TNT MMA Training Center

TNT MMA Training Center


Attention Grapplers! Looking for the baddest under 180 lbs and Heavyweight grapplers. Spartan Invitational Saturday July 13th @ 3 PM. I'd love to see everyone compete! You can sign up at
I wanted to give a shout out to the TNT team. Everyone’s level is going up and it is personally gratifying to me to see you all applying the lessons that you are learning during the live rolls. I also want to give a shout out to our more experienced people…I asked for you all to continue pushing, and I can tell you that you guys are giving me a run for my money!! Keep it up! A rising tide raises all boats!!
Marcos Serna
Marcos Serna
Thanks TNT Family!! Maria Lombardi Harris Scott Tannenbaum Nicholas LaRosa Kelsey Gollihar Christian Coleman
Austin's Yellow Belt Promotion. Maria Lombardi Harris Scott Tannenbaum Nicholas LaRosa
Very proud of this young man. He has worked very hard to prepare for his yellow belt test. He passed and is now a Yellow belt. Thanks to his team mates from class for pushing him, Coach Nicholas LaRosa and Coach Scott Tannenbaum for challenging him to improve and to Maya for training with him to help prepare for his test. Promotion ceremony is on Monday. Sadly, this will be Austin's last class at TNT MMA Training Center. Maria Lombardi Harris
Maya helping Austin prepare for his yellow belt.

TNT Mixed Martial Arts Training Center in Phoenix offers a variety of Martial Arts and fitness classes for men, women and children in a positive, non-threatening atmosphere.

Better instruction, better attitude and better atmosphere...guaranteed. TNT MMA Training Center offers many different forms of mixed martial arts classes for men, women and children. All of our classes are fun and are performed in a non-threatening atmosphere. Some classes we offer include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kid Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts, yoga and much more!

Operating as usual

MBPP EP 723 Jimmy House: BJJ Black Belt, Pro Bodybuilder, Elite Powerlifter & Next WWE Superstar 04/27/2022

MBPP EP 723 Jimmy House: BJJ Black Belt, Pro Bodybuilder, Elite Powerlifter & Next WWE Superstar

Amazing Podcast with Jimmy House from this past Monday out in Sacramento with Jimmy House. Jimmy was on the most popular weightlifting podcast in the nation hosted by Mark Bell. Jimmy once again killed it and showed why he is on his way to be the next WWE Superstar and anything else that he wants.

MBPP EP 723 Jimmy House: BJJ Black Belt, Pro Bodybuilder, Elite Powerlifter & Next WWE Superstar Jimmy House is literally manifesting his best life and making all his dreams come true. He has his Black Belt in BJJ, he is a Pro NATURAL Bodybuilder, an Eli...


Lineage matters…


Real growth and improvement comes from challenging yourself in someway everyday. Surround yourself with the people that do this.

Photos from TNT MMA Training Center's post 04/11/2022

Rashguards, MMA shorts and Spats have finally arrived! Fully stocked now so get yours before we sell out again. Also I am making room for the new inventory so I am currently selling all older rashguard styles for 50% off!! $25/cash only


Strong work ethic, perseverance, positive mindset and consistency is the formula to success with anything.


Some footage from last nights BJJ class. Self-defense is an important aspect of our training at TNT MMA.


Base, balance and stability are essential in Jiu-Jitsu 🙌


In class the other night I was covering how to keep relaxed and in control through proper breathing when someone big and strong is on top trying to crush you 🤯


Proud to promote my student Bobby Graham to Blue belt last night. He’s worked hard in class and in his privates with Coach Jimmy House to prep for his test and it showed. His boys asked me to whip him hard in the gauntlet and I couldn’t let those cute little guys down. Congratulations Bobby!


Clip from class this week covering the Shoulder Shrug Side Control Escape


Real life self-defense for our youth and adult students! Very different than training in pajamas for points!


Real life self-defense for our youth and adult students! Very different than training in pajamas for points!


One of my new students wanted to know what it felt like to get choked out. Size and strength have no relevance in resisting a choke.
This is safe as long as the person doing the choke knows what they’re doing. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years.

Photos from TNT MMA Training Center's post 03/15/2022

One of our fiercest at TNT….Ella “The Executioner”


Only people that have been doing BJJ for a long time and have spent thousands of hours on the mat will truly understand this.


Doing a quick order for Rash Guards, Board shorts and Spats for anyone that wants anything that we are out of stock on. I’ll only be taking orders this week so please order ASAP. Cash only please.

Photos from TNT MMA Training Center's post 03/03/2022

So proud of this young woman. Maya Mitchell last night officially became the youngest Blue belt ever at TNT MMA at only 15 yrs old. Last year she achieved her the highest youth rank of Green belt. Always wanting to improve and push her limits she has worked diligently on her adult curriculum and aced her test. Maya has become a great leader in and out of class and even volunteers her time as an Assistant instructor in the Youth classes. An amazing young lady with a very bright future!



MY BJJ BLACK BELT PROMOTION | POWERLIFTER TO 5 YEAR BLACK BELT BJJ BLACK BELT ✅🖤Last night was easily the best day of my life up until this point. 5 years ago when I started my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey at @tntmmatrai...


Words can explain how proud I was to promote this man to Black belt last night. He encompasses everything a Black belt should: Skill, Integrity, Honor, Courage, Discipline, Killer work ethic, Humbleness and much more. A very, very rare human being that I’ve had the honor to work with and mentor daily for the past five years. Jimmy House has an amazing future ahead and deserves absolutely everything great that comes his way. I will be looking on with absolute pride and delight as he achieves all his dreams.


Tonight’s schedule at TNT MMA:
Beginner Youth 4:00
Advanced Youth 4:45
Muay Thai sparring 5:30
Jimmy House Promotion 7:00
BJJ Open Mat 7:30
**Everyone please wear your TNT shirt for large group picture. Free food with TNT shirt or rashguard.

Jimmy House!!! 02/21/2022

Jimmy House!!!

Coach Jimmy House’s recent podcast about his career path, accomplishments and his journey towards BJJ Blackbelt…

Jimmy House!!! Jimmy House is an accomplished body builder and BJJ player! We talk competition, goals and yes, friggin Goldberg!!! Enjoy!


Impressive is an understatement to say the least of what Jimmy House has achieved in only 5 short years. -Soon to be a TNT Black belt. -Phenomenal BJJ competitor. -Outstanding coach. -Nationally ranked power lifter. -Natural bodybuilding competitor. -House Strong owner ….to name just a few. This is the result of mindset and work ethic. No short cuts just incredibly hard work, dedication and diligence. As his coach for the past five years I’ve witnessed the grind day in and day out. Could not be more proud.


Here is an updated schedule reflecting the permanent Wednesday schedule change beginning today.

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Cuffing Procedure 3
Double leg roll thru Kneebar


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