Eagar Kung Fu

In appearance, an art form, in practice a health method,in application a fighting science. Staff 2. Saber3. Spear 4. Sword 5. Knife 6.

A traditional Kung Fu and Wushu/Academy run by Master Joseph Eagar ranked as an 8th degree black sash in Chinese Kung fu. Joseph Eagar has been studying martial arts for over 43years.Northern Shaolin, Southern Fist, Longfist, Louhan Quan, Shaolin 5- Animals, Mizong Yi, Monkey, Mantis, Drunken, Eagle Claw, Baji Quan,Piquazhang, Fanzi Quan, Xing Yi Chuan, Baguazhang, and Taijiquan, Qigong hard/softs

Operating as usual


We are only here for a short time.


I edify others in thee art of Northern Dragon Style Kung Fu.
Would you like to join us..?


The Jade Dragon had Nine sons. 1st. Bixi, looks like a Turtle and like to carrie heavy loads.(support beams and pillars) 2. Chiwen, looks like a lizard without a tail. he like to gaze around in dangerous places.(fearless/fighting) 3. Pulao, Shaped like a dragon, but smaller in size, he likes to roar. (gongs/bells) 4. Bi'an, Also called Xianzhang, Bi'an looks like a tiger. he's very powerful and intrested in prisons and judicial cases.(justice/law) 5. Taotie, looks like a Wolf and is extremely fond of eating.(cooking/plates) 6. Qiuniu, looks like a small yellow dragon with scales and loves music.(musical instruments) 7. Yazi, looking like a Jackal, Yazi stares at things with angry eyes and he's fond of killings.(weapons) 8. Suanni, was originally the alias of a lion, so he looks like one. He is fond of smoke and fire and likes to sit. (incense burners) 9. Jiaotu, is like a mussel or snail, never makes a sound tight lip-ed by nature. (guarding secrets and treasures) Like to join us..?


6-9-23 Friday
My Class: 8am
My Place.

You may look to consult with family, friends, a doctor or a professional counselor., talking helps.

Try taking on only one thing at a time, if your overwhelmed.

Stop looking at your phone.., for at least 90 minuets.

Meditate to alleviate stress depression anxiety.

A Setp Above Is To Learn Qigong.
To “power up”your body. Alleviating stress, calming the mind, improving the immune system.

Move your Body., w/ Kung Fu.
Regular aerobic,anaerobic Isometric, isotonic and flexibility exercises, like those found in our Kung Fu activates a response that helps the body cope with emotional stress.
Stress is a major killer in the U.S. leading to many health problems. Now.
Take a deep breath., hold and then.., exhale slowly.., feel the stree leave your body.
Have A Great Day.!🙂

Artwork 05/28/2023


Artwork 05/22/2023

dragon puncher

Shirfu Eagar 05/15/2023

Hold the Basket Show the Flower


There is more..., on my personal fb site.
join me there.


Heaven and earth are not humane.
To them all things are straw dogs.
The sage is not human.
To him all things are straw dogs.
But..., is it not, the space between heaven and earth.., itself is like a bellows.?
Empty it is, but never deterred.
With which in each and every movement, more and more emerges....
Where instructions are many.., blind ally’s multiply.
Maintain instead the center within.
Straw dogs were ritual effigies made of straw.
That is..., they were useless crap, garbage laying around, which was then bundled together in a particular form, given a name and an identity and a function and then worshipped and valued for a very short while, and then they are thrown away.., becoming nothing but garbage.., once again trampled back into the nameless, valueless, useless thing it once was.
That’s how we all are.
We didn’t exist.
Now we exist.
Later, we won’t exist again...
We were worthless, purposeless.
Now, we have purposes, values, worth.
Later, we be worthless and purposeless again.
That’s how heaven and earth treat us.
They don’t value the middle segment of that process, the one where there is purposes and values and names and identities, any more than the first segment or the last segment.
Like a bellows, the universe is empty of intention of values, of humankindness of purpose.
And if this juxtaposition of what we’re perhaps originally two self standing aphorisms has any rational behind it, that emptiness is described as a productive emptiness, like the space inside a bellows.
Inehaustible, undefeatable constantly spitting fourth what...?
Values, purposes, persons, things, ways.
The emptiness of value in the first phase is the source of the value of the temporary “straw dog” phase at the crest of the curve, and it is just emptiness it’s unconcerned with the crests, the availability of infinite crests, infinite value, infinite purposes.
The Dao has no purpose and is not in control.
It is rather the opposite of a controller and devoid of purposes.
It is not anyone’s “Lord” and above all else.., it does not want to be known or even praised.

“The Dao’s Lack Of Purpose.“

Artwork 01/07/2021

The Shuai Jiao deity. The ancient god of Chinese wrestling. Shuai Chiao/Shou bo/Kuai jiao.



Go to my Joseph Eagar page for on-going list of Kung fu photos and videos up dated daily during this lock down.

Profile pictures 04/01/2020

Group Snake Kung fu.

Shirfu Eagar 04/01/2020

Snake Style Kung fu

This was a very underexposed photo so I made it monochrome and pulled the contrast up.

Profile pictures 04/01/2020

Snake on a Rock.

Instructional DVDs For Sale 04/01/2020

Snake Style Kung fu

Blue Snake Boxing


Profile pictures 04/01/2020

Snake Style Kung fu.

Profile pictures 04/01/2020

Snake Style Kung fu

Instructional DVDs For Sale 03/26/2020

5 Animals 5 Elements
Form, applications and Qi Gong Set.


Artwork 03/26/2020

White crane flying

Artwork 03/26/2020
Artwork 03/26/2020

Dark Lady of Taoism

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5 Animals 5 Elements Boxing
Dragon DVD *small preview
Shirfu-5 Animals 5 Elements
Andre Yin Shao Staff
Shirfu-3 section staff
Oli- Broadsword
Joe- Northern Shaolin Longfist
Nancy- Longfist
Kevin-Bagua Staff
Tiger Style Apparatus Training




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