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Greywolf Ares BJJ


6am Wednesday morning class! Putting the FUN in fundamentals. And maybe mental.
No Gi classes Tuesdays & Thursday
6pm-7pm fundies
7pm-8pm Advance

With coach Jarrell Madrid
What a way to start the day
Super impressed man, nice work.
Email er

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Operating as usual


Good times with amazing men!

It took. A long time to get these three guys in the same room but we did it! Thank you for coming in the this evening. I can’t wait to drop this one. Stay tuned!

Photos from CTRL Industries's post 10/23/2022

Photos from CTRL Industries's post


See ya there!!!


Kazushi Sakuraba - Kimura Break

Photos from CTRL Industries's post 10/21/2022



If you know you know



‘87 Til Infinity.

Photos from CTRL Industries's post 10/16/2022




Available tomorrow! • Equipe 1.5


Emotion: This game is about decision making and calculating risk and reward. Emotion doesn’t help decision making and calculation. I find most people do their best work in a calm and emotionless state. It’s sometimes difficult to achieve this in the pressure of competition but you don’t have to be perfect - just better than the other fellow. The time for emotion is after the performance - then you can let out whatever you were holding back!


Amazing kids class tonight! We are super proud of all of you and the hard work you put in each week!! Coach Alex is doing an amazing job with the program!


It’s Friday night! Come party before you go party 🕺🏿

Photos from Greywolf Ares BJJ's post 09/30/2022

Finally got around to posting some pics from our recent trip to Santa Cruz for the mountain sol music festival. I’m grateful to my amazing instructors and students who afford me the opportunity to take these weekend trips to recharge the batteries.


The chase: When you begin to get threatening positions on good opponents they will often react by fleeing from the danger. This will create a chase sequence. When you go to chase a fleeing opponent you’ve got two approaches. The first is to match or exceed your opponents speed of escape with speed of your pursuit. Here your success or failure is based on the development of your own speed. The second approach is to focus not on INCREASING YOUR speed, but rather on DECREASING YOUR OPPONENTS speed. Taking certain grips and positioning your bodyweight appropriately can immediately slow down even the most explosive and fast moving opponents. In general the preferred approach is to focus on slowing the other fellow down with positioning and grip rather than trying to outrace opponents, however, Id be liar if I said you’re always going to be able to slow opponents down, so it’s important to develop your acceleration up and off the mat to chase down fleeing opponents. In hard fought matches it’s usually the combination of both that lets you reel in and recapture an opponent in flight.






Read those last 3 words again...


Reminder…see you at 11 for open mat ✌🏼🐺


Reminder: this Monday all regular classes are cancelled in observance of the holiday. We will of course have open mat from 11-1. All are welcome, no mat fees, good vibes only ✌🏼


Action and reaction: When you start jiu jitsu it seems there are so many moves to learn that when it’s time for sparring you get locked into a mindset of MOVE PERFORMANCE, that is, a desire to perform a move that you’ve selected as well as you can, come what may. There is no thought as to what your opponent is doing - only what you want to do. This is totally understandable when you’re starting out, but at some point you’ll want to get away from that and start paying attention to your opponents REACTIONS to your moves and use THAT as the basis of your technique selection rather than just arbitrarily selecting a move and trying to force an application of it against resistance. Just as a good conversationalist doesn’t just talk his own thoughts, but rather LISTENS to the other person and talks in response to what he hears, so too, a good jiu jitsu player listens to the movements of his opponent second by second in response to his moves and responds. It takes two in jiu jitsu - make sure everything you do takes the other fellow into account

How To Get Comfortable With The Discomfort Of Jiu Jitsu 08/21/2022

How To Get Comfortable With The Discomfort Of Jiu Jitsu

How To Get Comfortable With The Discomfort Of Jiu Jitsu Getting Comfortable With Discomfort in Jiu Jitsu If you have been around the jiu jitsu world long enough, there is a good chance you were strangled by someone you did not think would be capable of causing you such a great level of discomfort. No matter if you are just starting out, or have tons of e...

The Top 7 Shoulder Conditions Affecting Grapplers 08/20/2022

The Top 7 Shoulder Conditions Affecting Grapplers

The Top 7 Shoulder Conditions Affecting Grapplers This article was written by osteopath, black belt, and owner of Centre Line BJJ, Miad Najafi. Grappling ranks amongst some of the most intense forms of exercise that an athlete can put their body through. Wrenching, pushing, pulling, submitting, throwing, and landing, usually against full resistance...



Building instincts: I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of sparring with an opponent who even though they may not have highly developed technique or tactics, just seems to have good INSTINCTS. They turn in the right directions during a fast scramble, the pull out of danger at the right moment. Often these good instincts are seen in athletes who started the sport very young. A natural question to ask is - if I start older with no good instincts and I always seem to turn the wrong way, move at the wrong time - how can I improve my grappling instincts? My answer is - START WITH ONE SIMPLE DESIDERATA AND HAMMER IT INTO YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS UNTIL IT BECOMES A HABITUAL ACTION. Once you’ve achieved that, move on to another. I always recommend to start with developing an instinct to RELENTLESSLY SEEK THE BACK FROM EVERYWHERE. You simply can’t go wrong with this as a habit of action or instinct. Next time you’re sparring, see how many many times you can visually identify a path to the back as you work. Try hard to seek a physical path to the back. Keep working over time until it becomes a settled instinct or habit. You’ll be shocked how positively it affects your game overall


Come get some jiu jitsu specific mobility training this Sunday at 10am with brown belt Brendan aka !!! Perfect way to limber and warm up before the team open mat!!!

Photos from Osvaldo Queixinho BJJ's post 08/02/2022


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CTRL squad
Stay hungry and keep climbing the hill. #greywolfaresbjj
Ninja Choke
This Saturday and every Saturday, join us for open mat. No mat fees, anyone is welcome, good vibes only!
Posted @withregram • @instabarrier Congratulations Proffessor @greywolf_ares_bjj on your Grand Openning! #aresbjj #aresb...
AZ mural
Wall mural
Had some homie out to train tonight ✌️♥️🐺
1st degree black belt promo continued
1st stripe on the black belt promo from my instructor and mentor Paul Nava Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Life is about moments. This was a good one!




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