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🏃🏻‍♂️ New Episode! 🏃🏻‍♂️
Aravaipa Running Racing Team member and owner of Arizona's own Trail Gangstaz, elite runner Ruairi Moynihan (@lilrunnerboiii), joins us in Flagstaff to share his racing story. Plus we chat about everything from Beer Miles to The Olympic Trials!

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Head to the mountains this weekend! You can help your fellow runners and earn some race credits through Aravaipa Running. They're in need of volunteers for the Silverton Marathons on Saturday and the Kendall Mountain Run on Sunday. Volunteer shifts are about 4-7 hours depending upon location. More info here:
So excited to see the excitement that our Arizona Trail 800-Mile Showdown is creating in the ultra & endurance community!

A big thank you to the ultra legend Jamil Coury and founder of Aravaipa Running for sharing our project. Michael McKnight and I would be honored to have his involvement with our project. His Steep Life Media is leading a new age of content creation around our amazing community of endurance sports.

Don’t forget the two wonderful nonprofit organizations that we are trying to support with the project. Bigger Than The Trail & RODS Heroes

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I did not want to get out and run this morning. I've been pretty lackadaisical about my @transrockiesrunning training between my recent vacation and just being busy but I've got to get my s**t together!

Here are 7 things that helped me get out to the door this morning with 86 degress and 51% humidity in no particular order:

1. I made an appointment to drop my car off for an oil change at the Firestone that is 1.5 miles away from my house knowing I would run/walk back and could add mileage.

2. My Why: I am leading Dawn Patrol at Under Armour TransRockies Run (back of the packers start 60-90 minutes before the race to get more time to finish) and I need to make sure I can do the mileage.

3. Since I'm "starting" back over, I was excited to listen to Lesson 1 & 2 of ChiSchool Audio and Video (Feel Yourself Move as a Unit & Move From Your Center). As much as I've listened to these many times, I always love to keep practicing. I had a few aha moments that I'll have Track try out on Thursday. 😊

4. I was going to run Kiwanis park or the canal but that is my usual route. Then I remembered my #EveryDamnStreet experience from 2020. I always go back to this when needing to get some road miles in. During Aravaipa Running EDS, I ran 99% of my entire 85283 zip code. I had never really thought of neighborhood running as exciting but when you focus on the landscapes, houses, lawn decor, etc time and mileage go by pretty quickly!

5. Setting an example for my #trutribeteam They are always a big source of motivation for me 💜

6. I choose to wear an orange shirt that I purposely bought recently for Melissa Higdon's memorial. It was suggested to wear it as it was her favorite color. She battled hard for most of her life but you'd never know it. She was one of the most positive people and I know she would've got out there and done her run no matter what. She was taken away too soon 🧡

7. Knowing how good I'd feel at the end of my run! Sometimes you have to dig deep but as I write this after my run, I'm feeling like a million bucks. Always remember how good you feel after a workout, this is a big motivator for me!

What motivates you to get out and keep your "run" appointment with yourself?
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Come trail run in the "cool" pines of SE New Mexico , be there...

Stephanie Simpson is an ultrarunner hailing from La Belle Province - Quebec.

She is relatively new to the scene but has chalked up an impressive race resume so far with events such as Javelina 100, representing Canada and winning at Big Dog's Backyard and more recently completing the Cocodona 250.

We chat with her about those events, her dreams to run Badwater and much more!

Here is Stephanie...

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Norman Nadon
Jodi McNeill
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Run club regular Austin Horn took home the W at the Aravaipa Running Big Pine 53K on Saturday! And rounding the podium was two other friends of WRFB, Nate Meiners and Kameron Harder.

On the women's side, another run clubber Sarah Ostaszewski took home 2nd female in the 53K. Congrats to all these crushers for great races and making us proud to call them friends!
We're out and about this weekend! Animas Surgical Hospital is happy to support racers at the inaugural Aravaipa Running Skyline 50 Mile, 50K, 30K, and 12K races today. Go runners! Pictured: Dr. Merritt and Dr. Minard from our Emergency Department staff our first aid station at the start/finish line at Fort Lewis College
Looking for something to do on Saturday? Volunteers are still needed for the Durango Skyline 12K, 30K, 50K, and 50 mile races! The event organizers are seeking some additional folks to help with set-up, tear-down, sweeping, traffic crossings, etc. Volunteers will receive a race t-shirt, food on race day, and race credits to use for future Aravaipa Running events. Sign up here!
Cocodona 250 Records, Wainwrights FKT ( Fastest Known Time ) & Strolling Jim Course Record | MTN OUTHOUSE NEWS #202
Welcome to the craziest $h*t to happen in running this week! Jam Jam aka Jamil Coury takes you through all of the important running news stories to take place around the world in the past week.

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Thanks for checking out our videos. Mountain Outpost is your source for entertaining and newsworthy running content!

Jamil Coury is an ultra runner, entrepreneur and filmmaker based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He is the founder and CEO of Aravaipa Running, a trail and ultra events business that holds over forty running and mountain biking events per year.

Jamil has been running ultramarathons since 2005 and his long-term goal is to become a five loop finisher of The Barkley Marathons.
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Our very own run club regulars, Sarah Ostaszewski and Melissa Ostaszewski, were the feature of Dylan Harris' most recent documentary, "New Hardest Thing". To celebrate, we'll be hosting a watch party at run club this week!

Join us on Wednesday, 5:30pm at Historic Brewing Company downtown Flagstaff location for a group run, watch party, and a few giveaways from Aravaipa Running and Run Steep Get High.

Link to the route below, see you on Wednesday! 👟
I accept before every ultra there will be unexpected challenges 〽️🏃‍♀️! It’s all about how you work through those challenges to keep going 👊.

This is around 75 miles at Javelina Jundred Endurance Run . Just before this, I accidentally kicked a cactus 🌵 sticking out on the trail and had a thorn stuck in my little toe 😬. Every step was like I was being stabbed in my toe 🔪. You wouldn’t know from the video I’m in extreme pain! I told myself, “Maybe the pain will go away after a while 🤞?!” Sure enough the pain went away after about 40 min.. I went on to run a new course record of 14:03 and earned my Golden Ticket to Western States Endurance Run 🤠🙌!
🎥: Aravaipa Running / Steep Life Media

#FlyCamille #Perseverance #Grit #JavelinaJundred #GoldenTicket #WS100 #TheWillToSucceed #TimeToFly #Trailrunning
A few weeks ago we had a few charity bib athletes take on the hardest event we offer…the Cocodona 250 Not only did these amazing athletes conquer 250 (ish) miles, they also raised $11,553 to support causes that matter to them (causes like making sure all kids have access to food to making sure all athletes have access to the tools they need to be active). We couldn’t be more proud of these inspiring individuals …thanks for being a part of the Wander Project and Aravaipa Running communities!! #tbt❤️ #wanderingforapurpose
This year was the second Cocodona 250 put on Aravaipa Running in Arizona. When it comes to Florida, our state had four runners taking on the challenge of 250 miles across the Sonoran Desert with soaring temps both hot and cold, bloody noses, heat rash, gnarly trails and more... For this part-one episode we have Michelle Taylor and Dave Krupski! The second part will be with the barefoot runner C Sawyer.

Michelle took on the course head on however, she unfortunately took a DNF this year. Covering the distance she was able to is still no joke! It is such an accomplishment and an amazing journey. Krupski came back for a second time after succumbing to a DNF last year. This year, he got it done! This was a blast!


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Trail & endurance runs across the wild Southwest. Over 30 events from 4 miles to 250 miles. Follow us:

Operating as usual

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/16/2022

Just. Wow.

ARAVAIPA Racing Team member Nick Coury, who is fresh off of an injury, just waltzed into Silverton and kissed the “rock” at the 2022 Hardrock 100. He finished in 30:37:13, in 8th place overall and 7th place male.

Yep! You ARE super human, Nick Coury!


📸 @kevinlaraphoto 🙏


Speaking of, does all this talk about the Hardrock 100 make you want to CLIMB? ✋

If you’re nodding your head up and down, we’ve got just the thing to help you scratch the itch…

Reach new heights this summer during Raised By Rams, the 10 day vertical challenge you can do from anywhere…trails, stairs, treadmills, you name it!

With daily challenges, raffles and a sweet race kit, the feet (or meters) will fly by and you’ll have a blast while boosting your fitness level like never before.

Sound fun? The climbing starts July 29th!

Be the ram you were raised to be…head to the link below to learn more!

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/14/2022

If flat and flowy desert single track under the stars ✨ is your jam, then Stunner is calling your name!

Join us Saturday, July 23rd for the fourth race in our Insomniac Night Trail Run Series, Stunner Night Runs at Usery Mountain Regional Park!

Choose from a 50k, 25k, 12k or 6k utilizing the Chain Fruit, Lost Sheep, Channel and Blevins Trails. If you don’t know these trails yet, trust us when we say it’s a pleasure getting to know them, they are FABULOUS!

Rock your race then rock out (or relax) to the tunes of the DJ in our Huss Brewing Company charity beer garden. It’s a Saturday night SO well spent!

Spots are getting low!
Head to the link below now to get yours before they’re gone!

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/14/2022

🗣 What’s the hardest race/training run YOU have ever done?

You know that feeling…that moment during a race, adventure or run when you can’t help but think, “what the heck am I doing out here?”
You either pull yourself together and gut it out (sometimes reluctantly), smile your way through the pain, even puke and rally if the mood strikes, but at the end of it all, you’re even more of a bada$$ for taking on something so tough and getting it done.
So our question is, what is that for you? What’s the hardest race/training run/adventure you have ever done?

Comment below!

📸 @happyjubilee

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/14/2022

Flagstaff Fun Facts!

Did you know?

🏔 Humphreys Peak is the highest point in Arizona at 12,633 feet.

🇺🇸 On July 4th, 1876, A small group of emigrants from Boston camped at a spring in front of the San Francisco Peaks and to celebrate this momentous occasion, they stripped a neighboring Ponderosa pine tree of its bark and branches, placed an American flag at the top and hoisted it in the air for all to see, thus becoming the namesake for this Northern Arizona paradise.

🌎 In 1930, the formerly known planet of Pluto was discovered from Flagstaff.

🌲 Flagstaff lies near the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau and within the San Francisco volcanic field, along the western side of the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the continental United States.

🏃‍♂️ On September 24-25, the 2022 edition of Flagstaff Sky Peaks is taking place in this gorgeous town and the 26k distance is part of the Golden Trail Series!

Those are just a few fun facts and great reasons to visit the beautiful town of Flagstaff…need we say more? 😉

Learn more about that last fun fact, Flagstaff Sky Peaks, at the link below 👇

📸 Dylan Harris

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/12/2022


A handful of our fierce ladies from the Aravaipa Racing Team raced and raced WELL during last weekend’s Silverton Alpine and Kendall Mountain Run.

Lindsey McDonald took the victory on the ladies side of the Kendall Mountain 12 miler, finishing in an impressive 2:10:26!

The day before, Charli McKee took on the Silverton Alpine Marathon, finishing 1st female and 7th overall in a speedy, 4:07:43.

Meredith Cook and Sarah Ostaszewski both took on the Silverton Alpine 50k distance, finishing 1st and 3rd female respectively, in 5:03:29 and 5:29:55.

Great work, ladies!

📸 @happyjubilee

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/12/2022

Test your endurance this September 3rd and see how far you can run in 6 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours at the ideal flat and fast custom built gravel running track during the 2022 edition of Hotfoot Hamster!

The USATF Certified 500 meter course is perfect for your first ultra or for a personal best. Sure it’s still toasty in September in the desert but with ample ways to stay cool, you won’t even notice nor care what the mercury reads, besides, it’s not called “Hot”foot Hamster for nothing, right? 😉

Spots are limited at this intimate venue so head to the link below now to snag yours before it scurries away! 🐹

📸 Jubilee Paige


Looking for a weekly group road run, trail run or mountain bike ride?

We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a handy little graphic to screenshoot and save so you’ll know when and where!

We hope to see you at one, or at all of our free and fun weekly ARAVAIPA group runs or rides and yes, they are open to all levels and ages of runners and riders!

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/10/2022

Just a few more beautiful shots taken by the talented Jubilee Paige during today’s Kendall Mountain Run.

Anyone else thinking of putting the Silverton “Mountain Duo” of races on their radar for next summer? ✋

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/10/2022

Going up 🛗

THIS is Kendall freaking MOUNTAIN Run!

All of our runners had an amazing day today at the 2022 edition of Kendall Mountain Run. That climb is quite the grind but the views and the sweet satisfaction of reaching the summit are always 💯 worth it.

📸 @happyjubilee


Congratulations to ARAVAIPA Racing team member Charli McKee on crushing today’s Silverton Alpine Marathon. She took the W on the ladies side in a very speedy, 4:03:47!

Great work!

📸 of @mccharm taken by @happyjubilee

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/09/2022

Regardless of the cooler temperatures the sun is still strong when you’re above 10,000ft.

These runners are thankful for plenty of ice 🧊 and wet sponges 🧽 out on course today!

📸 @happyjubilee


Do your scars define you or do they inspire you?

If you look closely you’ll see a freshly healed one right on this runner’s chest.
He’s taking on today’s Silverton Alpine post open heart surgery…Heck. Yes. ❤️‍🩹

📸 @happyjubilee

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/09/2022

Runners travel from near and far to the historic town of Silverton to take on our “Mountain Duo” of today’s Silverton Alpine and tomorrow’s Kendall Mountain Run.

It sounds crazy but it must be fun considering we have well over 100 participants doing both!

Pretty rad!

📸 @happyjubilee


Those mountains are unmistakable…

The spectacular San Juan’s in Silverton set the backdrop for the 2022 Silverton Alpine as these 50k runners head up the road on their out and back portion before venturing out onto the iconic Alpine Loop.

What a beautiful day for a race!

📸 @happyjubilee


You like to get high? 🏔
Then this summer is your chance to get higher than you ever thought possible…

Join us from wherever you are in the world from July 29th to August 7th for the 2022 edition of Raised By Rams presented by Aravaipa Virtual!

You’ll have 10 days to climb as much as you possibly can. Inside on a treadmill, or outside on anything that goes up: roads, stairs, trails, you name it!

With raffles, bonus challenges, and a sweet race kit and add on swag to keep you motivated, you’ll be blown away by how much vert you rack up…it’s actually quite addicting. 😉

Sound like your type of fun?

Head to the link below to learn more and join the from wherever you climb for the Raised By Rams Virtual Vertical challenge!

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/07/2022

Fun QUESTION 🙋🏻‍♀️ time!!

From monsters to big mountains, kooky to loopy, ones with aspens, saguaros and even boats…we are so fortunate to host so many unique, challenging and fun events!
So tell us, which ARAVAIPA race is YOUR favorite?

Comment below!

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/07/2022

What do beautiful desert trails, an elevated beer garden, on-course segment challenges, activities at the race staging area, distances for all ages and levels of runner, and a guaranteed great time for ALL have in common?

You guessed it, that’s what to expect at the 2022/23 Desert Runner Trail Series!

We are taking everyone’s favorite trail running series up a notch by throwing even MORE options for fun into the mix.

There’s still the same money saving, motivating and tailor-made series passes for all seven races, still the family friendly, high energy and welcoming vibe, still the gorgeous and challenging courses at our spectacular Regional Parks throughout the Valley of the Sun, just with a little extra added entertainment!

Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime, head to the link below to learn more about our 2022/23 Desert Runner Trail Series. Trust us, you do NOT want to miss this!

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/06/2022

It’s RACE WEEK for the 2022 “Mountain Duo” races of Silverton Alpine and Kendall Mountain Run!

Incredible race courses, breathtaking views, hanging with friends, chillin’ in the rad town of Silverton and LIVE music on Sunday at Memorial Park from Bo DePeña Music are all waiting for you this weekend. Oh! And if you’re coming from Phoenix, don’t forget those much COOLER mountain temperatures. Ahhhhhh, so GOOD!

Feeling some FOMO and still want to join in on the fun? You can!

We will have race day registration during packet pickup on Friday, July 8th from noon-6pm at Cripple Creek Backcountry, next to the Coffee Bear on Greene St.


Saturday morning from 5:30am-8am at Memorial Park for Silverton Alpine


Sunday morning from 6am-8am at 13th and Greene (Main Street) for Kendall Mountain. (Kendall participants can also pick up from Memorial Park all day on Saturday.)

Not looking to race but want to join in on the action? We still need volunteers! Check out the VOLUNTEER link at to learn more.

Only a few more days…safe travels if you’re coming from afar and we can’t wait to see you in Silverton!

📸 @happyjubilee

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/05/2022

Just. Wow.

Can we give Aravaipa Content Creator Allie McLaughlin a virtual standing ovation? 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Not only did she win yesterday’s iconic Mt. Marathon in Seward, Alaska but she set a new course record, besting the previous one of 47:48 set back in 2015 by Emelie Forsberg.

Allie’s winning time and new course record to beat?


Great work, Allie!

📸 taken at @brokenarrowskyrace by @howiesternphoto


When the sun goes down it’s time to party…on the trails, that is 😏

Stunner Night Runs, the 4th race in our Insomniac Night Trail Run Series, is happening on July 23rd! Take on the 50k, 25k, 12k or 6k on this fast and fun course at beautiful Usery Mountain Regional Park.

Link below to learn more…let’s seize the night and keep the summer night running party going at Stunner!


Chill, grill and be merry!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July, Aravaipa Family! 🇺🇸🧨❤️

📸 @anastasia_wilde

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/04/2022

Just a reminder that online registration for this weekend’s “Mountain Duo” of Silverton and Kendall Mountain Run closes tonight at midnight!

Spend more time exploring and less time in line on race day…head to the link below now and we will see YOU in Silverton!

📸 @spiritofdylan

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/02/2022


Are you Colorado dreamin’ on such a desert day?

Yup, us too. So why not get ready for your upcoming trip to Silverton, or simply rep your favorite state with swag from our Silverton Weekend Experience line!
Rock one of the limited edition burn out tanks, racer back tanks or tees! We even brought back the Run Steep Get High Colorado swag too just for the occasion 😉

Head to the link below to shop now!

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/01/2022

It’s truly hard to find anyone more friendly, cool and collected as our next Staff feature. Bryce Brooks is our Marketing Outreach Specialist and Racing Team Manager here at Aravaipa, and other than the fact that he does an AHMAZING job, he’s also easily one of the most genuinely nice humans you’ll ever have the pleasure to know.
Let’s take a few minutes to learn more about marketing team member, fast runner, bada$$ cyclist and all around kind dude, Bryce!

Q: When and why did you start running?

B: I started running seriously after a run with my good buddy Dylan Harris. We did 28 miles on National Trail for his 28th Birthday a few days after finishing the AZT. I couldn’t keep up. I got dropped and made it back to the car quite a while after the rest of the group. It’s been fueling me ever since 😂

Q: We love having you as our Marketing Outreach Specialist and Racing Team Manager! Where did you work before Aravaipa, and what are the things that you love most about what you do?

B: Most recently, I worked at REI in Chandler. Working there was a real positive experience for me, I learned a lot being around some very knowledgeable people which made the transition to working at Aravaipa easy. The folks I work with here are amazing. One thing that stands out about working at Aravaipa is that I get to be involved with the events I used to (and still do) fanboy over.

Q: We know you manage the Aravaipa Racing Team, but anyone who is paying attention knows you are crazy fast! What is your favorite distance to run, your next race and your dream race?

B: After running a few 50Ks over the past year I’ve come to really enjoy that distance. My next race is an unofficial, local race called Circle of Hell. It’s is a 3 hour timed run on a 1 mile loop during the hottest part of the day. Outside of that I don’t have a specific one targeted but I’d like to run another 50 miler or 100K this year. My dream race is Western States, especially after seeing Pete Mortimer absolutely crush it in-person.

Q: Fun fact time! Tell us something little known or funny about you!

B: I guess it’s more of a confession but recently, while riding my road bike, I blew my nose and it landed right on the windshield of a passing Prius. I feel bad about it and if you’re reading this, I am sorry.


Again, we are so grateful to have you on the staff here at Aravaipa Running as well as a friend. You are awesome, Bryce!

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 07/01/2022

Were YOU Raised By Rams? Well, were you?
If you’re still not sure, it’s high time you find out 😉

Join us from wherever you are in the world this July 29-August 7th for the Raised By Rams Vertical Challenge presented by Aravaipa Virtual!

Whether you run indoors on the treadmill or outside on trails, stadiums, streets or anywhere that goes ⬆️, all are welcome to join in this fun and motivating 10 day challenge, and the raffles, bonus challenges, sweet race kit and virtual badges that you’ll unlock along the way will push you to climb higher than ever before!

So why not try something new this summer? 10 days of pure vert…you’ve got this!

Head to the link below to find out if you were Raised by Rams!

📸 taken at Tushars Mountain Runs (which happens to fall the weekend of Raised By Rams) by Jubilee Paige

Photos from Aravaipa Running's post 06/30/2022

There’s just something special about Usery Mountain Regional Park, and it’s even more so at night ✨

That’s why we created Stunner Night Runs, the latest addition to our Insomniac Night Trail Run Series!

Enjoy the smooth and swoopy trails under the stars as you wind through forests of chain fruit cholla with the shadow of Pass Mountain as your backdrop. With a multitude of distances to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you!

Run your race, then make new friends and catch up with old ones in the Huss Brewing Company charity beer garden, all while listening to the DJ spin your favorite tunes!

Sound like your kind of way to spend a Saturday night? Head to the link below
to register. 🎉

We hope to see you on Saturday, July 23rd for Stunner Night Runs!

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We are a passionate family-owned business born and bred in Arizona. We’ve been spending our time in the outdoors our entire lives and pursuing our passions to the fullest.

Aravaipa Running was created to build a community of people, events and inspiration around the sport of trail and endurance running. We’ve been crafting unique events with an emphasis on quality for over a decade and working to inspire the next generation of trail enthusiasts both young and old.

If you have questions about getting started or how to elevate your run to the next level reach out to us. We are always happy to talk about what we love.

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