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#throwbackthursday to last month hanging out with our guys at Liberty Performance Training 😍

What an awesome community dedicated to giving back, thanks for all you do, we love you!!

Like our shirts? Get one here:
We dropped off 24 summer kids packs to our neighbors in need in the foster care system this morning from YOUR #careaboutkids drive donations.
That's 24 lives that will have a more active and fun summer. Thanks for helping us make this happen Liberty Performance Training and AASK for helping us get these packs to kids in need 🥰
Stay tuned for more soon!
June is here, let's recap:

We are SO grateful for our folks at Liberty Performance Training. Our friends there ran an awesome donation drive for us ALL MONTH LONG in May and brought our community a little closer together through supporting our kids in the AZ Foster care system.

Here's what YOU helped us get:
We're halfway through our #careabout kids drive!

Help us light up a child's face as we team up with our friends at Liberty Performance Training to create active summer packs for kids in the AZ foster system.

Message us with where to pickup your items 💧💪
More donations coming in from our friends at Liberty Performance Training!!!
Thanks for helping us out with our #careaboutkids summer drive ✊💪

Message us for a pickup of any items below:
(Bubble Wands, Water Balloons, Popsicle Molds, Frisbees, Play Doh/Silly Putty, Reusable Water Bottles & Jump Ropes)

May the Fourth Be with You, eat all the tacos on Cinco De Mayo and celebrate #mentalhealthawareness month!!

We're teaming up with our friends at Liberty Performance Training all month long to provide kids in the foster care system with healthy and fun Summer CaringCases.

Message us to let us know where to pickup your donations :) Now through May 31st!
Hope all is well! Just wanted to give a shout-out to 2 gyms that hosted 2 of our Veteran's Day events this past November and post some pics from it. Was an amazing experience and appreciate all that they did to get our organization out there. Also big shoutout to all the vendors that came out to our deadlift event to help out with raffling and prizes. Thank you so much Self Made Training Facility Phoenix and Liberty Performance Training for all that you did. Thanks to Rick Evans for taking incredible pictures at our deadlift party.

We lose too many Veterans a day to su***de and hope to keep shining the light on this issue while at the same time helping Veterans by giving them an alternate outlet like fitness at community based gyms. We as Veterans sometimes need accountability which community based gyms are good at and why we are very selective on who we collaborate with. Everyone ask who's six do you have? We are trying to answer it by creating our awesome organization. If we can not help we will also be able to help Veterans reach out to other organizations. Just like the military lets work together and do our part. 🇺🇸 💪

Project Refit
Iron Gang Nutrition
Earn Your Booze
Peak Nutrition
Invictus Strength Fabrication
Rick Evans Photo
Honor Hill Tactical
What a great turnout for our first event which was strongman drop in event on Veteran's Day. Really want to thank Liberty Performance Training for putting this event together on Veteran's Day and making it so successful. Really had a great turnout and even met some Veteran Organizations and Veterans which is a huge goal of ours. We all need to come together not just as Veterans but a community as a whole. Thanks to @honorhilltactical and @invictus_strength_usa strength for dropping by. A huge shootout to all the athletes showed up and participated. We had a few first timers which we love to see, and we had some established strongman as well. Can not wait to see what the future holds for QRF and what events @libertyperformance and QRF put together in the future.

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Liberty Performance Training

What an amazing first Veterans Day event with @qrffit. 20 veteran su***des a day in the US. Freaking TWENTY EVERY DAY.

Veteran mental health just isn't talked about or supported nearly enough, but it is a terrible fact that no matter how put together the vet in your life may seem on the outside, we struggle daily with some of the strongest internal demons there are. There are very few people that have seen or taken part in true violence, but once you have, there is no putting it back in Pandora's Box. The transition to civilian life is unexplainably difficult and many vets simply don't have the community or support structure around them to succeed. MOST vets have at least contemplated su***de. But what stops us from pulling the trigger is feeling like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Seeing amazing people do amazing things every day at Liberty is such a blessing for myself and all of the veterans that call Liberty home.

We raised nearly $2000 for QRF this Veterans Day! All of those funds go directly towards purchasing gym memberships for vets and raising awareness for veteran mental health. Please follow and support their owner, Chris, who has his own story of struggle after leaving the Army. Congratulations to @saralifts_ and @asilumruj for being such a badass buddy team and annihilating both the male and female competition. They literally never stopped moving together for 20 minutes straight. Also, huge props to @lmarinogateway for solo carrying the H-Stone 2200 feet!!! Lorenzo began his journey at Liberty this year with @roy_gains and is one of the hardest working people in the gym. We all cannot wait to see how far he ends up going. And finally, honorable mention shout-out to @philip.marlin who took his 250 pounder 1700 feet in our sh*tty ass parking lot BAREFOOT.

Well done to all you savage warriors. And happy Veterans Day to all those that served honorably. We are in for some tough times ahead, but this community is only getting stronger. Reach out to us, @qrffit, or @honorhilltactical if you're struggling. There is plenty of help out there without any judgment at all.
I just wanted thank you and compliment you on a really fun strongman competition. Everyone from the staff to the competitors was really awesome to interact with. I hoped to do better but kind of knew based on stories that I'd heard about other people's first comps and my own gym numbers that I would barely get on the score board. I'm totally okay with that and plan to build on the momentum.
Friends in PHX. Go to this gym and share this for me even if you do not!
Friends in PHX. Go to this gym and share this for me even if you do not!
Wolfpack Coaching philosophy is built on a foundation of strength. We focus on building physical, mental and emotional strength. Read an article on the importance of strength training for endurance athletes, written by Daniel Pedraza, BS CSCS. Liberty Performance Training

Liberty Performance Training is here to help improve your athletic performance as well as your lifestyle. Believe. Struggle. Conquer. Repeat. Liberty Performance Training has the education, leadership and dedication you need to meet your fitness goals.

Offering around-the-clock flexibility to include travel, detailed programming and no-nonsense nutritional advice, Liberty Performance Training is the next step in personalized Performance Training. Above all else, our coaches truly care about each and every athlete they work with. We espouse integrity, work ethic, and performance outcomes above anything. Whether you are looking to compete in your

Operating as usual


Some motivation for your Monday from the legendary Mike Mentzer. Doing something worth remembering begins with consistency and effort! Make one step towards your goal this week, then repeat infinitely 💪🏼🔥

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.


Liberty is hosting our first ever powerlifting meet: Liberty’s Independence Open, powered by Elite Health and Performance on July 3rd ‼️

This unsanctioned meet with offer cash prizes to Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female lifters based on DOTS score!
🥇 $750
🥈 $500
🥉 $250
We will also be offering metals to the podium finishers of each weight class 🤘🏼😆 @reignbodyfuel will be there with samples for EVERYONE!
Be sure to sign up soon via the link in our bio, we will be capping this event to 50 athletes!

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.

@saralifts_ @justin_forgeperformance @evevaldez @richmulder_ @scienceandsorcery @southwest_strengthcoach @beauba.fett @azelitehealthandperformance


Liberty has a Powerlifting club! We’re stoked to have a coach like Justin who’s committed to the sport and wants to help others achieve greatness in Powerlifting! If you have any questions about the club be sure to reach out to @justin_forgeperformance for your answers 💪🏼😆

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.


We’re SO STOKED to have a new addition to our coaching staff! Beau will be joining us as a strength and conditioning coach in a couple of weeks. He is an avid grappler, guitar player, coffee enjoyer, and sports performance coach. In short, he’s a perfect fit for our community here at Liberty! He exemplifies our tenets well:
Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.

Photos from Liberty Performance Training's post 03/30/2022


We are so damn lucky (and I am so damn grateful) to have the strongest group of coaches in Phoenix putting their heart and soul into Liberty every single day. I've never even heard of an organization losing someone the caliber of @firefit0331 and having an instant backfill as hungry, talented, and dedicated to the mission waiting in the wings ready to go. @southwest_strengthcoach we couldn't have asked for anything better than you taking the reins and picking up right where Jon left off. We're going to take this to the top.
@saralifts_ You have stepped up to the plate in so many ways and brought a completely different kind of energy to Liberty. Thank you for being committed to growth and for being so passionate about making members' lives better.
@justin_forgeperformance You literally get better every single day. It's a joy to watch. Whether it is your pursuit of excellence in powerlifting, coaching, or personal development, you are in your prime right now and it shows in the growth and love from your clients.
@evevaldez You are an absolute rockstar and your work ethic is unparalleled. There's no doubt in my mind you are going to take your career as far as you want it to go. There is no better female role model for personal and physical strength at Liberty. Period. I am so thankful you are part of the team.
@scienceandsorcery I have so much respect for you and how you carry yourself. You are intelligent, consistent, kind, always willing to help, and your head is ALWAYS in the right place. When you offered to bring your coaching skills to Liberty I had to pinch myself. You're a stud and an incredible role model for every member.

This is the best group of coaches in Arizona and it's not even close. I am humbled to be a part of this. Thank you all for everything you do.

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.




Click the link in our bio to join us for an epic day of learning! If you’ve struggled in the past to meet your fitness and nutrition goals, this is the workshop for you! We’ll be discussing the nuances of how to set yourself up for success both mentally and practically in your endeavors. See you there! 💪🏼😆


🚨Liberty’s First Ever Q+A🚨
@southwest_strengthcoach and @uncle.nic answer YOUR questions! Enjoy 🤘🏼😆

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.


If your question is for someone specific be sure to @ them in your question!

@justin_forgeperformance @evevaldez @scienceandsorcery @saralifts_ @southwest_strengthcoach @richmulder_ @uncle.nic

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.


Here’s what @street_bike_tommy has to say about Liberty 💪🏼😆 Thanks for sharing dude, it’s a pleasure to have your energy here!

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.



On April 23, our very own @southwest_strengthcoach @saralifts_ and @justin_forgeperformance are hosting a 3 hour workshop to help you achieve success in your exercise and nutrition goals! If you have struggled to reach your goals in the past, this is the workshop for you! This workshop will include a one hour presentation, one hour of breakout sessions, and a one hour group workout! Registration form coming soon. See you there 💪🏼😆

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.



On April 23rd, @southwest_strengthcoach @saralifts_ and @justin_forgeperformance will be hosting a workshop to help you set yourself up for success in your exercise and nutrition endeavors! This 3 hour workshop will include a 1 hour presentation, 1 hour of small group breakout sessions, and a 1 hour of group training session! Registration form coming soon. See you there! 💪🏼😆

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.


You heard it from World’s Strongest Man (90kg) @uncle.nic, community over everything! We’re very fortunate to have such a solid group of individuals here 💪🏼😆

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.

@depth_beforedishonor_squatco @livebearded

Photos from Liberty Performance Training's post 02/28/2022

Welcome to a new week! It’s time to focus up, strap in, and grind 🤘🏼

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.


Photos from Beer Bullies are in! Give us your best caption on this photo of Mike going beast mode on the press medley 🤘🏼😆

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.

Photos from Liberty Performance Training's post 02/24/2022

Liberty is hosting a FREE Strongman seminar for you! Learn the ropes of classic strongman lifts from @uncle.nic and @southwest_strengthcoach after hearing from @richmulder_ and @uncle.nic about finding community through Strongman after serving. Swipe for more details!

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.


⬆️ Caption this ⬇️
Winner gets a free Beer Bullies 2022 comp tee 💪🏼😆
You have 24 hours.


If you couldn’t tell by our obnoxiously long story posting this weekend, AZ Beer Bullies 2022 was an absolute smash hit! SO thankful for everyone involved. Every volunteer helped us make the show run perfectly smooth, and we had an exceptional group of athletes this weekend! Thank you from the depths of my heart to everyone involved. Already can’t wait for next year!

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.

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