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Can we all agree that February really starts the new year?! 🤪 Heres your Daily Specials for the month Ververs!
Verve is simply the best in the valley. All of the coaches and staff are professional and knowledgeable.Their client's health and well being are of paramount importance. After 7 years of regular sessions there has been a marked improvement in my appearance and overall health.
Thinking of you ladies and missing you!
Love the studio! There is always something going on to help us improve. Thank you, Sara Jane Wolf
Love everything about the studio! Always something going on to keep us excited about !
Andrea Marcussen Planking in Morrow Bay, CA.
Thinking of my Sunday morning classes today! Missin' our Ververs but don't worry, you're in good hands with Lauren! 💜💪🏼

Nurturing minds, bodies, hearts one session at a time. Reformer & Mat Pilates - Nutrition - TRX Suspension Training. Private and Group Training

Nurturing minds, bodies and hearts one session at a time. We are authentic pilates, athletically inspired in a serene atmosphere for a connected mind + body experience. Currently offering unique mat and reformer pilates, TRX suspension training, and nutritional programs at our locally-owned Phoenix studio. Your time is precious so come in for a private or group training session at Studio Verve Pilates today!

Operating as usual


Chest lifts on point in yesterdays class! 🙌❤️ Always working to get off of the shoulder blades in our curls and they show it so well here. Good job everyone 👏 so blessed to have the best dedicated clients a studio could ask for!


Happy Birthday to Elizabeth today! We adore you @elizabethfancy and thank you for taking such good care of us all. The team and clients! Best wishes for all things amazing and wonderful today and always. Your deserve it all xo 💗🎂🌸🎉🥳💕

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Flying Eagle 🦅 on the Cadillac perfect whole body exercise. Everything is switched ON and it feels good! Pilates is amazing. Book a private session to get started. FREE 45 minute intro. Link in bio.


This Friday! Client Appreciation at the studio ❤️ Singing bowl sound meditation for the best clients a studio could ask for! Sign up thru the online schedule (link in bio) or comment below!


It was my birthday last week! At 46 I credit Pilates with still being able to pull off stunts like this 😟 These are front splits from classical reformer advanced exercises! The balance check is for reeeeel :)


Swimming! Exercise #23 in Pilates matwork order. Now more then ever it’s so important to work our posterior chain - aka the backside of our bodies. This one helps counter balance all the sitting and rounding we do in life these days. Text neck anyone?! 🙋🏼‍♀️😩 give it a go and try to keep your torso/powerhouse very still like a statue.


Bicycle 🚴 This is such a goody!! Works core, opens hips, stretches hamstrings in the perfect way and strengthens arms supporting the hips high. You could try it with out lifting hips too!


Bicycle 🚴 A pretty advanced exercise use to lift hips but can be modified to keep hips down. Amazing core activation and delicious stretching in back of the legs!


Saw! #11 on the mat pilates line up. Great mobility stretch. Keep the hips down. Slight bend in the knees to stay lifted in the low back. Give it a go! You’ll feel your body open up as you go. 3-6 reps each side or so more if your feeling adventurous 🥰


The Corkscrew 🤪 This is a favorite. Showing an advanced version lifting hips but can be done with smaller movements and you’ll get the same effect! Recruits deepest layer of the abs called transverse abdominals. It is the “corset” of the core because it wraps around the organs horizontally. Pretty neat!


The Corkscrew 🤪 This is an advanced version with lifting hips. Can also be kept smaller movement and no lifting the hips. The goal is to wake up deep inner core muscles including the transverse abdominals which is the inner “corset” of the abs. Key is to make the movement controlled and precise! Legs and hips are shifting side to side like a We love it!


Double Leg Stretch for Working the entire powerhouse to hold the deep curl with no help of hands during the overhead reach. In Pilates the powerhouse includes the core plus the hips, the diaphragm, inner stabilizers of the spine and glutes.


Elizabeth Rolling like a ball. Next in line up of mat pilates order. Fun, a little silly and another sneaky one! Stay in as tight a ball shape as possible and feel the abs work like crazy! The spine gets a lovely stretch too. If you don’t balance at the top we’d never know :) 👍🤩


Single Leg circles! Next in the Mat Pilates original order line up. So good for the hips especially if we sit a lot for our jobs or activities. Give it a go! Try to not move your hips as you circle the legs 5 each direction then switch. It’s a nice challenge and you will feel the work!


Exercise #3 in Mat Pilates by the lovely instructor Lauren. The Roll Over. Deliciously good for powerhouse control and spine mobility. Joseph Pilates said we’re only as old as our spine is stiff. Pilates IS anti aging ❤️


The Pilates roll up. Exercise #2 in the mat Pilates repertoire original order. It’s a sneaky one. Much harder then it seems! The trick is to not use momentum. Only deep abdominal muscles should fire to get you up 💪☺️ Give it a try!


❤️ Forever an inspiration and thought leader ahead of his time!

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Teaser and tower action on the Cadillac. We❤️this stuff so much! 😎 Have you tried it?!


Beautiful Sunday out there today, between the storms. Well done Arizona! 🌧🌵 See you this week in the studio! 🤗💪


Saturday morning mermaids 🧜🏻‍♀️


Feet in straps in new space! If you are ready to get started please DM for new client Specials. We got you!

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In Pilates, the quality of the movements is far more important than how many repetitions you can do! Performing each exercise with precision and concentration is fundamental to the practice.

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Nurturing minds, bodies, and hearts one session at a time❤
Discover your mind-body connection at Verve Studio Pilates!

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Engage your core muscles with these 12 classic mat Pilates exercises! No equipment is required, so you can even practice at home.

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Verve Studio Pilates is also a Pilates teacher training center! Our certified Pilates instructors have attended 500+ hour comprehensive training programs in alignment with Pilates Method Alliance standards.
Ready to discover a new career path? Visit our website to learn more about the program:


Have you heard of living in a flow state? Where you aren’t pushing or striving or struggling. You are leading life from a place of wonder, creativity, open mindedness, with little to no stress because you have an innate understanding that things work out for the best… always. A flow state is an ideal and something we can attain thru awareness, mindful caring thoughts to ourselves and patience. No matter where you are today or what your are dealing with, agree to no struggle or worry or unkind thoughts. Practice patience and have some fun along the way.

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Pilates--The workout fit for everyone🙌, regardless of age, gender, body, or physical condition! Find the class that's right for you at Verve Studio Pilates: 602-956-0222.

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Pilates emphasizes the use of body weight and resistance training to burn calories, boost your metabolism, and drop unwanted pounds. Reach your weight loss goals at Verve Studio Pilates! 🏆 💯

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Take your Pilates practice to the next level by adding TRX Suspension Training to the mix! All you really need is your body weight and gravity to build core strength.

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Focus on finding your FLOW〰 at Verve Studio Pilates!
Visit our boutique, locally owned & fully equipped Pilates studio located in Phoenix, Arizona today.

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Relieve lower back pain with safe and effective Pilates exercises that help strengthen the core and lengthen the spine! Discover this popular pain management option at Verve Studio Pilates:

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Welcome Pilates newbies to Verve Studio Pilates!
Before your first class, here are some tips to help you get started with Pilates:
✔Schedule a private intro session
✔Practice basic moves at home
✔Come dressed in form-fitting clothing
✔Show up to your first class early
✔Try a variety of classes

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Get the amazing benefits of MIXing it up! 🎉
TRX Suspension Training, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates & Strength Training are incorporated into one amazing 50-minute class that will keep you on your toes and challenge your mind+body in new ways.
MIX up your routine & sign up for this group class online>>>

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Pilates is different from other group workout classes, so you might be wondering what to bring/wear to your first class. To start, don't forget to bring a water bottle and wear tight-fitting exercise clothing that allows you to sweat. FYI we'll provide all the Pilates equipment you'll need!

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At Verve Studio Pilates, we recommend getting started with Pilates through a private one-on-one session with our certified instructors. Call 602-956-0222 today to book a session and learn from the best!

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Pilates is a total body workout with low impact + high results! 🙌💯 Our group reformer classes help you strengthen + align the body, unlike any other workout.
Come train with us at Verve Studio Pilates! 👊

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Pilates + TRX Suspension Training = the ultimate calorie burn 💪💦
Are you up for this mind and body challenge? Visit Verve Studio Pilates for our mixed Pilates workout class.

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Do you want more personalized attention to get started?
We offer new clients a private Pilates introductory lesson with certified Pilates instructor & owner Melissa for only $39! 👏 Get the attention you deserve at Verve Studio Pilates today❤

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Adding light hand weights, around 1 to 3 pounds, to a Pilates mat workout helps with muscle toning, weight loss, and core awareness. Experience the benefits at Verve Studio Pilates!

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"Above all, learn to breathe correctly" - Joseph Pilates.
Considered one of the six guiding principles of Pilates, breath is a fundamental part of any Pilates exercise. This article from Verywell Fit explains why deep breathing is so important:

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Verve Studio Pilates offers a variety of group reformer classes that are athletically inspired, uplifting, & grounded in the teachings of Joseph Pilates.
Learn more about our class offerings online:

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Verve Studio Pilates offers a welcoming and encouraging environment for beginners! Prepare for your first Pilates class by reading this guide from Verywell:

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Although some people choose to go barefoot during Pilates, non-slip grip socks help provide more control during class. Find your perfect pair of ToeSox when you visit Verve Studio Pilates!

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If you're looking for an effective low-impact workout, try a Pilates class at Verve Studio Pilates today!
For more information, contact us at 602-956-0222 or visit our website linked below.

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Meet Melissa, Studio Verve Owner & Pilates Instructor!👋
Melissa's style of teaching focuses on Pilates' mind-body synergy, which aids her clients in perfecting their muscle recruitment patterns, awareness of body response, and control such that their work in the studio stays with them outside of the studio, enhancing their everyday life.
Learn more about our instructors:

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Some health benefits of a regular Pilates practice include:
⭐Increased core strength
⭐Improved flexibility
⭐Improved posture & balance
⭐Elimination of back pain
⭐Promotion of weight loss
Get started on achieving your goals at Verve Studio Pilates!

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There are two types of Pilates classes offered at Verve Studio Pilates: Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates.

Read the article below to learn more about the Pilates reformer machine and how to practice similar exercises on a mat a home:

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