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Self defense workshop for The Scheduling Institute. Monday, August 22, 2023.


What our students say about Fusion Self Defense.


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Photos from Fusion Self Defense Women's post 06/26/2023

Every last Saturday of the month we host a free Women's Self Defense clinic. We had a particularly incredible group this past weekend. The group is taught by our dai sempai (most senior studen) Marisol Bovoso.


Full Circle Jujitsu is now Fusion Self Defense. Welcome to our new and exciting direction!


The wait is finally over!

-Adult & Young Adults-
Saturday June 24th, 2023

Please inquire within!
More Details to Come!

**Dueling Saber to be Pre-Ordered**


Coming soon!



In the Mushroom Kingdom there’s a group of super friends.
Some with crazy powers, that in the wrong hands can spell doom.
But there is hope, the Super Star Power!
So let’s gear up for party time!
Jump on those Toads, ride your Dino, and Beat the King Dragon in a night of party games no child will forget.

We will be providing snacks and a pizza dinner.
There will be a Mario Kart a Super Smash Bros tournament
(as well as free play)!


FB EVENT LINK: https://fb.me/e/1aW6NuqiR
TICKETS: https://full-circle-jujitsu.gymdesk.com/book?date=2023-06-03&s=251190&schedule=3337&fbclid=IwAR3sDSt_tRSFtxOJai3YDly-D_OZQiSlu9-c3J5WrL9-_w_zUc5Xn46IFwk


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin


Don't take unfair criticism to heart. People see your actions and motives through their own lens, and sometimes that lens is scratched by the harsh experiences they've endured.


Martial arts is a vehicle for developing you human potential.


Black Belt Criteria....


Me, doing something I've done perfectly a thousand times before and then sensei decides to watch....


When you have a good teacher, the name of the style doesn't matter.


In the 50s, martial arts schools that accepted black students were very rare. Florendo Visiacion, more commonly known as Professor Vee, was someone who accepted students from all backgrounds. Students such as the great Professor Moses Powell are included in his numerous students. He is responsible much of what jujitsu is on the East Coast and is one of the early pioneers of the art in the United States. Professor Vee passed in 1999 at the age of 88. The following is his obituary in total from the New York Times.


Florendo M. Visitacion, who built upon childhood experiences in a rural Philippine village to develop and promote his own eclectic and well-known system of martial arts in New York, died on Monday at Roosevelt Hospital. He was 88.

His daughter, Justice Laura Visitacion Lewis of the New York State Supreme Court, said he had recently entered the hospital from the Kateri Residence, a nursing home on Riverside Drive, after suffering a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Standing 5 feet 2 inches and never weighing more than 125 pounds, Mr. Visitacion, who was known within the martial arts community as Professor Vee, hardly inspired dread in street clothes. Indeed he never wore any insignia of his status on the street and he cautioned his followers to avoid flamboyance and to dress modestly.

But inside the dojos (where well into his 60's he would regularly throw much younger, highly skilled men to the floor) his authority as a teacher and a founder of a martial arts system was apparent.
''He was an oxymoron, a gentle martial artist,'' said his daughter. ''I would watch as he taught a particularly lethal form of self defense. He would not only disarm and throw his opponents but then he would go on to show how they might be killed in six different ways. And meanwhile he was a gentle and peaceful man who loved books. 'The truly powerful,' he would tell me, 'are those who are also restrained.' Those are words I often think of as a judge.''

Florendo Visitacion was born on June 11, 1910, the son of sharecropper peasants on the island of Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. It was not uncommon for practitioners of various schools of self defense to teach their techniques as they traveled through the countryside; it is from such wandering tutors that Mr. Visitacion learned basic skills. At 16 he left home for Hawaii, where he cut sugar cane. Two years years later he moved to Stockton, Calif., to work as a grape picker.

For a decade, he followed the crops and traveled within the large Filipino community of California, continually studying martial arts disciplines including jujitsu, escrima, or knife fighting, and arnis, or stick fighting. At the outset of World War II, he enlisted in the United States Army and served as a medic.

After his discharge, Mr. Visitacion came to New York, where he obtained a high school diploma and took some college courses. Decades before the martial arts boom that would crest along with the popularity of Bruce Lee films, he sought out a variety of teachers, notably Charles Nelson, a specialist in unarmed combat, Kiyose Nakae, a jujitsu master, Jerome Mackey, a judo champion, and Swami Vragiananda, a proponent of an Indian school of fighting called Varmannie.

From all these traditions as well as those he had studied earlier he forged a discipline that he referred to as a system of systems; he called it Vee-jitsu after himself, meaning the art of Vee. He opened and closed a succession of martial art books stores and dojos in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx, and would often take on disciples, sometimes without fee, if they were sufficiently dedicated.

In 1967, his form of martial art was recognized as a distinct discipline by the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation. He was awarded a 10th-degree black belt based on his demonstration of Vee-jitsu and given the title of professor. He later resigned from the organization, believing its discipline was too lax.

By the time interest in martial arts soared, the aging teacher had gained near legendary status and was referred to as Professor Vee or Grandmaster.

Soon after his arrival in New York, Mr. Visitacion married Heriberta Bernabe Charbonnier, a native of Puerto Rico. They had three children before they were divorced about 20 years ago. In addition to his daughter, Justice Visitacion Lewis, and his former wife, he is survived by two sons, Edward of Miami Beach and Bladimir of New York and four grandchildren.

Mr. Visitacion's teachings went beyond physical movements involving comportment and behavior.

For instance, he once said: ''If on a subway someone pushes you or sprawls across two seats, you should not appear as if it mattered. Understand the person's problem and walk away. Confronting the person or even beating him up will not educate or reform him, nor is it our place to do so.''

How to Learn to Love Healthy Food 02/14/2023

How to Learn to Love Healthy Food.

How to Learn to Love Healthy Food One of the most common goals for many of us, beginning of the new year or not, is to start “eating healthy.” Unfortunately, for...


Steve Sanders Muhammad. Co-founder of the BKF (Black Karate Federation) and martial arts champion and pioneer. Sijo Muhammad fought and defeated them all in his day. I had the honor to take several classes with him during the 90s. Sparring with him was "blink and you're hit". -Alessandro Ashanti


"What I call the void is where nothing exists. It is about things outside man's knowledge. Of Course the void does not exist. By knowing what exist, you can know that which does not exist. That is the void" - Miyamoto Mushashi


A dojo is an arena of confined conflict where we confront an opponent who is not an opponent, but rather a partner engaged in helping us understand ourselves more fully - Joe Hyams


Jessie Glover, the first student of Bruce Lee. Sigung Glover passed away in 2012.

Taken from wikipedia:

Jesse Raymond Glover was an American martial artist. He was Bruce Lee's first student and first assistant instructor in the United States. He met Lee in 1959, as they both attended Edison Technical College and practiced judo with Lee. Glover was a psychology major and a champion judoka. The character Jerome Sprout in the 1993 film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was based on Glover. Jesse started a Gung Fu class of his own and Leroy Garcia and James DeMile came along and assisted him, which was the first ever independent Jun Fan arts related class. Jesse Glover was the first authorized martial arts instructor to be trained by Bruce Lee. He has developed his own method which he calls Non-Classical GungFu. Bruce Lee had his punching and closing speed measured with an electric timer at Glover's house.

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Full Circle Jujitsu

Opened in June of 2018, Full Circle Jujitsu is the premiere destination for self defense based instruction in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Opened by Professor Alessandro Ashanti, who has been teaching students for over three decades, Full Circle Jujitsu rapidly found a passionate student base of adults and kids of all ages. Classes are held throughout the week with morning, noon, and evening classes available. We also host seminars, special events, and community workshops. Visit us at http://FullCircleJujitsu.com for more information or call/text to 623-252-4140.

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What our students say about Fusion Self Defense.#fusionselfdefense #martialartskids #martialarts__videos #kidsmartialart...
Instructors have all met this person.
Getting ready!
Join us now for our Fall special.  6 Weeks of unlimited classes for $149 including a free uniform ($110 value).  Sign up...
Knife work: Blocking, checking, disarming and throwing.
Full Circle Jujitsu Young Adults Practicing




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