Xayaveth Muay Thai Gym

Xayaveth Muay Thai Gym


Why did you delete my comment and read my inbox message yet did not answer me?

If I do not receive a response with you all rejecting his hate, it will let me know you accept it and you do teach this to your people, and I will expose you as well. Speak up.

Is it true Khayree Billingslea is a member of your fight team?


I have trained martial arts before and the first lesson in every gym is always respect.

Is this what you all have taught him? - This self-proclaimed “flat earth boxer”?

Does this disrespectful hater represent your gym?


Does your gym promote racism and sexism?
Interview with head coach and former muay thai kickfighter Vin Xayaveth of Xayaveth Muay Thai Gym. In this interview Coach Xayaveth discusses how and why he got started in muay thai, motivations as a coach and personal philosophies in life. It was a pleasure and honor to sit and talk with this warrior who has become a pillar in his community.
BTS - Recording testimonials for Xayaveth Muay Thai Gym. It was HOT. No A/C in the training area (I didn't see any fans either). These students are tough. They work hard and earn everything, nothing is handed to them. It was a pleasure to interview them today.
Photo taken at the kingdom , Xayaveth Muay Thai Gym . Train hard recover smart. Now get to training !!! 😉🤘🥊🦵🙏
Do you even Muay Thai Bro?
This seems like something we should put on the wall at the gym coach.
Alex and Paxton hitting the pads
My people... I'm telling you this is seriously the most fun I've ever had working out! Seriously the best full body workout and I feel great after every class! #XayavethMuayThai
Thank you for having us at your gym!! 6-19-2018
Muay Thai'rd...


Original Thai Boxing - Phoenix, Arizona Family owned and operated gym. Offering Original Muay Thai Kickboxing. Self defense, Cardio, Fitness, and Competition and now MMA classes.

Operating as usual


If you not following this guy you need to @comedyluis. Next super star to come out of PHOENIX. HEADLINER!!!






Clinche class with @paowaritkae. Don’t miss out on some high level technique!!


Come sharpen your skills THAI STYLE [email protected]. Learn from the source and advance your technique. Available for private 121 and seminars. DM to inquire.


And just like that. Arizona golden gloves is over. Thank you everyone who supported our event and treated our gym with respect. Thank you to the entire boxing community for welcoming us to the party and a massive thank you to @phxfireboxinggym and all the sponsors who made this event possible!!!


Carlos got it done!! 2 8 counts in 3 rounds to seal the Junior golden gloves and also achieved best junior boxer of the day!!! We in the game baby.


It’s going to be one hell of a summer!! Rising super star from across the pond @nicocarrillo_kotn and his coach @jpgallacher will be making their way to the USA September 13 We will host a seminar and will also be available for PTs for a few days.


Win together and we learn together. Familia for life!!! We are proud of you Jose! @jo_swaay we love you brother!!


@jo_swaay is ready to go!!! Tomorrow it’s going down WBC Muay Thai title. Tune In tomorrow night. Will be bout #2. Buy the PPV now!!! Support Muay Thai a and watch our boy put on a show!!





Happening today. USA ARIZONA GOLDEN GLOVES BOXING. Fight start 5pm. $20 admission.


Next week Paowarit Sasiprapa @paowaritkae will be at the kingdom!! Former stadium champion from the world renowned @sasiprapa_gym. Come train THAI STYLE at the west valleys original old school muay gym.


I got these boys hooked on the cheat code to cardio lol


Americas next top boy band. Mix tape dropping soon.

FIGHT WEEK FOR @jo_swaay. Make sure you buy the PPV for @triumphantcombatsports
>>> Viewstub.com/Triumphant13
>>> Viewstub.com/Triumphant13
>>> Viewstub.com/Triumphant13

Also golden gloves here at the kingdom!!

Photos from Xayaveth Muay Thai Gym's post 05/19/2022

Some throw backs to the USA vs THAILAND days. Can’t wait to have big bro here in Bangkok Arizona. @paowaritkae. Just some Thailand boys. Trying to make it. 😆


Sor Xayaveth Royal Army. WBC title May 28th San Diego @triumphantcombatsports. Make sure you buy the paper view. Nothing but high level fighters.






Siam media news paper publishing. With USEACA family. president @srabsroeuy AZ state director @thisisvinnx Chairman @nokweedsriampai and MT state director @missoulabenchbuilder


Few weeks out!!! @jo_swaay is heading to San Diego for @triumphantcombatsports 13. Make sure you buy the PPV as this entire car is a banger!!


Photos from Xayaveth Muay Thai Gym's post 05/15/2022

Book your hair cuts for the week! Your first cut is on me for new sign ups at the gym for the rest of the month! The champions barber Get right so you don’t get left 😉


May 27-28. Arizona golden gloves. Hosted at @xmuaythaigym and @phxfireboxinggym.


So a homeless guy decided to assault one of our members with a 40oz beer bottle to the face. Well. I guess you can see why having some basic Muay Thai knowledge is valuable. Give us a call today to start your ring tested, cage tested and street approved Muay Thai boxing.

Photos from Xayaveth Muay Thai Gym's post 05/05/2022

As if you needed any more reason to start Muay Thai. Coming soon from the world renouned SASIPRAPA GYM in Bangkok Thailand.

PAOWARIT SASIPRAPA. former channel 7 stadium tournament champ. With over 200 fights to his degree. This living legend will be added to our Sor Xayaveth coaching staff. We bring Bangkok to you. Learn from the source at the west valleys number one choice for Original Muay Thai boxing.


Our former champion @tuzocruz_ is making his @onechampionship debut against Panpayak jitmungnon!!! We support you tuzo!!


I am beyond excited to announce Paowarit Sasiprapa will be making his way back to the USA and will be apart of the Sor Xayaveth camp coaching staff. I use to try and copy him as a fighter when I was young and to be able to have him with us is a true blessing!! If anyone is interested In doing a seminar or workshop at your gym DM me and we can sort it out.


Here’s a little reminder for anyone trying to have excuses today. Champions ain’t born they are made.


😳😳😳 thank god khabib is a cat!! 🐈🐈 @that_one_guy_marcos @jd_quintana left kick no joke.


Only a few days left to claim your FREE gloves when you sign up. Steal ends on Thai Lao and Cambodian New year. April 14th. Get it before you regret it!




Sparring = mouth guard + cup ☠️

Mistakes happen so be prepared with the essentials!


Muay Thai is pain.
Muay Thai is magic.


To kick off the month of April and THAI, LAO and CAMBODIAN NEW YEAR. we are giving away FREE GLOVES to all new sign ups until april 14th!! Take advantage of this amazing deal now!!


If your looking for a calling here it is. I’ll tell you now. Most gyms don’t even want “trouble makers” in their gym. But I use to be one of em. So I know what it feels like when you wanna do better but nobody wanna give you a chance. Here’s your chance. I’m right here in the same trenches most y’all came from. I got my door open if your really serious. DM me.


This is why young kids needs martial arts or boxing. Shootouts in Phoenix are happening regularly and most the kids ages range from 14-20 years old. This goon life style ain’t it. When you gotta sit down for 25 years all your gang homies ain’t gonna put money on your books. They ain’t gonna protect you in prison. The most they do is post hashtag free my dawg “yung dumbass” while he out here barking at your girl. If you really wanna get out the streets DM me. If your a concerned parent about your kids DM me.


I love hearing.. “man if that was me I’d do this..” I did judo back in the day. Boy sitcho b***y down ju-don’t know sheeeit.


I keep my word $100 and a steak dinner. @jo_swaay looks a little jelly lol

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Sparring = mouth guard + cup ☠️




7150 W Roosevelt Street #B143
Phoenix, AZ

General information

We offer group and private classes for adults and kids starting at 4+ years old.

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 12pm
3pm - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 12pm
3pm - 8pm
Wednesday 10am - 12pm
3pm - 8pm
Thursday 10am - 12pm
3pm - 8pm
Friday 10am - 12pm
3:30pm - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm

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