drill - Reverse Range Picker Drill GOLFPASS Tour Striker Golf Academy

What I want to talk about are some possible physical causes that may be contributing to your early extension.

There are 3 main causes that could lead to early extension in your swing:

1. Lack of internal rotation of the lead hip
2. The ability to separate the upper and lower body - disassociate
3. Your ability to stabilize you lower body

This week I'm going to go over each of these and show you a way you can assess whether you have one of those physical limitations and if you do I'll show you some simple exercises that you can do to stop you from early extending and get you swinging better.

So the first cause - internal hip rotation - can be assessed by performing a Lower Quarter Rotation test. TPI

Let’s get to it!

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Best Golf School in Arizona 4 years running, private coaching, online coaching, and junior coaching. Located at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more than 30 years Martin Chuck has been working to help players of all levels increase their understanding, improve their game and enjoy golf more. Come to a Golf School
Unlike a one hour lesson, a golf school gives you time to not just learn a new technique but to practice your new techniques under the watchful eye of a professional coach, making them a permanent part of your game. It's a fu

Operating as usual


50 years of Nike.

I remember when I was a little kid, when John McEnroe was winning Tennis’ Majors in their original canvas shoes and some of my Dad’s pals were jogging in the original “waffle” soled runners. Later on, key endorsement relationships; a guy named Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Maria Sharapova, were just a few who sporting dreamers could relate to.

The Nike brand has been around almost my entire life. Crazy to see brands come and go, but Nike has grown in popularity.

How? By being massively innovative and controversial.

Many of my friends and clients don’t agree with their business practices or politics.

That’s the beauty of the American way. You have the power to choose and hopefully this great country stays that way. We can respectfully disagree with others and maintain civility.

Even though I’m not a supporter of some of their political views or actions with some of their athletes, Nike supports my uniqueness and I appreciate it.

As a small businessman who teaches golf, develops and imports products to try and help golfers, I’m amazed at what Nike has accomplished.

Truly amazing and here’s to 50 more years.


Helping my student understand a generally centered pivot.


Field goal kicking. Target out there…
Smashing hard shots with some good wrist conditions and pivot.

Full video on my @joinsagespot

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And that’s a wrap.

Thanks to @arcisgolf and @ravenphx

11 Seasons. Wow

It’s a wonderful golf course, staff and practice area. My campers have a blast. From the food and beverage team to the experience on the golf course…it’s appreciated.

Coaches! @jimld @psychmikegolf @bryanpategolf @gwlouis_7 @sawyergolf @thegolfyogi

You guys are the best. Thanks for your support and commitment to helping golfers improve.

Pumped for another season at the Raven


Frank the Tank!



Such a great drill for so many. Give it a go! Careful you don’t wallop one on the backswing, though. 😳

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The common Junior golf pattern.

This passionate young dude has the typical sequence we see with young golfers. They don’t have a breaking mechanism to get their arms back in front of them.

We use some “Breaking“ drills to get their arms accelerated into a more functional place. There is a deceleration phase that gets the arms and club to kick out.

This young guy feels like he is stopping the club 1 foot after impact.


☺️ Tiger at Augusta

I love the primer, practice swing. Footwork and rhythm developing his back and forth, flowing motion. It looks very smooth and efficient. Crispy strike to around 15 feet.

Thanks @bayougolfpro Jason Magee for posting this video. Prime real estate!


A couple of brothers learning how to manage the club path for effective pitch shots.

Both were very inside out and had low point issues. I put an aim stick parallel to the target inside the ball line. I asked them to miss it on the way to the ball.

# nikegolf @nike @nikegolf


Pause-y 1/2 shots.

A great way to help sort out the “junior golf pattern” we see all the time. Young golfers recruit power from bigger muscles (hips out race the momentum of the club) and overwhelm the rhythm of a sound strike.

P2 - P3, pause and smash. The hips will support the motion of the chest and arms.

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Golf Cart Lessons


From 74.5 mph club speed to 81.8 mph club speed. She went from swinging her age to adding 7 mph.


Stomp and sling. Look at the right foot. Watch @jimld @martinborgmeier @kyleberkshire to see it in action.

Now you can add the bomber, Carol, to the mix

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Flow Baby!

Some rhythm to help you be a better golfing athlete.

Check out my story to watch the whole video.

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Want to hit higher bunker shots? Get some sand on your buns. Create a flatter, more rounded circle.

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What’s your DaDeet?

How much time do you have for swing thoughts?

Shout out to @athletic_motion_golf @shaunwebbgolf @mikegranatogolf @reflexarcgolf

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86 years young and still wallops the ball.

Since I can remember, Gary Player @gary.player has been saying that premier athletes were going to start playing the game and hitting the ball prodigious lengths. Well, the woods are not full of long hitters anymore. The long hitters are near the green, laying one in the first cut.


Creating the right pictures to get the right shapes! Great job by this new golfer!

# nikegolf @nike @nikegolf


What could I do differently?

Insights please.

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Big Jim @jimld made this meme about staying cool while adjusting a grip 100 x during the same camp. 🤣

So true!!!!

Hysterical bit from @tomhanks from

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The rhythm of the set up routine.

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Most of you know I love training aids. The training aid I use the most? Simply an inexpensive aim stick.

This awesome lady is learning how to let her clubhead orbit differently. From too steep to a functional impact. Initially, the stick takes a beating, but she figures it out!

# nikegolf @nike @nikegolf


Backswing and downswing; length of swing and pace of swing with the @reflexarcgolf magical device.

This machine is an absolute mind blower for every golfer.

As soon as golfers realize the rhythmic speed of a backswing and downswing improvement happens.

# nikegolf @nike @nikegolf


“Gotta keep that trail knee flexed!”

One of those distance crushing tips from back in the day.

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Shoulder trajectory of @djohnsonpga (🎥🙏🏼 @allen.terrell )


Shoulder trajectory of 80 - 90 shooters.


As a coach, this absolutely blows minds when shown and explained to students. Of course, the ingredients to do this involve attachment, wrist conditions, athleticism and intent. That’s a funky recipe.


Fellow golfers! I think you are going to enjoy my new series on @golfpass

Breaking Golfs Greatest Myths

Let’s uncover the truth about:

And tons of other vids to make you go 🤔🤔

@nikegolf @truespecgolf


This great fellow on the right is a 7 handicap golfer who can drive it nicely. His challenge is thin and fat shots from tight lies. Also, uneven lies are a challenge for him.

This guy is way better than the average golfer, but he needed to see and feel some extremes to buy in and get a different thought about body motion and low point control.

On the left, World Long Driver @jimld and “Marty in the Middle.”

The seeds are planted and we hope this fellow can reap the bounty.

# nikegolf @nike @nikegolf


C’mere Handsome! 💋

Backswing structure…

Coaches, this will get the message across pretty quick 🤣

Yeah, I know. The 90s called and it wants it’s rain suit back. Abnormally cold in Phoenix for a couple of days and I forgot my suit at home. Brrrr

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What’s the difference between impact and follow through?

What are traits of reliable ball strikers? 🤳🙋🏻‍♂️

-16 deep at Riv before the weekend by @joaco_niemann was insane.

# nikegolf @nike @nikegolf


The difference between address and Impact.

Using to @tourstrikergolf Power Impact Pro to give this student some disassociation feels.

# nikegolf @nike @nikegolf


This step drill can change your game for the better.

Many golfers don’t ever feel the lower body motion that helps reposition and unwind the upper body effectively.

Give it a go!!

# nikegolf @nike @nikegolf


“Curls get the girls?”💪🏼🤣

This bicep curl device “Arm Buster,” is a helpful feel to teach golfers who retract their trail arm during the backswing rotation.

@georgegankasgolf has a great product called the GBox that helps in a similar way.

This fella ripped that trail arm back on the takeaway and got the club’s mass in a tricky place to return back to impact.


Take it back “low and slow.” 🤢🤮

Be an athlete. Learn how your backswing can help your swing sequence.

If you already hit it way past your buddies, please IGNORE this video.


Repost from @tourstrikergolf

Working some hip depth and trail arm sequence with the help of the Rotator by @chkim3032 and @bobgrissett

I also have the @theplanemate on this good fellow. The red band (strong) is attached to a spiral pet stake. He has to fight for hip depth by resisting the pull.

9/10 club level golfers don’t understand these concepts.

If your pelvis gets in the way of your hand path, it makes club delivery really erratic.


The @wastemanagement @wmphoenixopen is the ⛳️

This was on Tuesday after @bkoepka won last year.

Not as many people in the stands 🤣


When you have a student who is @machinegunkelly with range balls, you have to slow his roll a bit.

Here’s a training sequence that help him out.

Med ball toss
Hit one

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