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We blinked and summer break was over!
Yesterday Ella got her yellow belt in Gracie jiu-jitsu and today she’s taking all that “bully-proof pma” with her to middle school. Middle school!!
We were lucky to be able to meet up with her besties outside of the school so they could walk in together. It’s beautiful to see how much more confident they are with each other’s support and we couldn’t be more grateful for these boys
I have this amazing Gi for sale! 100 or beat offer!
Move to Ohio please!
Miss this place and everyone here.
This place is really special!
Ella achieved the rank of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu White-Yellow Belt last weekend and to say we're proud of this kid's awesomeness is an understatement!! ♥️
A huge shoutout to the immensely talented and dedicated instructors at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix, Adam, Justin, Emily and Ruthie, who are guiding Ella through this journey with so much love and patience. Laurens and I appreciate you more than words can describe.
She’s now wearing her new belt with pride and the certificate signed by Ryron Gracie and Rener Gracie at Gracie University is framed on the wall.
Ella would also like to thank her friends and training buddies Havi and Desi Miret and all the kids at the school. And of course she thanks her uncle Roger who took her out for lunch to celebrate, but not after busting her chops about her certificate being in his name instead of hers...😆 #thatswhatunclesarefor
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Please remind me what are your closed dates this week please? Thank you
What an amazing experience! Thank You Gracie Jiu -Jitsu Phoenix! We are pumped to get our first stripe!
Less than one week away!!
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Did you know you can sponsor a survivor through this program at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix? Reach out to Alexis Ferri at [email protected] and find out how. Or message our team here.

#KickAtDarkness #GJJPHX
Anybody else notice this:
Ok, I think these are the right video. It seems like the originals were made private. Can't find the one with Ryron commentary that is still an active link.

I think this is the video that we were talking about in class today; without any commentary. I'll keep looking for those as well.

We all know Saied KEEPS IT REAL AT GJJ

Dedicated to the highest level of self-defense training. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix is the only Gracie University Certified Training Center in Phoenix!

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix is the only Gracie University Certified Training Center in Phoenix. Our mission is to provide the highest level of self-defense instruction in a positive, healthy, and safe environment. Our Certified Instructors are dedicated to providing each of our students with the best possible instruction and support available in training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu; in group classes, seminars, and private lessons.

Operating as usual



Women Empowered Self-Defense Seminar
Sunday, January 16th: 11am to 1:30pm


Call now to RSVP: (480) 339-9019
Email: [email protected]

Cost: Free!!
Location: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix 13637 N. Tatum Blvd. #18 Phoenix, AZ 85032
Details: No experience necessary. Open to ages 13 and up. Wear comfortable workout attire.

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Free Self-Defense Seminar 07/18/2021

Free Self-Defense Seminar

We are offering a FREE women's self-defense seminar next Sunday!

This special 2.5-hour seminar is designed for first-time self-defense students and will address the following threat scenarios:
1) How to break free from an attacker who grabs you without warning.
2) How to avoid being taken to the ground by a determined attacker.
3) How to escape from underneath an attacker who has you pinned.

The self-defense techniques and awareness principles that you will learn in this 2.5-hour FREE seminar can save your life!

To register visit this link.



Back by popular demand! We are excited to announce that will be hosting our annual Bullyproof Summer Camp on July 12th-16th!

This 5-day camp is available to children ages 6-12.

The Bullyproof Summer Camp is an amazing, fun, positive, interactive, and educational experience! The camp is designed to not only teach children self-defense, but to develop and improve self-confidence, self-awareness, critical thinking, social skills, and so much more!

Space is Limited! For more information or to register go to the link below.

#bullyproof #selfdefense #selfconfidence #summercamp #graciejiujitsu #graciejiujitsuphoenix #gjjphx


A couple reminders for our GJJPHX family!

We are closed this Saturday the 29th through Monday 31st for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Junior Grapplers Class Reminder!

Starting June 1st all Junior Grapplers classes will be 1-hour.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.
Wednesdays: 4:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.
Saturdays: 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend and look forward to seeing you all back on the mat next week!


Attention parents: The live Zoom Bullyproof class this Thursday will begin at 4:00. Please check your email for the link.


Hello students and parents! Please check your email for links to this weekends super webinars and the first-ever LIVE Meetup for the KIDS with 'Mr. Adam'!


Immunity Supplements for Kids | Protect Kids from Coronavirus!

Hello Friends!

About two weeks ago our friend, training partner, and founder of the Fit Father Project, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi produced an excellent video about COVID-19. I shared that video on my personal page and sent it out in an email to the GJJPHX community. In return, I received very positive feedback.

In follow up with the good doctor, I mentioned that I wish there was something on kids and their immunity. I explained that although I very much recognize that every child, just like every adult, has different needs based on a myriad of factors... I felt it was surprising as to how difficult it was to find fundamental and basic guidelines for parents to reference when working to understand and build up their child's immunity in today's world. In response to this conversation, he offered to do a video on this subject.

I am very appreciative that Dr. Balduzzi took time out of his schedule to create this for our community and I hope that those of you with children interested in this subject find it helpful.

Please take a few moments to also check out our friend's amazing companies - Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers and The Fit Mother Project.

Thank you!


Use these 5 immunity supplements for kids to protect kids from coronavirus! Download the free COVID-19 "need to know" guide → If you f...


Attention students and parents of students:

To ensure that you are receiving all news, communications, and updates from our school, please verify that you have your email setup to receive emails from [email protected].

We wish you, your families, and loved ones the highest level of health and wellness.


GU Classes Cancelled

We are extremely disappointed and saddened to announce that beginning tomorrow March 14th all group classes are temporarily cancelled. The cancellation of group classes will run through March 31st.

We ask that all students and parents check their emails for a full explanation and details of what will be available in the interim.

Thank you to everyone who has already reached out with such positivity, understanding, and incredible support for the school in the light of this very unfortunate situation.

Although the circumstances in California are slightly different, and this is an incredibly difficult decision to make, we believe based on the direction of health officials and the large and growing number of local public and charter schools and districts that are closing, this is the most responsible thing to do at this time.

We wish the very best to and for all of our GJJPHX friends and family in this unprecedented time and thank you for your support.

Below is a video from Rener, detailing what will be available for all of our students during this temporary closure.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the temporary cancellation of all Gracie University HQ group classes starting this Monday, March 16, 2020 through M...


Gracie Breakdown

There is something deeply rewarding about being a part of a community that gives back and empowers others in a unique way.

This story below comes out of our world headquarters at Gracie University. It is one story of many that exemplifies why our instructors put so much time into what we do, believe in what we do, and why we are so grateful to do it.

Being witness to the kind of growth and healing that happens for students of all ages while training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is truly one of the greatest aspects of being an instructor.

It is inspiring to see Luis come out on top after such a disgusting and violent attack. Luis, your positive attitude and dedication to your training is a lesson for all of us!

As Certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructors, we are truly privileged to have one of the greatest jobs in the world.

#bullyproof #gjjphx #greatestjobintheworld #kidsareourfuture #bettereveryday

On September 10, 2019, 12-year-old Luis was violently assaulted at Lakeland Middle School in Florida. Upon seeing the video, Ryron and Rener Gracie invited Luis and his family to California for one week of intensive Gracie Bullyproof jiu-jitsu training at Gracie University headquarters. The family accepted the offer, and exactly 36 days after the incident they made it to Jiu-jitsu Heaven. This video documents their experience.

A VERY special thanks to everyone who donated to make this possible. Not only did Luis get the training that will change his life forever, but your donations made it possible for the family to enjoy several other memorable experiences, including that trip to Disneyland! 🙏🏼

With the surplus of funds raised we will be able to sponsor 3 bullying victims to attend this year’s Gracie Bullyproof Summer Camp (July 20-24 at Gracie University HQ). To be considered for this sponsorship please send an email with your child’s story to [email protected], and we will select the sponsorship recipients in the coming months. For more info about the camp, visit 🙏🏼 02/07/2020

3 Jiu-Jitsu Hairstyles That Will Keep Your Hair Secure While Rolling

With more and more females of all ages training with us, the question of the best ways to train with long hair comes up often. Hopefully this video will help some of our parents and students alike.

If you have other helpful suggestions or solutions, please share with our Jiu-Jitsu family!

#jitshairdontcare #bullyproof #womenempowered #gjjphx Fashion being what it is, women Jiu-Jitsu contestants face the extra problem of keeping their hair safely out of the way during a match. Experience has shown that it is necessary to go beyond the ordinary ponytail. These 3 Jiu-Jitsu hairstyles can help: • Use a 3-sided front-to-back French braid t...


Women Empowered! What a great start to a beautiful Saturday. Developing reflexes, learning new details, building strength, and supporting each other as we grow. Emily Miret and Ruthy Mavashev leading class with Alisha Olson, Kailyn Koester, Nicky Bustamante bringing it all together. The energy is amazing!

#womenempowered #selfdefense #bettereveryday #respect #gjjphx


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo


Learning the value and importance of ‘Combat Base’ in our Women Empowered class this morning.

Our next free Women Empowered seminar is coming up on January 11th! Visit our website at to register and save your spot!

#WomenEmpowered #selfdefense #youareworthit #gjjphx #graciejiujitsu


Gracie Breakdown

Our FREE Women Empowered Seminar is happening January 11th! Space is limited. To save your spot and join us please register at the link below.

If you’ve ever locked yourself in a small metal box with absolute strangers, you’ll wanna watch this.
Free 2.5-hour Women’s Self-Defense Seminar on Saturday, January 11, 2020, specifically for first-time students. Join me and Eve in Torrance, or attend at one of our many certified seminar locations worldwide. Save your spot asap (they always reach capacity),

@seulgifilms 🎥


Kicking off 2020 with a FREE seminar for the women of our community! This is one of our most important and popular programs!

Ladies - If you haven't train with us, this is your opportunity to come in and see what the Women Empowered program is all about!

Space is limited, so register and reserve your spot today at the link below.


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo


Join us Saturday, October 12th for a seminar on improving the how, what, when, and why you do what you do in your practice in this Mindset Mastery Seminar as presented by Gracie University Head Instructor Evandro Nunes!

email [email protected] to register and save your spot!


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo


We will be closed today through Monday for the Labor Day weekend. We wish everyone a restful and relaxing weekend! Don't forget - Master Pedro Sauer from the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association will be joining us for two seminars next weekend! 08/25/2019

The amazing benefits of cold showers

Cold showers are the WORST! ... Or are they?

More and more information has become available in reference to the therapeutic value and health benefits of ice baths, cryotherapy, and even simply taking cold showers. Many of our students have shared that they find faster muscular recovery, higher levels of energy, and improved overall wellness when using cold water therapies and ice baths in their personal routines. Here is a quick article from Form about some of the benefits and one strategy to begin integrating it. Cold Showers can sound terrifying if you’ve never done one, like a taste of icy hell; but they sure sound amazing if you’re a veteran. But did you know that col


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo


Less than a month away... One of the best instructors and original representatives of our art will be joining us for two days of seminars. Master Pedro Sauer will be on the mat sharing over 40 years of his experience with us!


If you aren’t training... we invite you to come in and start.

If you are training... we invite you to continue.


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo


Reminder: The school is closed this week.

All instructors are at Gracie University for training. We look forward to seeing and training with everyone back on the mat next Monday!


Come join us as Gracie University Head Instructor Alex Ueda takes students on a ‘deep dive’ into the mount position. Alex will be sharing details of dynamic control from the top position and escape combinations from the bottom in this two-hour seminar.

Less than 20 spots left!

Register today at 05/20/2019

5 Reasons Why Women Should Train Jiu Jitsu (That Aren’t For Self Defense)

This article is a few years old but the contents remain true.

The women that train Jiu-Jitsu around the world and at our school are truly remarkable. There are excellent points made in this article showcasing some of the amazing and empowering things that happen for many women who train.

Ladies who are not training yet - We invite you to come join us on the mat whenever you are ready. Our door and mat is always open to you!

#womenempowered #empoweredwomen #gjjphx The number-one reason women are usually given for why they should train jiu jitsu is “because it teaches you how to protect yourself.” There’s a good reason for it: jiu jitsu is designed for weaker, smaller opponents to dominate larger ones using technique rather than strength. Being as a woma...


This September... We are proud and excited to host Master Pedro Sauer!

To save your spot register today.

#pedrosauer #gjjphx


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo


Excited for our FREE Women Empowered Seminar this Friday morning!
#womenempowered #selfdefense #empoweredwomen #gjjphx


This month our kids are focused on growing their knowledge and understanding of health and applying what they learn into their lives. This is a great opportunity for all of us, kids and adults, to take inventory of our ‘total diet’.


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix's cover photo

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Our Women Empowered self-defense program runs twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays.We offer 4-consecutive FREE classes...
Free Women's Self-Defense Seminar
Kai's slo-mo throw!
Practicing our push base in the Little Champs Class today. We've got some pretty tough kids here!
We love to hear our students are memorizing the Rules of Engagement so well! These are such important rules to follow in...
Day 2 of the Pedro Sauer Seminar! Everyone is working hard and having a blast!
The Little Champs had a special visitor for dodgeball yesterday... Rex was in the house!
E.J. wanted to show everyone how he stands up in base. I told him we could make that happen!




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