Eagar Kung Fu

In appearance, an art form, in practice a health method,in application a fighting science. A traditional Kung Fu and Wushu/Academy run by Master Joseph Eagar ranked as an 8th degree black sash in Chinese Kung fu.

Joseph Eagar has been studying martial arts for over 43years.Northern Shaolin, Southern Fist, Longfist, Louhan Quan, Shaolin 5- Animals, Mizong Yi, Monkey, Mantis, Drunken, Eagle Claw, Baji Quan,Piquazhang, Fanzi Quan, Xing Yi Chuan, Baguazhang, and Taijiquan, Qigong hard/softstyles. Students of Weapon Arts Start with These then they can move on to others 1. Staff 2. Saber3. Spear 4. Sword 5. Knife 6. Short staff these are our basic weapons.

Operating as usual


Black Tiger Seminar
4/2/22 50$ w/dvd message me @ Joseph Eagar for info.

U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament 05/14/2021

U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament

Kung fu Events..!

U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament Mark your calendar for this year's U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament

Artwork 01/07/2021

The Shuai Jiao deity. The ancient god of Chinese wrestling. Shuai Chiao/Shou bo/Kuai jiao.



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Profile pictures 04/01/2020

Group Snake Kung fu.

Shirfu Eagar 04/01/2020

Snake Style Kung fu

This was a very underexposed photo so I made it monochrome and pulled the contrast up.

Profile pictures 04/01/2020

Snake on a Rock.

Instructional DVDs For Sale 04/01/2020

Snake Style Kung fu

Blue Snake Boxing


Profile pictures 04/01/2020

Snake Style Kung fu.

Profile pictures 04/01/2020

Snake Style Kung fu

Instructional DVDs For Sale 03/26/2020

Instructional DVDs For Sale

5 Animals 5 Elements
Form, applications and Qi Gong Set.


Artwork 03/26/2020


White crane flying

Artwork 03/26/2020


Artwork 03/26/2020


Dark Lady of Taoism

Artwork 03/26/2020


Crane Diety

Artwork 03/26/2020


Kung Fu Saber

Artwork 03/26/2020


Boar in Water

Artwork 03/26/2020


Kuai Xing- God of Literature on turtle's back

Artwork 03/26/2020


Kuan Kung Swings Sword

Artwork 03/26/2020


Horseback Archer

Artwork 03/26/2020


Staff Warrior

Shirfu Eagar 03/26/2020

Never underestimate an old man who loves Kung fu and was born in the month of the Dragon.....

Breaking rocks

Shirfu Eagar 03/21/2020

Once apon a time there was a White Dragon who came down from the heavens to take a swim in a beautiful lake with refreshingly cool waters. Not wanting to be seen as a Dragon he changed himself into a Fish. Soon afterwords, a fisherman shot and pierced his eye. White immediately flew up into the heavens to complain to the Jade Emperor of all the heavens, about the actions of the fisherman. What form did you take on, when you went to the lake, asked the Jade Emperor..? The Dragon responded that he took on the form of a Fish, when he went to swim in the lake. The Jade Emperor replied, "Then of course a fisherman would try to catch you, that's what he does. You cannot blame him, for what you did to yourself...!"

Dragon holds a pearl

Artwork 03/21/2020


dragon puncher

Artwork 03/17/2020

TUESDAY MARCH 17, (St. Patrick's Day) 2020 STAY HEALTHY...!
Hidden in the inaccessible mountains, coiled in unfathomable depths of the sea I await until the time is right..., slowly arousing with activity. I stretch my claws and uncoil my body a mung the storm clouds. I wash my mane in the blackness of seething whirlpools. My scales glisten like the bark of rain swept pine trees. In my breath, is found, the breath of life. In my eyes, sparks of lighting. In my voice is the gentle wind which, scatters withered leaves of the forest, The forest quickens, the forest quickens...., the new Spring.. The Dragon reveals himself, only to vanish again. Have a great day. NO CLASSES, THIS WEEK....AT HOME TRAINING, YOU KNOW WHAT TO WORK ON...!

dragon puncher


Today we lost a pal that will never be replaced. Kallise was a free spirit who ran the Eagar household. Joseph and Kallise had a bond that was inseparable. Joseph inherited his pal back in 2014 and was given the title of queen of the household soon after. Often times I would come over and see my dad and Kallise sitting together in the chair with Kallise sitting on top of the chair as if she was the ruler of the world. If you had the pleasure of meeting Kallise you know that her bark was way bigger than her bite and her personality was way bigger then her physical body. We lost a fur friend today but know that her spirit lives on.

If you have a story about Kallise please share it below. Keeping her name alive will help with healing during this difficult time.

Thank you ❤️


Glendale Community College 2019 Summer Martial Art Courses
Take time to elevate your spirits as well as your physical fitness !
Enhance your flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance, mindfulness and learn effective self defense methods.
Three (3) unique and very different classes offered:
1. KICKBOXING (Chinese San-da style) PED101KB section #18436
starts 6/3/19 ends 7/2/19 Mon. 9:00 am - 10:50 am
Learn San-da style, Boxing, kicking, clenching, throwing as a sport form of self defense.

2. KUNG-FU (Northern Shao-lin Gate System) PED 101KF section # 18435
starts 5/28/19 ends 7/30/19 Tue. 9:00 am - 10:50 am
Learn Kung-Fu basic skills and methods of the authentic old school Northern Shao-lin Temple style of martial arts.
One of the best..., Number 1. under all the heavens.

3. TAI CHI (Yang style) PED101TC section # 18437
starts 5/30/19 ends 7/25/19 Thur. 9:00 am - 10:50 am
Learn Yang school of Tai Chi, enjoy an energizing, refreshing, soft flowing low-impact moving meditation workout.

I have specialized in martial arts and fitness for over 50 years.
Over my extensive career, I have acquired a very diverse range of unique specialities; personal training, group fitness, martial fitness programming.
Training older adult, children and specialty populations.
My passion for martial arts and the fitness industry has driven me to continuously enhance my skills, education and real world experiences.
As a (Shi-fu) instructor my overall objective is to motivate my students to enjoy moving for the long term physical activity adherence.
Each of my classes are designed to engage the multiple student personalities by mixing martial science, art, histories and theory with fun.
My teaching style is one that is kind, positive, motivating, promotes participation encourages creativity and in the end builds a much stronger community.
Thus, a much stronger nation.... Join us @ G.C.C, this Summer 2019
Have a great day, everyone...!


How To Make Carrot Cake Banana Bread


ZHU NIEN DA JI -Happy Year of the Pig/Boar. Happy and prosperous may you be.., Gong Xi Fa Cai
We celebrate the new year with our on-going effort to provide the community here in central Phoenix, Arizona with the best instruction possible in the art of
Chinese Modern Wushu/ Traditional Kung fu, Internal Martial Arts, Chinese Weaponry, Qigong and Meditation.
New Students.., 3- free classes to start. $10. single class, $20. 1-week 3 classes, 1-month 12-14 classes $100. Private class $75. per hour 1/2 session, $125. full two hour session.
Congratulations may you come into fortune, Xin Nien Kuai Lie.


Our next class is Sunday, morning @ Indian School Steele Park @ 9:00 am by the flag pole by the lake. Subject: Ancient Internal Alchemy level 1, 24-Taijiquan opposite side set & 24-Yang Taiji Gunn (staff), Xingyiquan 5 element linking sets, Baquazhang simple Yang Dragon set.

Eye-Opening Evidence: Baking Soda and Coconut Oil Can Kill Skin Cancer 07/21/2018

Eye-Opening Evidence: Baking Soda and Coconut Oil Can Kill Skin Cancer

Eye-Opening Evidence: Baking Soda and Coconut Oil Can Kill Skin Cancer After three surgical procedures resulted in the cancer returning worse each time, the mother yielded to Azizo's urging. She mixed the...


Homemade Lumpia

Videos (show all)

5 Animals 5 Elements Boxing
Dragon DVD *small preview
Oliver- Crane
Shirfu-5 Animals 5 Elements
Andre Yin Shao Staff
Shirfu-3 section staff
Oli- Broadsword
Group Tai Chi
Shirfu -Tiger
Andre- 2 daggers
Oliver 2 section staff



DVD'S and Notebooks are available for purchase from Shirfu Eagar



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