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Operating as usual


LOCAL PRIVATE GYM opens back up after quarantine!!

Our PRIVATE gym is opening up for our clients only!

Avoid going back to gyms with thousands of members!!


These Are Uncertain Times - Do Something About Your Stress and Anxiety Now!

You cannot control what is going on in the world right now.

But you CAN choose what you will do about it.

We'll show you our 4-Step Plan to getting your stress, health, eating habits, and fitness back under control during these times of uncertainty.

Apply for your Free Plan at https://go.undergroundfitnessaz.com/home-pagerircpkhy

drive.google.com 03/21/2020

quarantine workout a.pdf

Try this QUARANTINE WORKOUT at home... no equipment needed!

Fight COVID-19, stay fit and healthy!




Don't wait for this whole thing to be over... Keep living your best life today!


Our Coaching Continues On!!

As a private studio, we continue to coach our clients!! (but don’t worry, we have contingency plans in case of lockdown) 🔥🔥

Not a member but need help? We’ll book a Free Help Session with you over a Video Call.

Just schedule one at www.undergroundfitnessaz.com


We had a great time filming with Maria Hechanova on Good Morning Arizona 3TV!!

We spent the entire weekend putting together a Home Quarantine Exercise and Nutrition Program (and we put it at 90% off to serve the public!)

A strong immune system is your best defense!

Let this be your wake up call!

Go to www.fightcoronatogether.com and start now!


A strong drive for perfectionism can work against you...

Does the need to want to do everything perfect get in the way of you starting things you know you should do? 🤔

Plus, find out what news show we’ll be addressing what you can do to boost your immune system!


What to do about the Corona Virus! 😷😷

Is this a wake up call?? 😳


😳 Are you keeping up with your immunity and health?

You need to take care of yourself now more than ever!!

Avoid large gatherings and opt for a small, private studio. 😷😷

We sanitize with every client, and don’t allow anyone in who is unwell or at risk! (Don’t worry, we still love you and we’re still coaching you at home via FaceTime) 💦💦

DM us if you want to apply to our private studio, or if you’d prefer a home coaching session! 📩


Underground Fitness Community –

I’m sure you are being inundated with these messages, but we have good news!

The health and safety of our community is our top priority!

We are in contact with officials in our industry and we continue to monitor the situation.

Thankfully, as a smaller studio community we have far less exposure than huge gyms!

We will continue to remain open and all operations as usual.

But as recommended by the World Health Organization, we ask that you “stay home if you feel unwell… and follow the directions of your local health authority.”
We will be making the following enhanced efforts:

• Ensuring that all staff members who are unwell stay at home, and will work as a team to cover your appointment.
• Tripling our cleaning and disinfecting efforts throughout the day, wiping down and disinfecting all handles and tools.
• Encouraging the washing of hands before and after training sessions.

Of course, please remember to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly.

For clients that need to stay home due to exposure or feeling unwell, we can provide coaching, nutrition, and workouts for you while you are at home!

In fact, we have members that we remote train exclusively, so don’t think you have to give up your fitness if you self-quarantine!

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know!

Underground Fitness


💪🏻Dave's Prep for This Week💪🏻

Planning out my week gets me motivated more than anything! If I have a game-plan, I execute. Calculating calories and macronutrient goals are easy. Ex*****on is the HARD part; and it is damned near impossible to execute day in and day out without a weekly/daily PLAN.

Here is an example of how I approached this week based on my goals. My goal right now is to lose a little bodyfat without being too aggressive with the holidays approaching.

💰Calorie Goal-3,000 with a minimum of 225grams of Protein Daily.

🔥Blueberry Eggo Waffles with Syrup and Fairlife Milk
🔥Breakfast Scramble with Oatmeal
🔥Chicken, Rice, Oil, Greens
🔥96/4 Ground Beef Pasta
🔥Perfect Bars
🔥Top Sirloin Steak, Potatoes, Greens
🔥Chicken Tacos with Avocado

🏆I already have all my proteins (beef, steak, and chicken) cooked for the week. I can easily rotate my meals based on my preferences for the day! Monday-Thursday I average closer to 2,500 calories. This gives me an additional 2,000 calories for the weekend 😃


Anyone else been on this train?


We just wanted to share this awesome transformation from our client, Stephen.

You are an inspiration to everyone out there that has struggled!

We are lucky to be your Coach!

giphygifs.s3.amazonaws.com 11/05/2019



Are you someone that gains weight during the the holiday season?

And would you like to get a head start on your January fitness goals rather than start in the hole?

We build your plan and give you the accountability to do it... now!


azfamily.com 11/04/2019

Motivational Monday: Underground Fitness Part 1

💪💪 We love making TV appearances on Good Morning Arizona, 3TV!

Thanks so much for stopping by and filming with us!


azfamily.com Specializes in personal training, working with clients on the same level.


Scott broke a personal record this week:

80 pound dumbbell flat bench press
3 set max reps
2 minutes between sets
39.5 reps. His short term goal is 40. Just around the corner!


We have recently measured, maxed out and tested all these ladies.

This entire group of ladies have either lost body fat, gained muscle mass, increased or decreased inches towards their goal.

ALL of them have improved their performance and strength. 💪🏼

Great job Ashley, Leslie, Anna, RiAnn, Bonnie and Kaitlin!


🏆🏆 Impressive results lately from our Underground Fitness clients!! 🏆🏆

🥇 What have you been wanting to do but putting off??

🥈How long have you been wanting to do that?

🥉What are you going to do about it?


Our second Good Morning Arizona (3TV) Segment

Thanks for recognizing us Good Morning Arizona


Underground Fitness on Good Morning Arizona, 3TV

We love filming with Good Morning Arizona on 3TV for Motivation Monday! Always a blast working with the host and the camera pro, Arnold!

hsph.harvard.edu 06/18/2019

Higher dietary fiber intake in young women may reduce breast cancer risk

Fiber intake doesn’t just help with digestion, the benefits are many!

hsph.harvard.edu For immediate release: February 1, 2016 Boston, MA – Women who eat more high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood—especially lots of fruits and vegetables—may have significantly lower…

precisionnutrition.com 06/17/2019

Can you gain weight from eating too little? No, but here’s why it’s so easy to think you can.

Fantastic article from Precision Nutrition regarding energy use and how to be honest with yourself if you’re eating too much or too little!

precisionnutrition.com You’re tracking your eating and exercise meticulously but not seeing results. Has your metabolism slowed to a crawl? Are your hormones off? Is it really possible to GAIN weight from eating too LITTLE? Here’s what’s really going on — and how to solve it.


How often are you stretching? There’s a reason the strongest athletes in the world stretch daily! Tell us below in the comments if you’re committed to stretching or if you aren’t, why not?


Hey folks. For the next few hours I’ll be answering any fitness related questions you have. Post them in the comments!


Well? We’re waiting!


Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Today we honor those who paid the ultimate price in service to our nation. Your nation will not forget you.


Saturday shout out!

A big welcome and thank to Kendall E. Matthews and Heidi Drost! They’ve begun our patented Blueprint process and are already kicking serious butt on their nutrition and tracking!

Kendall didn’t get a chance to jump in the photo (since he graciously took it for us) but him and his beautiful family have nothing but amazing things in store for them!

Keep up the great work guys, you’re setting an amazing example for your daughter and the rest of us! Welcome to the Underground Community!


I get a lot of questions about “the best” workout and diet. Everyone looks for that one thing that’s going to change their lives. I’m here to tell you that in reality there is no best diet. There is no best workout.

The truth is that no matter the methods you employ you will get burned out. Our minds crave stimulation and doing something consistently is hard, even when we enjoy it.

The BEST practice you can utilize is CONSISTENCY. In fact it’s the only thing in my decade of working in this industry that I’ve seen yield continuing progress.

Let’s get it straight though. Consistency isn’t about being perfect. It’s about making most of your day pretty good. Obviously the better you do the faster you’ll see change. Cheat a little more on your nutrition and you’ll lose weight a little slower. But if you’re eating well over fifty percent of the time, chances are you’ll see progress (albeit slowly). Same with training.

Consistency is the only thing you can control. Motivation fades, and programs get boring. But if you can keep yourself going when those things fade you’ll get where you’re trying to go.

PM me if you need help. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

- Coach Dustin


Exercise isn’t always about continuously killing yourself. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and move through the motions smoothly.

By doing this our body learns what the movement should feel like. This allows us to give our maximum effort while keeping the quality smooth and snappy.

Regress to progress my friends.


The scale is not the only or best metric for success!


Good advice from our friends at Precision Nutrition.

Original post and caption from Syatt Fitness
Most muggles worry about ruining their progress on the rare occasion they go out to eat and don’t have full control over how everything is cooked.

They get worried and anxious and concerned all their hard work will be lost. And often times it becomes such a big fear, it consumes their thoughts the entire time so they can’t even have fun or enjoy the people they’re with.

The thing is, your progress isn’t dictated by the occasional meal out with friends and family and warlocks and hipogriffs.

Your progress is dictated by how you handle the 90% of your meals throughout the week. Not the special occasions. The regular ones. The ones most people forget about. Breakfast before work. Lunch at the office. Dinner at home. Snacks throughout the day. Dessert before bed. Those are the meals that matter most. The ones that happen day-in and day-out. Every day. No matter what.

The rare times you get to go out and have fun with friends and family? That’s not the time to worry about your progress. That’s the time to go out, have fun, live life, listen to your body, and get back on track the next day.

Your progress isn’t made or lost when you go out to eat with loved ones. Your progress is made or lost in all the meals and snacks in between those rare chances you get to go out with them.

By all means, pay attention to what you’re eating and don’t binge for the sake of bingeing. But don’t let nutrition control every waking moment of your life. Especially when it all goes by so fast...and one day you’ll regret not being able to enjoy the moments that mattered most because you were worried about ruining all your progress.

I promise, you won’t ruin your progress. Go have fun.


🙏 I Need Your Advice! 🙏

I’m putting the finishing touches on an a Fitness and Weight Loss Academy, and I want to make sure that I don't miss anything important. 🏆🏆

What is your BIG QUESTION on weight loss, fitness, or nutrition? Anything will help, nothing is off limits.

In exchange for your help, you'll get access to the Academy for free!

All you have to do is type your question in the comments. Thanks for your help!


The best way to achieve your goals is to stop starting over. Consistency is key!


🔥Tell us why you workout!

🧠For us it’s increased brain function, 💪🏻 greater body awareness, 💤 improved sleep, 😊 and feeling emotionally balanced!

🔥There are a ton of reasons to stay fit and healthy, what drives you?

❓Let us know in the comments below!


Who’s working out today?!

Photos from Underground Fitness's post 01/17/2019

💪💪 We want to welcome Danny Budetti as the newest addition to our Underground Fitness team!

He's been a professional trainer for 5 years and is a physique competitor to boot.

Congrats Danny, we are thrilled to have you on board!! 😍😍


Yellow & Orange Bell Pepper
Brussel Sprouts
Red Onion.
Little bit of olive oil.
A pinch of salt.
Black pepper.

In the oven on around 400 for aprox 40/45 mins - done !!

Sooooo good!! 😋


Meal Prepping (Nicole Style!) ...

Cooking 3 x packets of ground chicken at one time is quick & easy...

You can add some cauliflower rice, salad, veggies, a little sauce, whatever you fancy in with a portion of chicken!

Perfect when you’re HANGRY!!

Ground Chicken 5oz portions =
31g Protein, Fat 4g, Carbs 0 (Aprox)

Today I added a little Turmeric & Chili Powder! 🌶

(Containers from COSTCO box of six)


Haven’t got time to meal prep 🤔 ...


Underground Fitness

Shaker cups are in finally! Shirts are on the whey (get it?)


🙏🏼 We are SO Thankful for our awesome Underground Fitness Family!
Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! ❤️


WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR LUNCH TODAY? (& did you log it? 😉)

Thought I'd share my lunch - virtually!!

This is one of my favorite 'fast food' meals...

I can throw it all together in less than 5 minutes!!!

Ground Chicken (already prepped Sunday Night), Habanero & Lime Salsa, Guac, Shredded Lettuce & a Gluten Free Brown Rice Tortilla... 😋 YUM!

(I also like to eat just the chicken with the salsa as a snack 🔥🌶 lol!!)

Happy Humpday!


Fall treats !! 🎃🍁
(Found this in Sprouts today)


NO WHEY you can eat DAIRY...
Love chocolate and you just need a 'fix' ...
these are my favorite three dairy free 'chocolate bars' !!! 😋

PEGAN THIN; 20g Protein, 1g Sugar, Total Carbs 27g (net 1g)

NO COW; 21g Protein, 1g Sugar, Total Carbs 27g (net 4g)

GARDEN OF LIFE; 14g Protein, 1g Sugar, Total Carbs 26g



Happy Sunday!!!!
Happy 1st October 🎃👻🍁 !!!!

How did you start your morning?

The weather is AAMAZING so my friend and I hiked / jogged Echo Canyon Summit Trail Camelback Mountain - highly recommend it to anyone that loves to hike!! (We did it in 1hr 14mins)

''This trail is an intense and difficult anaerobic hike the entire 1.23 miles to the summit. It ascends approximately 1,280 ft, from 1,424 ft above sea level to 2,704 ft.

You can anticipate the round trip hike to take about 2 to 3 hours.

The hike begins with a steep well marked trail for the first 3/8 mile. You will then hit the railroad ties (watch your head on the right side going up). The first rail comes next, which is the steepest and most difficult part of the trail. After this challenge there is about 200 feet of low grade hiking until another, less intense, rail section. Once past the second rail, the Echo Canyon trail consists of large rocks, phenomenal views, and continued steep grade until the summit, another .7 miles. There are many good places to stop for photos.''


This is how we ROLL on Sundays ...

masterofmuscle.com 09/18/2017

Top 7 Benefits of Foam Rolling Every Day - Master of Muscle


masterofmuscle.com Regularly using a Foam Roller offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage. Read more benefits of foam rolling as explained by industry expert.

t-nation.com 09/10/2017

Total Core Training for Lifters | T Nation


t-nation.com To train the core musculature properly, you need to do the right exercises at the right time. Here's your complete guide.


Best wishes! Hope everyone has a healthy, happy, safe holiday weekend... 💙❤️🇺🇸💥🎉!!!


Look who's on the cover of 'Arizona Physician' .... 👊🏼

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Happy Sunday!!!! Happy 1st October 🎃👻🍁 !!!!How did you start your morning? The weather is AAMAZING so my friend and I hi...
Ron demonstrating (showing off) his balance, upper body & core strength 😜👏🏻💪🏼 @fitproron #handstandpushups #corework #fi...
Madison asked if she and JoJo could 'Ferk' (work) out before the next client comes in lol...
Can u do this? Try ten reps!
Bad Form
Water Logging
Creativity gets Results
Balance & Strength
Mark doing some specific area training!




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