PickSix Equine Guided Healing

Equine Guided Healing with Laurie Roach, MS. Certified Equine Assisted Coach You do not need experience with horses in order to enjoy this experience.

Horses are scientifically proven to help calm and heal humans by just their presence. This is an opportunity to come work on your individual goals so that you can become the person that you deserve to be. Sessions include, but are not limited to, ground work with horses, over coming obstacles, meditation, and letting the horse share space with you. Horses bring out a calming sensation for humans w

Operating as usual

Photos from PickSix Equine Guided Healing's post 01/14/2024

We are at $400 in donations for an approximately $800 surgery. Any donations appreciated. Also please remember 50% of any new equine therapy bookings in January will go to Black Streak! ❤️


This ❤️

Photos from PickSix Equine Guided Healing's post 01/03/2024

One of our Christmas rescue ponies is in need of eye removal surgery. We are taking donations to help.

You can send a donation via venmo (receipt can be provided) or you can schedule a time to come out and meet him and donate in cash.

If you schedule an equine assisted therapy session in the month of January 50% of session cost will go towards this pony's surgery.

Thank you!


UPDATE- Unfortunately our sweet boy kept fighting but his body did not. He was laid to rest peacefully this afternoon. In a small amount of time he received SO much love and care that he deserved way long before.

What I have learned is that love does win in the end. Though the outcome wasn't some beautiful story of recovery; it was an acknowledgement of what love can do in the last stages of life. He FELT it and we had to let him let go today. This is the hard part but also the learning part. Life is precious. No animal should suffer in the way he did prior to being with us.

The way you treat others is incredibly important. I feel like this horse represented a lot visibly with his neglect of how treating something poorly breaks over time. It's a slow and painful process. I hope this post can help others understand their journey. It certainly has helped mine. 🥰

Rest easy sweet boy. You have taught me more than you will ever know in this short time we had together.

I often wonder in these grave circumstances.....who is saving who? Or are we meant to come together for a lesson to be learned?

I will know these answers eventually but in the meantime I will just give love, a gentle touch and gentle voice; the things we all often desire. Simple. Quiet. Calm. Gentle. Kind.


PickSix Equine Guided Healing is asking for donations for our newest crew. 1 horse who is VERY skinny and sick, 1 blind pony and 3 mini horses. They all seem to have an upper respiratory thing going on. You can donate directly via Zelle or venmo to my phone number 209-329-1514. I can provide a receipt for your donation. We need help to rehab and feed this herd. More pictures of the minis to follow. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas. 🎄❤️🐎❤️🎄

More pictures in comments


Another wonderful day witnessing connection between child and horse ❤️🐴❤️

Photos from PickSix Equine Guided Healing's post 11/02/2023

Rest easy Bucky!

It has been an incredible year of healing for Bucky and so many of my clients.

Bucky came to us on 10/15/22. He was peacefully laid to rest today 11/1/23.

I want to thank each and every client who has worked with our senior horse Bucky. I also want to thank those clients who have donated portions of their sessions to the rescue. Bucky thanks you as well. Those donations help us provide a peaceful goodbye that was well deserved.

I will leave this post with a poem

The Best Horses in Heaven, They Have No Tail

by Miska Paget

The best horses in Heaven
they have no tail.
This is a rule they all know
without fail.
For when a new horse arrives
with a short cut bob,
they all know that this horse
did a very good job.

His owner could not bear
to part with her friend
so she saved his tail,
wrapped in ribbons
and in braids,
to hold with his memory
in a very loving way.

To enter Heaven
without a tail
is an honor,
a message,
that without fail
announces to everyone,
far and wide
that this horse
was more than a wonderful ride.

this horse was loved and cherished by one
and when his time serving on this Earth was done
he left behind
a broken heart
and a soul
from which he never will part


This is the feeling our 2 year old Whiz Bang c**t brings out in you! He is so smart and so fun to work with! Send me a message or give me a call if you would like to come and meet him!


When your senior rescue knows where the grain is in the tack room. I love this troublemaker ❤️🐴❤️

Photos from PickSix Equine Guided Healing's post 07/05/2023

Happy 4th of July from one of the client favorites..... Spike!



Photos from PickSix Equine Guided Healing's post 05/28/2023

Building trust is something that takes time. I watched this young lady spend an hour today trying to get this rescued wild Mustang to eat a carrot out of her hand. Though the mustang did not eat out of her hand, she ate the carrot off the ground at her feet as she sat down below her.

There were some moments of frustration; feeling like the horse would not come to her. In time, the horse made small steps toward her, and before you know it, they were extremely close to each other.

This was a good life lesson on how to form a trusting relationship with a wild mustang. She isn't going to just give herself to you; it has to be earned. She has to understand that you have good intentions and will not hurt her.

I'm so proud of this young lady for taking the time to work with this horse who has never been handled before. Both horse and human gained confidence today.


The boys got some bathing today ❤️🐴❤️


I was getting ready to start my first session today and let Bucky out to roam the property. He chose to come stand on the porch where we tie horses and waited for his client to arrive. ❤️

Today's session with him was absolutely beautiful. Emotions were processed, and he showed up on so many levels for his client.

Days like today make me realize even more that rescue horses are pretty much a visual for clients to help them heal. They have been in the same places with the same feelings, and they just know how to empathize. They demonstrate that it is possible to heal, trust, and forgive.

Today's take back from the client was understanding why the horse doesn't leave the property. His needs are met, he is safe, and he has food and love. Why would he leave?

Having our needs met emotionally and physically is a huge awareness that was made today by the client. It led to an emotion releasing session in which the client was able to cry and hug Bucky. He hugged her back.


One of my best therapy horses doing some amazing healing work today ❤️🐎❤️🐴❤️

Photos from PickSix Equine Guided Healing's post 04/08/2023

Look at this handsome, healthy boy. This picture is today, 4/7/23. The other picture is 10/15/22 - the first day we got him. He had given up on life that day until we spent some time together. I told him it wasn't his time to go and we will get him healthy again. He listened.

Spirit aka "Bucky" has really come a long way. He loves his second chance at life being a therapy horse. He has helped so many others while we have spent so much time helping him get healthy again. I love this picture from today. I keep the old one to remind us how far he has come. I keep it for my clients to reflect on his growth as they grow and heal.

For those of you struggling with today, please know that it is not too late. You deserve to love yourself and be loved. It all starts with you.

If you are interested in learning more about the sessions I provide and how connecting with horses can help you move past your trauma, guilt, shame, grief, etc, please reach out. 209-329-1514 [email protected] or send me a DM.

PickSix Equine t-shirt | Bonfire 03/28/2023

Please support PickSix Equine Guided Healing . A percentage of profits go directly to the rescue horses

PickSix Equine t-shirt | Bonfire All proceeds go to the rescue horses used in therapy. . All proceeds go to the rescue horses used for therapy.


Bucky....I have so much love for you. I chose to not show his skeleton face from 10/15/22 when he told me he was ready for life to end. It's worse than the bones shown in pictures of his tailbone and ribs. The most recent picture shows a beautiful happy horse who has so much more life to live. He is doing so well it makes my heart happy. I made a promise to this horse the day I met him. He will have a happy and healthy life for as long as it is possible. He will have a job of importance helping others. He will never starve again. He will also get to roam free on the property.

He is 31 years young

Photos from PickSix Equine Guided Healing's post 02/19/2023

Bucky is getting rounder and barely showing any ribs! He is also in the arena, so the ground is easier for him to get up as opposed to his stall with shavings. He is having a much better week. Pickett got to roam the property this morning too. It's a good life for the horses at PickSix Equine Guided Healing!


So very true! That is why they are the best assistants!


The 5 stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

As I work with a family who is grieving, I am helping them understand these stages, and they are identifying where they are in the process with the guidance of horses.

During the session, we did a meditation with Bucky as our assistant, providing a calm and safe space. After some breath work and grounding, the clients pulled a card from The Empaths Empowerment Deck by Judith Orloff, MD.

The card on the left was drawn by the client who is in the anger stage. The card reads: "Take baby steps. Go slowly like the patient turtle. Do not try to rush or force anything. Baby steps are golden. They will lead you to your fondest goals." This card was exactly what the client needed to read and practice. The client was able to release emotions in a safe place surrounded by the horse.

The card on the right was drawn by the client who is in the bargaining stage. The card reads: "Assert your authentic needs. In a kind, confident tone, speak your needs rather than hiding them. Empower yourself by being authentic." The client was able to reflect that this is something they have struggled with lately and are working on. To pull such a card was a magical experience of alignment.

Grief is a process, and each individual takes their own time and journey to maneuver through these stages to get to acceptance. Horses help provide a calm atmosphere to express and release emotions.

Today was an emotional day for the clients, but they were able to process these emotions in a safe place. They left the session feeling empowered by their experience. It was beautiful to watch them work through these stages of grief and give themselves goals moving forward.

Bucky was a wonderful assistant today. His calmness and ability to help others is simply magical.

Doesn't he look wonderful? I think he likes his new job!




Campaign closes 1/29. Please click on the link and order today to support PickSix Equine and the rescue horses.

Orders will ship on 2/6 once campaign closes. I wanted to let those of you who have purchased know when to expect merchandise.

Campaign ends on 1/29. Thank you for those who have supported. Any profit that comes to me goes to the rescue horses I use for therapy. Thank you


I used Bucky, the 31 year old rescue, for a session this past weekend. This was the first time I allowed a client to write on him due to how thin he was. He did wonderful! Bucky is still gaining weight every day ❤️

The words written on him are "fear, sadness, and anger." On the other side, which was hard to see in pink, were "acceptance, joy and calm" to replace the negative emotions in that same order.

My client is experiencing grief, and was able to identify that anger comes in two separate forms and is practicing techniques to help stay calm when emotions are strong. One of these techniques is equine assisted coaching/therapy.

My client also identified that acceptance is the emotion to replace fear of what has already been experienced and continues to replay over in the mind.

Finally, the client is learning how to replace sadness with joy and having gratitude for life by honoring the good things that is experienced throughout the day. My clients mindfulness is helping with finding joy again.

Today's session was scheduled as a family session, but the other members of the family were unable to attend. My client decided to come alone, and it was an experience that the client was grateful for. I was so proud that the strength was found to independently participate in this session.

Want to find out more about safely processing emotions and working through your feelings of grief with horses? Give me a call at 209-329-1514 or email at [email protected] or a DM on here.

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PickSix Equine Guided Healing is asking for donations for our newest crew. 1 horse who is VERY skinny and sick, 1 blind ...
When your senior rescue knows where the grain is in the tack room. I love this troublemaker ❤️🐴❤️
One of my best therapy horses doing some amazing healing work today ❤️🐎❤️🐴❤️
When the rescue horses need a meditative labyrinth walk.....they take it.❤️
This guy sure makes doing equine assisted therapy fun! I love it when they walk in the yard where the labyrinth is. Buck...
When you are sitting on the porch doing a session and processing a lot of emotions with a client and the horse worked wi...
Such a good therapy horse! We love you Bucky! Life is beautiful and worth living!




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